My New Life

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I had a pretty normal life until I met Sherie and then my life
changed dramatically, You see Sherie is a big cock transgender woman or as
she is known in some circles a shemale, Not only that she has 4 brothers
and 8 men friends who you can say have big cocks and big sexual appetites.
Yes, I serve them all and I can't believe it.

  How did this begin very innocently I met a beautiful lady at the lake
close to m house first I was fishing had no luck and the weather got hot.

      I was swimming and came out and went to the cooler and I saw this
tall curvacious woman when I went to get a water out of my cooler.

           She said," My name is Sherie and I am so thirsty and don't want
to go all the way to my car."

             I said," I understand, I have a lot of water in the cooler if
you want."  She said," That would be great thank you."

            She sat down next to me and I handed her a bottled water.

             I said," My name is John and it is my pleasure to meet you."

             She said," It is so nice to meet you.  I know I am being
forward first asking for water and now asking are you married?"

             I said," No, I am not married."

            She said," I am glad."

             Sherie is about 5'9" and weighs about 160 lbs and has breasts
that are about 28 dd breasts and a washboard stomach.  she has well-defined
biceps and thighs and calves and she has shoulder length brunette hair and
green eyes a very beautiful lady.  She said," I had the misfortune and poor
choices of falling for married men."

          I said," I am very single so you don't have to worry there."

          As for me, I am of average height and weight may be a bit shorter
than average height.  I stand 5'8" weigh about 175 lbs and have brown hair
blue eyes and my cock I have been told well endowed at about 7," I think.

               She said," I see you have a rod and reel and your tackle

        I said," Ya,

 I came here to go fishing first but no luck so I
decided to go fishing."

       She said," Understandable .:"

         She is curvasious and I think pretty athletic, and beautiful and I
couldn't take my eyes off of her.

         I said," I would love to go out with you if you would like that."

        She smiled and said," I am glad you will find I am a very one man
woman though you can say I run in interesting social circles which in time
you will find out."

        I thought about it for a moment and said," That is alright with
me."  After that we swam and talked and all of a sudden I saw it was
getting close to 5:30 and Sherie was smiling.

          She asked," Why don't you come to my house?  I have something to
show and tell you.  I can cook you a good dinner."

         I said," Sure,"

          We both walked hand in hand until we got to the parking area and
she got in a Mazda RX-7 and I got in my pickup and we both backed out and I
followed her car.

         After about 20 minutes we arrived to a split-level brick house and
I walked up behind her as she opened the door.

           She unlocked the door and smiled and kissed me and walked

          She cooked chicken breasts with brussel spouts corn on the cob
and brought out cantelope slices within 30 minutes we were at her beautiful
table eating dinner.

         After cleaning up we got to the living room and we sat down on the

        She said," First, I have to say I am not a conventional woman but I
am all lady.  So what do you see when you look at me?"

         I said," A beautiful lady."

         She said," Once I show and tell you I want you to remember that."

          She took off her shorts and pulled down her panties and removed
the medical tape and I couldn't believe what I saw.

        It was flaccid what looked like about 41/2" cock.

        I shook my head in disbelief as she sat on the couch.

       She said," I was born biologically a male but really feminine and
one thing I do have this beautiful cock.  My breasts are real and very much
mine.  This cock when I am aroused is 8 1/2" and yes I do love banging a
tight hole.  You will treat me as the lady I am.  Yes, I will be dominant
here and you can say I will own that ass of yours."

        I asked," Tonight?  You are a beautiful lady."

        She said," Not tonight but will you accept me as your lady and will
you take me out on dates as your lady?"

        I said," Yes."

        All of a sudden we kissed for a couple of minutes then she said."
Well, we are now dating."

       She got up and retucked her cock and put up her panties and she had
shorts up and rezipped.  She said," I am not embarrassed about my cock but
it can be a bit distracting. What do you do?"

        I said," I do sheetrock and handyman."

       She said," That is a young man's job I hope you can do something
else when you get older."

         I said," I think I will be able to."

         We talked until about 10 and I said," I have to go home but let's
do go out next week."

        She came up and handed me a card and it was her name and number and
we kissed for a couple of minutes.

         I left her place and arrived home about 20 minutes later and
undressed and crawled into bed and wondering what my life will hold with
Sheriee before slowly falling asleep.