Pan’s Servant Chapter 3

Credit: by Samathia

Kyle's had a whirlpool bathtub in his luxurious apartment's bathroom, and
Simona loved to take long hot baths with him. They'd lay in a tub large enough
easily accommodate his height her her plump body. The two would talk, kiss,
massage each other, and play in the water.

Candles were lit around the tub and the two of them had just finished smoking a
joint. They had to put it out before it was done, as they couldn't keep the
base from getting wet from their fingers. The roach lay in a tray next to a
candle, Simona having Kyle wrapped on her arms with her back on an inflatable
bath pillow. Simona was telling Kyle about high school.

"So you were always a girl growing up," Kyle asked Simona, his head cradled
against her neck and boobs.

"Yes. My mother raised me as a girl," she answered.

"But you had sex in high school?"

"Yes, once. He was, a bit surprised," she said smiling in her cute manor.

"What did he do?"

"Well. I knew it would probably be alright. We had watched porn before and he
had felt up my breasts. I knew from the porn he downloaded that he was into
trannys. I had even asked him once if he'd suck a tranny cock and he said 'Yes.'

"We first had sex in a storeroom out by the baseball field at our high school.
His mom use to work the concession stands and had a key to the lock on that
room. There was an old, torn leather couch in there and we had been going there
for a while to make out.

"We would play with each other pretty hard, and one day this boy started
unclasping my bra and I took off his shirt. Our clothes started to form a pile
next to the couch. I had undone his jeans first, his cock was already hard in
my hands. When he undid my tight shorts, I couldn't hide it any longer. My cock
was hard and pushing through my panties.

"I could tell he was in shock. He dick was still hard though. He was excited,
but unsure. We were horny but afraid. I kept kissing him, and we kept making
out. I stroked him and felt him get harder. Then I started to suck his cock."

Simona's hands were between Kyle's legs in the water. She felt it start to grow
and push gently at her hand. She was glad this story was exciting him.

"Eventually I was on top of him. He told me, 'wait, so how do we ... I mean...'

"I put my hand against his lips and shushed him. Then put my cock right up to
his mouth. He couldn't resist. He began sucking. He did what he knew from porn.
He had a cock, so he knew more what to do than a teenage boy would know how to
treat a pussy. I put my head in his hair and guided him. My own hand reaching
behind me and keeping his cock hard with my hands. Eventually I slid him to the
floor in front of the couch, told him to use

 more spit as he sucked and licked
my cock. I added my own spit to help get my cock super wet and slobbery.

"He looked up at me and asked if we were going to have sex. I told him, one of
us would. I made him get back on the couch under me, but to have his face down.
He looked a little scared, but he trusted me. I had grabbed one of the towels
they kept around for running the concession stands. It was one of the clean
ones in a bright blue bag. I could feel his body begin to tense up, with him
down on the couch and me behind him; my cock slapping on his ass.

"'Simona,' he started to ask; maybe plead. I couldn't quite tell. I shushed him
again, said 'Here, put this in your mouth' shoving the towel in his teeth'
before grabbing his hips, lifting him up to doggy and pushing my cock against
his asshole"

Simona could feel Kyle getting harder as she told the story. His was breathing
heavily, his body began to sweat. She was glad; she was afraid of telling Kyle
this story. She had a feeling it would be alright, but wasn't sure. Now she
knew she had found the right man to share this with, and so she continued.

"I'm so glad my cock was still covered in our spit. He was so tense when I put
the head of my dick against his asshole. I could hear him start to yell with
the towel in his mouth. It was something like, 'no' or 'I can't' but I pulled
the towel tighter with both hands, not letting it go. My cock kept pushing up
against his ass, his body squirming. Eventually I had to let go of the towel,
to reach back and probe for his hole with my erection.

"The head of my cock started to find its way in and I could hear him wimpier. I
eased it in a bit, and once I knew I was in there, I didn't hold back and just
thrust it in. He cried out and screamed, but that only made me harder. I was so
hard Kyle, and I just started fucking and fucking him. Eventually I grabbed the
towel and pulled tighter on the gag in case someone heard us. He kept screaming
through the towel and I pulled back on them like reins on a horse. I kept
riding him and riding him. Eventually he bit down on the towel on his own and I
started slapping his ass as I fucked him.

