Gurl Bunny Ranch

Credit Amanda Sutton

This is a story involving transgenders having sex with men, women and each
other. It is fo persons 18 and older.

This story is the property of the author. If you wish to repost or reprint
this you may as long as I give permission and you do not profit off of it.

© Amanda Sutton

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So, here I am in LA, lost my job, had my car repossessed and got dumped by
my girlfriend. I’m late on the rent so I don’t even have a car to sleep in.

Basically, I’m screwed. I take a look at my bank account and I realize I
have about $1000 so I’m not totally broke so what do I do with the money?
Pay the rent, try to get my car back, pay some bills? No , I decide to take
a bus to Las Vegas and blow it there.

I checked into a shit motel and headed over to the strip. What casino do I
give all my money to? Okay, the one with the Start Trek exhibit.

I get $1000 in chips and throw $50 on number 13 at the roulette
wheel. Almost not paying attention because I know roulette is a sucker
“Lucky 13” says the croupier. Holy shit I won.

I head over to play blackjack. 30 minutes later I have $10,000 and the guys
at the casino are eying me and the dealer. Time to move on. Give the
dealer $200, grab a drink from a waitress. Stopped for a second. Never
played a slot machine. Shit I won $50,000!
The casino guys tell me to follow them so I can collect. End up in an
office with a look alike James Gandolfini type and two guys from Goodfellas
central casting.

“Congratulations” he said sarcastically. “You managed to win at roulette,
black jack, the wheel and the slots without losing a dime. You must be very
lucky.” Suddenly I’m not feeling lucky. “Don’t worry, we’re going to pay
you everything. Except we got to report this to the IRS or you can pay a
processing fee”. In other words, pay the processing fee. Give them some
back. And give me a warning that they flagged me so it will be hard to find
a casino that will let me in. I am ushered out of the casino with about
$45,000. Not bad, I can live with that. And I can get out of my shit motel.

Since most of the strip casinos have me flagged, I decide to rent a car and
go to a reservation casino. I win $20,000 and get kicked out and charged a
processing fee.
They don’t have to follow the same rules on their land. I only got to keep
$10000. Still, I am still up.

I decided to get some bang out of my money. On my way to the reservation
casino, I saw see signs for bunny ranches. I passed the first two. The
third advertises Girls with Extra. As I am driving there it occurs to me
what the “Extra” is. What the fuck.
I’ve never

touched another cock but have thought about it. Might as well
at least take a look.

The owner greets me. “Welcome to “The Gurls Ranch, I’m Terri and before
you ask I have a pussy.” she said. “Before we go any further. You do know
what the extra in our ranch is?” Shit, am I going to do this?

“Uh, yeah.”

“First timer?” I nod.” Let’s have sone of the girls come out”. The first
couple are obviously guys. There are a few superhot types and a few drag
queen types for guys that prefer it. Then these two come out. “Hi, I’m
Aja” says this Asian one. No way! Face, bod, voice all female. And hot.

“Hi, I’m Brit “said a Brunette.

“See anyone you like” asked Terri.

“Yeah, it’s”, I keep looking at Aja and Britt. how to decide?

“Hey Terri, it’s kind of slow, I think we can give him a newcomer’s
discount” said Brit.

“I think so also” said Terri.” You can have an hour with both Aja and
Britt. Get one, get another at half price. Easily in my price range, I
agree, and I’m being grabbed by the hand of Aja. I’m in the room. They
undress me and both are in sexy lingerie.
They pull their panties off to reveal cocks. They start to make out and
grab each others cocks.

“Joining us?” asked Brit. Ther moment of truth. I am definitely enjoying
the show but join in?

“I’ll be totally honest; I’ve never touched a cock other than my own.”

“Oh, a real newcomer” said Aja. She grabbed my hand and put it on her
cock. “Now you have.”

The two girls started giving me a blow job and suddenly Britt’s cock is by
my face. Okay, time to decide…I took her cock in my mouth and sucked on

“Suck it like you like it sucked” she said. It’s been so long I got to
remember. As I am sucking Brit’s cock Aja, comes up by my face.

