Fantasy about to become reality


I have been corresponding with a shemale now for 3 months. We have
been exchanging emails that have grown in intimacy rapidly. This is a
fantasy that we have discussed with one another. I hope you enjoy
reading it as much as we will enjoy experiencing it when we finally

Ok honey...just lie back and relax...I will take good care of
you.Here is my fantasy...not my only one concerning you but here is
one of them at any rate. We meet at the airport...both nervous but
also excited...we kiss each other and exchange small talk...knowing
that we have become very close over the past few months...we know
that being together is what we want

We get into a taxi and head for the hotel we have booked...its great
to finally hold your hand. We get to the hotel and head to our room.
Upon entering, I do what I've dreamed about for months...kiss you
deeply and passionately. My body shudders at the kiss. We continue
kissing with our hands exploring each other. My mouth lowers to your
neck...I kiss your beautiful neck...slowly unbuttoning your
blouse...I cup your breasts in my hands...reaching around to undo
your bra...your nipples are hard and erect I slowly reach out with my
tongue and flick it over your nipple...taking it into my excited
mouth.... sucking it deeply into my mouth...then rubbing the other
between my fingers.

Are you excited yet? I think you might be. Lets find out. I lift up
your skirt to reveal your panties. I can see you are quite hard
already. I kiss the outside of your panties and can feel and hear you
gasp with excitement. Slowly I lower your panties to the floor
revealing your beautiful clit. Teasing you I reach out with the tip
of my tongue and flick it over the head of your clit. Circling it
around the head now.... then taking you inside my mouth. I suck your
clit deep inside my mouth...all the way into my throat. All the
months of excitement and anticipation have taken their toll on you
and it's not too long before I can hear you moan with pleasure as you
cum inside my mouth. I eagerly taste your sweet juices as your orgasm
jolts through your body.

I then gaze lovingly into your eyes and bring our mouths together for
a long hot kiss. I then lay down on the bed and let you unzip my
jeans. My hard cock is waiting for you baby and you take it into your
mouth eagerly. Following my quick orgasm, which is inevitable, we
lay, side my side on the bed...kissing each other and running our
hands over our bodies.

I can see your clit getting hard again and I rub it gently with my
hand. Slowly but surely it is as hard as a rock again and I am ready
for you. Sitting astride you I place the head of your clit against my
opening. I close my eyes as slowly you enter me. Little by little I
can feel you inside me. Gently at first I feel your clit penetrate
deeper inside me and then withdraw...and then your pace quickens....
ooooooohhhhhhhhh that feels so good...I've waited for so long to have
you make love to me. After a while my cock is aching to make love to
you and I can see you are ready as well. Reluctantly I slowly lift
myself off your clit and place my hard cock at the entrance of your
pussy. I can see your face flush with excitement as I enter you. We
have waited for so long to make love to each other and now we are. My
cock feels so good inside you. I push inside and out of you until we
are both close to orgasm. Taking my cock out of you I place it
teasingly in front of your mouth. You take me eagerly into your mouth
again while at the same time my hot lips engulf your hard clit as
well. Together we suck each other and together we cum at the same
time, our love juices flowing all over our lips and into our mouths.

Afterwards we lay side by side...completely satiated knowing that we
have many more experiences to come.