"I had never been so hard as I had been right then, fucking his tight virgin

Kyle was rock hard now and Simona started to gently run her fingernails up and
down his member in the water, teasing him.

"What happened after that? Were you afraid he'd tell someone," Kyle asked?

"I came in his ass. I came so hard I was dripping cum all over that couch. He
looked afraid at first. I told him that he couldn't tell anyone, and that if he
did no one would believe him; that he'd be a little bitch if he said he got
fucked by a girl.

"He seemed to understand .. and you know we still dated. We kept having sex
too. Eventually we started using Vaseline which made things easier. I let him
fuck me a few times. We'd cum in each other's mouths. Even though I had forced
myself into him that first time, I knew he liked it. I made him like it."

By now Simona's hand was gripping Kyle's hard cock, her own thick member poking
into Kyle's ass. He couldn't take it any more. Kyle lifted himself up, turned
to look at Simon and said, "turn around bitch!"

Simon complied and she immediately felt Kyle's cock on her ass. He grabbed some
lube from the side of the tub, quickly covered his cock, and plunged it very
fast and very hard into Simona.

She was a little surprised, and yelled out a loud sharp mix of a scream and a
moan. She knew she should have been expecting it though, and Kyle didn't wait
for her to be ready for it. He started thrusting hard and fast. He fucked her
and made small waves collect on the side of the hot tub. Water splashed as the
quick slapping sound of his fit thigh muscles against her plump ass echoed in
the bathroom. Their shadows flickered against the wall. His hands clenched at
her curly hair and pulled back her skull as he continued to fuck.

Simona's cock was also hard and waved through the water. She moaned as Kyle
eventually let go of hear hair and wrapped his hands around her body and
reached around to stroke her long hard cock.

She pulled away from Kyle and told him to turn around. He faced the far window
and heard the bottle of lube squirt. He are more ready than Simona, and she
wasted no time, slamming the entire length of her member deep into Kyle's ass
in one hard thrust. He groaned deep and hard and it made Simona grow harder.

They were use to each other's cocks from the frequent fucking. The quick entry
when they were both horny made for an incredibly tight sensation. On future
nights when they were violently horny after a mad night out in a bar, they
would continue to fuck each other like this; with just a little lube and no
warm up. It made for some incredibly intense fucking.

Simona put the thrusts of her thick and plump body against Kyle in long strokes
that gradually got faster and harder. The slapping of their bodies was loud,
Kyle's cock was thick in Simona's hands as she reached around. She fucked and
grew harder when Kyle moaned out, "rape me Simona. Rape me like you raped your
boyfriend in high school!"

This threw Simona into a hormone infused frenzy. She thrust faster and faster,
grabbing Kyle by his bony hips, and threw the full weight of her cock into him.
Her thrusts slowed but were much more forceful, each one like a sledgehammer
whaling down one one of those "test your strength" machines at the country
fair; each trust so hard it would rip the bell of the scale.

Eventually Simona came hard in Kyle's ass. He could feel the cum enter his ass,
and he quickly pulled away from her, turned around, and began to vigorously
stroke her cock. He stroked insanely fast as she continued to squirt her thick
load into the hot tub. Squirt after squirt of hot creamy cum made its way onto
Kyle's face and eventually into his mouth. He refused to stop even as the cum
began to slow and then sucked her cock vigorously and relentlessly. He milked
every last drop of cum into his mouth while squeezing and fondling her balls
with his hands.

She eventually pushed him away, and he tried to suck her cock again, but she
slapped him yelling, "Stop it you fucking bitch. God damn you faggot!"

Kyle just sat back and smiled. His cock was still hard and he started to stroke

Simona reached forward and started stroking his member. He stood and she sucked
hard and stroked fast. She worked his shaft and balls with her hands while
sucking deeply. He was so hard he could barely contain himself and was shooting
his load into her throat before he knew it. Simona put his cock in her mouth as
he began to cum, sucking him deep. His cock was so sensitive until he could no
long stand and plunged ass first back into the tub. They laughed and Simona
enjoyed the taste of his cum deep at the back of her mouth.