“You like to eat Chinese?” she asks me. Next thing I know, I’m blowing them
both. After a few minutes a very hard Aja pulls out and said” Not bad for a
first timer. Want to try a little more.?” She threw on a condom and , oh
shit, am I going to let her fuck my ass?

She didn’t give me much choice; Brit had put some lube in my ass and held
my cheeks open when I feel Aja’s cock enter my ass.

“HOLY SHIT”: I scream. I suddenly feel her push some more in. It hurts like
a mother fucker but the deeper she goes, the better it felt. And I am as
hard as a rock.

“Britt moved her cock in my mouth, and I am being spit roasted by two
she-males. And I like it.

Both of them busted. I felt the condom in my ass fill and I got a wad of
cum in my mouth from Brit when she came. They turned me over and sucked my
cock until I shot in both their mouths. I had cum dripping out of my mouth
and I was ready to swallow the whole thing which they lapped up.

Ow. Can’t believe I did that. Well, that was good. I drove back to Vegas. I
found a slightly nicer hotel and slept off the amazing fucking.

I had deposited my money in my bank account and the following day withdrew
$1000. There was another reservation casino not too far from Gurl’s ranch.
I figure if I make some money, I’ll make another stop there.

Well, my lucky streak sort of continued. I had to stop because I couldn’t
lose. I tried to purposely drop $1000 at Blackjack so I wouldn’t be winning
everything (I had 17 had them deal another card and I get a 4). I finally
lost $1000 but since I was leaving with another $10,000 I was followed by
two guys. I gunned the car and got out. Stay away from casino’s Andy,
you’re going to get yourself in trouble.

I decide to head back to the Gurl’s Ranch.

“Well, I guess you really enjoyed your first time since you’re back
already. Britt is off today but if you want two Aja is here and BANG- the
hottest redhead since Scarlett Johansen as Black Widow walks in. I look her
Feet, female in those stilettos. Legs, female, hips female, tits, female,
hands and neck female, female face. I can’t believe she has a cock.

“I’m guessing from your response you like Cinnamon” said Terri.

I decided to go for one of their packages. I had two hours with Aja and
Cinnamon. “So, I’m sorry I missed your first time.
Hopefully, I can fill in for Britt.” Voice very female. I would not know
ever in my imagination that she had a OH MY FUCKING GOD look at the size of
that thing! She’s not even hard and she’s probably bigger than me. My cock
sprang right to action. “Oh, that’s got to be uncomfortable” she said
feeling my jeans bulging like they are going to rip. Aja unbuckled my
jeans and she had to stretch my boxers (good thing I don’t wear tighty
whiteys) over my cock. “I know Cinnamon is hot but don’t forget you have
two girl’s” said Aja as she pulled my pants off and began sucking my
cock. Next thing I know Cinnamon joins her. The two of them are sucking my
cock. Then Cinnamon changes positions and her cock is near my face. I
needed to grab that bad boy and suck it.

“MMMM, you can suck cock good for a newcomer” Cinnamon said.

“Well, I’d like a little of that sweetie” said Aja. I began blowing her. I
heard Cinnamon in the background say, “Where am I going to put mine?” I
didn’t think of it until she actually grabbed my ass and worked that baby
in my ass. Aja, jumped out of the way, I guess she thought I might bite off
her dick.
“UHHHH, oh that fucking hurts but feels so fucking great” I yelled.

Well, I fucked and blew both of them and got fucked and blown by both of
them. I was so fucking turned on that I shot three times. And I was fucking
exhausted. And then Terri came flying in the room.

“Look I don’t normally break into rooms but that Blue Subaru sports car- is
that yours?” I had decided to rent a real nice car with the money I had.

“Yeah- someone bump it or something?”

“Oh fuck” said Terri. “Did you go to the Hiawatha Casino?”


“Oh fuck” said Cinnamon “I hope you didn’t win”. I had a look on my
face. “They are not an authorized Casino- everything in that place is
fixed. It’s not even owned by Indians, it’s a cover for a place in Las

“Uh, which one?” She told me. Oh shit. The place I was kicked out of for
winning. Basically, I had over $60,000 of their money.

“They’re supposed to roll the big winners but missed you. They saw your car
and have been looking for that it.”

“Uh, I am fucked. Should I just take them to an ATM?”

