I Can’t Believe It Chapter 1

Credit: https://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/she-male/i-cant-believe-it/i-cant-believe-it-1

I was done with my so-call girlfriend named Tammy she
kept going like a yo-yo constantly breaking up and saying she wanted me
again.  She was a knockout at 5'5" blonde hair and weighing about 105 but
she was flaky to say the least.  After she said she wanted to breakup again
a 3d time in 6 months I told her to lose my number and not call me again.
                I went to the gym to work out my frustation when this guy
who worked there came up to me.
                 He said," Are you John?"
                 I said," Yeah I will be done here in a few minutes if
somebody is waiting."
                He said," No, it isn't that well, this lady who was on the
stationary bike told me to give you this."
                 I took the piece of paper in his hand and looked at it and
saw it was somebody's number.
                 He said," It is a lady and I think her name is Terri and
she is about 5'6" brunette and really a looker."
                 I said," Really, well I just broke up again."
                 He said," Well, I would call her up I don't think she will
stay available for long."
                   I got done working out and went to take my shower and
change clothes in the locker room.  I usually don't work out in a gym but
tonight I was particularly frustrated.  I was about 5'7" to 5'8" and
weighed a pretty muscular 160 lbs.  I got to my pickup and started it up
and drove the 10 minutes back to my place.
                 After going inside the house I was renting I went to the
wall where my cordless phone was at and dialed the number.
                I sat down in my recliner and I heard a very sexy voice
answer with a hello.
                I asked," Is this Terri?  The guy at the gym handed me your

 and my name is John."
                She said," Yes, I don't usually do this but I noticed how
handsome you were and you were so focused on your workout."
                  I laughed and said," I call that my Breakup Workout."
                  She laughed and said," Did you break up enough to get
that body that sexy?"
                    I laughed and said," Well, that is what happens when a
man was so obsessed with a flaky blonde.  That and I work with a
residential and commercial paving crew."
                    She said," I am not usually this forward but I was
wondering if you were free to go out Friday night?"
                      I said," Sure, when do you want me to pick you up?"
                      She said," How about 7 and here are my directions to
my house."
                       I had a pad and a pen I wrote it down and repeated
it back to her.
                       She said," I will see you there and I am so looking
forward to it."
                        I hung up the phone and just thought I couldn't
believe it I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and now had a date for Friday
                         Friday night got here and I had just stepped out
of the shower and was towel drying my hair.
                   I went to my bedroom and put on a pair of boxers and got
out my new pair of Wranglers I had just bought.  Than I got out a real nice
snapped down western shirt and my polished boots and got dressed and saw I
still had 45 minutes before I was to pick up Terri.  I got dressed and put
on my belt and my boots and than I got out my hat and put it on.  Within 20
minutes I found Terri's house and saw I still had about 10 minutes to spare
but I walked up to her door and rang the doorbell.
                     Terri said," Come on in I have something to tell you."
                      I said," Oh, come on please don't tell me you are
                      She said," No it isn't anything like that but before
we go out you have to accept all of me."
                      I said," How could I not, you are so beautiful."
                      She said," Keep that in mind because I am not genetic
female.  Let me give you a little background.  I was born male genetically
but everything about me was female.  I knew I was not really male even
though biologically I was.  My voice never changed during puberty I never
grew really any body hair to speak of and my hips are more feminine.  I was
called sissy in school until at 13 1/2 my parents without surgery allowed a
change in gender.  Ever since than I have lived my life as a pre-op
transsexual woman."
                        I looked at her and said," I can't believe I am
going to say this but you are still a beautiful lady to me.  I still
consider myself lucky to be going out on a date with you and I am more than
happy to pick up the tab."
                    She said," Ok then I am glad you still look at me like
that.  You know at the gym I wear a fake vagina down there?  I do that so
other ladies don't feel ill at ease when I am taking a shower and luckily
there aren't any gay women in there."
                     I took here by the arm and we walked out to the truck.
                     Our first date went better than I can imagine we went
out to eat and than we went out and danced until the wee hours of the
morning.  Yes, we do move onto a beautiful relationship which I will tell
you about in coming chapters.