A Girl Called Eddie

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Carrie had always treated me like her little sister, even though we were only third cousins. Though she was only two years older than I was and not of exceptional physical stature, I had allowed her to dominate me for as long as I could remember. Not that she was exceptionally cruel or abusive in any way. It was just that she seemed to realize I was different, long before I myself knew. I could never remember her treating me like a boy. By the time I reached my teens, I was wearing her clothes at any available opportunity, with her permission and no small measure of encouragement. In our secret world, we talked about boys, makeup and fashion, just like two real girls.

Naturally, our unusual relationship eventually turned fully intimate, but Carrie only ever allowed me to pleasure her as if we were both real girls. That meant – when we were ‘lesbian’ loving – I was forced to grip my cock between my clenched thighs, while she licked the base like it were a real pussy and I feasted on the real thing.

I was twenty when I became my cousin’s live in maid. It had been her idea. She was a successful and still single businesswoman and I was a virtual bum, changing lovers and careers as frequently as I changed hair colors. I needed the smack of firm discipline and Carrie needed a live-in help for her new house. I liked to think she had also been missing her ‘little sister’.

Back in our girl world, life was once again perfect, though the rules had changed somewhat. As well as being Carrie’s sister, I was employed as her servant. That meant obeying her rules and submitting my ass to her punishments, whenever my efforts were less than satisfactory. She still spanked me, just as she had done when we were growing up, but now she had far more potent weapons than her right palm in her disciplinary arsenal. Riding whip, cane and paddle – all were wielded with equal buttock burning accuracy. The number of strokes to which I was subjected depended on how vengeful she was feeling. Sometimes, I was punished for no other reason than she felt like giving me a good whacking. Despite the severity of this regime, I considered myself the most privileged person on the planet. How many men were fortunate enough to serve a beautiful woman who was big sister, domineering goddess and lesbian lover, all rolled into one?

I was proud of my devotion and loyalty to my sister, convinced that nothing would ever come between us. Then, Eddie walked into my life!

Carrie and I had always had similar tastes in men, so I could see immediately why she would be attracted to Eddie. He was in his late twenties, tall and blond with clean cut Scandinavian good looks. Ten out of ten, I decided, hating my sister for having ensnared such a

stunning stud.

‘Carrie shouldn’t be long,’ I said, ushering him into the lounge. ‘Can I get you something, while you’re waiting?’

‘Coffee would be nice,’ he replied.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I could sense his gaze lingering on my legs, which were sheathed in seamed stockings of dark silk. The short black dress that constituted my maid’s uniform left plenty to appreciate on view. The thought that I was probably giving him a hard-on caused my own cock to swell in my panties.

‘You must be Carrie’s sister,’ he said, when I returned with the coffee, several minutes later.

‘Kirsty,’ I replied, giving him my girl name, seeing no need to tell the truth.

‘I’m Eddie,’ he said.

I smiled. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eddie. Do you take cream?’

I sure do! I mentally added.

In a matter of minutes, we were chatting like old friends. Eddie was such a charmer, I could not help but viciously envy my sister. Why couldn’t it be me on the receiving end of his undoubtedly delicious cock?

All too soon, Carrie arrived home. As Eddie greeted her with a kiss, she cast a triumphant glance in my direction. As usual, she knew exactly what I was thinking. Bitch!

‘You’ve met Kirsty,’ she said. ‘My cousin. Male cousin!’

After that embarrassing revelation, which was designed to thwart any attraction Eddie might have felt towards me, I doubted I would ever see him again. However, Carrie did not know her lover as well as she thought. Two days later, he paid a surprise return visit.

‘Carrie won’t be home for hours,’ I said, as soon as I had recovered from the shock of seeing him on the doorstep.

The stud smiled. ‘I know. It’s her so-called sister I wanted to see. Can I come in?’

You can cum in me anytime, honey, I was tempted to respond.

‘Of course,’ I replied, struggling to hide my nervousness.

‘Last time I was here, I thought Carrie had a very attractive younger sister,’ he said as I led him into the lounge.

‘Uh, yes, I’m sorry about that,’ I responded, recalling the look that had crossed his face, when she had told him the truth about me.

‘No need to apologize,’ he assured me. ‘You’re very convincing.’

