Pan’s Servant Chapter 2

Credit: by Samathia

Kyla first met Leena at a philosophy meetup. She was the type of girl who's
essence would flow out immediately into an entire conversation. She was very
tall, standing just over six feet even in flats. Her hair was thick and black,
her skin surprisingly pale since her family was from northern Africa. She loved
to berate people for socialist views, and when she'd have one to many to drink,
she'd start complaining about the Jews.

She was the life of the party and would gather everyone for late night bar
hoping; most weekends drinking to excess. Kyle once invited her out with a
small group of his friends, and she tried to bring in random strangers she met
while smoking in front of the bars along with their group. Some of Kyle's other
friends were having nothing to do with that. They eventually left, with a
drunken Leena wanting to go dancing, but too exhausted to walk up a very
shallow hill; demanding a cab.

It was going to be one of those nights.

They were kicked out of the first bar, the bouncer coming to up Kyle saying,
"I'm sorry, you and your girlfriend have to leave. I shouldn't have let her in.
She's too drunk."

"She's not my girlfriend."

"Don't care, when she gets out of the bathroom, she's got to go."

Kyle had to hold Leen up and drag her with him forcing her out with him. She
started talking to a stranger handing her a water bottle. Before the bouncer
even reached him Kyle had it out of her hand. It could have been just water,
but you never know in those shady places.

They ended up sitting on a bench in a park across the street from the strip.
Kyle told her he was into her. Leena responded that he didn't even know her.

"The last guy I dated, we didn't have sex for the first year," Leena said.

"I mean, I've had sex. I like sex .. but," she trailed off.

Kyle took Leena's hand in his own and looked into her eyes. "You're right," he
started. "I don't know you, but I want to."

Gazing into each others eyes, Leena leaned in toward him and the two of them
kissed. Their months met, hands slowly wrapping around each others backs in
that dimly lit bench next to a city park. Their kisses were light, gentle,
teasing the tops of each other's lips. Leena slowly pulled away from Kyle and
said, "I want to go dancing."

"I probably can't get you in anywhere. Unless you can pretend to be sober."

"I'm sober," Leena said, standing up and lumbering awkwardly. Kyle rose up
quickly and grasped her around her waste, holding her steady as she repeated
the words, "Sober. I'm Sober."

"Well .. okay. Let's give this a shot."

The two of them were able to get into the next club. Pushed together on a
crowded dance floor, Leena stood up on a couch with some other women until a
bouncer told everyone to get down. She took Kyle's hand at one point and placed
it on her breast as they danced together. Her head was cradled down against his
neck, as

 Kyle's hand reached down to fondle her ass.

It was past two in the morning when they left the club. Leena kept saying she
wanted pancakes with nachos and tacos. Kyle kept her babbling long enough to
walk her back to his place. She insisted on taking a cab home, but after a few
"I want to show you something first" and "I have tacos at my place," Kyla got
her back to his apartment.

He insisted Leena drink a entire glass of water as she was continuing to babble
about food. Pizza rolls were put in a toaster and he told her they'd be out
soon, as he guided her to his couch, put on some soft music and began to kiss
her. Their bodies embraced, Kyle's hands reaching around her dress and finding
their ways into her thick back hair.

Leena's hands grasped his face. She'd mention wanting to go home, he'd tell her
he'd call her a cab after they ate pizza rolls and her hands would slap his
face and push him away. Complains were silenced with kisses and Kyle's firm
hands and words of, "Just stay here tonight," and "nothing will happen" and "I
will sleep on the couch."

Leena continued to babble about wanting tacos, on pancakes in a cab, but she
seemed to be pacified by pizza rolls, and a vodka tonic. They sat on the couch
and ate. Kyle had no coffee table so their drinks sat on the floor, and of
course Leena inevitably kicked hers over. Kyle didn't care, because by that
moment he was already pushing Leena down against the couch, kissing her neck
softly. His hand cupped her amazingly round breasts and Leena began kiss deeper
and more passionately.

Leena struggled a bit, and attempted to slap him on his face and push Kyle
away, but eventually he was undoing her bra clasp with just one hand, the other
still fondling her breasts. Leena was a mess between trying to push him away
and also grabbing his hand and helping Kyle play with her tits the way she

Eventually Kyle was pulling her dress up and over her head. There were murmurs
of "no," but Leena was really too drunk to put up an effective fight. Under it
she wore black lace panties and a bra covering very large and perfectly round
double D cup breasts. Her body was beautiful, under that cute stripped dress
she had been wearing all night. She was a little thick, but mostly curvy, with
wonderfully large and ample breasts below her cute face and thick black hair.
She squirmed a bit as Kyle reached his hand under her panties, but began to
settle and moan as he started to play with her pussy.

It was already wet against his touch. One of Leena's hands reached up to run
through Kyle's short blond hair while her other attempted to undo Kyle's belt.
Kyle of course had to help, Leena's hands slapping at his as he unbuckled.
Leena reached down into his pants. His cock was already hard as she began to
grip it firmly through his boxers with her long slender fingers.

