Luna and Riley Ch. 02

Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Notice: This story progresses quite slowly, especially when compared to other, short erotic stories. Just a heads up, this one isn’t quick.

Credit rebhillbabe

Chapter 2: A New Policy

Luna awoke the next morning to the sound of her alarm clock. Even though it was summer and she didn’t have to get up early, she preferred not losing her accustomed routine. Today however, she was feeling particularly tired so she snoozed a few times before finally giving in to the alarm and getting up. She stretched and made her way to the bathroom.

The towel wrapped around her failed to cover her large body, starting above each nipple and ending around the middle of each of her strong thighs. Her penis swayed between her legs like a pendulum with each step, hanging down to her knees. She opened her door and peered into the hall to make sure the coast was clear, before quickly walking to the bathroom. Once inside she thought she could still make out the smell of cum from her accident last night. She hoped Riley hadn’t noticed when she had gotten up.

After her shower Luna returned to her room to get dressed. While somewhat proud of her muscular form, she felt insecure showing it off, causing her to often wear baggier clothes. Not to mention, finding fashionable clothes in her size was nearly impossible. Being home was some of the only times Luna got to wear the clothes she truly loved wearing.

Since she was massive for a woman, her parents had gone to extra lengths, and had gotten clothes custom made for her measurements when she requested it, so as to make her feel more comfortable with her abnormal life. This way she could enjoy the looks she saw on other girls, and not feel limited by the slim selection of larger sized fashion items.

Due to the custom nature of her nicer clothing options, she felt that she actually looked better in them, than the girls she was replicating. In return to her parent’s generosity, Luna didn’t ask for clothes very often, as she understood the financial strain it could put on their family.

She stored her penis and put on some comfortable, plain white panties and a short, high waisted, tight fitting, brown, leather skirt. It made it only a third the way down her upper leg, showing off her muscularly defined thighs and calves. She threw on a tight fitting, black turtle neck that she tucked into the skirt and finished it off with a matching belt around the top of the skirt.

Like usual, she opted not to wear a bra, as she found them uncomfortable, and her boobs didn’t sag much at all without one. Her

nipples were noticeable through the thin, tight fabric of her shirt, but she didn’t mind. The outfit was perhaps a bit provocative, but it wasn’t an uncommon kind of appearance for her at home, and her family had never commented on it in the past.

Content with her look, Luna headed downstairs to get breakfast. Riley usually got up before her, so she was surprised when she found the house empty. She found a note on the table saying that her parents had gone to the store and would be back soon. It must have been Saturday she realized. It was easy for her to lose track of the weekdays, when they all felt so similar.

She got herself some pop tarts, a glass of water and sat at the table. She watched some videos as she ate, putting her dishes away once she had finished. After cleaning up, Luna headed upstairs and knocked on Riley’s door. After getting no response, she poked her head in and asked blindly,


After more silence, she fully opened the door and entered the room. It didn’t take long for her to realize that Riley wasn’t there, meaning she must have left the house, likely to hang out with Becky or Charlie. Riley’s room was a bit messy with some clothes lying on the ground and the bed unmade. The walls were adorned with posters of artists she liked to listen to, as well as some other decorative paintings and wall hangings.

Luna began to leave the room, but felt a sudden urge to look around. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her curiosity got the best of her and before long she found herself standing next to one of Riley’s dressers. She opened the top drawer and found it full of random clothes. The drawer was a bit of a mess with no discernible organization, and half of the clothes unfolded. She opened the one below it to find it in a similar state.

She opened one last one to find that it did have organization. This was obviously her underwear drawer, as it housed an assortment of panties and bras. Her mind wandered as she mindlessly picked out a pair of blue and white striped panties. She held them up and admired their cute small size. Due to her large stature and thick muscular disposition, Luna’s hips were barely over twice as wide as Riley’s.

Her hand recoiled, dropping the panties as she decided that what she was doing was going too far, and she closed the drawer. She got up and started heading to the door, silently vowing to never do this again, when something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.

Riley’s laptop was open, sitting on her bed. Some notification must have turned on the screen as she was about to leave, which caught her eye. Despite her very recent resolve to leave Riley’s things alone, Luna found herself drawn to the laptop. She slowly walked over to the bed as if someone might hear her moving, despite being home alone, and took a look at the screen.

