A Surprising Night P.2

Credit https://www.self-help-sexuality.com/ Peter

I went to wipe her thick sticky spunk from my face but she stopped me!

”Leave it!” She firmly pushed my hands down. ”Makes you look like a real whore! ‘Hahaha’ kind of pretty but used!”

I was made to follow the down the dirt track, away from the road and further into the trees. A clearing opened out, well frequented by the look of it, and in the centre was a fallen dead tree, it’s thick trunk about three feet from the ground and covered with an old piece of carpet or rough blanket. The scudding clouds had disappeared and the pale moon lit the whole scene very well. I was hobbling, my jeans and underwear still around my ankles.

”Right!” She says, ”Strip! Everything! We want our little slut naked!”

I did as I was told and was slightly surprised when she folded my clothes neatly and put them on my work boot.

”Don’t want them damp or messy, do we?”She whispered, smiling. Then, hitching up her skirt again, she knelt before me taking hold of my still painfully hard erection and I thought I was going to have myself a nice ‘blow job’ too. Wrong! She wrapped something right around my cock and balls. Turns out it’s a cable-tie, a zip-clip and it makes that familiar buzzing sound as it’s pulled quite tight!

”Don’t want you spunking to soon, my filthy tart! This’ll keep you in check.”

They both led me to the fallen tree and I was laid over it, my bottom exposed. Then, oh God, she kneels down behind me, spreads my cheeks, and her warm breath and then her even warmer tongue start playing around my anus. Her tongue is probing into me and she has one had squeezing my balls. Not too tightly, but just enough exquisite, yes, exquisite pain to stop me coming.

”Oooh! Your so tight” she murmurs, ”we’ll have to loosen you up a bit…no…a lot!” And she forces two fingers up my bottom. It was so sudden I was taken by surprise and before I knew it she was in, up to her knuckles. It did sting a little and I moaned quietly.

”Hush! Try to relax! I’ve some lube to help a bit” then to her friend ”Did you text the other two?” Other two! Other two! I thought. What’s going on? Her friend had come around the tree and his truly awesome weapon was right in front of my face.

”Mouth open time again, sweetheart” she said. ” Get him nice and hard!” as she forced a third finger into my bottom and started twisting her hand around, stretching me further open, squirting KY Gel liberally over my slackening hole. Her friend has now given me his cock to hold. I don’t think it could get any harder. It’s like and iron bar, wrapped in skin, thick veins run its full length, the obscene swollen glans in wet with his pre-come and I can smell its faint cheesy odour.


he pushes this tasty morsel into my gaping mouth! Oh fucking Wow! I’ve got about 4 or 5 inches in and I’ve still got hold of the rest in two hands. He’s just so big, I have to breathe through my nose as he gently slides in and out. No way is that going into my throat.

Quiet whispering from behind then she removes her fingers and someone steps between my legs. Someone’s cock is being guided to my bottom and I can feel the steadily increasing pressure on my hole as this unknown person, quite harshly, forces his hard cock up my hole.

The pain this time is shocking and I struggle to get away but my thighs are against the tree and now I’m being held tightly round my neck by her friend, she’s holding one arm, the man know fucking my arsehole really hard has both hands gripping my waist for extra leverage, and someone else has my other arm held securely. It was…well…almost like being raped, I suppose, except I was loving it!

”Do you like that? You filthy fucking slut! Do you like cocks up your arse? That’s only eight inches! We’ll loosen you up properly! Go on! Fuck him harder! Fill his bum with spunk! We’ve got us a right little cock lover here!” She was shouting now. And he fucked me harder, his balls banging against mine still held very tightly in that zip-clip, and despite this restriction, come juice was dribbling from my knob-end.

Hands then squeezing and twisting my nipples as the man fucking me groans, thrust deep and holds in there and I swear I could feel his hot spunk spurting up my hole.

He pulls out rapidly with a loud sucking sound and his thick semen runs from my arsehole down the backs of my legs. I’m given no respite as the second stranger quickly takes his place and literally just rams straight up me, to his balls. And he’s bigger, and thicker. He too grips me round my waist and pounds me relentlessly. I’ve noticed I’m not being held by the others now.

No need, I suppose! They probably realize I’m just enjoying it. The man who’s just finished fucking me has come round the tree and it’s only then I find it’s another woman, crossdresser, in just black stockings and suspender belt and knee high leather boots. The ‘horse’s cock in my mouth is removed to be replaced by ‘her’ cock, softening now and coated in her spunk, KY Gel and the musky taste of my own bottom.

”Clean it!” I’m ordered! And I do, savoring the taste and smell. The man behind is going to town now, long deep thrusts, and I notice the burning, stinging pain is gone now, only pleasure, ecstasy, a beautiful feeling of being full…full of hard cock…being used like a little trollop. I feel warm fluid gently filling my mouth, at first thinking it’s spunk, ‘she’s’ come again, but ‘she’s’ emptying her bladder, pissing in my mouth! I cough and choke I little but then, strangely and gratefully, start drinking. It’s just wonderful abuse.

The man behind, thrusting really deep, starts to come up my bottom too. He seems to spurt for ages and his spunk squirts out around his throbbing cock.

”Do you think your ready for my friend here?” The first ‘woman’ asks, smiling gently at me. ”We didn’t think we’d find suck a willing little cock lover tonight. And a piss drinker as well! Maybe later, when we’ve finished with you, we’ll all use you as a toilet! Give you something to wash our spunk down with! Because we’re all going to come two or three times tonight. And you’re such an accomplished cocksucker!”

By this time her friend with the horse cock had moved and took his place between my wide spread legs. I felt the huge thick end of his tool at my entrance but, unlike the other two, he took it very slowly. The stinging pain was back and I sensed my arsehole stretching even wider, beyond its limits, I thought.

Then, just the tip was in and he paused briefly, maybe giving me time to get used to the sheer size of it, then still slowly, gradually thrust by thrust, inch by inch, deeper and ever deeper. Then an aching deep inside me. Is there a second sphincter between rectum and large intestine? A deep aching pain, then suddenly he plunges quite hard and within moments, his belly is against my buttocks and his balls, like duck’s eggs are swinging against mine. I’ve taken it all!

”Twelve inches! Wow!” his lady friend exclaims. ”He’s took the whole fucking twelve inches! Never seen any little tart do that before! Wow! Now, give him the fucking he’s always dreamed about!”

And he did too! Nearly all the way out, my anal ring just holding the bloated end in, then ramming all the way back in to slam his balls against mine. And even though my cock and balls were still held in that tight ring I could feel my orgasm building.

”Let me come! Please let me come…please!” I begged her.

A pair of nail clippers were produced and with a quick snip, the tight ring was removed. Blood flowed again painfully and I went over the edge. I’d never come like that before! Enormous squirts of spunk, maybe nine or ten, that gigantic cock teaming my hole then he too pumping his hot creamy spunk into my bowels, me sobbing with pleasure, begging him to keep fucking me. He stayed in until he was soft, his flopping out of my gaping arsehole followed by a flood of his spunk.

They all fucked me twice more that night, taking turns at my mouth too and around 4am they all give me a hot salty drink to wash it down with.

It would appear that I enjoy a bit of abuse and we’ve all met up a few times since. But nothing could match that first night.

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