College Warden Tricked

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In those days I was still trying to go straight. It was a new academic year and I was a bright budding post-grad with well … yea OK things were a bit dull. Only the other day an under-grad had told me to get a life when I reprimanded him for making a noise and being drunk late at night.

I had taken the offer of being a hostel warden because it meant I got free accommodation and that means a lot if you’re struggling with a student loan! But to be honest! when it comes to enforcing discipline I don’t really have the strength of character as this story illustrates.

Danny had left after graduating in the summer and got a good job in industry. I tried to get him to stay on with me but, as he said, he wasn’t cut out for academic life. It was good while it lasted! He was a fantastic lover but now I was alone and I had decided to try my luck with a girl. I suppose it was to please parents and relatives. They all wanted me to ‘Be a man’.

Well I’m sorry; but I realise now it was a non starter! You know you get some guys who are real hulks and full of muscles, as Danny was indeed. But me? I’ve always been effeminate looking. Only the other day when I was supervising a lab practical, I had to be helped by male students to move some heavy equipment. I couldn’t help noticing some of the girls giggling at me.

But there were these two who kept stopping to chat me up whenever we passed around the campus. They were usually together but often with a couple of guys. At first I just couldn’t take it seriously. What would two very busty feminine beauties want with me especially with their boyfriends around? Suzie was from somewhere in South America and had an amazing figure. Amina was from West Africa, had huge boobs, lovely long legs and black straightened hair. Their guys Ramoud and Karim were also from West Africa and had rooms in my hostel just down the corridor from me. It was them who introduced the girls to me!

We were only a couple of weeks into the term but each encounter got more .. how shall I say … friendly? Well not quite but, it was all fun and they would tease me and invite me to go with them around town. I was stupid enough to think one of them could be my girl friend. Which one? I don’t know that’s just it! I had no measure of what was happening just vague hopes I suppose. The guys made as much fuss over me as the girls and I have to admit that I liked it.

It was the first time I had seen them all together in the hostel. It was nearly ten in the evening and Suzie came out of

the showers clad only in a towel.

‘Hey Carl! This is great! Ramoud said you were around. Come and join us we’re all in Karim’s room getting geared for a party.’ I went with Suzie to the room where everyone was similarly clad having just showered.

‘Hi Ramoud!’ I began hesitantly. ‘This is a bit awkward! you see there is this rule that female students have to be out of the rooms by ten thirty. I’m sorry I thought you knew but you see it’s difficult for me because they expect to me enforce this and well.. if I don’t and it gets out I shall be ousted as warden’.

Karim drew the door shut. He exuded that air of calm control which was natural to him and a person both strong in character and physique. But it only emphasised my weaknesses.

‘Don’t worry Carl the rule won’t apply in this case, though perhaps you didn’t know.’

He looked expectantly at the girls. I thought he was going to say that they had just married or something. Everyone turned to Amina (Amy) who threw off her towel to reveal more than just her sexy nude figure. She had a huge cock which was already erect and standing up almost vertical! This must have been anticipated. It was planned!

There was a titter of amusement at my state of stunned surprise.

‘It’s all part of education isn’t it Carl?’ She said quietly in my ear. Then aloud: ‘Now don’t be impolite now! You are surely not going to disappoint me are you?’

She was looking down at her cock while putting her arm over my shoulder and drawing my head downwards. I panicked; I wanted to resist; I just wasn’t ready for this; they were making a fool of me.

‘Come on now! I know you’re trying to get a girl. Well here you are! and I’ve got what you really need haven’t I?!’

I think it was when the guys came towards me as if to make me do it that I decided to go voluntarily. I bent down and took Amy’s cock in my mouth. It was hot and lovely and soft and smooth as well as hard at the same time. That doesn’t make sense does it! But that’s how it was; nothing made sense but I was taking more and more of her cock in my mouth and her lovely hot meat got harder and harder.

I was getting so excited I hadn’t noticed what was going on behind me. Taking advantage of my preoccupation and, as I was already bending down, someone must have unbuckled my jeans without me noticing as the next thing I remember was feeling cool air about my ass. I realised my pants were down around my ankles.