It was on the desktop but there was an active internet browser window on the taskbar. Luna’s finger seemed to move on its own as she navigated the interface and opened the window. The browser opened showing her something she had not anticipated. On the screen was a google search result for “vagina too small”. Many of the result links were purple, instead of blue, indicating that Riley had visited many of the sites.

Luna again realized her perversion of Riley’s privacy and silently cursed herself. She minimized the window, and left the laptop how she found it before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

She couldn’t help but think about the search, but she felt bad for invading Riley’s privacy in the first place, so she tried her best to forget she had ever seen it. She decided to play some video games to get her mind back on track, and soon she had forgotten all about her sister’s odd search. When her parents got home, she helped them bring in the bags, and the three of them settled down to play a board game. After the game came a movie and before long, the afternoon had arrived.

Riley had returned home by the time their movie was finished, going straight to her room as soon as she arrived at the house. Riley usually didn’t avoid the rest of the family, but occasionally she would hole up in her room, so Luna didn’t think much of it. After the movie, the three each went their own ways, Luna to her room, Eleanor to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and her father to the office, to check something for work.

Not much later, the four reunited in the dining room and sat down for dinner. Eleanor had made burgers and hot dogs, which was one of Luna’s favorite family meals. Being so large, Luna had a voracious appetite, and could easily eat twice what the average person could. While at the table, Luna noticed how Riley seemed more disconnected from the general conversation than usual, as if her mind was somewhere else. She still responded to the conversation when necessary, but having grown up closely with her for 18 years, she could tell when something was off.

After they had finished eating, the four remained seated at the table, Luna and her parents were caught up in the conversation while Riley sat absent minded. Suddenly the four heard a ringtone, and they all looked over to see Riley’s phone ringing on the table. Eleanor grabbed the phone before Riley could, and inspected the caller.

“Sorry it’s Charlie face timing me.” Riley said softly, holding her hand out to take the phone.

“That’s fine,” Eleanor said, “We can all talk to him.”

“NO!” Riley said sternly. “Don’t answer it!”

Riley lunged across the table as her mother playfully kept the phone out of her reach.

“Uh oh I’m gonna do it!” Their mother teased, her finger close to the answer button.

Riley tried again to reach for the phone. It was clear she was not amused by her mothers attempted humor. Eleanor again jerked the phone to keep it from Riley’s reach but accidentally hit the answer button. Suddenly the ringing stopped and the screen was replaced with a video feed of Charlie.

“Hey Ril-.” Charlie started to say.

“Hi Charlie,” Eleanor responded, a bit surprised she accidentally started the call.

Luna could hear Charlie freeze up, not having anticipated being greeted by Riley’s parents.

“Oh… hey, misses… Johnson.” Charlie nearly whispered shakily.

“It’s been a while since we last saw you, just thought we would say hi.” Eleanor told the phone.

“Yeah.” Charlie chuckled nervously.

“Her dad is here too.” Eleanor said.

“Hey Charlie.” Their father chimed in. Luna felt bad for Riley and this embarrassing display on their parents behalf. Riley seemed to shrink as the embarrassment took over.

“Hey… mister Johnson.” Charlie responded.

“So what were you calling for?” Eleanor asked.

“Mom!” Riley silently mouthed angrily at her mother. She joined it with a quick hand motion across her neck and reached once again for the phone. Eleanor disregarded her.

“Uhhh… I was just gonna ask… if I could…. pick up Riley a bit later?” Charlie stuttered.

Luna noticed Riley’s expression and demeanor quickly change as Charlie mentioned the prospect of Riley going over.

“Yeah I don’t see why not.” Riley’s father responded.

“Uhh, great, I uhhh, can pick her up in maybe like, an hour.” Charlie was stumbling through this admittedly very awkward situation, of which Luna’s parents seemed to be oblivious.

“Sounds good, see you then.” Their father said.

“Alright, see ya.” Charlie finished.

“Byyyye” Luna’s parents said and Charlie left the call.

Eleanor reached across the table and Riley quickly snatched the phone from her hand.

“Don’t ever do that again!” Riley exclaimed.

