Pan’s Servant Chapter 4

Credit: by Samathia

It was Kyle's birthday party and he had invited all his friends, including two
very important women in his life. He was sandwiched between them at the second
bar they visited. Simona was to the right of him and Leena to the left.
Surrounding the semicircle of the table were other friends from school, work or
people he had met around the city.

At one point Simona told the table she was a Pansexual, Leena then interrupted
her and said, "That's not a real thing."

"I'm right here. Right in front of you. I'm a real thing."

Leena started to go on about mental illness and Kyle sat back and watch the
shit show erupt between them. Leena was already way too many drinks in for it
only being 6pm in the evening, and could barely hold herself together. She kept
asking the server for the same things over and over. As they left that bar to
depart for another venue, one of Kyle's friends from work took Simona aside and
said to her, "Try not to strangle Leena."

If Kyle's co-worker only knew the half of it. The group jumped to a few more
bars, but gradually dwindled in size. Eventually the last two of his coworkers
departed for the night, and it with just Simona, Kyla and Leena, on an elevator
to his apartment.

Leena had mentioned something about wanting a cab home, but she was so drunk it
was easy to convince her otherwise. Once they were all back to Kyle's place,
they wasted on a little time, making more mixed drinks for themselves. Leena
didn't need any more, but they fed them to her anyway, to make it easier as the
night went on. Leena's complaints about Simona grew more vocal yet disjointed
as her childlike intoxicated state grew.

She was slapping Kyle and shoving Simona, but eventually two of them had her in
Kyle's bed. They were stripping off her clothing. Leena tried to protest, but
Kyle slapped her face yelling, "Shut up you disrespectful bitch."

The slap was hard, harder than either Leena or Simon was expecting. Leena's
head jerked drunkenly from side to side. Simona started to see a small tear
form in Leena's eye and she immediately felt her cock starting to become hard.
Kyle had his ropes out and it wasn't long before Leena was not only out of her
dress, but had her hands tied to the posts of the bed. Her legs were still
free, with Kyle and Simona between them making out.

Leena began to protest and Simona pulled off her own shorts and her panties,
and stuffed her panties in the bitch's mouth. They continued to make out
between Leena's thighs, ignoring Leena's ever increasing protests through the
gag. Leena's eyes sprung wide open as she saw Kyle hold Simona's growing cock
in her hands. It was larger that Kyle's, only about an inch in length but much
more around in girth. Kyle stroked the two massive members with one hand as
they continued to kiss.

His other hand was gently walking its way sensually up Leena's legs. Her own
head was awash in emotion. She loved when Kyle did that too her;

 even grew to
enjoy when he took his pleasure from here against her protest. But now he was
making out with the a girl she despised; a girl who wasn't even a real woman.
Leena would have yelled the words, "Tranny" and "Stupid bitch" if she hadn't
been gagged by Simona's wet panties. She probably said those words anyway, but
neither Kyle or Simona could discern them. They just noticed her muffled
protests escalating as Simona lines up her cock to Leena's pussy.

Tears were in Leena's eyes by now, even as Kyle grabbed her legs to steady her
struggle. The ropes held very well, and Simona grew harder as the tip of her
eight inch wonder slapped Leena's wet pussy. Leena looked away as a mischievous
smile drew across Leena's countenance. The head of Simona's cock began to
penetrate her, and the rest of her member felt harder as Leena stiffened and
cried out.

Slowly the cock eased its way in deep into Leena's wet and wanton pussy. Simona
pushed it in half way at first, then slowly drew it out, and back in again. In
that easy rhythm, she felt Kyle kissing her neck. Simona's breasts were very
firm and round, although not as large as Leena's, nor did they look as big with
Simoan's thicker body. She had tried to tell Kyle it was all muscle, but he
could tell it was fat from her frivolous relationship with food, health and

Still Simona's breasts were big and she did not like gentle touches. She told
Kyle she could only enjoy it when men and women pulled and squeezed hard at her
breasts. Kyle was firmly squeezing one in his left hand as his other hand
reached down between Simona's ass to cup her very nice balls. He squeezed and
prodded with both hands as he kissed her neck.

Leena continued to scream through the panties as Simona began to move faster.
The weight of her plump body began to slam the massive cock into Leena. Before
long Kyle could no longer hold onto her balls and let them slap freely against
Leena's pussy. Kyle grew more erect as their thighs and skins collided. He
began to pour lube on his cock, getting it nice and slick. Simona slowed
momentarily as Kyla lined up his cock to Simona's ass.