Looking round quickly I saw that everyone was in the nude and Suzie also was sporting a cock even longer than Amy’s. As for the guys! they were fabulous beyond description! The sight of their strong muscular bodies and their huge cocks pointing at me made me loose every inhibition I might have had!

But it was not the guys who made the first move. I felt Suzie investigating me from behind as she very gently rubbed cream on my bum and into my slit between my buttocks. Then suddenly I felt her push her finger into my asshole.

‘Hey do you mind Ramoud?’ she said as if asking permission of her boyfriend.

‘Yea go for it gal! Here’s the packet’

‘Hey Amy! Can I borrow your lover for a second. He’ll want to give me a suck before helping me on with this condom. Won’t you Carl darling!’ she said with irresistible persuasion. I took her in my mouth but she thrust into me and made me take it down my throat. She was groaning with excitement as I struggled to accommodate her length.

Then it happened so suddenly. I felt some thing push hard against my asshole. It was Amy. I couldn’t even think of resisting. I just felt her cock that I had just been sucking surge up inside me. She was pounding my rectum in seconds. She went on and on ramming my asshole from behind. I could feel her balls slapping against my buttocks as she jigged me with the vigour of a school girl with a skipping rope!

The guys stood around watching and cheering her on. I suppose I might have felt humiliated but the feeling of Amy’s cock probing my prostate was driving me ecstatic! Karim had a video camera trained on me so I got to see how Amy’s boobs bounced as she fucked me.

Suzie was shouting at me now to put on her condom as said she wanted to ‘Fuck the hell out of my dandy bum’. What with her and the guys making such a noise it was not surprising that a number of other students were now gathered into the confined space.

‘Get on with it Amy! I’m ready fuck that baby bum! Sorry darling but you are the girliest man any tranny set eyes on!! Wow wait till I get up that fucking hole!!’ Suzie was wild at me and this little speech seemed to make Amy loose control and I felt her dick jerking violently inside but the rubber held out preventing her cum from fertilizing my bum this time.

Immediately Amy withdrew Suzie just rammed her dick straight up my bottom. I was feeling quite sore as she had shafted me really hard and Suzie was equally rough as she probed every recess of my rectum with her hot ramrod.

‘Ah! you fucking Dandy! You’re so fucking girlie!’ Her watery eyes were shining and she turned briefly to her audience. ‘Hey Guys watch me fuck this feckless weakling!’

‘Did you think I was going to be your girl friend darling? Well you were right and this girl’s gonna give it you right where you need it most!’

I noticed several more guys were filming me getting it. One big blond guy had a camera close in near where Suzie’s shaft was plunging in and out of my slimy slit. It was then that she went completely wild. I was in a kneeling position by now with my arms outstretched trying to grip the floor as Suzie’s fucking was getting so violent she was pushing my whole body around because she was bigger than me!

‘Aaaahhh you’re fuu…uucking getting it you pansy. Ah! AAAhhh!!’ I felt her cock getting bigger as if it was swelling up inside me. It seemed to enlarge as she orgasmed frantically inside my bottom. Then suddenly it subsided as if something had burst and I felt a great surge of her warm fuck fluid flooding through my rectum. The force of Suzie’s spunk pump had burst it open and this time I felt I really had been well and truly fucked! I suddenly felt her bulging breasts against my back as she collapsed on top of me in a state of breathlessness.

‘Oh Carl that was fucking marvellous! Sorry if I insulted you I was just so fucking excited. You have the sexiest fucking bum I have ever seen or fucked!!’

Then after a pause: ‘Time for the real men to take over eh guys?’ said Suzie looking round with air of triumph and inviting the inevitable.

Ramoud came and knelt down next to me. ‘Now that Suzie stuffed you with all that sperm you won’t be needing any more cream I guess’ he said as both guys turned me on my back and with Karim holding my legs back while Ramoud positioned his cock ready for entry.