“Ah come on, that wasn’t so bad.” Their father argued. “I mean, if he’s gonna date my daughter I think I should get to know him.”

“Not like that though!… That was an invasion of privacy, that call was for me.” Riley continued ranting.

“Relax honey,” Eleanor chimed in. “Look, I’m sorry okay, I really didn’t mean to answer it, I was just messing around and I accidentally pressed the button. I couldn’t hang up it would have been rude.”

“Whatever, just PLEASE don’t do that again.” Riley retorted.

“Okay I won’t.” Eleanor teased.

Riley quickly stood from the table and moved upstairs to her bedroom.

“Thanks for dinner.” Luna said as she too walked towards the stairs.

“Sure thing.” Eleanor responded.

Luna could hear her parents laugh a little to each other as she walked up the stairs. It seemed a little rude of them to not take it seriously. They had invaded her privacy, not much unlike she herself had, only hours before. Whatever, she thought to herself, they were all in the wrong, but at least she felt bad about it. She got to her room and closed the door behind her.

The only thing lighting the room was a small bedside lamp, as she enjoyed the dim light. She laid back on her bed and put in some earbuds as she began to listen to music. After about 10 minutes she heard a faint knock at her door. She took out one earbud to see if it had just been a part of the song, but sure enough another knock soon followed. She took out both earbuds and set them down before walking to her door.

Luna opened it to find her sister clearly distraught. Riley was dressed in some jean shorts and a thin white tank top. She looked as though she was on the verge of tears and she avoided eye contact as she asked if she could come in. Luna obliged and moved aside so she could enter, closing the door behind her as she did so. She made her way to the bed and climbed up near the foot.

“Everything okay?…” Luna questioned as she too approached the bed and sat down at the head. Luna swept her legs underneath her to keep from invading Riley’s space on the queen size mattress.

“No…” Riley started but didn’t finish.

“I know what they did was rude but I don’t think they actually meant to hurt your feelings.” Luna said, assuming she was upset about what had happened at the table minutes ago.

“It’s not that.” Riley said.

Luna furrowed her brow in thought and confusion. If that wasn’t what was upsetting her, she had no idea what was. After a decent moment of silence Riley spoke up again,

“This is super embarrassing, so if I tell you, you have to promise it stays between us.”

“Uh… okay, I promise.” Luna insisted.

“Okay well it’s about….” Riley paused clearly nervous to have the conversation, “It’s kinda like a…sex thing.”

Riley was lying on the bed looking straight up at the ceiling, purposefully avoiding eye contact.

“Oh…” Luna said.

She had not expected that, but it was clear to her that she needed to be there for her sister. She decided that if she acted like it was no big deal to talk about sex, then Riley would probably be a lot more comfortable in the situation, which would be better for everyone. Luna swallowed the frog in her throat and went on.

“Okay.” Luna tried to say as nonchalantly as possible. “What do you want to know.”

Riley seemed to respond instantly to her change in tone, even if only to a small degree.

“Uhhh…. Well.” She started. “It would probably make more sense if I told the whole story…. So…. I’ll just start from the beginning.”

“Okay, whatever works.” Luna said.

“Okay so… you know I’ve been dating Charlie for a few years now….” She paused.

“Yes…” Luna said insinuating that she should continue.

“Okay well…. Anyways, yesterday when I went over to his house, we were ‘messing around’…..”

“Listen, it’s normal to have sex.” Luna cut her off. “If you guys had sex that’s fine, I figured you guys had already had sex.”

Her casual usage of the word sex, as well as her chill demeanor seemed to really put Riley at ease, as she finally made eye contact with Luna.

“Yeah I know, I’m not a kid anymore.” Riley mocked, shoving her in the knee playfully, “but… I haven’t had sex with him before…. Or… anyone.”

“Oh….” Luna paused, “Well before yesterday I’m guessing.”

“I’m getting to it, if you would just let me tell the fucking story!” She playfully yelled, softly hitting her in the knee again.

Riley was starting to get much more comfortable which Luna thought was good. She was starting to act a lot more like herself.

“Well could you tell it any faster, ’cause I’m afraid I’m not gonna live forever.” Luna joked.

“Fine!” Riley said as she stood up, “If you don’t want to help me, I’ll just leave.”

