A TS Friend P.2

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I went home drained after unloading so much of myself into Kim in the suv. I had said good bye to her at her door and was driving home. I got home at a decent hour and went to bed. The following day at work I could only think about how wild a time we had together and began fantasizing about the whole affair when my cell phone went off.

Amazingly enough, it was Kim sending me a text inviting me to her place that evening for a barbecue and to sit around the pool in her back yard. After work I went home and changed, putting my swim trunks on underneath a pair of shorts and ditching my shirt and tie for a t-shirt. I arrived at her place about 5:30 p.m. and she answered the door wearing a yellow pastel bikini. I hadn’t realized how curvy she truly was until I saw those big boobs of hers poking over the top of her bikini. It was then I heard another girl’s voice.

A rather shapely well tanned girl with long black hair appeared and introduced herself as Julie. She was also wearing a bikini but hers was turquois blue. She also had a substantial large set of breasts poking out of her top as well. Julie said, “Well now that he is here lets go out back and get whats left of the sunshine.” Kim and I followed closely behind Julie as she lead us through the house to the pool in the backyard.

The girls laid down on their lounge chairs. Kim rolled over on her stomach and undid her bikini top strings, Julie remained sitting up but was rubbing down around her crotch. I could tell immediately that she was a shemale too. Two hot ladies in the open, next to a pool with sun gradually going down was like a dream. Julie stood up, grabbed a beer from an icebox lying next to Kim and handed over to me. I was a bit nervous and very much aroused with two gorgeous beauties around me in bikinis. She then started walking towards the pool and suggested me to join.

Without thinking much I took off my tshirt, shorts and walked towards the pool while Julie jumped inside the pool. I sat on the edge with my legs hanging inside water and beer in my hand. Julie was near other edge of the pool and was floating on her back. My eyes were appreciating her big boobs and nice legs all this time. Within couple of seconds she started to head in my direction and got on her feet right next to me. Pool was about 4 and a half feet deep where I was sitting. She came close and kept her hands on my thighs with her eyes staring in my eyes. She had a very sexy and seductive smile all this time and she started rubbing her hands on my thighs.

I was hard in a flash and kept my beer on the side while Julie’s hands were shifting from my thighs to my back. As soon as she reached my back, she pulled me inside the pool with a short loud laugh.

She did not waste any time and hugged me while pushing me against the wall of the pool. Next thing I realized was her hands cupping my butts and her fingers trying to tease my ass over my swim trunks. She started to gently kiss my cheeks and kept moving towards my lips. After couple of kisses on my lips she started sucking my lower lip with one of her hand then aggressively rubbing my ass crack up and down. I could feel her monster cock growing against my stomach while all this was happening.

My hands were on her back and I was trying to suck her lips whenever I had a chance. While I was rubbing her back with my hands, I felt Julie’s tongue enter my mouth and must have explored every corner of my mouth in few seconds. She was rubbing her cock on my stomach with her aggressive pelvis thrusts. While all this was going on I felt someone’s legs slide in the pool on my each side. Before I could see who it was, I felt someone grabbed my hairs and turned my head. It was Kim sitting nude on the edge of the pool and as soon as my face was half way around, she leaned forward and started kissing me. Julie stepped back and turned me around and I was facing Kim while we were still kissing. Kim then moved her hand to the back of my head while our tongues were rubbing each other.

Julie took off her her bikini and pushed me tight against the wall of the pool and hugged me tight from behind. Her fingers started playing with my nipples while she started sucking and kissing my neck. I was able to hear Julie’s heavy breathing and light moans on my neck while her long and fat cock was grinding against my ass over my swim tanks. The feeling of Julie’s boobs on my back and her cock rubbing against my ass got me to the edge and was getting hard to not cum.