The two of them continued to kiss, and fight and play-fight. Leena couldn't
tell what she wanted, both pushing Kyle away yet accepting the way his nimble
fingers pleasured her moist and wanton snatch. Kyle continued to work off his
jeans and boxers, and eventually Leena even helped him removed his skin tight
t-shirt. Her hands pressed up against this chest, with its solid and firm

Kyle pressed his hard penis against Leena's panties, the last piece of clothing
either of them was wearing. She struggled a bit once again, but Kyle pulled
them off and down past her long legs. She kicked a bit but Kyle was able to
take control and hold her down; moving back up to her upper body.

"No, no, I can't," Leena was spurting out in drunken words. But those words
only made Kyle harder. And even as one hand pushed against his chest, in a
terribly week attempt to push Kyle away, the other was still stroking his cock
and firmly grasping his balls. Leena shrieked a bit as Kyle penetrated her. His
hard cock pushed into her pussy as he plunged his shaft almost half way in at

Leena was wet, yet still tight. She could feel Kyle's girth. He was a solid
seven inches long, but a little thin; only moderately girthy. His cock pushed
deeper into Leena's wetness, each slow thrust taking him deeper as Leena's
protests turned to whimpering moans. Her eyes started to tear up a bit as she
started to gasp. Moans of tortured pleasured arose from her as Kyle started
fucking her faster.

Eventually Leena gave in, her legs rose up and wrapped around his back. Her
hands began to play with Kyle's nipples, pinching and teasing at them, as Kyle
fucking her harder. Her moans were short, terse, and gasping at first, but grew
into full, long moans of pleasure. She could hear the slapping of their two
bodies, his thick balls clapping against her pussy, and his firm hands grasping
her thighs and using them to drill deeper into her body.

Leena's hands spread out from him, her arms began to flail a bit as the fucking
continued to intensify. Her body jolted as Kyle began to rub her clit with on
of his hands, the other firmly on her ankle. Sweat beaded up on their bodies
and eventually Leena began to convulse in orgasm between the movements of
Kyle's hand and thrusting member.

Her body shook and shuttered, but Kyle did not slow down. He began to thrust
harder as her body convulsed and her moans screamed out in a way that would
surely wake the neighbors. Leena was awash in pleasure, and she uttered the
words, "too much" but was too drunk to make it stop. She kept squirming, her
body twisting from side to side until Kyle had finally got his fill.

"Turn around," he said to her, more as an indication of what he was going to do
to her rather than an order he knew she wouldn't be able to follow. He grasped
her legs and waist and flipped her tall and thick body over on the couch,
pulling up on her hips to get her on her knees.

The fight was mostly gone from Leena, but she still had trouble staying on her
knees. Kyle helped by grasping her hips firmly as he quickly plunged his cock
deep in her pussy. Her elbows on the couch pillow, Leena belted out a moan that
was mixed with a cry. Tears even began to form in her eyes and her cries made
Kyle even harder as he fucked Leena.

Kyle firmly grabbed her thick black hair in his fist and pulled her head back
as he fucked her. Her cries continued to ring out as he continued to pound her
harder, until each thrust of his cock was fully buried in her pussy. His hands
let go of her hair and grabbed onto her massive tits that had been bouncing
freely under her body. He gripped them firmly, pulling and squeezing them
between his hands as he bent over her body.

Eventually Kyle couldn't take it any more. His cock was ready to explode, so he
pushed Leena off, grabbed her wrists and forced her to a position on her knees
on the floor. His grabbed her face firmly in one hand as he was stroking his
cock vigorously with the other.

Leena closed her eyes, winced, as tried to look away, but Kyle wouldn't have
it. He grabbed her head by her hair, forced her face to point at his cock and
said, "Open your mouth bitch! Open it! Open it!"

Tears were running down Leena's face, but eventually her mouth opened, and Kyle
thrust his cock into her mouth. He began to fuck her face and she squirmed. Her
eyes opened to look at him and he kept skull fucking her, feeling the cum build
up inside of him.

His orgasm was strong, cum squiring back into Leena's throat. Leena gagged, but
Kyle's hand against the back of her head wouldn't allow her to pull away. She
chocked on each squirt as it throttle the back of her throat. Her eyes watered
as she chocked on the loads of cum, much of it forcing its way down her throat,
out the sides of her mouth and even up her nose.

She gagged and choked and eventually Kyle started fucking her mouth again
towards the end of his orgasm. His cum continued to squirt for what felt like
nearly a minute, to the point where Leena would suffocate on his cock and drown
in his cum. But eventually his orgasm subsided and he pulled away from Leena's
now dripping mouth.

He sat back down at the couch and gazed at the drunk naked girl on his floor
with his semen dripping in a mix of spit from her mouth. Leena sat there on the
floor, gazed down for a bit with exhaustion in her downtrodden eyes. Eventually
she climbed up onto the couch, not looking at Kyle, until she was curled up
next to him.