‘I’ll take that as a compliment,’ I smiled. ‘Carrie wouldn’t normally spring a nasty surprise like that, but you obviously thought I was the genuine article and I think she was just a little jealous. Wanted to set you straight, before you did something stupid, like want to fuck me.’

‘She hasn’t done a very good job, then,’ said Eddie. ‘I still think you’re gorgeous. Even more so, now that I know what you really are.’

Though I could scarcely believe what I was hearing, I reacted without hesitation.

‘You’ve got some nerve, I must say!’ I cried. ‘You turn up here, cool as a breeze, pay me a couple of cheap compliments and expect me to throw myself at you, like some cheap tranny slut who’ll fall for any macho poseur with a nice smile and a big bulge in his pants. Well, you know what you can do, Mister?’ I paused for a moment, savoring his shocked expression, then delivered my punchline. ‘You can do whatever you damn well please with this cheap tranny slut. Just don’t stand there staring for too long, in case my conscience gets the better of me.’

Adopting a wide legged stance, hands on hips, I moistened my pink glossed lips invitingly, while Eddie took a few seconds to somewhat regain his composure.

‘My God, you are a real cockteaser!’ he gasped. ‘Just like your sister.’

‘I think you’ll find I’m very different to my big sister, in at least one respect,’ I purred. ‘Now, we both know you haven’t come around for a cup of coffee, so why don’t you…………….?’

My challenge went unfinished as he practically leaped upon me, pinning me to the wall and silencing me with a lip-crushing kiss. While his tongue filled my mouth, his hands clawed frenziedly at my dress, wrenching it up over my hips. Though I made a convincing show of resistance, the last thing I wanted to do was discourage him. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be overpowered and ravaged senseless by that blond brute stallion. Even if I had been less than willing, his lust was so inflamed that he would almost certainly have taken me by force.

This was not the time for sensual niceties, such as adjourning to the bedroom. Eddie made no concessions to loving tenderness as he wrestled me to the floor, ripping off my dress in the process. We tussled for several more minutes, until he finally got a grip on the waistband of my black lace panties and ripped them off, as easily as if they were made of paper. Pinning me, face down, on the carpet, he thrust his right hand down between my thighs and found a tube of throbbing meat that instantly dispelled any doubts that might have remained regarding my need to be taken in the most masterful fashion.

‘You slut, you’ve been wanting it since the minute you saw me!’ he panted, fumbling with the zipper of his jeans.

‘A hard cock never lies,’ I moaned, looking over my shoulder. ‘You……..oh my!’

My gasp was well warranted by what he had just withdrawn from his underwear. Carrie certainly knew how to choose her men. To hell with conscience! This throbbing, eight-inch beauty was much too splendid to be restricted to a real girl.

Carrie had never sucked my cock and I had been with only a few men, but my enthusiasm more than compensated for my lack of experience. Head bobbing between Eddie’s thighs, I fed on his cock like a hungry animal, squeezing his balls and pumping the base between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand.

A few minutes later, I was gulping down my first load of cum in months. I didn’t waste a drop, licking my lips, then licking Eddie’s cock clean.

After that, the bedroom was the only place to go.

My asshole craved cock and Eddie fed me his meat with all the sweaty, rectum-rupturing aggression any feminized queer could desire. After he had fucked me for the first time, my cum slicked asshole gripped his cock until he was ready to fuck me again.

Much later, with our ravenous hunger finally sated, we lay naked among the rumpled white sheets of my bed, our bodies gleaming with perspiration. It had been some considerable time since a man had so totally satisfied me. To say I was impressed would have been an understatement.

‘You’d better have some of that hot cream left for Carrie, otherwise I could be in big trouble,’ I murmured, kissing his blonde thatched chest.

‘She would never suspect I’d been with you,’ he replied. ‘As far as your sister is concerned, I’m a one hundred percent red blooded heterosexual, if somewhat submissive, man.’

‘Submissive!’ I exclaimed, instantly raising my head. ‘Tell me more.’

‘As I’m sure you know, your cousin is quite a dominant lady,’ he said. ‘When it comes to the bedroom, she rules with an iron fist. Her man must learn to play by her rules, or suffer the consequences. I’ll leave the kinky details to your fertile imagination. Can’t see you in spike heeled thigh boots and swinging a whip, Kirsty. But then, perhaps I’ve misjudged you again.’