‘I’m not even going to pretend to prevent my jizz getting up you’ he said smiling at Suzie. Then he moved a bit so his cock was near my face.

‘Better give me a suck before I fuck you’.

I took his huge black cock in my mouth. It was so much bigger than either of the Tgirls and so hot!! Wow it made me so excited. It was a real thrill to work my tongue over his knob deep in my mouth. I wanted his cum right then. I wanted to drink him raw! But Ramoud was well in charge. I was not able to climax him whatever I did. He was saving it for my ass.

‘You know a guy like you needs jizz from a real man right up inside you. I mean regular as hell up your rectum. Karim and I are going to fuck you properly now. Forget these gals! Yea they’re OK! but this is the real thing. That why where’re putting you on your back.’

Ramoud was coming down on me now and I could see his huge biceps swell as they took the weight of his muscle bound body as his huge cock pressed ever more firmly into my aching asshole. It was like being torn apart. Ramoud’s cock had width!! Oh wow didn’t it half! It felt like he was fucking splitting me open!! Then all of a sudden I felt a spasm of intense pain then a most beautiful feeling as I realised that Ramoud’s massive member had made it past my inner sphincter. I had a real man up my bottom for the first time since I had said goodbye to Danny!

He felt so huge inside me! Ramoud was in command; I felt conquered by him; I wanted him to take me and use me and fuck me silly!

At first he was so gentle. They say gentleness is a sign of strength. In Ramoud’s case you see the excitement building in his body as he began to thrust deeper into my bottom and I found myself almost hypnotised by the power of his personality reinforced by the feeling of his huge commanding strength inside me.

But he had been trying very hard to restrain himself like when he lowered his body over me now he was gradually letting go inside me. I see it in his muscles and the sweat beads formed over his pectorals and on his chest hairs and over his shiny arms. It was as if all his strength was focusing more and more on his powerful cock which thrust ever more uncompromisingly into the depths of my bottom. Indeed it was as if he was all right up inside my body!

But like a scales that suddenly tips so it was with Ramoud when he eventually came inside me. He seemed to focus all his strength into powering his cock now. His face was screwed up as he felt the spasms taking over his loins. In the next second I felt a huge gushing of hot cum fluids as he forced his fuck up me. He was spurting his virile spunk straight up my rectum! This was it! I had never been fucked so forcibly before. Ramoud just rammed me with everything he’d got until his fiery fuck pole had pumped the last drop of spunk into my boy bottom.

There was a large audience now as Ramoud pulled out his sagging dick from my slimy slit. The Tgirls were giggling and Suzie’s cock was hard again. Karim was mad to get at me now and he almost pushed Ramoud out of the way in his haste to drive his enormous dick between my buttocks and up my asshole.

Karim’s dick was a bit longer than Ramoud’s and slightly curved back so I knew I was going to get it in my gland at least as hard as Ramoud but his was not quite as thick. So as he gained entry I hardly felt it until he was deep inside me.

How could I switch allegiance so quickly? I was Karim’s now and he was in command of me just like Ramoud had been. But there wasn’t much restraint about him. This was the classical fuck from a wild black guy. Of fuck!! I’m telling you this guy gave it me so that I forgot everything else except him. He was so fucking hard in me and gave my ass such a pounding. This was rectal punishment if ever there was!! Karim just went on and on probing, stuffing, shafting, ramming and eventually dosing me with a gigantic surge of his virile sperm fluid as he pumped my ass and fucked me full.

Suzie had reached for my cock which she was working furiously. My senses became overwhelmed with excitement. I felt my gland trying to orgasm but Karim’s presence inside me was overpowering. Trills were going through me in waves. I couldn’t cum because his cock was squeezing my tubes but I was suddenly gripped by a gigantic orgasm as spasm surges took hold of my rectum. I almost lost consciousness then as Karim finished stuffing my ass to overflowing!

Everyone now could see my ass crack oozing spunk after Karim’s cock had finished seeing to me. I knew there would be more! There were guys queuing outside in the corridor now! How on earth would I ever re-establish and sort of authority in my role as warden??

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