“No, they got shit from above when they linked you to the guy in the Vegas
casino. They are not going to be nice to you. If I were you, I would take
a run for your car and get back to the city” said Terri.

“Uh, that’s not going to be easy” said Aja looking into the waiting
room. “They are waiting inside”.

Aja and Cinnamon were whispering to each other. “We think we have an
idea. We’re going to need Tony. He’s going to drive one of our girls in the
car to the Strip.” She paused and pointed at me. “And you’re going to be
the girl.”

“What? You’re going to dress me like a girl to get me by them?”

“It may work” said Terri. “Not let’s talk price.

Aja, Cinnamon, and another “girl” who thought this would be a blast had me
shave. My face,my underarms, my legs…” Why are we shaving my balls?”

“We all do” said Aja pointing to her hairless dick.

Next thing they made up my face, put a wig on. I had on a shaping bustier
and stockings. “Hey, you make a cute girl” said Aja. I put on a dress. I
actually wasn’t half bad.

“Andy, you are now Mandy” said Terri.

“I think we can go with Amanda.” Said Aja. “We hereby name you Amanda.”

Now the next part of the plan. Tony, a guy in his 20’s who looked like he
could bench press the car was going to take me out of there, drop the car
off and bring me back.

“What’s your name sweetheart” said Tony.

“I guess Amanda.”

“Great Amanda, before we do this you have to give me a blow job. I fuck
girls but when it comes to blow jobs you girls are even better.
He dropped his pants. I had no choice and it’s not like I haven’t given a
blow job but not like this. I sucked him off and he splooged enough for
two guys I thought I was being waterboarded.

We headed for the front door. The two guys were outside waiting.

“What the fuck do you want” said Tony.

“We had a cheater at our place, had a car like this. We thought he might be

“Look guys, this is my fucking car. Didn’t you check the plates?”

“No, we didn’t, we couldn’t make it out.”

“Well unless someone took my car and put it in the same spot I did you got
the wrong car. Business is slow-we only have a couple of our regulars here.
Look, why don’t I have Terri hook you up with one of the girls.” The guys
looked at us. One said no. The other wanted to know if I could give him a
blow job.

“I need to get her to the strip for a customer.”

“Come on, a quick BJ” said the one.

Tony looked at me, “take care of my friend here”. I ended up blowing the
guy. “Hey, I come here on occasion, you must be new.” Great, I got a
hitman who likes she-males. I gave him a BJ and said to his friend “She
sucks like a pro” they left, and we got in my car. Tony took the wheel.

SO now what?” I said as I wiped my mouth. “We’re going to return the
car. I got a friend who will drive you back since I I have somethings to
take care of for you you’ll go back, wait for me, get your shit and get out
of town.”

“What about my stuff in my hotel room?”

“I’ll take care of that. Don’t go back there. Just do what I say.”

We drove up to the car rental. He dropped off the car and walked over to a
guy waiting at another car. “This is Jeff, he’ll take you back.”

“Hi” said Jeff. He unbuckled his pants when we got in the car. Guess this
is my fare for getting back.

We got back to the ranch. Terri told me she heard a few people were looking
for me. Tony had cleared out my hotel room, got someone to change the
registration on the rental car and hotel room.

“You can hide out here for a couple of days while we make sure you’re not
on any video or at least can’t be traced to you. You best stay dressed
during that time. We will want 10% of your winnings.”

“Got an ATM handy?” I joked.

“Yes, it’s third door on the right. We prefer cash tips.”

So I took out the money I owed them, paid extra for more girl clothes so I
won’t be wearing the same clothes for a few days. Food they had brought in
for customers, so I was covered for my meals. I sat down on the couch What
a day this had turned into. Just when I thought I had a break, the door
flew open.

A guy with a 10 gallon hat and white mustache with a blindfold on and a
woman with bleached hair came in.

“Am I where I think I am ? Is this gonna be the best damn birthday” the guy
roared. The woman took off the blindfold.

“Godamn it woman. I love you; this is gonna be a hell of a night”.

“Hi Tex” said Terri. “Make your choice”. Upon hearing the guys voice the
girls started shooting out of the woodworks. Cinnamon was the first down.