electric shock


I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I have been dressing for many years, and
it's only lately that I thought I'd share some of my experiences with
other cd's
I am NOT convincing; all the stories in Nifty seem to be by gorgeous
she-males who cannot be distinguished from the real thing.
Much as I would like to go out dressed and be taken for a gorgeous young
woman, I am definitely the wrong build....5' 7", bit on the plump side
(stocky, not fat, lol), i look like someone's mum out to do a bit of
cleaning or something.
However, if I just be myself, occasionally I get lucky, like
I am an electrician by trade, and am constantly called to peoples' houses
for on reason or another, sometimes for an hour or two, sometimes for
several days.
On this particular occasion, I called at the address on my job sheet,
only to meet this guy dashing out.
"Just in time," he said, when I identified myself. " Gotta dash, here's a
key, make yourself a brew etc, and lock up when you go!"
I stood there as he dashed off. shrugged my shoulders, and went into the
I worked all steadily all morning, and I had knocked off for a brew when
the phone rang.
I picked it up, ready to say thowner was out, and that I was working
there, when the guy on the other end identified himself
"Sorry about this morning,", he said . "I'm Charlie, the householder.
Everything alright? I'd left a list of what I want doing. Any questions?"
" No, everything is fine. I found the list, and I'm well on with it. I
estimate I'll be finished tomorrow, Friday, about 3pm. Is that ok? "
"Great," he said. "Leave me a note as to how much I owe you, and I'll
settle on Saturday morning, if you'd like to call back"
"No problem," I told him "I'm in town anyway, as I like to go for a pie
and a pint on Saturday, so I leave my car at home, so no drink-drive
problem. Will you be in yourself, or will your wife settle up ?"
"Wife ?" he said, and laughed. " I'm not married. I live alone. See you
Saturday "
He rang off, and I went back to work. I was puzzled, as I had come across
vatious items of female underwear as I moved about the house. Nothing
obvious, like piles of lingerie ready for washing; just a pair of nylons
hanging on the shower rail, some frilly panties almost hidden under the
bed, stuff like that.
I am not in the habit of snooping; I don't go rooting through peoples' 
private drawers and things. Privacy is everything when you go into
peoples'  homes, and I respect that.
Anyway I finished about 5.30pm, locked up as requested, and went home.
I returned the following day, used my key, and entered the house.
Charlie had left me a note on the hallway table, to say he was happy with
the work so far, and he would see me on Saturday "about noon", he said.
As I worked, I noticed the female stuff from the day before had gone, but
a Marshall Ward catalogue on the table was open at the lingerie pages 1 I
began to hope that maybe I was onto something, and began to look forward
to Saturday noon!
I finished the job mid-afternoon, cleaned up my mess, left and locked up.
I left the spare key on the hallway table, with my bill. I put it in a
perfumed envelope ( bought specially around the corner ), and wrote "To
Carlie, from Jim" The miss-spelling was deliberate , easily explained,
but as big a hint as he'd given me, I thought !
I rang Charlie's bell spot on 12.00noon, and he let me in.
"First things first" he said. " Let me settle up, then we can have a
drink and a chat about the work"
" Fine by me," I said, and sat down where Charlie indicated, on the sofa.
"Here's your money, and well worth it, " he said, and handed me a sheaf
of notes. "It's all there, with a bit extra for a good job," he said.
"Now how about a drink ? "
" Sure ", I said "How about a whisky and soda ?"
" Coming right up," he said. Whilst he was mixing the drinks, I did a
quick check of the money, noticed a very generous tip, and slid the cash
into my jacket pocket.
Charlie handed me my drink, and as he stretched his arm out towards me, I
detected the faint outline of a bra strap, under his loose silk shirt.
"Take you coat off, get comfortable," he said, and sat beside me on the
I took my jacket off, and as I did so, I made sure I strained my arms
back, so as to accentuate my nipples against my shirt.
I heard him gasp, and knew that he had noticed.
"We seem to have a mutual interest," he said huskily.
I looked at him, then down at his shirt front. I nodded, and licked my
lips. He took a deep breath, pushing his chest out against his shirt. His
bra showed clearly now, so I slid my arm around his shoulders, and drew
him to me. He opened his mouth, and I pressed my lips to his. I was
surprised, and delighted, to taste lipstick on his soft mouth. I hadn't
noticed , but he was wearing very subtle makeup.
I let my hand slide down his silken shirt, gently popping the buttons,
until I could slip my hand inside.
He had quite decent-sized breasts. I thought he was wearing breast-forms,
but no. Those lovely hands-ful were real!
As I stroked and caressed his  breasts ans forced my tongue down Carlie's
throat, his hand genly slid across the bulge in my trousers. He pulled my
zip down, and undid my belt. At the same time, I undid the cord on his
cargo-pants, and we dropped our trousers to the floor.
I heard Carlie gasp with delight when he saw what I was wearing under my
male clothing;
A black satin basque, with suspenders, blak lacy French-cut knickers,
lacetop nylons, and a slinky camisole top.
His outfit was all in lovely rose-pink, bra and panties, suspender belt
and a full slip. Even his nylons matched.
We sat with our arms around each other, kissing and stroking our fabulous
undies. When Carlie got up to freshen our drinks, I gasped with delight
when I saw his cock full-on for the first time. It was about 8" cut, with
magnificent hairy balls, bulging in his lovely lacy panties.
I was so turned on, that when he brought the drinks back, I fell to my
knees, and kissed his lovely weapon through the soft silk. He gasped as I
gently drew his panty leg aside, and slipped the warm knob into my mouth.
I ran a hand round to his backside, and slid a finger up the leg. As I
slid a finger into his hole, he pulled his silky pink slip bottom over my
head, so that I was completely encased in satin.
After I had sucked him for a while, we got into the 69 position, always
my favourite, as I love the feel of nylon-clad legs on my face, as I suck
a mouthful of hot cock.
We sucked each other to orgasm, holding the lovely cum in out mouths.
We kissed long and deep, mixing our hot spunk in our hot mouths, until we
swallowed eagerly.
Then we had a rest, talking and stroking until we were both hard again,
and we were ready to go on for the rest of the day, sucking, kissing and
fondling each others hot silk-clad bodies, then finally, we fucked each
others' pantie-clad arses.

Preggo Scat Sex


Ok this is a Lesbian story about A Teenage Slut who becomes a Lesbian after
getting pregnant at age 14. It involves Erotic sex, Peeing, Pooping,
Masturbation and Pregnancy. It has ties to the Nifty Shemale story Bobby's
preggo shemale turn

Sara was horny. For any type of sex. She was stuck on a bus heading to her
school. After 14 years of wasting her time She discovered her own sexual
abilities.She had her first practice by fucking her brother's friend. She
didn't come to school to learn. She came to screw anyone in sight. She had
fucked practically every guy she knew. Hell she had even fucked a
crossdresser When the bus arrived she sought out Bobbie, her current
Shemale Fuckbuddy. She found him in her teacher, Miss Grey's office fucking
her up the ass. "Ride my manpussy bobbie come on. " Hi Bobbie, Miss
Grey. Can I join the party."  Sara stripped off her Skirt and tank top to
reveal her Fat boobs. She took her hair out. Her unshaved pussy was soaked
and ready to be used. She saw Bobbie dismount from Miss grey, Her cock was
covered in warm brown poop. "Watch me do a dirty Sanchez" She ran her
finger across her hard cock and scrapped some poop onto her finger and
licked it off. Bobbie Mounted Sara in her pussy while miss Grey mounted her
ass. A small fart escaped as she pushed her way in "Ready?" And off they
went. In their torrent of Sex some of bobbie's sperm met one of Sara's

Weeks later Sara was feeling aweful. She had been Vomiting for hours, She
had to shit all the time and she had wet her panties 3 times. She stole one
of her sisters pregnancy tests. She tested positive.

After a few days of thinking she decided to run. First she decided to be
organized. She Stole her mom's credit card and Bought a house through the
internet. The house was in a small village 3 hours away where she could run
to and live away from people and raise her baby. The day she ran she
withdrew all the money from her mom, dad and sisters bank accounts, took
clothes and bought a bus ticket. When she arrived at her new house with her
belongings she had her computer hooked up to the net and bought some
furniture. She looked at her growing body in the mirror. She had begun to
grow bigger tits, her ass was bigger and she was be coming slightly
fatter. Sara reallised that she knew a girl who lived in the town. She
contacted Mary who was an emancipated Teen after her father had abused
her. After calling her Mary arrived. When Sara opened the door she was
shocked Mary was preggo too! "Hi Come on in"

After talking for hours Sara and Mary opened a bottle of Vodka and some
cigarettes. After lighting up and drinking they both undressed into their
panties and bra's "Did you Mom tell you not to fucky every guy you met?"
"yeah what a laugh" Both got really tired and lay down next to each
other. Sara lent across and kissed Mary deeply on the mouth. Mary returned
the kiss and they began to fuck wildly. To get things really dirty mary
forced sara to lie down on the ground. Mary stood above her and began to
let out a torrent of pee. It soaked sara to the bone. Then came Mary's
Poop. A long string of poop dropped out of her ass onto sara's growing
stomach. They Rubbed it in and had rough sex throughout the night. The next
morning they woke up in each others arms "I love you" said Sara.

