I couldn’t help smiling at myself in the mirror as I smoothed out
the material of my black knit dress. It clung to my body like a glove,
revealing just enough cleavage to get a man excited but not quite enough
to see why. The shortness of the hemline combined with the tight fit
was bound to cause the response I was looking for.
I grabbed my handbag and went to the car. The drive to the bar was
just long enough that no one would know exactly where I came from. I’d
chosen it for almost as much for that reason as the macho-creeps that
frequented it.

As I walked in, I made sure to put just a little more wiggle in my
ass than normal. It elicited the response I wanted, heads turned and
mouths opened.
I walked over to the bar and selected a seat next to a young woman
wearing jeans and a sweater and waited for the first pass. It took less
than a minute.
He came over and placed his hand on the back of my bar stool and
leaned in to call the bartender for a drink. Nonchalantly, he turned
toward me and smiled.
“Hi, gorgeous. Can I buy you a drink?”
“Thanks, a diet Coke will be fine,” I replied.
He ordered my Coke and stood there beside me. His hand began the
trip down the back of my chair and soon found its way to my ass. He
gave a gentle squeeze to my right cheek and watched for my reaction.
One down and many to go.
I reached down and brushed the front of his pants with my hand. He
was hard before I even touched him.
“Want to get out of here?” he asked.
“But I just arrived,” I teased.
“We could come back afterwards.”
I asked the girl seated next to me to watch my drink for a few
minutes and we walked outside.
We walked to his car and I waited as he unlocked and opened the
door. As I got in, I made sure that I allowed my legs to spread so that
he could get a good look up my skirt. He obliged me eagerly.
He came around and got in the other side. Immediately his hands
went for my crotch and breast. I pushed his hands away from my crotch
and told him that I had my period, but would gladly suck him off.
Before he could say anything, I had unzipped his pants and freed his
swollen cock. I slid down off of the seat and leaned over to take him
into my mouth.
I licked and sucked his cock for about a minute and a half before he
came. I continued sucking him until he begged me to stop because it was
so sensitive.
We sat there for a few minutes before he said he had to get going.
He reached over and opened the door.
I got out and went back to the bar and my Coke and waited for the
next one. It didn’t take long.
The next guy at least took the time to ask my name before he started
groping me.
“My name is Vicky,” I told him.

