Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.1

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This is total fantasy, both guys are over 18! I love comments, it’s what keeps me writing, love to see you guys score me too! I do my best to get guys hard and unloading, so let me know if you blew a load over my writing! Thx

So my best friend Alan looks like a combination of Bradley Cooper after he got his body all jacked and buff, and Chris Hemsley who is always jacked and buff. Friends say I look like a cross between Zac Efron and Joe Jonas, I don’t know about that, but we’re both buff, hairy and considered attractive.

We have a lot of fun and a lot of friends, people just seem to want to hang out with us, but we’ve been buddies almost since the cradle and we do enjoy our bro times, my name is Connor.

Alan is almost a year older than me, but not enough that we didn’t attend the same grade through school. The girls like us, we date a lot, double dated and several times tag-teamed some hot babes, so we pretty much knew all there was to know about each other. Neither of us had had many serious relationships and nothing that had lasted over a couple of months.

Alan was an only child and as a teenager, he’d been able to talk his parents into giving him the full basement as his living quarters. His dad supplied materials and Alan and I did a lot of the work to fix it up, as we’d both done some construction work during the summer through our high school years. One of the first things we did was insulate the ceiling of the basement to cut down on the noise transferred to upstairs. The best part was that his parents had a huge master bedroom suite on the 2nd floor so there was an entire floor between us, so our music, movies, and video games could be fairly loud.

Everything went along fine until one evening we hooked up with a couple of girls we’d met at a volleyball game, we all went home and cleaned up, then went out for some pizza and messing around. We ended up back at Alan’s and the girls joined us in the basement. We were both wound up and sure we were going to get laid, as with school, sports, and some family obligations neither of us had been laid in a bit and we both needed to get off. As luck would have it Alan’s girl had an alarm on her phone and had a curfew she had to meet. That ended a hot make-out session for all of us.

The next day after a long workout and an even longer run, we were back at Alan’s and both dripping with sweat and getting our breath back and just out of the blue Alan asked, “Hey Connor, ever had a dude offer to suck your cock?”

“What the fuck Alan?”


I was talking to some guys at work the other day, and they tell me it happens to them all the time, especially if they’re working outside without a shirt and such!”

“No, bullshit!”

“Seriously, some of them say they’ve let it happen, and that dudes give WAY better head than chicks!”

“So Connor, think you’d ever let another dude suck your cock?”

“Fuck man, I don’t know! I mean, it’s not like it would be gay to let some guy do it, but I just don’t think I’d like it…”

“I don’t know man, Butch, and Tommy both said it was hotter than fuck, and they just say thanks, and then walk away, no date, no dinner, no negotiating…”

“I mean, man, I don’t know, I guess if I was really horny, hadn’t been laid in a while, maybe…maybe if I had a few beers in me, better yet smoke some weed, I might…hell, I don’t know, but I know one thing!”

“What’s that, well I don’t think the dude could be ugly…I don’t know…fuck…I’m just…I don’t know…I’m gonna go take a shower…I don’t know man…”

Connor’s voice just drifted off as he headed into the bathroom, he had already peeled his shirt off and was kicking his shoes off on his way into the bathroom.

He started the water and just as Alan started to get his shoes off Connor flung his sweaty shorts and hit Alan in the face with them. “Fuck dude, that’s gross…don’t jerk off in my shower either, thinking about a blowjob!”

“Fuck you, Alan!”

They were both laughing, they had done this so many times together Alan could almost time Connor’s shower to the second, a lot of times Connor would leave the water running and just holler for Alan who would step in right as Connor stepped out.

They were both naked and acted like they were going to tackle each other but didn’t. After Connor dried his hair and then his body, he stepped to the counter he and Alan had built a few years ago, waiting for them to turn 21 so they could turn it into a bar. There was an ice-cold beer waiting, next to it was a small bong loaded with weed, Connor had already smelled that Alan had taken a hit, and next to the pipe was a note, that said, “Read this after your 2nd bong hit.”

Connor knew that Alan was up to something, but they always played gags on each other, and sometimes just did something nice for the other, or said something in a note they didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud. After taking his 2nd bong rip Connor turned his beer up and emptied it. When he set it down and he opened the note he read six words that almost burned a hole in his brain…”I want to suck your cock!”