Mary and Sara continued living together. Both had their babies many months
later, both girls. Both mary and Sara got their income through doing porn
movies together and selling them to websites for $200 a piece.

Elizabeth and Ruby


~This story is a graphic sexual encounter between two transsexuals.  If
	     such content offends you, please do not proceed.~

       My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a 25 transsexual goth girl with long
black hair in a page cut, 5' 10", 145lbs, 36C-24-34 with firm breasts, long legs,
a cute rear, and a 7 1/2" cut cock in my panties.  I live in an area with
almost no goth culture, and friends are few and far between.  I've been single
for a long while, as my tastes are hard to satisfy and the people around me tend
to turn me off.  I'm attracted to femininity, as I find masculinity
disgusting.  My ideal girl has always been a beautiful goth transsexual like myself,
simply the best of both worlds, and the sheer beauty and sexiness of a goth
       I'd been single for a while, and for the most part spent most of my
time with my friend Ruby, a gorgeous goth girl I had met online.  She is 21,
5'3", about 120lbs, 34B-24-34 with perfect breasts, and a sexy ass.  Her hair is
black chin length in a page cut, and she always wears dark or black lipstick,
black eyeliner, and a bitchy disposition.  We went shopping, hung out
together, rented movies together, basic friend things.  I've always found her so
attractive, but never thought I had any chance with her...
       I hadn't heard from Ruby in over a week, so I gave her a call.  She
answered the phone but sounded no where near her usual sexy self.  It turns out
she had picked up a bad cold and was feeling miserable.  I knew she lived
alone, and didn't like the idea of her being sick with no one to take care of her.
 I decided to go see her, and see what I could do to make her feel better.
       I knocked on her door, and a moment later Ruby answered.  She looked
bad, and yet her sexiness still showed through her's a gift we goth
girls have.  She invited me in and she trudged back to her big comfy easy
chair.  She was dressed in a pair of baby blue flannel pajamas with little angels
all over them, and white fluffy slippers on her feet.  Her hair was a mess,
and she couldn't stop coughing.  She couldn't get anything done around her
place because of her illness, and was almost out of clean laundry.  After 5
minutes of seeing her like this, I told her I was kidnapping until she felt better.
She didn't like the idea, but after a few minutes hesitation begrudgingly
agreed and staggered around her apartment collecting things to bring along.
       After about 20 minutes of collecting her dirty laundry (including some
of the cutest pairs of panties I've ever seen) and a few other odds and ends,
we headed over to my place.  I put her in my bed, a queen size canopy bed
with wrought metal ends and black satin sheets, gave her some cough medicine, and
set about making her some chicken soup.  She drank the warm broth, then fell
asleep as the medicine took hold of her cold-weakened system.
       After a couple of days, Ruby was looking MUCH better, and sounding
much more like her normal self.  She and I slept in the same bed, and now that
her laundry had been washed, had switched from the flannel set to a ~very~ sexy
set of black satin pajamas.
       It was late night when I was awoke by a hand gently caressing me
through my satin panties.  I always sleep in lingerie, I simply love the feeling
and how I look in it.  Tonight I had chosen a black satin babydoll and matching
string bikini panties, and now I was being fondled through the flimsy material
of the bikini.  I slowly rolled over in bed to face Ruby, only to find her
still quite asleep.  I had kept my hands to myself throughout her visit, out of
respect for her and quite despite the fact that every part of me wished very
much to be with her.  Now I had this gorgeous girl practically giving me a hand
job in her sleep, making my girlcock poke out the top of my panties as her
hand slid up and down the shaft through the satin panties.  I tried to softly
wake her, but she only shifted her position in bed, the sheets now over only her
legs as she lay on her back, one arm above her head, the other stroking my
now quite hard girlcock.  Her pajama top was one button away from being
completely open, her breasts almost exposed, her nipples hard and poking through the
soft satin.  My eyes couldn't help but drink in the soft curves of her body,
down to her hips, where her shifting in bed had caused her pajama bottoms to
slide down.  That's when I got the shock of a lifetime.  There, just visible
through her lacey black bikini panties, laying against her flat belly, was a
beautiful, uncut cock.  I had never known that Ruby was a transsexual like myself,
and had her pajama bottoms not slid down I probably would never have
suspected.  I reached my hand over, and slowly caressed her through her lace panties.
I was in shock, I had fantasized about Ruby being a transsexual, but always
thought she was a real girl.
       Meanwhile Ruby, in the middle of an erotic fantasy of her own, now had
her hand in my panties, playfully caressing my silky smooth balls and
girlcock.  I knew I was taking advantage of her unfairly, but I couldn't resist as
she fondled me in her sleep.  I carefully pulled her pretty panties aside, her
uncut cock now free in the night air.  My mouth watered at the sight of
it...she was 6" hard, with a perfect upward banana curve, and even in her excited
state, more than half of the tip was still covered with foreskin.  Better still,
she was steadily leaking pre-cum out of the tip, a thin line of it glistening
in the pale light from the tip of her delicious girlcock to her belly.  I let
my fingers trace from the tip, down along the sensitive underside, to her own
balls, each one only about the size of a grape.  Like me, she kept herself
baby-smooth, and feeling her ballsac was like touching virgin silk.  She squirmed
in her sleep, a soft purr escaping her lips as dream world and reality
crossed.  Her eyes fluttered for a moment, then she slowly came to realize what she
had been well as what I now knew.  My hand froze on her girlcock,
as did hers on mine.  For a moment, neither of us said anything, or even moved,
for that matter...then, without a word, her hand stroked my girlcock again,
and she gave a sexy little smile.  I smiled at her, then leaned close to her
and kissed her lips softly.  Her free hand caressed my cheek as she pushed her
tongue into my mouth, both of us now lovingly stroking one another's cocks.
       After a minute or two (but what felt like forever), I broke our
embrace and kissed my way down her neck, between her perfect breasts, and down her
flat belly to the tip of her girlcock.  She moved her hand from my cock and
took place her hands on my shoulders, pushing me gently down to her own girlcock,
urging me to do what I had fantasized about for so long.  I looked into her
beautiful eyes, licking sensually from her balls up the base of her cock, the
wrapping my lips around the tip and closing my eyes as I slid it inch by
wonderful inch deep into my throat.  I savored the taste of her precum on my tongue
as the tip of her cock slip past my throat, my lips resting against the base
of her cock as it throbbed in my mouth.  She took my head in her hands as I
slowly bobbed on her delicious cock, slurping and sucking as I indulged fantasies
I never thought could happen.  After nearly 20 minutes of sucking her
gorgeous cock, I could feel her nearly ready to cum.  I let her cock slurp noisily
from my mouth, and kissed back up her body to her quivering lips.  I undid the
last button of her pajama top, and let the flimsy garment fall open, her
nipples hard and waiting for my attention.  I licked my way to one, circling my
tongue around it and flicking it playfully, then lightly biting it before moving
to the next.  My hands slid down her sides, coaxing her to lift her hips as I
slid her bottoms down her legs and threw it beside the bed on the floor.  She
in turn pulled my panties down, letting my own hard cock fall free, to press
against her very wet cock and slide together as I kissed her neck.  She
whispered in my ear, "Fuck me Elizabeth, I want you inside me"...I purred when I heard
those words, my cock twitching in anticipation of what was to come.  I
slipped her lace thong down her legs, then licked back down her body, past her cock
this time, and lifting her hips in my hands, ate her asspussy like it was a
cunt, lapping my tongue at her tight hole and pushing my tongue into her.  She
gasped at the intrusion, squirming in my hands as I licked her.  I gave one
last, slow, lick, then moved back up to kiss her again, more passionately than
before.  I broke away, then reached beside the bed for my strawberry skin
lotion.  I squirted a good amount onto her hand, and told her to make sure my
girlcock got a good coating of the sweet-smelling pink lotion.  Then, I squirted
another amount into my hand as she slathered my cock and applied it to her
asspussy, pushing a small amount inside her to make sure she was well lubed.  Then,
rolling onto my back, I pulled her on top of me, her pajama top barely on her
shoulders and her breasts fully exposed to me, and her still spit-soaked cock
rubbing against my pink-lubed own.  I held her hips and moved her over my
girlcock, then with her hands guiding me to her asspussy, slowly pulled her
beautiful body down onto my hard cock, inch by inch.  She gasped and her eyes went
wide with the intrusion, the shut in a mix of lust and obvious pain.  Then, she
sighed and purred in delight as the pain gave way to pure bliss as my cock
filled her asspussy and her heart shaped rear came to rest on my smooth balls.
She rested her hands next to my head as she steadied herself on my girlcock,
my hands moving her slowly up and down.  She closed her eyes and moved her hips
in concert with mine, matching my rhythm as her asspussy bounced on my cock.
She leaned in to kiss me as I thrust deep inside her, the lube on her own
cock making it rub delightfully between out bodies.  Ruby became more obscene
with each thrust, moaning and whispering to me, "fuck me, of Elizabeth fuck my
tight pussy, fill me with your cum, fuck I love feeling your cock inside me."  I
held her tight as she pushed her tongue into my mouth, and thrust deep one
last time before spurting load after load of my thick cum into her asspussy, her
biting my lip as she moaned with each squirt of the hot fluid into her body.