asked me to dance and I obliged. It was a slow, romantic ballad
and he held me close, rubbing himself against me tightly. I could feel
his cock hardening against my thigh so I pressed myself tighter against
him. Soon he was hard and erect. Both of his hands found their way
down my back and came to rest on my ass. I giggle a little and brushed
my crotch against his swollen cock.
“I’ll bet I know what you want,” I whispered in his ear just before
I stuck my tongue in.
“Want to go out to my van?” He asked.
Without a word I took his hand off of my ass and led him out the
door. He put his arm around my waist and I put my hand on his ass as he
led me to his van.
We got in back. It was a conversion van complete with a double bed,
a bar, and even a television and VCR.
He started to lift my dress and I told him that I couldn’t fuck
because I had my period.
“I’ll just suck you off. I really like to suck cock,” I told him.
“You can play with my tits if you’d like.”
I pulled the top of my dress down, revealing my tits. His hands
went for both of them at once. He licked and sucked at my nipples and I
replied with soft moans and giggles.
I unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles.
Ever so slowly, I licked his swollen member from the scrotum to the
tip. I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue before finally sucking
its length into my mouth. Up and down, in and out I sucked.
Occasionally, I would back it out and lick the length of it and suck on
one of his balls. He writhed and squirmed. Meeting each sucking with a
thrust of his hips. Finally, he came. I licked his load off of the tip
of his cock and then moved my mouth to his. I French-kissed him with
some of his own cum on my tongue, and he took it willingly.
“Oh, Vicky,” he said. “I sure wish you didn’t have your period, I
would so much love to lick your pussy and fuck you until you came five
or six times.”
“Maybe next time I’m here,” was my only reply.
When he had finally finished coming and had gotten dressed, we left
the van. He walked me back to the bar and then said something about
having to go to work the next day and he left.
The next guy was the perfect gentleman, he didn’t grope me or say
anything crude or anything. He just asked me to dance, a slow one of
course, and afterwards offered to buy me a drink. By this time, my Coke
was gone. The bartender must have figured I didn’t really want it
anyway but, by this time I was really thirsty. I allowed him to buy me
another. We sat at a table in the back and talked for a little. I
pretended to drop my napkin under the table and he, being a gentleman
bent down to pick it up. When he did, I spread my legs, I was sure he
was looking and I was right. When his head came back above the table,
he was smiling. He slid closer to me and put his arm around my
“Would you like to go somewhere else?” he asked.
“What do you have in mind?” I asked coyly.
“There’s a little motel down the street. We could go and pick up
something at the liquor store and go there.”
“But I don’t drink,” I said.
“We could get Cokes.”
“Well, okay, but I have my period so we can’t fuck. I’ll just suck
you off.”
“Sure, if you don’t mind.”
I stood and walked toward the door.
Dumbfounded at his luck, he left a bill on the table and followed.
We headed for his car and he, of course, opened the door. I made
sure I gave him the view he was looking for as he held the door for me
to get in. I smiled.
We drove to the motel. He went in and got the key while I waited in
the car. When he cam out, he was carrying a couple of cans of diet Coke
and the key.
We went into room 13 and he reached over to lock the door. I
turned, demurely and held out my arms for him. We embraced and his
hands explored my back and ass. We kissed deeply, our tongues exploring
the inner recesses of each other’s mouth. I could feel his cock
beginning to swell in his pants.
He reached for the hem of my dress and began to lift it over my
“No,” I objected, “I told you I have my period and we can’t fuck.”
“Can I at least see your beautiful body?”
“But I’m such a bloody mess down there. Please, just enjoy what
I’ll do for you and you can fondle my breasts.”
“Well, okay. It’s just that I’m not used to having a woman service
me without being allowed to do the same.”
“That’s okay, really.” I smiled, disarmingly.
He finally conceded and stepped out of his shoes and allowed me to
remove his pants.
I pulled the top of my dress down so that he could get at my
breasts. He fondled, and caressed them gently. He bent down to kiss
the nipples and gently sucked each one into his mouth. Picking me up in
his arms, he carried me to the bed.
I moved down between his thighs and began licking his inner thighs
and his beautiful erect cock. I licked each of his balls and then the
length of his shaft. Gently going around the head of his cock, I licked
and sucked. I decided that his guy was going to get the blow job of his
life. I really liked the way he treated me.
Slowly, methodically, I sucked his member deeply into my mouth. Up,
down, in, out I sucked him. Occasionally I would stop and lick his
balls or his inner thighs. Finally, I felt his leg muscles tighten and
his entire body go stiff. I backed off and sat up erect.
“Oh, no you don’t, mister. You’re not going to cum that quickly. I
want more of that thing.”
“Please,” he said in agony. “I’m about to explode.”
“I know. That’s why you’re going to have to wait until you calm
down. I want this to last.”
“Okay, but come up here and kiss me.”
I obliged. We kissed long and hard. Our tongues playfully
caressing each other.
I watched his cock begin to droop as we kissed and when it had gone
down sufficiently, again I moved down and began to lick and suck it. I
kept this up for about an hour, licking, sucking and backing off until
he drooped and then starting again. Finally, his desire exploded into
my mouth. I swallowed his cum and continued to suck.
After we had dressed, he offered to pay me for what I had done.
“What kind of girl do you take me for?” I bellowed. “I’m not some
cheap whore. I did that because I liked you. Take me back to the bar.”
We left the motel and drove back to the bar in silence.
I jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped in the parking lot,
and stomped off in feigned disgust.
The same basic scenario repeated itself several times. Guys would
come over, buy me a drink, which I never actually got to drink, make a
pass at me and we’d leave.
After the sixth such trip out to the parking lot to give a blow job
to a total stranger, I went to the ladies’ room to fix my lipstick and
The young woman who had been seated next to me earlier at the bar
came in as I was applying my lipstick.
“Well,” she said, somewhat sarcastically, “you must really like
sucking cock. You’ve sucked every swinging dick in the place.”
“Not quite, honey,” I replied.
“Well, I can’t find one that you’ve missed. There are others of us
who like giving head too, you know.”
“Want to try mine?” I said, lifting my skirt and showing her my cock.
“Oh, my God, you’re a man!” she cried out.
“Shhhh,” I said. “Do you want all of those macho bastards to hear
She thought for a moment and then smiled. “No, they’d probably kill
you if they knew,” she said staring at my drooping member. “But don’t
you fags usually stick to only men?”
“Well, I swing both ways. I prefer women but I also enjoy a man.
I’d suck my own cock if I could, but it’s too small for me to reach. Do
you want it or not?”
“Yes, but not here.”
We both laughed. I pulled my skirt down and we left the ladies’
room and headed for my car. We drove to her place.
When we got inside, she turned and pulled me to her. “This is the
first time I’ve ever had a man in drag.”
“I’ll take it off if it bothers you.”
“It doesn’t bother me, but please do take it off.”

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