Connor kind of laughed, but at the same time knew Alan was for real. Things clicked through his mind in rapid succession, Alan maybe being a little sullen lately, Alan not dating as much as he used to, Alan kind of clubbing up and looking semi-hard at inappropriate times, and Alan knowing Connor hadn’t been laid in a while, that he’d had a beer and a couple of rips on the bong, it all kind of pulled together.

Then for just a second, he thought that Alan might have been pulling a gag on him to get him to say he’d let a guy suck his cock, then he grabbed another beer and chugged it. He heard the shower stop and watched Alan step out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and another drying his mop of blond hair, when their eyes met he could almost feel Alan pleading with him not to hate him, not to turn him down, not to walk away.

I spoke not knowing what to say, but I did my best not to sound mad, “Really Alan, this isn’t a gag?”

Alan stumbled for words too! “Really Connor, no, no gag.”

I could see the fear and sadness in his eyes that right now at this moment a lifelong friendship could end! I had to stop my best friend from feeling that way but didn’t know how to respond.

I shook my head realizing that I was probably going to do this. “Why me buddy?”

“Connor, you’re the only one I can trust with this!” he was almost crying.

I took a deep breath and shook my head again, then I slugged about half of the fresh beer and handed it to Alan, I figured that was a gesture that I couldn’t put words to. “I love you man, and you know I’ll do anything for you, you really need this?”

He chugged the rest of the beer and hung his head, “This has been on my mind for a long time and I need to know…”

“Alan, are you gay, I’m mean I’ll still love you, it won’t change us, but…”

“I don’t know man, that’s why I need to do this, I guess if I like sucking a cock, it’s a pretty good clue that maybe I am…but I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put you on the spot like this…it was just the only way I could think of to find out…”

Alan was so close to tears now, I wanted to cry for him, and I’d never seen this big macho man anywhere near this kind of shape before!

“Shut up Alan, shut up! I’m going to do this, don’t start talking me out of it!”

I turned and went to the frig to get more beers and said, “Reload the bong Alan, I need more hits and more beer!”

I grabbed the beers and started walking back toward him, fuck his hard-on was tenting his towel, fuck, now I didn’t know where to look, this was just almost too weird. If this wasn’t my life long best friend I would have bailed!

I handed Alan a beer and he handed me the bong. I raised my beer to his to clink them and said, “Well, I guess here’s to my first blow job from a dude!”

The look on his face was so crazy, I cracked up, when he saw that I was laughing with him and not at him, he cracked up too!

“Fuck Alan, this is not how I expected my next blow job to be, but fuck a blow job is a blow job, and if that’s what my best friend wants we’re going to do it!”

When we regained our composure and Alan realized that I was willing to do this and that I was laughing at the nervousness of the situation and not at him, it looked like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. Here was my best friend obviously in so much pain and anguish for so long, and I hadn’t even noticed it.

Of course, now that I knew, there had actually been tall tale signs all along, I just chose to ignore them. Now that I knew I was going to do this, and just like everything my best friend and I did, it would be balls to the walls…or whatever…lol.

Alan was still nervous, but now much more relaxed and said, “So how do you want to do this?”

“Drunk! I need a couple more bong rips and at least one more beer! Then I’m going to drop trou, sit on the couch and you’re going to do your thing, or well my thing!” I kind of giggled at that.

“Connor, you have no idea how much this means to me, I just want to…”

“Shhh Alan, right now the less talk the better, let me finish this beer, take another bong hit and I’m heading to the couch!”

Alan eagerly grabbed me another beer as I reloaded the bong and took the biggest hit of my life. I could immediately feel the effects and took the beer Alan handed to me and headed to the couch. I sat the beer on the table, dropped my shorts, and landed bare-assed on the couch.

He was a bit hesitant about getting on his knees between my legs and I could tell he was nervous about the entire process. I’m pretty sure if I were him, I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t be any good at what he was about to do since it was pretty obvious that he had never done it.

I couldn’t believe that I had to be the voice of reason and help calm my best bud to give me head, I kind of grinned at the thought of the craziness of this.

“Alan, calm down, you look like you might blow a gasket dude, it’s alright, you’re going to be fine, and we’re still going to be best buds, once you get this out of your system we’ll go back to how things were before!”