       She lay for a minute, our hearts racing, my cock ebbing within her
before sliding out of her well-fucked ass, a steady trickle of fresh cum running
out of her asspussy and down her balls to drip onto my own.  She kissed my
neck and leaned in close to my ear again, whispering "I've wanted that for so
long...wanted you for so long."  I told her I'd loved her since I first saw her,
and was entranced by her beauty and pure sexuality.  She replied "I love you,
too...would you like the same you just gave me," as I could feel her hard cock
twitching between us.  I told her "I'd fantasized about it for so long, how
could I say no?".  She got to her knees, her hands spreading my legs apart, and
reached between her legs to take some of the remaining lube and cum that was
now freely running from her asspussy and spread it on my own tight ass.  The,
taking her hard cock in her hand, pressed it against my asspussy until it
slipped inside in one swift plunge.  My back arched with the forceful intrusion,
Ruby leaning forward to bite my neck as her balls slapped against my ass.  She
drew her hips back and plunged into me again, each thrust bring a wave of pain
and absolute pleasure through my body.  After the 5th thrust, all I felt was
bliss as the girl of my dreams fucked my asspussy, her cock sliding in and out
of me and her balls lapping against me with each move of her hips.  I raked
my nails across her back, making her purr and quicken her pace.  She kissed my
neck and shoulder, our breasts pressed together and my still slippery cock
rubbing between our bodies, quickly building to another orgasm as her cock rubbed
my prostate with each thrust.  Again Ruby let loose a torrent of dirty talk,
"Does my baby like my cock in her pussy?  mmmmm, I'm gonna fill you with my
cum like you filled my pussy, you slut...take my cock in your ass, so tight and
warm...ohhh, I'm gonna cum!!"  With that last obscenity she shuddered and
slipped all the way into my asspussy, her balls pressed against me as she shot an
amazing amount of cum deep inside my ass, filling me with her warmth as her
cock pumped more and more into me.  Her cock pressing against my prostate made
my own cock erupt between us, coating both of our flat bellies with creamy cum,
and between our breasts.  She collapsed onto me, sighing softly as her cock
stayed inside me, both of our asses now leaking a steady stream of cum onto my
satin sheets.  Exhausted, she whispered "I love you" before falling asleep in
my arms atop me...

A Lovely Night With Natalie

Credit: by Jim Corboy

I am pretty much in heaven right now. And if you like I'll tell y'all how I
got here.