She was ready to take him and Kyla began to slide right in. Simona rocked back
and fourth, fucking Leena while backing up further and further onto Kyle's hard
dick. Eventually they began to fall into a good steady rhythm. Kyle and
Simona's thrusts were almost synchronized. Leena could feel it now through her

When Leena turned to look at Simona, her eyes were locked straight into her own
with a fiery lust deep within them. She couldn't look and turned away, focusing
on the dresser next to the bed. She saw Kyle, the man she had let take her,
resisting on that very first night, but now her reluctant lover. She watched
his thin but tight ass thrust in rhythm and it was as if he were fucking her;
fucking her with Simon as a condom between the two.

Leena tried to focus on the mirror; focus on Kyle who was really fucking her.
At first there was some relief when Simona's cock pulled out from her pussy,
but it immediately was replaced with shock and screams and pain as Simona
pushed it into her ass. Covered with her dripping pussy juices, Simona pushed
it in with a steady, but slow force as Leena cried out. The panties in her
mouth were soaked with spit and tears ran down Leena's face.

Simona pulled out to the head, then slammed the cock back in. She did this
several more times, thrusting very hard and vigorously, deep into Leena's ass.
Eventually she paused, allowing Kyle to line back up with her asshole, and then
they again began to fuck her together. They rode her together with Kyle biting
Simona's neck, squeezing her tits and occasionally slapping her thick ass.

They continued to fuck Leena through her cries until Simona and Kyle both began
to cum. Simona started first, squirting her jizz straight into Leena's asshole,
and Kyle followed only a few seconds after. They continued to trust as they
cocks squirted out their creamy loads into the tight waiting assholes in front
of them.

Eventually the two of them collapsed forward right onto Leena. They kissed in
front of her, both of them fondling Leena's massive tits with their hands. They
then began to kiss Leena's breasts and bite at them gently. Simona lightly
slapped at Leena's face saying, "How do you like being fucked by a Tranny you
stupid cunt? Am I a real thing now? Did you like my real cock filling your
asshole with my cum?"

Leena only whimpered, "Answer me bitch!"

Leena tried to say something, but it was unintelligible. Simona removed her
panties, "What did you say?"

Tears welled up in Leena's eyes as she said the words, "I want Kyle."

The two of them laughed as she began to cry. Kyle cupped his hands around
Leena's head, "It's okay baby. You were good tonight. You took Simona's cock so
well. We know you really love her she cock. We know you love it. Tell me you
love it."

"I--," Leena began to stammer.

"I---I---," Leena's voice was caught in her mouth for several more moments
before she finally said, "I liked it."

"Are you my little slut," asked Kyle.

"Yes. Yes I'm your slut Kyle. I like it."

"Good. We've got more for you."

Before long, Kyle and Simona were hard again. They began to untie Leena and she
didn't struggle. She was broken in now, like a horse knowing her place. They
turned her on her fours and Kyle and Simona both took turns fucking her doggy.
Simona got Leena to suck her cock while Kyle fucked her asshole again. They
came several times, once on Leena's tits. The next time Simona came on her face
and she started to cringe and close her eyes.

Simona slapped her hard across her face, "Don't make faces! Don't dodge you
stupid cunt. Take our loads!"

The next load came from Kyle and she opened her mouth as he squired into her.
Simoan pushed Leena's mouth on to Kyle's throbbing cock chocking her, and
yelled at Leena to swallow. Leena gagged a bit but eventually took it down. The
two of them continued to have their way with their little love slut, and
eventually collapsed together. Kyle was in the middle, his arms wrapped around
Simona, as Leena had hers wrapped around Kyle.

The next morning Leena would awake to the sounds of Simona and Kyle fucking in
the kitchen. It was right next to the bedroom in that small apartment. Her
clothing was still on the couch, so there was no sneaking by them. They ordered
her to get on all fours, and they spit roasted her. Simona skull fucked her
while Kyle fucked her pussy from behind. Simona came first, cumming down
Leena's throat. Kyle then came in her pussy.

As they stepped away from her, Leena said, "Can I leave now?"

"Yes," Simona answered. She was expecting the words to come from Kyle, but
didn't wait. She ran to the couch and began to put on her clothing.

"Leave your panties and bra," Simona said. Leena hesitated for a moment, then
did as she was told. She put on her dress, took her purse and walked out of the
apartment with her shoes in her hand. She didn't look back as she open and
closed the door. As she walked away, she heard moans as the two of them began
fucking again.