Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.1

Credit Funandbold

This is total fantasy, both guys are over 18! I love comments, it’s what keeps me writing, love to see you guys score me too! I do my best to get guys hard and unloading, so let me know if you blew a load over my writing! Thx

So my best friend Alan looks like a combination of Bradley Cooper after he got his body all jacked and buff, and Chris Hemsley who is always jacked and buff. Friends say I look like a cross between Zac Efron and Joe Jonas, I don’t know about that, but we’re both buff, hairy and considered attractive.

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College Warden Tricked

Credit cumfusion

In those days I was still trying to go straight. It was a new academic year and I was a bright budding post-grad with well … yea OK things were a bit dull. Only the other day an under-grad had told me to get a life when I reprimanded him for making a noise and being drunk late at night.

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Becoming A Girl

Credit Shy Stuart

Growing up I was often mistaken for a girl. I had a sweet face, long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. My eldest sister was a bit of a tomboy, we would often swop clothes. She would wear my shorts and I would wear her pretty dresses. I preferred girls as friends and was often referred to as a sissy.

For me, being an effeminate sissy wasn’t a choice it was just how I was. At puberty I developed little breasts. They were not big like a girl, but certainly not flat like a young man’s chest. The doctors diagnosed a hormone imbalance and offered an operation when my breasts had finished developing.

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Bar Close

Credit Pat Sizer

1:30 am. The bar was almost closed and he still hadn’t found her.

The right one.

He had been yearning for something different for so long now and he still didn’t know quite what.

He scanned the room once more and shoved his stool back with a moody sigh. He heard a muttered curse behind him which caused him to look back.

Todd couldn’t believe it. She was perfect! He apologized and offered to buy her a drink. She gave him this sly grin and took his hand. He looked at her for a moment – she was beautiful! Six feet tall,blonde, and all legs. She had some awesome tits too. He knew they were implants but it didn’t matter a bit.

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A Wild Adventure

Credit Pat Sizer

I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway one day in my pickup. It was sunny, and beautiful, a perfect California day. Only problem was the traffic. You could barely move. Still, you could hear the waves and the gulls and I was feeling good.

I had noticed the blond in the convertable next to me. I could look down at her from the cab of my truck, and she was showing off her spectacular cleavage in a red bikini top. Her tits were big and full, and you could see them all the way to the nipples. Her wavy blond hair blew lightly around a cute face. I couldn’t stop looking over.

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A Usual Meeting

Credit JGR

The buzz of the opener on the front door to the flats is always a thrill, it heralds another session of pure pleasure with my long term admirer, I walk across the landing and there he is, arms open wide and presses his 3 day growth against my lips and explores my mouth with his tongue.

It is always passionate and we both feel instantly aroused and furtive, I reach down and caress his hardening lance as he pulls my butt closer to him, he feels my urgency.

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A TS Friend P.2

Credit Crypticguy

I went home drained after unloading so much of myself into Kim in the suv. I had said good bye to her at her door and was driving home. I got home at a decent hour and went to bed. The following day at work I could only think about how wild a time we had together and began fantasizing about the whole affair when my cell phone went off.

Amazingly enough, it was Kim sending me a text inviting me to her place that evening for a barbecue and to sit around the pool in her back yard. After work I went home and changed, putting my swim trunks on underneath a pair of shorts and ditching my shirt and tie for a t-shirt. I arrived at her place about 5:30 p.m. and she answered the door wearing a yellow pastel bikini. I hadn’t realized how curvy she truly was until I saw those big boobs of hers poking over the top of her bikini. It was then I heard another girl’s voice.

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A TS Friend P.1

Credit Crypticguy

Hello readers, hope you enjoy this story. I am 32 years old guy and live near bay area in California. I have had a thing for Transsexuals since long but have not been fortunate enough to meet one. This story is a work of fiction and inspired by some of my fantasies. I might commit some grammatical and factual errors and I apologize for those in advance but I hope you enjoy the story.

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A truly amazing woman.

Credit axe147

A short little tale of my own. Was single, innocent, naive & living & working in Hillbrow, Johannesburg in the early 90’s. Loved walking around the area at night to people watch. One late afternoon outside an apartment block dust began to irritate my eyes & the contacts I was wearing (very bloody painful). A female voice called from above, asking whether I’d like to rinse my eyes in her bathroom. Due to my bleary vision I couldn’t make out much of the lady & honestly didn’t care at that moment. She buzzed me in & met me at her door. My angel of mercy quickly led me to a basin where I could rinse out my eyes & lenses before popping them back in.

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A Trans-Lesbian Montreal Love Affair

Credit Cari Christi

St. Catherine’s Street in downtown Montreal is one of the world’s most vibrant streets and entertainment corridors. Known for its energetic, exciting and often crowded venues, it is lined with quality restaurants, theatres and many popular nightclub establishments. St. Catherine’s Street attracts a diverse and generally sophisticated group of patrons. I love this area and decided to go out much earlier than I normally do in Montreal.

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