Earlier that evening, or, perhaps if it was after midnight, I was unclear
`bout that, last evening, I had bathed, lingering and luxuriating in the
hot water, infused with flowery smelling bubble-bath, which I used
regularly. It kept my skin smooth and moist to the touch and also I smelled
magnificent when some very lucky woman, lured me to join them in the
sack. (a relatively easy job).

I was tense and very horny and very tempted to play with myself but I had
an exciting evening planned, hopefully including some hot sex, so I

When, reluctantly, I left the soothing water and dried my creamy, smooth
skin with my luxurious, soft bath towel, then I carefully dressed.

First, I had snuggled my small, but pillowy and shapely, soft tits into a
lovely, silken, flowered bra. Black with red roses. My silken ass was
similarly encased when I pulled on the bra's matching silken panties. They
were incredibly tight and felt just gorgeous, stretched tight and lovingly
snuggling my 6-inch uncut dick. Which I adjusted just so. Both for comfort
but also to display my bulge for just the right eyes to admire
it. Hopefully. Well, I am so gorgeous, I dress to be noticed, to show off
my assets, so that usually happens naturally. Just the way I much desire!

I had pulled some sexy flowered nylons up my shapely legs and fastened them
to the garter belt I forgot to tell you about. I next donned a lovely,
shimmery, classy party dress, again very tightly cut especially around my
waist and the skirt covering my bum and crotch area, to show off my bulge
to its best advantage. I slipped my shapely, sexy, feminine feet into my
high heels.

Makeup wasn't much. My lovely face did not need much. Touch of mascara
around the eyes, a little rouge on my cheeks and some pink, glossy lipstick
on my thick, pouty lips, which made my lips stand out and look eminantly
kissable. Or made any gal like me think that my lips would feel just
wonderful kissing something of theirs.

I am a beautiful, sexy, sex-loving woman and I love every minute of being

I had often wished I was my predatory in my nature, picking up the chicks
that appealed to me rather than waiting, wishing and hoping, to be picked
up by them. But nature is nature and I am who I am.

Tonight, I was heading for a new tranny bar that had just opened up. I was
horny, desiring to get laid, hard. I knew for certain I was gorgeous enough
to attract some serious attention from some seriously stunning
t-ladies. Which are right in my wheelhouse.

I didn't really mind a pounding from the odd dude, if that was all that
could be had. But I was a lezzy at heart, I guess, as my preference was
always for another gorgeous woman to bed me down.

But, this night, even I did not know I was going to hit the absolute

Now downtown and inside the club, I am enjoying all the stares my beauty
and my trim, sexy figure earn me. I sit at the bar being served the drink I
order by a gorgeous red-head. Possibly not quite as gorgeous as I, she is
still so beautiful it is impossible to judge if she is a she-male or an
actual woman. I suspect she might be having the same question about me, if
she hasn't spotted my package before I sit down. Those in the know, know
this new bar is intended to be a tranny hangout, but no doubt there will be
some men, and ladies, just anxious to check out a new bar. After all, the
ads for this new club didn't exactly specify, `She-males only'. I'm sure
some guys will be very surprised later when they strip down the `chick'
they pick up. On the other hand, some dudes love trannies. We are the best
of both worlds, guys. A gorgeous woman for all kinds of sexy foreplay and
she is packing a lovely pecker for when it gets down to the
nitty-gritty. And with no vagina with which to house your pecker, that
makes our assholes all yours for the taking!

Some guys eschew trannies, fearing that if they are caught liking
she-males, everyone would figure they are gay. Lame argument, I always
thought. After all, gay bars are a dime a dozen and a true full-on gay guy
can always get laid by another guy very easily. And why would they even be
attracted to a gorgeous chick? Even if she is packing a pecker?

I take out cigarettes and the woman (?) smoking and drinking next to me
clicks her lighter and gives me a light. I hold her hand to steady it. It
is silky smooth and is adorned with long, painted nails.

I study her. She, also, is gorgeous. She even puts the red-headed bartender
to shame. Long, silky black hair, cascades down to the vicinity of the
barstool on which she has parked what looks, from what I can see, like an
elegant ass. She has super-nice tits, bigger than mine, elegantly shaped,
it seems, and they jiggle as she chuckles when I stroked her hand.

"Forget that cigarette, love," she says, "put it out and we'll have us a

She had obviously checked me out as she lit my cigarette, as I had checked
her out, and she had obviously decided that she likes what she sees!

Natch! I told you I was a looker.

I crush my cigarette out after a couple of delicious drags. I love to smoke
but this chick is so beautiful! I am shaking with excitement as she takes
my hand and leads me to the dance floor. It is a slow song. Color my World
by Chicago. My cock gives a definite lurch and I almost swoon as she takes
me confidently into her arms. She pulls me close and our tits jutt
together. Smoothly and expertly, she juggles us around until our tits fit
together nicely as I fight to keep from cumming in my panties, right then
and there. My cock is rock-hard and lurches in its satin prison and I'm
sure it is already dripping. I try to remember the last time I had been
held so wonderfully by a woman so supremely sure of herself!

It really had my motor running!

"My name's Natalie," she purrs. She chuckles, a deep, sexy chuckle, pulls
me even closer, kisses my cheek and chuckles again when I shiver.

"If you like that, sweetie,' she purrs, `what do you think about this?"

She is very bold and very dominant. That suits me to a T as I am definitely
a sub. And a bottom, though I'd been known to bust a partner's ass, if it
was desired.

Her hands leave my shoulders and travel smoothly down to cup my fleshy
ass-cheeks. She rolls and squeezes my lush cheeks, pulls me tighter,
fastens my crotch to hers and, in time with the music, rubs her crotch all
over mine.

At that, I swear I swoon slightly. I can feel her dick. It is very hard and
I could tell it is long and meaty and it really feels delicious rubbing
mine. Even through our clothes.

"Bingo," I say to myself. "Girl, you've hit the jackpot!"

And so I had. Let's see now. A gorgeous, sexy woman sporting a hard
throbbing cock? A very dominant woman and I just knew Natalie would wanna
top me, big time? And, did I mention she was fuckin' gorgeous? I couldn't
have scored better if I'd drawn the blue-print for Natalie myself!

I know it is gonna happen sometime tonight and just anticipate and wonder
just how wonderful it will feel when our cocks are rubbing together with no
clothes between them!

