A Usual Meeting

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The buzz of the opener on the front door to the flats is always a thrill, it heralds another session of pure pleasure with my long term admirer, I walk across the landing and there he is, arms open wide and presses his 3 day growth against my lips and explores my mouth with his tongue.

It is always passionate and we both feel instantly aroused and furtive, I reach down and caress his hardening lance as he pulls my butt closer to him, he feels my urgency.

After a few moments of passionate kissing, reluctantly we release and he gestures to the bedroom where I should prepare, then he goes to the room he uses for an office to finish what he was doing and wait for my call.

I always tremble at this point as I am so nervous, I shouldn’t be as we have done this so many times before, but I never get over the rush as I only dress for him, and we only meet every 8 weeks or so. It’s a long wait in between.

I pull on my stockings, suspender belt, high heels, bra and black body form tight fit dress, then pearl bracelets and necklace, I love the feel, it makes me feel sexy, the feeling of the dress against the tights, the tights against the heels. When I am ready I lie on the bed and call him, he returns and has a look of lust on his face as he slides naked onto the bed.

He forces his tongue back into my wanting mouth, and strokes his hand along my stockings, gently easing up my tight dress to my waist, caressing my cock and running his hand over my suspender straps, I open my legs and let him slip between them, feeling his skin against my stockings and flesh arouses me insanely, I want him and he returns the passion through his complements and his sensual touch.

He takes me in his mouth, he is so good at it, and I return the favor, I do this on my knees, he likes me to look up at him whilst I do it, he groans and pulls my head closer to his groin, I always try to take as many inches as possible as he appreciates it the deeper I go.

I have no knickers as we never need them, he gently fingers my anus to prepare me for his length. I moan a lot as does he, it adds to our pleasure, he gently lubricates my MC (he calls it my Man Cunt) Dons his sheath and lubes his rock hard tumescence.

I always wince with the first insertion, I prefer sitting cow girl on him as a first position and slowly dropping myself onto his length, this really hits my G Spot, but this time he wants to rear end me on all fours. He is about 7 inch, which is perfect for me, but initial entry must be

slow as I do it so rarely and only with him, and when he is in full flow, ramming in the last inch is a mixture of pain and pure pleasure.

On all fours on the bed, I feel his hands flat on my thighs under the tops of my stockings, my pearl necklace swings across my down tilted face and I can catch it with my toungue and feel the pearls in my mouth, the wonderous feeling of my girly outfit, his cock and those beads in my mouth drives me wild.

He then puts his hands on my suspender clad waist and picks up speed and urgency, that last inch causing me to feel weak at the knees every thrust.

He never takes his penis out once it is in, he deftly turns me around to face him, he sits on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, I straddle him and put my arms around his neck and pull him to me for a long probe of tongues and we smile at each other, I ride him gently keeping eye contact, then increase speed and depth, I enjoy his warmth and the feeling of his manhood deep in my MC. I run my palm across his hairy chest and gently bite on his nipples, his slim and athletic form feeling irresistible.

The mirror is around the corner in the bed room, he knows I like to see myself dressed for and taking him, again he maneouveres me around so we are spooned, then slowly stand up and I teeter on my heels toward the dresser, him glued to me to stay in, we make it to the dresser and I lean forward on it standing up, I can see him just behind me as he picks up speed again, he concentrates on the mirror, watching my face and appreciating me but the glint in his eye also betrays his dominant indulgence. Watching him take me, feeling my heels and seeing my dress pulled up to my waist is too much.

I can feel his hot breath on my neck as he asks me if I am close, I was never far the whole time, we synchronize our last movements and I hear him moan louder and louder, I know exactly when he is coming, he pulls me close, arms around my waist and his stomach tight against my back, he explodes in my MC and I burst in a huge jet of unsheathed cum, he is always amazed how much comes out, such is the effect he has on me.

Then after his thrusts die down to the the point where he has ejaculated every drop, he gently pulls out of me, I turn and kiss him and see he is satisfied as I am too, time for a shower, we kiss, chat, drink coffee then part, longing for the next opportunity…

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