Becoming A Girl

Credit Shy Stuart

Growing up I was often mistaken for a girl. I had a sweet face, long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. My eldest sister was a bit of a tomboy, we would often swop clothes. She would wear my shorts and I would wear her pretty dresses. I preferred girls as friends and was often referred to as a sissy.

For me, being an effeminate sissy wasn’t a choice it was just how I was. At puberty I developed little breasts. They were not big like a girl, but certainly not flat like a young man’s chest. The doctors diagnosed a hormone imbalance and offered an operation when my breasts had finished developing.

After leaving college I got a job as a car mechanic. I grew a beard and tried hard to repress my feminine feelings. My emotions got the better of me and soon I was wearing panties and buying gender neutral women’s clothes.

Women’s jeans fitted me better than men’s. It was due to my wide hips and sticky out bum. As I mentioned earlier my breasts were quite developed for a man. I never did have the op to reduce them.

Women’s polo shirts with there fuller cut in the breast area helped me hide my puffy breasts and nipples. Although it wasn’t the fashion for a man to have long hair I kept my curly blonde locks. It only took a little bit of make-up to look totally feminine.

I started taking hormones, progress was slow but after a few weeks I felt calmer and more relaxed. I started shedding pounds, my shoulders became narrower and my hips and bum bigger. My skin softer and my face more rounded.

I had always been bisexual but I found my desire to be with a man increased exponentially. After 8 months on hormones my nipples and areola started to bud. A gay friend told me I looked like Hazel Tucker a cute trans girl porn star. I found a video of her made in 2009 and sure enough I did look like her. Her breasts were budding just like mine. Sadly since then she’s had implants which I don’t like.

Getting back to the hormones – I stopped getting erections in the mornings. For the most part my penis remained flaccid although I could still get erect. My balls shrank and my cum became very watery and there was not much of it. My face changed and I looked more feminine.

I gave up work in the garage as it had become impossible to hide my growing breasts. A friend told me I could earn money by making and selling porn clips and doing webcam stuff. And sure enough that’s what I did. It was only solo stuff but I enjoyed it. I liked the idea of men watching me. Sometimes I got to talk dirty with them too which I was exciting.

I started going out dressed as a girl but only in the autumn and winter

when it was dark. Simple things like going to the cashpoint were thrilling.

18 months into taking hormones and my breasts had developed to a B cup. I had a nice cleavage too. By then I had begun going for walks in the countryside. I still avoided anywhere were there might be lots of people and I never left home dressed.

I still remember that warm spring day when I finally ventured out of my house dressed. I didn’t go far, just down to the supermarket. I wore a powder blue satin crop top with lace edging, strapless bra, powder blue lace panties and a white denim mini skirt. Oh and a pair of white 2″ heels with flowers on them.

As I walked along I could see all the men in the cars staring at me. A man walked passed me and smiled. I turned around to check if he looked back at me and sure enough he did. At the supermarket a cute guy allowed me to go through the door in front of him. I wasn’t actually going to buy anything from the supermarket although I did buy a couple of new tops from their summer collection. Men were turning around to look at me, it was so flattering I loved it. One guy even got a slap from the girl he was with.

Although I went out more I still kept myself to myself. I had two good female friends but that was all. I stayed away from men not because I didn’t fancy them but because I was scared of being found out.

A friend of mine told me about a job going in the tearoom at the local craft centre. She said it was about time I started going out and mixing with people. She explained that is was an all girl working environment so I wouldn’t be hustled. The manageress son was bisexual so she felt sure she would be trans friendly. I rang and spoke to the manageress and told her all about myself and she agreed to interview me.

For the interview I went to the manageress house wearing a smart white blouse, black pencil skirt and heels. I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by Laura the manageress. Straight away I noticed her short skirt and low cut blouse. I couldn’t keep my eyes of her boobs as they bubbled over her push up bra. She was obviously someone that enjoyed her sexuality. She invited me in to the lounge and offered me a seat on the sofa.

She looked over at me and said, “You’re very cute”.

I thanked her, but it was like she wasn’t expecting me to be so feminine.