My dick twitches and pulses and now I can definitely feel it leaking its
pre-cum as I fight hard to keep from cumming for real.

She laughs. A warm, sexy laugh. "What's the matter, darlin'? That meat of
your's not feelin' any other dick for a while? I think we ought to get you
right over to my place. You feel like you got quite the she-cock! I cannot
wait to get you naked and play with it! Besides, I don't want you to waste
a load inside that dress!"

Then she reaches out and takes a big handful of my silky hair, pulls my
face to hers and plasters her sweet lips hard to mine.

Twenty minutes later, I am in her arms again, after some sexy play in her
car as she drove us to her place. Natalie had steered and I had felt up her
tits and her prick as she drove. I had dearly wanted to free her she-dick
and suck on it as she drove, but safety concerns held me back. But now, at
last, I was in her confident arms again, in the hall that served as the
entranceway to her home.

We are having kisses and it is glorious as she alternately strokes my bulge
and plays with my tits.

"OK, honey," she says, leaving my lips for a moment. "I've been mulling it
over and I am thinking it's time you gave my girl-dick a suck. What do you
think about that, sexy-girl?"

She chuckles. "Girlie," she says, "I just knew you'd love that idea!"

I am shaking with the anticipation of sucking this lovely woman's rod. I am
sure her dick will be a beauty.

And I am right on the money! Still fully clothed, I sink to my knees on the
rug. Natalie is wearing a cream-colored pantsuit and I undo her belt and
then the fastening for her pants. Zip, down goes her zipper and I am
tugging those pants down a pair of what I discover are long, smooth,
shapely legs. A lot like my legs.

Natalie's hands are tangled in my hair and she chuckles and steps out of
the tangle of pants on the rug in front of me.

Now, the moment of truth. Natalie has on a pair of silky, glittery panties
and I run my hands up the smoothness of her lega, kissing their smoothness
as I do. I clearly see the outline of her dick and it looks amazing!

Grasping the elastic waistband of the panties, I start to inch the panties

Her dick is hard, rock-hard, throbbing and leaking, with a definite upward
curve. Natalie must have found me just as attractive as I found her. Natch!
I've told you already that there is no false modesty about me. I am a
stunner, as is Natalie. I reflect quickly (I have other things to think
about) that she has not yet asked my name and I have not told it to her.

I have a hard time stretching the waistband of the panties over her knob,
but I finally succeed and her big pecker leaps out at me!

I greet it, lovingly, with sexy kisses and hear Natalie's breath hiss as
she moans.

"Oh, you sex-pot girl, you! Lick my she-dick, sister! Show me how much you
love it! Show me you know your way around a woman's cock!"

I lick it all right. Lots. I kiss it. Lots. Natalie has a lovely pair of
low-hanging balls in a wrinkled sac and they become glittery red with my
lip-stick as they, too, receive their share of my kisses and sucks. I take
her whole ball-bag into the hot cauldron of my mouth and roll her balls
around with my tongue.

Let me tell you more.

I start at the root, kiss my way up the length of Natalie's rod, pause to
swirl my tongue around the smoothness of that mushroom head, explore her
pee/cum hole and then kiss my way down the other side, back to the root,
where hangs those big balls of her's.

Soon I figure they'll be bouncing off my chin first and then my ass!

Now, I hold her prick upright, firmly but with love and lust and lick it
all over, up and down, root to head and back. Again and again.

Natalie uses my hair, pulls my head back momentarily and looks down at me.

"Get ready, girl. I'm gonna fuck that pretty face or yours!"

She does.

I open wide and Natalie roughly pokes her cock in my mouth as far as it
will go. She grips my hair tighter, holds my head in place (as if I would
have ever moved it!) and her hips started churning and she drives her
pecker in my mouth. Again and again. In and out, in and out.

I clamp my lips on her dick as tight as I can to give her the utmost
pleasure and with one hand, juggle her balls to increase that pleasure.

I feel her cock pulsing and I enjoy the copious amounts of pre-cum it is
leaking, though Natalie's furious fuck movements in my mouth leave me
little time to swallow so the tasty pre-cum starts to puddle up.

Suddenly, I feel Natalie's she-pecker somehow get even harder and pulse and
throb even more and distantly I heard her yell.

"I'm gonna cream you, sugar! I'm gonna fill you full! Don't you worry,
sweet stuff! This is only the beginning! I can cum lotsa times and we got
lots of fucking to do yet!"

And with that Natalie shot some thick ropes of her tasty cum into my mouth.

I suppose I don't even need and probably adequately can't, tell you how
delicious Natalie's cum feels and tastes as the volume in my mouth
increases. With each long spurt of Natlie's throbbing dick as it unloads
its precious load that Natalie had been carrying around in her lovely
balls, I love this girl more. Each spurt is accompanied by another hard
clutch of my hair and a low moan from the lips of gorgeous Natalie.

"Save me some, sugar!" Natalie yells. "Don't swallow it all yet, please!"

I admit, `til that point, I had not considered sharing Natalie's cum with
her but the mouthful I have feels so good and with Natalie constantly
adding to it, not to mention, with that mouthful of prick, swallowing was
difficult, when Natalie's hot cock finally quits spurting, I still have a
really nice mouthful.

I notice Natalie's cock is still throbbing hard and she releases my hair,
finally, takes my shoulders instead and draws me to my feet.

We kiss. And kiss. Natalie's tongue is in my mouth, sometimes, digging for
sperm, and my tongue then invades her mouth, trying to get it back.

We don't really fight over her cum, you understand. We freely swap it back
and forth and, in the end, we each swallow a lot. For certain, not a drop
goes to waste!

Without even stopping our kisses, Natalie somehow removes my clothes and
gets her pantsuit jacket removed. And somehow all our undergear. I guess I
help also, although how, I am a little unclear.

The clothes remain in an untidy pile right where they are as Natalie leads
me down the hall to her bedroom. We're both so hot for one another, I'd
given Natalie that delicious - for both of us - my blowjob special, just
barely inside her door!