“That’s part of what scares me about this Connor what if this doesn’t get it out of my system, what if this is what a truly want, and what if I really suck at this?”

“Well I guess we’ll work it out, and I’m sure you’ll get better, you always like to be the best at everything, think how fun practicing this could be, well, I mean if you like, it!

Please, Alan, just suck my fucking cock, I’m as nervous as you are!”

“Okay, okay, but I’ve chatted with a guy online about this, don’t worry, I don’t really know him and he lives on the east coast, I just needed to know how to proceed, and he said, that I first needed to just rub your calves and your thighs so that you get used to being touched by another dude, and so that you won’t freak and…”

“Alan, you do this however you want to do it, I’m just going to lay back, close my eyes and sit here calmly until you’re finished, okay?”


Well, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth, but I just didn’t see what was coming. I looked at Alan one last time before closing my eyes, he had a hungry and lustful look and then he raised his hands and slowly slid them up my calves, slowly moving and massaging his way up.

“The guy on the internet told me to be very aware of your reactions as I go higher than the knee, that it can be a turning point in some guys getting angry or freaking out!”

“Alan, I’m fine,” I raised my head forward again and smiled at him, “It feels great!”

That calmed Alan and his hands traveled upward, and I felt my cock filling out.

“Wow Connor, I’m glad you’re getting hard, that makes me feel a lot better…”


His hands were massaging my thighs now, first just on top and then the sensitive inner area, I had to admit it felt good, I’d never had a chick give me this kind of treatment. I felt my cock go full-on hard and stand up tight against my abs, fuck I mean rock solid hard!

Alan now moved his face to my left leg and I could feel his hot breath, just the touch of his lips and then just the hint of his mustache and beard hair against my skin. I was surprised that his large masculine hands were turning me on, it was so different from a girl’s much smaller hands, but it felt strong and purposeful. Alan slowly pushed my legs wider apart as his face got closer to my cock and balls and I almost shivered when I knew his face was within inches some of my most private parts.

It went through my mind what my best friend must be feeling and I couldn’t help it and opened my eyes and looked down at him. A broad smile went across my face and Alan almost looked dazed with lust and admiration!

“Fuck Connor, I forgot how fucking big your cock it when it’s hard!”

“Yeah, mine is thick buddy, but yours is longer!”

I couldn’t believe that I was looking down at this blond Adonis, this man who has the looks of a movie star and the body of a prime athlete and he was starting to worship my body and soon was going to suck my cock, I almost shivered and then felt a drop of precum slowly ease out the slit of my raging boner!

This was so fucking hot that now I had to watch, fuck I couldn’t believe that my best buddy was going to do this. The reason he’d seen my boner before is that we had tag-teamed chicks, and now he was going to suck my cock, that and the weed just made my head reel!

Alan slowly moved in closer and it looked like he was heading for my balls, as he just kept slowly spreading my knees wider to give himself full access. When I felt his hot breath on my nutsack I felt another drop of precum squeeze out my cock slit. I guessed my cock was so hard it was almost difficult for the precum to ease out, it felt more like pudding than the normal viscous liquid.

Alan’s tongue finally made contact with my somewhat hairy sack and I just groaned, it was warm and wet and his lips and mustache were ticking me. He lapped at one ball and then the other, finally and slowly running his hot wet tongue to the base of my cock.

I had thrown my head back when he started licking my balls, but I knew I had to see it when his virgin tongue touched a cock for its first time! Holy fuck, he looked up at me with shining blue/green eyes with just a look of bliss and almost homage, and slowly slid his tongue off of my ball sack onto the very base of my turgid cock. We both moaned out loud.

I couldn’t stand it and threw my head back again and murmured “holy fuck!”

I knew Alan took that as a good sign and started a movement so slow it was almost imperceptible, but at the same time, I felt that the first droplet of precum slowly sliding down the shaft of my cock and I knew it was soon going to connect with Alan’s hot, wet tongue. Again, I had to see and was able to bring my head forward to get his tongue and my cock back in my view just in time to see the contact between the two happen!

Holy fuck, my juice was now in my buddy’s mouth and by the look on his face, he was fucking loving it! I had never had a thought like this with a chick, but my man juice was now inside my best friend, in some way I would now be a part of him!

His eyes slowly went closed and I could see him rolling it around on his tongue with this blissful look on his face. It made me feel good to know my buddy was loving this and I let him do something to me I never thought I’d let a guy do.