‘I’m the kind of girl who knows her place and loves it,’ I replied. ‘Does she ever dress you up?’

‘You mean like you?’

I nodded. ‘You could look very sexy in high heels and a short skirt.’

Eddie laughed. ‘That is one idea Carrie has never suggested. It might be fun, though I could never imagine myself cutting as stunning a figure as you.’

‘You might be pleasantly surprised,’ I responded. ‘Shall we find out?’

In the wake of what had already happened between us, he needed little further persuasion. From my underwear drawer, I selected a purple satin Basque, with matching panties of shiny silk, suspenders and dark silk stockings. While Eddie slipped into these, I browsed through the extensive contents of my walk in closet, finally opting for a shimmering white, shoulderless evening dress, slit from ankle almost to thigh top at the back. A short, black silk jacket, string of fake pearls and a pair of my stiletto-heeled shoes completed the clothing stages of his transformation.

Before attending to the important matter of his makeup, I seated him at my dressing table and fitted him with a shoulder length wig of straight, peroxide blonde hair. Like an artist putting the finishing touches to a precious work, I used lipstick of my most whorish red, dark eyeliner, powder and paint to complete the creation of a girl called Eddie. By the time I was finished, he was unrecognizable as the macho stud that had repeatedly stuffed me with my favorite kind of meat. Preening before the mirror, balanced unsteadily on my high heels, he had to agree that he looked absolutely stunning.

‘If I’d known it would look and feel this good, I’d have been putting on panties and lipstick ages ago,’ he said. ‘Where are you going?’

‘Won’t be long,’ I smiled.

When I returned, a few minutes later, he was still admiring himself in the mirror. But the instant he saw what I had become, his attention was all mine. In my sister’s shiny black rubber thigh boots, matching, figure hugging mini dress, spike studded dog collar and elbow length gloves, I looked every inch the stern dominatrix. The riding whip gripped in my right fist was an essential accessory, though one I had no real intention of using. If Carrie were to catch me wearing her clothes without permission, I would be the one feeling the sting of the whip.

‘You look like her twin!’ gasped Eddie.

‘And you look like you’re ready to cum in my panties, you dirty slut,’ I retorted. ‘Well, now you will submit to me, just as you grovel before my Mistress. Is that okay with you?’

‘Uh, yes – yes, of course, Mistress!’ he blurted. ‘I’m completely at your mercy. Just tell me what you want me to do.’

‘Get on the bed and play doggy,’ I snapped.

As he scurried obediently across the room, I could not resist a flick of the whip across his buttocks. Even two layers of thin silk took little of the venom from the sting. With a loud yelp, he grabbed at his right cheek. I was even more surprised that I had actually struck him. Perhaps I was more like Carrie than I had suspected. Could I become an equally vicious vixen, merely by slipping into her kinky second skin?

Eddie trembled, either in fear or anticipation of a further taste of the crop. Despite my newly discovered sense of potency, I was reluctant to subject him to a good thrashing. However, he was not to know that. Planting my right foot on the bed, I commanded him to lick my boot.

As he licked his way slowly up along the expanse of smooth rubber, the crop resting between his shoulder blades, he took full advantage of the view up my dress. As I was not wearing any underwear, my attributes were on full, shameless display.

‘Let me suck your cock, Mistress!’ he pleaded, his tongue only inches from the swollen length.

‘Does my sister have a cock?’ I demanded, cooling his ardor with another whack of the crop across his butt.

‘Of course not!’ he cried. ‘How could she?’

‘A strap-on cock, moron,’ I snapped. ‘Dominant women sometimes like to use such things on their slaves.’

He shook his head. ‘She has a vibrator, but she’s never used it on me. I wish she did have a hard, juicy cock, just like yours. That would make her the perfect Mistress.’

‘Perhaps I am the perfect Mistress then,’ I responded. ‘I have something my sister doesn’t and I want to do something she has never done. You enjoy being a girl, don’t you?’

He nodded eagerly, nuzzling my rubber-sheathed thigh.

‘My first boyfriend taught me a valuable lesson,’ I continued. ‘You’re not really a girl until you’ve taken a cock in both ends. Only by being fucked can you become truly feminine.

‘You want to fuck me?’ He did not sound entirely enamoured of the idea.