We fall on Natalie's bed together. Or rather, Natalie, who is practically
carrying me at this point, slings me on the bed and joins me.

She immediately makes a dive for my cock. Her mouth is a wonder. Boiling
hot, it feels, and her lips and tongue are enough to send me to heaven.

I lie back for a bit, just enjoying Natalie's skills with my
she-cock. Idly, I wondered who had sucked more women's cocks, me or her. My
hips are churning up off the bed, as I drive my pecker deeper into
Natalie's hot mouth.

But, soon I want more. So I twist around and tug at Natalie `til she's down
beside me. And I reverse so I can get back at Natalie's beautiful she-cock

So we lay, moaning, as we suck on each other's cocks, simultaneously, in
the eternal 69.

I am on the verge of blowing my she-load and I have no intention of holding
back. I am usually only good for one shot but I just have a feeling Natalie
is so beautiful, so hot, so sexual, that I think I might muster a second

In any case, I am usually more submissive. Even taking the lead to initiate
the 69 session was unlike me. I usually wait to be told what to do, letting
the other chick in the bed dictate all the action. Perhaps gorgeous Natalie
has brought out another side of me? But I am a definite bottom so my
reasoning is that gorgeous Natalie will handle the ass-fucking that I was
certain to be next, so it will be no big deal if I blow my one and only
load right now in Natalie's sweet mouth.

Of course, I can likely get hard enough again to jam my prick up Natalie's
sweet ass, if she desires it, but probably can't pop. `So what?', I think.

And just as I was thinking all of this, Natalie picks that moment to dump
another of her hot loads into my mouth. So I surrender all control, a very
tenuous control at best, and jizz into her mouth also.

That gives us lots to do, of course. More fun to be had as our she-dicks
quit spurting, we wiggle around to put our heads together and kiss deeply
to share cum and lick cum from each other's mouths and faces as sweet jism
dribbles from our mouths onto our beautiful, smooth skin.

We cuddle and kiss and play with each other's tits and generally have a lot
of fun.

I notice that Natalie is still hard, even having cum twice and, I reflect,
that not once since she led me to the dance floor back at the club, to my
knowledge, and I was in a position to know, has she ever not been hard.

"Sweetie," she says when I tell her my observation, "I never have a problem
popping a hard, but I gotta say, that, yes, I probably have never been this
hard for this fuckin' long. But you, well, you are just so fuckin'
beautiful. And this session with you has been the best I've had in a long
time. You bring out the best in me, doll. You really know your way around a
woman's cock don't you? And you really know how to treat a woman's pecker
as it should be treated."

And she kisses me again and fondles my tits.

"So, turn over, darlin," she says next. "I just gotta fuck that gorgeous

I was more than happy to oblige.

When my rump is in position for her, she first spits down in my crack. Then
she kisses both ass-cheeks and licks and spits on my pussyhole some more.

Natalie definitely gives me the shivers!

Then, kneeling beside my head on the pillow, she offers me her prick to
suck and lick and spit on so as to get it good and wet for entry.

"Don't you worry, sweet-stuff," she says. "If all this spit don't do the
job I have some lube in my nightstand. We'll use it, if I'm hurting you too
much going in. How often you been ass-fucked, honey-bun?"

I am about to say, `more times than I can count, Nat.' but then I realize,
for some reason, for this woman, I do not want to sound like such a tramp.

So, instead, I just say, "A few times, Natalie, and I am really looking
forward to this! Go for it, Natalie-girl! Ream my bottom like a champ!"

As she asked me that about my ass-fucking experience, Natalie was lying on
top of me. I feel her cushiony tits against my back and she was flexing her
hips so as to run her she-rod up and down my ass-crack.

I gotta tell ya, folks, it felt great! I could hardly wait for what was

And then I feel it. Natalie grips her big she-prick in her hand and is
rubbing the smooth head all around my ass-pucker.

Then, Arrrrgh, she puts on more and more pressure `til that smooth,
mushroom head pops snugly into my warm, welcoming ass!

I gotta tell you, folks, it hurts a little and continues to hurt as Natalie
keeps pressing forward and her hot prick keeps wedging my ass open as she
slowly eases her whole hot cock inside me.

My arse burns as Natalie forces her way into my bum, but still, lemme tell
ya, it feels just great! When she is inside me to the hilt, she pauses,
lays herself on my back, moves my hair, kisses my neck and whispers in my

"I know I am in good and tight," Natalie purrs, "but now, doll, you clench
your ass muscles and make that twat of yours grip my she-prick good and
tight as it can, sweetie-pie. That'll feel just amazing to me and then I am
gonna fuck you silly, darlin'! Later we'll do cowgirl and maybe more but
for now you just lay there and enjoy the pounding ole Natalie is gonna lay
on you! Holler all you want, darlin', but keep clenching those arse muscles
like your ass don't ever want to let my prick go!"

She sorta does a countdown. I was shivering in anticipation at how
gawd-almighty good it is gonna feel! "Ready, set, go!"

And go to town she goes. I tell you, folks, I've been laid and arse-fucked
lots and by some pretty muscled guys, sometimes, but nothing, no one, ever
screws my arse the way Natalie does. It must have been some sight to see,
had anyone been there to see it!

She is tireless, it seems. She is moaning as my arse-pussy grips her rod
and seems ready to fuck my bum `til the cows come on home!

She's ramming her she-dick in hard now, rotating her hips somehow when she
gets in to the absolute hilt and her balls are bouncing off my ass, to
really stir it around in my bum. Then she pulls out, slowly, so that only
that big head is still inside me. Next, Natalie dispenses with the stirring
around part and really starts to screw me good. Like she really means it.

Nothing fancy now, Natalie is just pounding me, straight in and straight
out, blindingly fast, over and over and over. She seems to have energy to
burn and she just keeps pounding me. It feels amazing!

I feel my ass clutch her prick on her outstrokes and damn, if it doesn't
feel like she is gonna pull me right inside out!

