Vanessa and the workmen

Credit Vanessa Luv

The three workmen were slaving away in the back garden, in the hot sun. Vanessa watched them from the upstairs bedroom window, getting more excited by the second. Under her robe she was wearing a beautiful red basque with a red g-string, black stockings and five inch heels. This was topped off with the tiniest lycra red halterneck dress which barely concealed her ass or bulge.

She undid her robe and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long blond hair and heavily made up face looked as good as it had ever done. It was now or never, she decided. She took a deep breath and moved over to the window. “Hey boys, you look hot, why don’t you take a break and come inside for a drink?”.

The three workmen all immediately stopped what they were doing and looked up. “That sounds like a great idea” replied one of the workmen after a few seconds of staring at Vanessa. He was a six footer with a shaved head and what looked like a muscular body, under the t-shirt. To her mind they all looked hot now.

Vanessa dropped her robe and tottered down the stairs on her heels. When she arrived in the kitchen area the men had all started gulping thirstily on their glasses of water. “Wow” said the guy with the shaved head “You look incredible!”. Vanessa smiled and said “thanks. I’m Vanessa , what are your names?”.

The shaven headed guy said “I’m Mikhail and these two are Kurt and Robert” – he pointed at the other two guys who’s mouths had hit the floor in astonishment. Mikhail explained that he was the only one who could speak English. Vanessa said “Its too hot out there boys, i’m sorry to call you in” Mikhail replied “It was well worth it”.

Vanessa moved over to the men and pulled Mikhail nearer to her. “I hope you don’t mind..” she whispered and started to french kiss him. His face was wet with sweat. He eagerly responded and Vanessa could feel the odd droplet of sweat hit her face. She then moved towards Kurt, and then Robert and did the same. To Vanessa’s excitement and relief all three seemed very eager.

Vanessa moved back to Mikhail and her hands moved to his jeans. She felt the large bulge within. She freed it quickly and moved on to Kurt and Robert. Mikhail had a very big cock, but the other two certainly weren’t lacking there either. Soon all three men were free of their trousers and their cocks all stood proud and erect. Nobody said a word.

Vanessa dropped to her knees and began to lick Kurt’s cock. It had a wonderful musky scent to it and Vanessa loved it. She felt her own small cock start to stiffen.Kurt moaned with pleasure. With her hands she started to masturbate Mikhail and Robert at the same time.

After a while of alternating over each cock, Vanessa stood up. Her

cock was hard now too, she wondered if any of them noticed. It didn’t matter, as Mikhail almost ripped her dress off. Vanessa removed her g-string and Mikhail said “you are a tranny?” Vanessa gulped and said “I still have two holes, Mikhail. Is this OK?” Mikhail looked at Kurt and Robert and both of them nodded at him. They were all too lustful to care by now anyway. “Sure” smiled Mikhail and started to kiss Vanessa again.

Vanessa then got on all fours on the kitchen floor and started to finger her boypussy. “There is lube in the drawer there” she panted, and Robert began to cover his stiff cock with it. He then knelt behind Vanessa and slowly pushed the helmet of his cock into her ass. “Ohhhhhh” groaned Vanessa as the intrusion in her anus became more noticeable.

Soon Robert was all the way in and he began to slowly fuck Vanessa. Mikhail and Kurt moved in front of Vanessa’s face and Mikhail grabbed her hair and forced his cock in her mouth. Vanessa hungrily sucked on it, lost n the throes of pleasure.

After a few minutes Mikhail withdrew his cock from Vanessa’s mouth and lay face up, on the floor. Vanessa straddled him in the reverse cowgirl position and her ass swallowed up his massive cock. “oh my god, it’s so big!” she shouted as she began to ride up and down on it. Kurt and Robert moved into position on either side of Vanessa and began to take turns to mouth fuck her remorselessly.

Mikhail panted “i have an idea” and said something in what Vanessa assumed was Polish to the other guys. Kurt moved Vanessa around, still impaled on Mikhail’s monster cock, until she was facing Mikhail. He then knelt down behind Vanessa and pushed his cock at her ass. As she was already full up with Mikhail’s rod, this wasn’t going to be an easy task, but there was no way Kurt was going to be deterred.

Gradually he forced his way in and Vanessa screamed in pleasure and pain. “oh god, oh god, oh god” she repeated over and over as his hands moved towards her tiny breasts and pulled her back towards him for leverage. As Robert pushed his cock again towards Vanessa’s mouth, she almost drooled in pleasure. She actually thought she was going to faint with the sensations she was feeling, but luckily she didn’t.

She greedily sucked on Robert’s length whilst the other two guys double fucked her ass. Kurt was dripping hot sweat now all over her back and this added to the incredible feelings Vanessa was feeling. There was an powerful smell of unbridled desire and male hormones in the air as Robert and Kurt swapped positions in order for Robert to experience the double fucking as well.

All four carried on like this for what seemed an eternity until Vanessa couldn’t take anymore. “i have to taste your cum” she breathed. All three men helped her into a squatting position and began to beat off by her face. She too began to masturbate at the same time. Robert was the first to go. “ohhhhh” he gasped as his cock spurted huge thick ribbons of spunk all over Vanessa’s face and mouth.

Once he had finished Vanessa began to clean his cock with her tongue but almost immediately Mikhail moved her face towards his twitching cock. He erupted with a groan and at the same time he was spraying Vanessa’s face, she felt Kurt orgasm as well, his powerful semen criss-crossing with Mikhail’s as they both sprayed huge thick waves of cum all over her face until it was literally dripping off it.

Vanessa too was coming like she had never done before, again nearly passing out with the sheer pleasure of the orgasm. All three men allowed Vanessa to clean their cocks until their erections began to subside. “You are very hot” gasped Mikhail.

All three men then quickly began to dress and suddenly looked a little embarrassed. Vanessa knelt on the kitchen floor covered in cum, and shivered. “We must get back to work now?” asked Mikhail. “Anytime you want to have a break from it, just give me a shout, boys” replied Vanessa. “Or if i get thirsty for cum again” she giggled.

Vanessa hoped the work on the back garden would take weeks. It ended up taking months…

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