He took Leena in his arms, began to kiss her gently on her forehead and face.
Leena's face cringed, her brows wrinkled and she began to cry even as she
cuddled up next to Kyle's body. He grabbed her thick ass and moved her legs
over his lap and cuddled her firmly.

They sat like that on the couch for a few minutes. For the first time all
night, Leena had nothing to say. Kyle's hand gently made their way through her
hair and softly down her face. Her tears subsidized. Her sniffles began to

Kyle began to become hard again in only a few minutes. Leena could feel his
thick member pushing up against her legs. Kyle's gaze met hers with a sly smile
as Leena began to shake her head from side to side. He gently shushed her as he
moved her body to straddle him on the couch.

She struggled a little, but eventually was on top of him. She could feel Kyle's
hands firmly on her hips and gently lowering her onto his cock. She grabbed it
and guided it to her pussy, and was glad he was gentle as he slowly lowered her
onto him.

She began to rise up and down on his cock and Kyle played gently with her clit.
Her mascara was smeared on her face from the tears as her eyes met Kyle's. They
began to kiss, hesitantly, gently, even a little awkwardly. Then she felt Kyle
began to thrust. She was no longer moving slowly on his cock, but was receiving
thick hard thrusts that got faster and faster.

Leena's fingernails began running to Kyle's hair, his mouth was sucking on her
large tits. She began to moan with pleasure, and her body began to shutter as
she once again came to orgasm. She shook and trembled as Kyle continued to
thrust deep and hard into her pussy. Wave after wave of intense orgasm filled
Leena's body like she had never experience before, and she began to fuck back
again Kyle. She slammed hard onto his cock, rising all the way to the top and
pushing back down.

Kyle lay back on the couch, his hands moving to her breasts to squeezing and
play with them. Leena kept riding him hard through the end of her orgasm, and
kept fucking him with long hard stroked. Their bodies continued to slap
together until Kyle finally erupted into Leena. She continued to buck and ride
him as he came in her pussy. She could feel all his cum, so much cum from a
second orgasm.

She pulled off of Kyla and went to the floor, blowing his cock as he continued
to cum, taking it deep into her mouth. His body convulsed as she wouldn't let
up with her deep and passionate blowjob, milking his balls dry. Eventually Kyle
couldn't take it anymore and pulled away. As Leena's hands tried to reach for
his cock, he yelled, "oh god, you fucking bitch" and he saw her smile as he
slapped her hands away. She laughed when he slapped her hard against her face.

She lay on the ground, looking at Kyle sitting on the couch. His body was rock
hard, and cum still glistened on his cock as it slowly softened.

Kyle would help her off the floor and take her to his bed where he wrapped
around her and held her as she slept. Twice in the night he would wake up and
begin to fuck her, having his way with her and treating her has his sex toy.
The second time was earlier in the morning, and she was sobering up a bit and
struggling a bit; which only made Kyle harder and the fucking more intense.

They awoke to the sun coming over through the window shades. Leena's eyes felt
dry. "Did you enjoy last night?" Kyle asked her as she got up.

Leena didn't turn to look at him. Her face betrayed a mix of sorrow and being
hung over. She gently said, "Yes," and softly added moments later, "I did."

She reached down to his cock, now rock hard again, without looking at him. She
pulled and yanked at it and could hear Kyle moan. She continued to jerk and
stroke it, faster and faster, not easing up, and within only two minutes it was
throbbing in her hand as Kyle climaxed. She kept jerking him until his body
stopped shuttering. Then she wiped the cum on her hand on his bed sheet. As she
rose he grabbed her wrist saying, "Where are you going?"

"I have to work today. I need to get home and shower," Leena said and pulled
away. She went to the next room and quickly put on all her clothing that lay
next to the couch. She made her way back past the bed room and Kyle asked,
"Will I see you again?"

Leena stopped walking towards the apartment door. She hesitated, but then
turned to look at him. Her face was totally disheveled, her heeled shoes in her
hand. Holding back the tears, she softly said the words, "Yes" and then turned
back to the door she added gently, "Yes, I'd like that."

Leena then walked to the door, opened it and left the apartment. She held her
shoes in her hand, wiped as much of the makeup as she could off of her face
using napkins she had in her purse. She was glad there was no one in the
elevator as she carried her shoes in her hand.

Outside his building, she was glad she was able to quickly call a taxi. She
entered the cab and asked the driver to take her home. In her own bathroom in
her apartment, she looked deep into the mirror. At first she started to cry,
but then she fell to the floor and sobbed. Eventually she reached under the
sink and found her vibrator. She turned it on and put it against her pussy. She
began to insert it and push it in and out, harder and faster than she normally
did when playing with herself, thinking about Kyle's cock and the way he made
her gag on it in her mouth, bringing herself to orgasm once again, before
passing out on the bathroom floor.