The interview went rather well and I got the job. She gave me details of the shifts I would be working and the girls I’d be working with. She also gave me details of their dress code, which read as follows –

White Blouse or top (No t-shirts)

Black trousers or Black Skirt

Dark tights or pop socks

Black shoes (No trainers)

I was happy with the dress code, although there was no way I was going wear trousers. I had given up trousers for good when I began dressing as a girl. It was strictly skirts and dresses for me.

My friend Jane took me shopping as she worked in an office and suggested the same style of clothes would be suitable for working in a tearoom.

Straight away I found that my ideas differed to hers. My friend was far more conservative but I wanted a younger style.

I ended up buying a flared mini skirt from New Look. It had a 6 button front fastening, it was short but I still considered it ok. Next we went looking for some blouses.

My friend lead me over to the workwear section but I took one look and said no, they were high necked and boring. I found a white linen mix, milk maid top with a Bardot neckline and puff tie sleeves. Again my friend said I couldn’t wear an off the shoulder blouse to work in a tearoom.

I wouldn’t listen to her and bought it anyway. I later bought some sexy patterned hold-ups to go with it all. Jane just threw her arms up and walked off. I hadn’t mastered walking in high heels so she was pleased when I bought sensible shoes.

The following week I started my job at the tearoom. I called around to the back door and was welcomed in by two giggling girls. They introduced themselves as Sally and Shelley. In the kitchen was an older woman Lesley who looked down her nose at me. They were all wearing black trousers and very sensible tops. I began to feel a little nervous. Then I saw Laura the manageress. She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a low cut blouse as before her boobs were bubbling over the top of it.

She took one look at me and shook her head, she grabbed my hand and lead me into the backroom.

“You’re not dressed appropriately look at you”, she barked.

I meekly replied, “It’s black and white like in the dress code”

“You look very pretty dear, but you’ll give the old men a heart attack”, she shook her head and laughed.

She reached over and pulled my top up above my shoulders.

“You just can’t get away with an off the shoulder blouse and that skirt is way to short, you won’t be able to bend over and pick anything up without showing your knickers”

I blushed. The thought of bending over showing my knickers rather appealed to me. After all I was a webcam starlet for a few months.

She could see I was disappointed, she cuddled me and said, “I know your situation, I know you want to look pretty but you need to tone it down”

She said I couldn’t work there today but she offered to take me shopping for something more appropriate.

She explained to three other girls what was happening and off we went to the shops.

Laura was very good she understood I wanted to look feminine. She said I could wear a plain black mini skirt as long as I wore 70 denier opaque tights, 40 denier in the summer. She found me a pretty blouse with lace edging. It had buttons up to the neckline but she said it was ok to unbutton one or two as long as I wasn’t displaying too much cleavage. She picked up three of each item and told me not to worry about the cost. She would pay for them but I wasn’t to tell the other girls.

We got back to the tearoom just before the lunchtime rush and soon I was in the thick of it serving customers. The other girls were in their late teens and a bit po-faced. They were only interested in young men their own age. I suppose being a trans girl in her 20’s I enjoyed the attention of all men regardless of their age. Soon I was having fun and flirting.

At first the customers were all retired couples but slowly over the following weeks more single men were coming in. They were a mixed bunch, a lot of them were hikers but some were young men in suits visiting from the adjacent conference centre.

One of the guys from the conference centre became a regular visitor. His name was Mike, a good looking guy in his early 40’s. I flirted with him outrageously. He had this way of looking at me, I felt sure he knew I was a trans girl. Whenever I bought out his food I always put my hand on his shoulder. I would help him on with his jacket sliding my hands down his strong arms. The one day I was taking his order and he slid his hand up under my skirt and squeezed my bum. I jumped out of my skin and screamed. I loved it but it still came as a shock. He went bright red and I had to think quick as I didn’t want to embarrass him. So I took off my shoe and pretended there was something sharp sticking in my foot.

I think Shelley and Sally knew what was going on. They didn’t like me getting all the attention and neither did Laura the manageress. It was my first proper job as a girl and I loved it and didn’t want to lose it but I loved all the attention from the men.

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