Bar Close

Credit Pat Sizer

1:30 am. The bar was almost closed and he still hadn’t found her.

The right one.

He had been yearning for something different for so long now and he still didn’t know quite what.

He scanned the room once more and shoved his stool back with a moody sigh. He heard a muttered curse behind him which caused him to look back.

Todd couldn’t believe it. She was perfect! He apologized and offered to buy her a drink. She gave him this sly grin and took his hand. He looked at her for a moment – she was beautiful! Six feet tall,blonde, and all legs. She had some awesome tits too. He knew they were implants but it didn’t matter a bit.

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A Wild Adventure

Credit Pat Sizer

I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway one day in my pickup. It was sunny, and beautiful, a perfect California day. Only problem was the traffic. You could barely move. Still, you could hear the waves and the gulls and I was feeling good.

I had noticed the blond in the convertable next to me. I could look down at her from the cab of my truck, and she was showing off her spectacular cleavage in a red bikini top. Her tits were big and full, and you could see them all the way to the nipples. Her wavy blond hair blew lightly around a cute face. I couldn’t stop looking over.

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A Girl Called Eddie

Credit Pat Sizer

Carrie had always treated me like her little sister, even though we were only third cousins. Though she was only two years older than I was and not of exceptional physical stature, I had allowed her to dominate me for as long as I could remember. Not that she was exceptionally cruel or abusive in any way. It was just that she seemed to realize I was different, long before I myself knew. I could never remember her treating me like a boy. By the time I reached my teens, I was wearing her clothes at any available opportunity, with her permission and no small measure of encouragement. In our secret world, we talked about boys, makeup and fashion, just like two real girls.

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2 Girls Out For A Night On The Town

Credit Pat Sizer

Some of my best friends are transvestites. I met them at a nightclub in L.A. It was pretty famous back in the day. They had a drag and dinner show. Some very talented people worked there.

Some actually lived their lives as women, but a lot didn’t.

I used to hang around with Daniel. He was a very attractive man who also did a great Dionne Warwick. He also did the grand finale of the show – the woman to man transformation. I always loved that part – where he cleans off his makeup, takes off his wig, and becomes a very very handsome young latin man. It always brought down the house.

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