“Well, you know how I work this. The first two. Cinnamon and” pointing at
me” this new girl.”

Terri started “Uh Tex, she (me,I guess) isn’t really…. Tex cut her off.

“Terri honey, you know the way I do it. It’s so fucking hard to choose two
I take the first two I see no matter what. Unless she’s gotta pussy, I want
Oh, godamn this guy thinks I’m one of the “girls”. Cinnamon whispered in
my ear. “This guy tips like there’s no tomorrow. Plus at least you might
enjoy where you fuck his wife. She is one crazy fuck” Wife looked like she
was in her fifties, huge tits and like I said, long bleach blonde hair. I
could end up making back what I gave Terri and oh shit, I’m actually
considering this.

“Well honey, you in or out?” He handed Terri a wad of bills.

“She’s in” said Terri. She whispered to me “any additional expenses you
have will be on the house. He’s one of our best customers but when he says
you, either do it or I make a call ” I guess I’m in.

“Give Amanda and I a second” said Cinnamon. She pulled me aside. “Follow my
lead. We’ll have to put on a little show for them before we start in with

She pulled out some lingerie. Switch into this. I was wearing a merry widow
that had a bit of a slimming effect, stockings, heels and a small lacy robe
that covered up my shoulders. She put a necklace and clip on earrings on
me. We went back to Tex and wife and lead them upstairs.

Tex was spread out on a bed and his wife started to unbuckle his
pants. Cinnamon signaled I should take off the wife’s dress and she was
wearing a red bra, garter belt and stockings. A lit a bit of a
belly. Anyway, Tex’s pants came off., Oh my fucking god, That has got to be
10″ easy and it’s not even all hard. The circumference is he fucks me I’m
going to have an anus the size of Texas.

Cinnamon grabbed me and we started to put on a show. Since Cinnamon had
real tits, I sucked on them as she jerked me. She pushed me down, so I was
facing her cock and began sucking her cock. She then grabbed me and began
fucking my ass, bareback.

“Oh, I want to do that to her” said the wife. Cinnamon came out, used a
wipe on her dick. The wife had put on a strap on and, fuck, she’s fucking
my ass. I decided to be a little daring, I pushed her off, pulled the
strap on off and fucked her pussy.

“Hell, damn woman, you gotta a real good one there” said Tex as Cinnamon
blew him. I fucked the shit out of the wife, I must have made her come
Then Tex grabbed me, “You’re making the rounds girl” and put that huge ass
tearer in me. My ass hurt like hell but when he fucked me it felt- great?

“Oh, big guy, you are fucking me so well” I found myself saying. Cinnamon
gave me a look like did you really say that. Next thing I know the Mrs.has
her bush in my face. I was pretty good at this but first I had to get
through her tropical rain forest. She was blowing Cinnamon while I ate her.
We did several different positions with them. I ended up with him splooging
my mouth and then after some time he fucked me again and again, totally
bareback he came in
my ass. I splooged in Cinnamons mouth and she came in mine. When the time
was over, he handed us both tips. $2000 each.

“Told you he tipped good” said I tried to get some of the cum
caked on my face off. So I had made between the fee and the tip enough that
I made back the
money I had given Terri. Cinnamon gave me a robe and slippers and we went
to the ATM. She put the money in her account. “I’m transferring part of
this into my IRA and part into my investment fund. Tex helped me set up
accounts in addition to my savings account. He’s worth almost a billion
between oil and financial investments. His wife loves us and always sends
us some nice stuff. That’s why we practically go nuts when he comes in.” I
took my money and deposited it. My $1000 I took to Vegas was now at over
$50,000 in one day.

Tony came in the following day with my clothes. I donated it all to
goodwill and with Aja and Britt went on a girls shopping spree. I bought
some really hot lingerie in addition to bras and panties.

A couple of weeks later I got breast implants and am taking the same
hormones the other girls take that leaves their cocks workable and come
able. I found I liked being a gurl and worked to make myself as hot as
possibly. I started working for Terri full time and now I have a whole
bunch of friends and lots of money. And hot sex with and other

But when Tex and his wife are here its every girl for herself.

I hope you enjoyed this. Send comments to me at

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