“No stop!” Luna interjected, “I’ll listen just tell the story.”

Riley sat back down and continued from where she left off.

“Okay so we were ‘messing around’ and things got a bit… hotter than usual. And one thing led to another and we… wound up naked.”

“Alright, I’m following,” Luna said. “Still don’t see the problem but…”

“I’m getting there!” She retorted. “So anyways…. he decided he wanted to… finger me.”

“Okay” Luna said.

“Which I know is normal, I’m not a prude.” She defended herself. “But when he went to….” She paused, “You know, put a finger in me. He said I was really tight.”

“Okay, continue.” Luna said again.

“Well… That’s basically it.” She said

“Uhh, what? Okay you lost me.” Luna said, confused.

“So he tried to stick a finger in me and he was like ‘WoAh YoUrE rEaLly TiGhT.” She impersonated his voice. “and he said my vagina as a whole just looked really small.”

“So….” Luna started, trying to figure out the situation, “The problem is… that you think your… vagina… is too tight?… am I getting this right?”

“Kinda, yeah, but it’s more than that” She said. “He said my whole pus-…” She stopped herself, “vagina is small. Like really small apparently. And to be honest, I mean, like… I’ve watched porn before and all those girls have bigger pussies than me…” She let it slip that time. “I don’t know, he just made me feel like I’m a freak or something.”

Her voice slipped somewhat on the word “freak” and Luna could tell she was close to crying again. If only Riley knew how normal she was compared to her, Luna thought to herself.

“And now he’s coming over soon to pick me up and he’s probably gonna want to try stuff again tonight, and I’m scared ’cause I don’t want to let him down…. I just don’t know what to do.”

“Okay, I see.” Luna said. “Alright, well first of all, you are a freak.” Luna tried to joke to get her to laugh.

“I’m serious!” She said while giving her a dirty look.

“I know, I’m sorry.” She apologized, “You’re not a freak. I can tell just by looking at you that you are perfectly normal. In fact I’d say you’re more beautiful than just about any girl I’ve’ ever seen.”

Riley gave her a weak smile that told her she appreciated the compliment.

“And also, it’s important to understand that everyone is completely different. Maybe you do have a smaller pussy than average, that doesn’t make you a freak, it just makes you human.” Luna said trying to sound as encouraging as possible. “I mean look at you, you’re just small in general, so it would make sense that you have a small pussy.”

“You said you’ve watched porn,” Luna continued, “Does every girl in porn have the same exact size pussy, or tits, or waist or hi-“

“No…” she cut her off, understanding her point but not sounding completely convinced.

“Well then why would having a slightly smaller pussy matter.” She kept going. “And frankly, if he made you feel bad about yourself and your body, then fuck him! That’s not cool. You really are gorgeous and I’m sure your pussy is completely normal and healthy.”

Riley looked up to Luna with soft, loving eyes as she seemed to absorb the compliments into her very soul.

“Thanks, Luna, that means a lot…really.” She said softly. “But still, he couldn’t even get a finger in me… How am I ever going to have sex with someone if I can’t even get one finger in me?”

“I mean…” Luna paused, “I guess it’s something you’ll have to deal with, but here’s the thing. You said that was your first time ever doing something like that with someone else right?”

“Yeah…” She answered.

“Well then you were probably just really nervous and tense which caused you to be tighter than usual, which is normal. But since you’re apparently already really tight, it just seemed more drastic for you.”

“I don’t know…” She responded meagerly.

“And I mean really, he couldn’t fit one finger, I mean come on…” Luna scoffed.

“I’m not lying!” She pleaded.

“Did you see it, I think maybe he was just trying to make you feel bad. One Finger!, I assume you’ve fingered yourself before, how many fingers could you get inside?” Luna asked.

“I’m not lying, I saw him try. And I’ve never been able to finger myself either. I usually just…. Rub myself…”

“I don’t know… I’ve never heard of anything like that before.” Luna said.

“So I am a freak!” Riley said, falling back into a fit of hysteria. “It IS weird to have a pussy this small.”

“No that’s not what I said.” Luna back tracked. “I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around it. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Riley sniffled, “I… I could… Show you… that way you could see it, and tell if it’s normal…”

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