A truly amazing woman.

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A short little tale of my own. Was single, innocent, naive & living & working in Hillbrow, Johannesburg in the early 90’s. Loved walking around the area at night to people watch. One late afternoon outside an apartment block dust began to irritate my eyes & the contacts I was wearing (very bloody painful). A female voice called from above, asking whether I’d like to rinse my eyes in her bathroom. Due to my bleary vision I couldn’t make out much of the lady & honestly didn’t care at that moment. She buzzed me in & met me at her door. My angel of mercy quickly led me to a basin where I could rinse out my eyes & lenses before popping them back in.

Once my sight was properly restored I took in my surroundings & my host. The place was tastefully but sparsely decorated but the brunet was like me of average looks, though a little taller & wearing a knotted scarf, blouse, skirt & low heeled shoes.

Alice kindly offered me a drink & I humbly accepted a mug of instant coffee. We chatted, laughed a lot & somehow ‘connected’. Hours later I stood to leave but the lady asked me to stay a little longer. She felt like the company since her flatmate would be working late.

I hesitated & Alice stepped up to me & bent her head to kiss my doubts away. All resistance crumbled & I was meekly led to her bedroom, where she undressed me & asked me to lay on her bed.

“Would you have a problem having sex with a transsexual?”, Alice asked as she disrobed.

I honestly had no clue what that was & told her so.

By then she was down to the scarf, bra & panties & my cock was so hard I thought I might prematurely ejaculate.

She chuckled & carefully explained what she was & what she was yearning to become after her final operations.

“But you are a woman as far as I can tell”, was my sincere reply, despite her not having taken off her panty yet.

“Oh darling Arnold, you haven’t seen all of me yet, but thank you for the affirmation. That just makes me want you so much more. Are you sure you won’t be freaked out by my ‘mistakes’?”

I was rather nervous now but managed to shake my head.

That was when she removed the scarf & dropped her panty to reveal her Adam’s Apple & limp, shriveled cock, the ‘mistakes’. I assumed that because her penis wasn’t bigger than mine, I was not intimidated by it & managed to relax a little.

Once on the bed we kissed again as she reached to caress my grenade of a cock.

“Uh be careful there, I’m ready to blow,” I warned.

Alice chuckled softly again.

“Good, then you can cum twice. Once in my mouth now & later again in my ass”. I was speechless as her warm, wet & talented mouth swallowed my penis. Her

tongue did things I had not experienced before & within 120 seconds I cried out in ecstasy as I abruptly orgasmed into her eager orifice, bucking & heaving with each spurt until I finally came down.

“Oh my word”, I breathlessly muttered in awe. “That was bloody amazing Alice, thank you so much”, I gratefully gushed. I wanted to return the favor but she was reluctant, asking me instead to spoon with her as we kissed & I played with her breasts & what turned out to be rather sensitive nipples, causing her to moan & groan in enjoyment.

An hour later Alice had me raring to go again & lay on her back with her ankles on my shoulders as she spread her ass to give me access. With the assistance of some lube I carefully inched my cock into her until I bottomed out. At her direction I began to pump in & out of her. The tightness of her sphincter was incredible, along with the damp heat deep within, made it it very difficult for me to not just wildly jackhammer away at her. The experience was quite unlike being inside a woman’s vagina but was no less thrilling.

“Take your time darling, there’s no need to hurry”, she soothed.

I managed to last about 20 minutes then & when I came I must have passed out because she was laying half on top of me her head on my shoulder & a knee nudging my then flaccid dick.

My mouth was dry & I struggled to speak coherently. Alice shushed me & let me doze for an hour.

She wanted me to stay the night but my shift was looming but I was still unhappy that I had not made her cum yet.

“That just means you’ll have to visit me again, so that I can teach you about that”, she gently teased.

We saw each other for about 4 months before I was transferred to Bloemfontein. We kept in touch for a few years until she was murdered during a lovers argument.

Something since then that always puzzled me was why her ass was always cold to my touch. I’ve heard of cold hands, feet & hearts (LOL), but never a cold bottom.

Alice also taught me to accept & indeed revel in my bisexuality. I happily fuck & get fucked, no matter male or female, dependant on my testosterone level at that moment. 😉

A truly amazing woman.

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