House of Shemales


I saw an ad in the local personals and wow was this woman beautiful.
She stood at 5'11" shoulder length brunette hair brown eyes 30 B cup
breasts and weighed at 140 lbs.  The ad said seeking man for possible LTR
but said he had to be man enough to take her whims.  I decided to respond
to the ad and left my cell number.

  A week later I got a call and I heard a sexy sultry voice on the other

    She said," My name is Alexandria and it seems you are interested in
dating and a possible Long Term Relationship?"

     I said,"  Yes, I am your ad said I had to be man enough to take your

       She said,"  Yes, it would be easier for me to show and tell you.
There will be no sex  this evening."

       I said," Sure, show me what?"

       She said," Can I come over to your house or apartment?'"

        I said," Sure,"

       I gave her my address and she read it back to me.

        She said,"  I have a feeling I know where you are at give me about
20 minutes.

           Well, I did a little picking up and 20 minutes later I heard the
doorbell rang.

            I opened the door and there she was standing i 5" heels and a
long dress that split on the side and she smiled hugged and kissed me
passionately for a few
seconds and came in and sat down on the couch.

        She looked at me gave me and smiled the most intoxicating smile.

         She said," I am all lady but I am what you would call a shemale.
Some women like me have gender reassignment surgery but not me.  I enjoy my
dick and I enjoy what I can do with it.   If we have the relationship you
would be able to make love to me but I do want to e able to own your ass."

         I said," I can't believe it you can't be."

        She got up and unzipped her skirt and let slip down to the floor
and then took off her panties and untaped her cock.

         It was starting to get hard and I could see it was getting hard.

         She smiled and said," This sexy thing is 8" long ad 2" thick and
you better be ready to be

 topped by me.   Another thing I will share you
with my friends I have shemale friends.    First, we will just date and get
to know each other before the night I take your cherry.  The one thing I
want you to remember is I am a class lady."

         I thought about for a few minutes and I said," You know what I
love the idea of  going out with you."

            She said," Wonderful, how about we go out Saturday.?"

           I said," Yes, we can go to the Olive Garden."

           She smiled and said," Great, 7 will be ideal for me."

            I said," 7 sounds good for me."

            She went to the door and we kissed goodbye and she walked to
her sports car.

              I shook my head as I closed the door thinking about

             Well, as I was going to sleep I didn't really appreciate what
 changes was about to happen in my life.