After a while of this fun, Natalie pulls out, I swear I hear a loud,
sucking pop, she rolls me over and allows me suck on her pecker some
more. Nice. Then she leads me over to a big airchair in the corner. She
sits herself down, her big pecker aimed at the ceiling. Idly, I wonder how
many other chicks Natalie's fucked in that chair but I know exactly what to

I crouch over Natalie's legs sorta and handle her she-cock, aiming it at
myself. Bullseye! I sit down on her pecker, my weight drives her big log
right up my bum again.

In this position, I am responsible for all the work of doing the fucking
so, using my legs, I raise and lower myself on Natalie's big stick while
Nat rests some and with her arms around me fondles my tits, cupping and
squeezing and tweaking my nipples.

My cock, not as hard as it had been before, is flopping up and down as I
move up and down, fast as I can, so my dick's cock-slapping my legs as I do
so. I barely notice. The pleasure Nat's cock is giving me as it goes in and
out of my ass, takes precedence.

After a while, Natalie and I change positions again, this time
missionary. I lie flat on my back, Natalie throws my legs up high and, on
her knees, positions the smooth, bulbous head of her lady-cock at my arse
pucker again.

Then, Natalie pauses a moment. She moves up a little further and lays her
pecker right on mine. Damn! That feels nice.

And then Natalie gathers both our cocks in her hands and slowly, lovingly,
jerks them off together as our she-cocks rub against each other. Then she
just grips her own cock and just rubs it all over mine. That feels just
sexy and silky and I shiver and shake and moan with the incredible, sexy

After some minutes of this sexy play I jerk my own she-prick a bit while
Natalie is back rubbing her cockhead on my ass pucker. My pussy. Which she
is about to make her pussy.

Natalie is so gorgeous I am certain she gets any pussy she wants any time
she wants. I am determined to make her want my pussy, again and again and

Natalie grunts and pushes hard and my pucker stretches to accommodate that
nice she-pecker of hers again.

My ass does more than oblige. It positively lays out the welcome mat for
her cock, vibrating, it is so anxious, and sucks Natalie right on in!

Natalie commences fucking me again.

In this position, Natalie can jack off my dick as she fucks me and it isn't
long, surprise to me, she coaxes another load out of me. I shout as I shoot
off a big load, my jism spurts high into the air as I wail, coming down on
my tits and my belly and on Natalie as well.

Natalie chuckles. She has to pause a bit in her fucking but she catches
what she can and feeds it to me. Then she leans forward as far as she can
and sucks my spent dick in her mouth, sucks out the last drops and then
lovingly licks it clean. Need I tell y'all how fuckin' fantastic that

Natalie resumes fucking me. It doesn't take long and my ass clenching her
she-dick drives her over the edge again. Even in my ass, I can feel that
extra-hardness come to Natalie's big cock and I know she was gonna blow
another load and drown my innards with her cum.

But no. She felt it also.

"Hey there, girlie," she purrs, "I'm about to blow off again. Do you want
it right here in your ass or would you like me to cum off in your mouth

I thought that was very nice of this sexual dynamo of a woman to ask me.

"Feed me again, Natalie!" I cry. "I wanna drink some more of your cum so

She chuckles, that throaty, sexy chuckle. "I figured."

Slowly, she pulls her lady-cock from my bum and slowly, lovingly, strokes
it. Then she works her way slowly up my body and brings her hard pecker
right where I want it!

I lovingly kiss and lick and suck it, tasting my ass on it, and
relentlessly I urge Natalie towards the edge and over.

Third cum and Natilie is still able to feed me big ropes of sweet
jism. Sweet, sweet cum. I've drunk a lot of cum, as you might have
gathered, but sweet Natalie has easily the best tasting cum I'd known. I
could live on it! Probably I should remember to ask her about her diet so I
can have the same great tasting jism.

But for now, I just enjoy Natalie's panting as she unloads into my mouth
and I enjoy the growing pool, swishing it around, bathing Natalie's cock
with it. Damn. She is blowing both ballfuls! Again!

Some I swallow all right but I remember to save lots for Natalie for our
kiss and cuddle session after she finishes unloading those big balls of

So, we kiss and cuddle again for a long while, two sexy women, enamored
with one another. After a while, Natalie remembers something.

"By the way, sweetie-pie. Do you have a name? Or should I just call you my
cum-queen girl?"

I kiss her, long and hot and tell her that will be just fine. That I really
want to be her cum-queen girl.

"Well, cum-girl, has anyone ever told you that you are one fantastic piece
of ass? One fantastic fuck?"

My answer was a kiss.

"Let's get some sleep, my cum-queen, my new pet," she says. "You don't have
to go anywhere anytime soon, do you? Forty winks and I'll fuck you again!
I'll feed you another big load!"

I smile.

I suppose you guys think she probably fucked me again in the morning?

You'd be wrong.

Two hours later we are head to toe again and her she-dick is my mouth again
and her wonderful, hard, she-cock is in mine.

Just where we both know they belong.

Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.6

Credit Funandbold

Thank you guys for reading my stories and all the compliments and comments! I love the attention you guys are giving my work! Please continue the comments and voting!

Regular typeface = Connor’s thoughts

Bold typeface = Alan thoughts

So after the episode where I had dried humped Connor’s hot, muscular and hairy butt, and then I shot my huge load all up into his crack, Connor made himself scarce for a couple of days. I didn’t bother him about it, as I was pretty sure that his little head would overrule whatever problems his big head was having with what we’d been up to the last few weeks. I felt the need to cut him some slack as I was figuring my way through being gay, and he wasn’t, he was just a willing participant for my new found lust.

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Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.5

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The story of two straight guys experimenting with gay sex continues and just gets hotter!

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Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.4

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Wow…this series is going a lot longer than I expected! I’m hoping you guys are enjoying it! I have a lot more to tell about the experimenting between these two straight guys!

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This is all fantasy and everyone involved is at least eighteen years old!

The boldface type is what Alan is thinking! The regular face type is mostly Connor’s thoughts.

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Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.3

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“This is the 3rd part in a story about 2 very hot men “str8″ men or at least that’s what they thought there were until one asked the other if he could blow him. Connor looks like a cross between Zac Efron and Joe Jonas, and Alan looks like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth. They are both very hot jocks who have been life long friends and now Alan thinks he’s gay and wants Connor to help him understand!”

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