Kim then broke the kiss and pushed my head down on her cock with one hand while she held her cock up with other. Her cock was not extremely hard but was still long and thick. She forcefully pushed my head down as soon as my lips touched her cock. She then forced my head up and down few times with her strong grip on my hairs. I felt the blood rushing into her cock and it was getting stiff very quickly while it was getting taller every passing moment. I started moving my head up and down on her cock and she then leaned back with her hands resting on the group behind her back. My mouth was going up and down gently on Kim’s cock, Julie lowered my trunks with her hands up to about knee height and then lowered them further onto the pool floor with her foot. She then spread my legs by pushing my feet apart using her feet. I felt her hand pressing against my ass and rubbing it. Julie held my hairs with her other hand and pushed my head down all the way until Kim’s cock disappeared in my mouth. This continued for few seconds until Julie started pushing one of her fingers in my ass and started finger fucking me. The feeling of a moving finger in my ass was a little weird at first but I started enjoying it in no time. Julie then moved another finger in and eventually 4 of her fingers were screwing me while I was getting an expert on sucking a cock.

Julie then left my hair and removed her fingers from my ass. I kind of knew what was going to happen and was very nervous. She came behind me, held onto my waist and started grinding her rock hard cock on my ass. She then held her cock with one hand and started teasing my ass by sling her cock head up and down in my ass crack. This continued for a minute or two before she spread her legs a little and placed her cock head on my rear opening. She gently started pushing it in. The water in the pool was serving as good lubricant. After Julie handed me the beer earlier, this was the first time she was being gentle with me and was very slowly trying to push her cock head in me. She must have been an expert in popping cherries as she knew exactly how my ass would get ready for her cock and she was not fighting that. The fear of huge monster trying to trespass was gradually turning into excitement and my sphincter was starting to relax. Julie was not pushing any harder but her cock started to cover more ground within few minutes. She was still holding onto my hips with one hand and her cock in other. Her cock head finally made it inside and was a little painful. She immidiately paused there and held my hips with both of her hands. While her cock head was resting in my rear, I was getting abrupt with sucking Kim’s cock.

Kim probably did not like that as she slapped me on my face and called me bitch. She then grabbed my hair, held my head still while she started thrusting her hips to fuck my face. Kim was getting very aggressive and was fucking my mouth very fast with grunts and moans out of her mouth. Julie was taking her time to settle her big piece of meat in my rear and was gradually pumping it a little bit until she got all if it inside of me. She gradually started to increase pace and was pulling more of her cock out and in with every thrust. At times I felt her balls were touching mine in water. The sound of water being moved between me and Julie kept getting louder as she kept increasing pace.

Kim’s thrusts were getting faster and her moans louder. I could feel her cock swelling inside my mouth and the tempo getting a little abrupt. Within seconds Kim unloaded in my mouth and again leaned back while she kept moaning with pleasure. My mouth was full of her semen and I felt few shots draining down my throat while I spit the rest of it out on the floor. Julie was not bothered with what was happening around her and was screwing me as if it was her last fuck. She then suddenly pulled her cock out and turned me around to push me back against the wall. She then held my neck with one hand and asked me to raise my legs. I kept my elbows on the floor around Kim’s thunder thighs and raised my legs up. Julie then left my neck and pulled my legs up and placed them on her shoulders. My mid half was still under water and Julie then stepped forward. That pushed my legs against my chest and that raised my ass up a little bit. Her cock was vigorously searching for the hole and after couple of unsuccessful attempts Julie placed it on my hole and pushed it all the way me with a single stroke. She immediately picked up pace and was screwing my ass mercilessly again.

While Julie was fucking me hard and fast, Kim leaned forward and turned my head around to kiss me. We were kissing each other very passionately while she was also pinching and playing with my nipples. I felt very exciting sensation in my nipples for some reason. Julie’s fat cock was rubbing my prostate and it was getting very hard for me to hold myself anymore. Within few minutes my cock shot a huge load in the water. I kept cuming for more than 30 seconds with every thrust of Julie. It did not take long for Julie either and she finally unloaded in my ass. I felt as if a very warm jelly being discharged in me. Julie was moaning and kept pushing her cock in and out of me slowly for few minutes while she kept cumin in my ass.

She then finally pulled out her cock very slowly and let my legs land on the floor again. She stepped forward, cupped my butts in her hands and started sucking my nipple. She was licking and biting on it as well. Kim broke the kiss and started licking the inside of my ear. She whispered that I am her bitch from now on. Julie moved from my nipple to my neck and then to my mouth to suck my lips. After breaking the kiss Julie thanked Kim for sharing me. Julie also told me that they will not be gentle next time as they are going to tie me up to slap my face and ass. It was almost dark by then and we enjoyed the barbecue for a little bit all naked in the backyard.

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