A Wild Adventure

Credit https://www.gaydemon.com/ Pat Sizer

I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway one day in my pickup. It was sunny, and beautiful, a perfect California day. Only problem was the traffic. You could barely move. Still, you could hear the waves and the gulls and I was feeling good.

I had noticed the blond in the convertable next to me. I could look down at her from the cab of my truck, and she was showing off her spectacular cleavage in a red bikini top. Her tits were big and full, and you could see them all the way to the nipples. Her wavy blond hair blew lightly around a cute face. I couldn’t stop looking over.

We had been stuck next to each other for several lights when I noticed that she was smiling at me; she had noticed me looking at her. Well, what the heck! She was sure worth looking at. I smiled back. And I felt my cock growing hard.

She was something! Showing off all the skin that was legal, letting the sunlight tan and warm her throat, her breasts, her face, her hair.

And looking down, I could see she wore tight little cutoffs that barely covered her crotch. I found myself imagining what color her bush was; a little darker, I fantasized, than the hair on her head. Framing, not quite covering, that pink, moist pussy. Small lips, I fantasized, all the while looking over at her. My hard dick was throbbing.

We were slowly inching toward one of those little canyon streets on the east side of the highway when she pulled to the right lane, and waved at me to follow her. I almost rammed another car to get behind her. I wasn’t losing her, no way!

As we drove up the crooked street, I wondered what she had in mind.

I reached a hand down and moved my penis into a more comfortable position, then rubbed up and down it a couple of times. I looked at her mouth, a little smile on her lips. I wondered how it would feel if she wrapped her lips around the head…

She was driving very slowly, flirting up at me. Then she reached a hand down and pulled one of her boobs out of her bikini top. She licked her lips and held her mound up suggestively, then tweaked the nipple. It was pinkish brown, not too big, but the center stood nicely. It hardened immediately when she pinched it. She smiled slowly and pushed it back in her top.

I was no longer certain where we were, and I didn’t care. There was nobody around and we had basically left the houses behind. I rubbed the head of my cock through my jeans. I squirmed in my seat and undid the top button.

The girl in the convertable was driving no more than 5 miles an hour.

She looked over at me and pulled off her bikini top in one fast motion.

Her tits were as firm as

they looked. They bounced a little, did not sag at all. I wished my hard rod was between them. Her breasts were awesome, the tender points facing straight outward.

She pinched one nipple, then the other. I thought, oh, what the hell, and opened my pants all the way so I could stroke my cock while I watched her. I was so hard, it slapped my belly when I pulled it out.

Somehow, she led me to a vacant field. She parked, but left her car running. I did the same, then waited. It was her game, though I was so horny I could hardly stand it.

After a minute, she began squeezing her breasts, pushing them together, then shoving them up toward her face. I was stroking my dick softly. I didn’t want to ruin whatever was going to happen by cumming too soon. I just watched this hot chick stroke and play with her tits for me, just for me. Squeezing them, touching the nipples over and over.

Then she smiled up at me and squirmed out of her cutoffs. The motions involved were hot! She had to lift her ass off the seat, shoving her mound upward, causing her boobs to shake around. and I was right—her hair was darker than the hair on her head, though darker than I had imagined. It was shaved and – surprise! I could see a smooth hard cock!

I was shocked, but she was gorgeous and so feminine that the hard rod between her legs only emphasized her femaleness.

I opened the door of my truck and stretched my legs out. She looked at my hardon and licked her lips, then laughed. She put one foot up on the seat next to her, lifting her leg and exposing her for me. She reached down with both hands, stroking her meat gently to my eager gaze. She rammed a finger inside her ass, then pulled it out and began stroking her giant clit in slow, sexy motions.

I was going crazy! I pulled out my balls and began stroking them, while my other hand wrapped around my cock and moved it up and down. It was extraordinary, this hot blond slut masturbating her hot mancunt for me while I jacked my cock for her. I wanted to see her cum, I wanted her to really spread it for me and let go.

She was moaning a little now, and wriggling her tight little butt on the seat. She would alternate squeezing her tits and finger-banging her ass, all the while her other hand was teasing and rubbing at her stickpussy.

Then she would spread her ass apart, spreading it wide enough for me to imagine my dick stuck inside it. Oh, man! I stroked my cock harder.

Her nipples were hard on their own now. Rock hard. Her eyes would close, then she would look over at me. My legs were stretched straight out of my truck, my hard meat pointing to the sky as I stroked and squeezed. I found my gaze pinned to that hot pink cock as she masturbated wildly, wriggling and thrashing and making little cries.

Finally, she lost control. I heard her yell: “I’m cumming!” It was the first time I heard her speak. But I didn’t care–As I watched her wildly stroking her cock as it shot thick cum into the air, I felt my own control go and I started jacking off hard and fast as my hot cum exploded in spurts, cumming and cumming, draining my own balls.

A minute later, the girl was dressed. She smiled, waved, and peeled out. I took a minute, then got myself all tucked away, and zoomed back toward the highway.

I didn’t find her, but that was okay. I had a great adventure!

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