With his eyes still closed Alan was still slowly licking my shaft, then dropping down and licking my balls up to my shaft, but only as far as he had previously been like he was waiting for more precum to get to him. Finally, he pressed his face really tight to my balls and wagged his tongue around and in and out, fuck it felt amazing and neither of us missed it when my cock actually shot a little spurt of precum. It only raised about an inch into the air and landed back on my shaft just below the head. Alan saw it and just groaned, “Holy fuck!”

This time Alan sped up and went after it, and actually pursed his lips and sucked the precum off. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to lean my head back and slow down my breathing, as I realized I was now panting.

I saw Alan’s eyes close again in a blissful state as I leaned back and started working to control my breathing. Alan started licking from right behind my sack, all the way up my shaft right to the juncture where it met my throbbing cockhead.

I grabbed my beer and guzzled more and laid back with my eyes closed just experiencing what my buddy was doing and had a sudden realization!

This was without a doubt the most amazing head I’d EVER had, hell maybe the most intense sex I’d ever had, and he hadn’t even started sucking my fucking cock yet!!

How the hell could this be?

I guess Alan sensed my confusion and said, “Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh my god fuck no Alan this is the most amazing head I’ve ever had!”

He looked up at me surprised and smiled when he said, “Connor, I haven’t even sucked your cock yet!”

“I know Alan, and it’s still the best fucking head I’ve ever had, you are fucking amazing!”

Alan smiled and started licking my balls again, it was fucking amazing, he was mashing his face into them and moving them all around with this tongue. I really wanted him to suck my cock, but with the way, he was making me feel there was no way in hell I was going to give him any instructions on how to suck my cock!

Alan had a lot longer tongue than I expected because he was actually licking behind my balls into the hairy area of my taint and that didn’t seem to bother him one bit as it was kind of a frenzy going on down there. By now I had scooted out to the edge of the couch and from what was going on in my crotch I was very tempted to raise my legs and give him better access to where he seemed to be going, but decided that was a little too much for me, at least right now.

So after another five or more minutes of bliss directed to my ball sack, he started licking the base of my cock again. There was no more leaning back and not looking on my part anymore, this was just too fucking hot not to want to see what was happening. What I could see was a lot of pre-cum sliding down the shaft of my cock and Alan slurping it off, and that not only felt hot, it looked hot. I had no intention of taking my eyes off what he was doing, but before I knew it my head was back again and I was moaning louder than I ever had with any of several dozen girls who had sucked my cock!

I felt Alan wrap his large hand around my cock and pry it away from my tight furry abs. It took a rock hard erection to keep it plastered against my stomach like that. He looked up at me with almost a crazed lust in his gorgeous eyes and took a long lick from the base of my cock to just below the head, then his tongue slipped back through his lips to get wet and when it came out, he gave the throbbing purple head of my pulsing cock a tongue lashing like never before!

Then FINALLY, yes finally he slipped his lips around the head of my cock and applied just enough suction to slurp up the thick leaking juices, fuck I thought I was going to shoot!

“Fuck Alan, I’m going to shoot, fuck I’m gonna bust buddy!”

Alan took his mouth away from my cock and went back to licking my now aching nuts and giving my scrotum the tongue bath of its life, not to mention lapping at my taint some more.

When my breathing became somewhat normal he licked back up the shaft, swirled his tongue around the head, and again took just the head into his mouth. Alan pulled off and licked his lips, I didn’t know if it was to get them wet or lick up my precum, or both, then he slid them over my throbbing head again and slurped the head in and out of his wet tight lips five or six times, I had been on the edge for so long there was no warning! I just started shooting, no actually blasting jet after thick jet directly into Alan’s mouth.

I wanted to warn him, I wanted to say I was sorry, but I just heard myself making fairly high pitched noises as my breath seemed to force itself in and out of my lungs without me having any more control over that than I had over my cum jettisoning into my buddy’s mouth and throat. I say throat because once my orgasm started I was twitching and jerking my hips and I felt my cock slit plastered against Alan’s tonsils as I power washed them with thick ball juice!

I don’t know if I came for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, but I do know when he finally let my cock out from between his soft, wet lips that I just flopped back on the couch, and very soon after, I guess I passed out!


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