Co-worker surprise P.1

Credit Kerris

I really loved my new job in the County Library, I worked with a girl name Alexandra, or Lexy as liked to be called, she was a bit older than me, attractive, nice figure, terrific rack and shapely legs topped off with a nice rounded booty, leading me to believe she had to be a real heart breaker with the guys.

We got on very well and worked together for about three years before I suddenly began to realise that I was strongly attracted to her in a strange way. I’m by no means inclined to being Lesbian or Bi-sexual but the raw fact was that there seemed to be some sort of magnetism or chemistry flowing between us.

At home one night, laying in my bed, I found myself fantasizing about the two of us sitting together and her asking me if she could kiss me and before I knew it my hand was inside my knickers and I was teasing my button and making my pussy somewhat runny.

I stopped doing it and tried putting any thoughts of Lexy out of my head but next morning when I arrived at the library Lexy was there. She greeted me as usual with one of those pecks on the cheek lady friends give each other, but I got strange shock course through me and I knew I just knew I was turning on.

All that day I kept glancing at Lexy and trying to convince myself that she was not the object of my attraction……but if I had x-ray eyes I would be seeing her and me stark naked and rolling in ecstacy on my bed.

We went for a drink after work at the pub nearby as we normally did once or twice a week and the conversation got round to men and any particular men in our lives. I was between boyfriends myself having dropped my last one because of his attitude to only pleasing himself when we made love and failing to do anything for me sexually.

Lexy hinted that she had no one in tow in particular and the odd foray into involvement with a man was on a single date and no more. I thought if that was all she was interested in then fine and our chat ended. Getting up to go our separate ways home I blurted out that if she fancied it she could come home with me and I could cook dinner for us both and open a bottle of wine perhaps. Lexy readily agreed so we hailed a cab and took the short ride to my home.

I made us some Chilli and Rice and opened a bottle of Shirraz red wine and we tucked in. Two bottles later the evening was wearing on and Lexy indicated that she must be getting off home. Regretfully I brought her coat from the hallway and held it for her to put on.

As she turned and faced me I gave her the

usual peck on the cheek, then, our eyes locked and I felt a shiver run right through me. When her kiss landed on my lips I felt as if I was soaring high, my fantasy was coming true, I couldn’t believe it, this gorgeous woman in my arms, kissing me and me kissing her. I felt a searing heat throughout my body and my legs seemed to be about to buckle. Lexy’s hands were all over me, touching stroking kneading my boobs my ass my belly, then she was pulling my skirt up over my hips and molding the twin globes of my arse. My pussy was itching and I could feel my tiny button pulse, and I was getting runny.

I don’t remember being stripped naked or of seeing Lexy strip either, what actually blazed into view was not a naked woman, the object of my desire for months, but rather a half and half, half big tip tilted breasts with thick protruding brown nipples, a flat belly, a hairless groin……and a long thick menacing cock fully erect and jerking madly.

This stunning woman, my friend of three years, this woman I lusted after in my dreams, had given up her secret to me, she/he was shemale. That was the start of the longest night of my life….

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