‘You’ll love it,’ I promised. ‘I should know.’

Under the circumstances and with my cock only inches from his face, he was prepared to be persuaded. I was the sort of horny slut who, as a rule, preferred to be fucked rather than fuck, but Eddie was bringing out the dominatrix in me.

Like a shy young virgin, he lay passively back on the bed, my riding whip gripped like a rose stem between his teeth, while I peeled off his dress and panties. My rubber dress had ridden halfway up my hips and I saw a mixture of fear and desire in his eyes as he gazed at my stiff cock, which jutted just below the hemline in an extremely businesslike fashion.

‘You want my cock, darling?’ I teased, spreading his thighs with both hands.

He nodded eagerly in response. By the time I had smeared my throbbing tool with a liberal fistful of lube, he was practically begging for it.

Holding my cock in my right fist, I guided the head to his asshole. When he felt me penetrate him, he started to resist, but I wrapped my free arm firmly around his waist.

‘Aaaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ he cried.

‘Now you’re a girl,’ I sneered, punching his virgin butt chute with my full length.

Eddie spent the first few minutes screaming and struggling like a raped virgin, but by the time I was cumming in his ass, he didn’t want to fight anymore.

That was but the first of many such passionate afternoons. Even more than the pleasures of my complete lack of inhibition, Eddie enjoyed being transformed into a girl. I was happy to share all my secrets with him, teaching him how to apply makeup, walk confidently in high heels and generally carry himself in a convincingly feminine manner. Having practically grown up as Carrie’s little sister, such things had always come naturally to me. Eddie’s tuition required a little more time and patience, but for a student with such promise and enthusiasm, I proved myself a devoted teacher.

Though careful never to give Carrie any cause for suspicion, we knew we could not carry on like this indefinitely. Sooner or later, she was bound to find out. The problem was, what did we do? We could not stop seeing each other, but neither did we wish to hurt her. Apart from that noble consideration, there was the fear of how she might react, especially on my part. I had been severely punished in the past, for far lesser crimes than stealing her boyfriend.

Our shared dilemma was put on hold when she unexpectedly announced that she would have to go abroad on business for a week. I did my best to conceal my joy at the news. It was not that I wouldn’t miss her, but the prospect of Eddie and I having a whole week together was like winning the lottery.

We did not waste any time. Scarcely had Carrie departed for the airport when Eddie had arrived at the apartment, eager for seven long, hot days and nights of playing at girls. He had even brought a suitcase, packed with brand new clothes that we could both enjoy wearing, not to mention practically ripping off one another.

It was not long before I was suggesting the next natural step for his new self. The world, or at least a very small part of it, deserved to see us in all our feminine glory. It was such a waste to confine ourselves behind four walls, especially now that he had developed into a most convincing girl. To my surprise, he needed little persuasion. After all, I had been stepping out as a girl for years. If I could do it, then so could he.

Our first excursion was to a nearby mall, where we treated ourselves to some sexy new lingerie, perfume and lipstick. We were both dressed the modest side of sexy and met with not a single suspicious glance. Eddie enjoyed every moment of our afternoon adventure and his pleasure added greatly to my enjoyment of the occasion. The following evening, I had an even more daring idea.

‘Let’s become girls and go to a nightclub. I know this great place that you’ll just love. We might even get lucky and pick up a couple of real men. Well, shall we live dangerously?’

‘That might be just a little too dangerous,’ he answered. ‘Going shopping is one thing, but a pair of queens in high heels and short skirts could get themselves into serious trouble, if they bumped into the wrong kind of people.’

‘Oh, honey, please, for me!’ I pleaded. ‘Carrie only allows me to go out once a fortnight and I do so enjoy the nightlife. There’s nothing to be afraid of, honestly. Besides, Mistress will be back in two days, then we’re going to have face the music. Let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.’

He was still nervous, three hours later, as we strolled into the club, looking for the entire world like two predatory blonde real girls in high heels and lip-gloss.

‘If that skirt of yours was any shorter, your cock would be showing,’ he whispered.

‘You can talk, Miss Hot Legs,’ I retorted. ‘That little pink Lycra number doesn’t leave much to the imagination.’

‘We look like a pair of cheap whores,’ he said. ‘I just hope we get away with this.’

‘Of course we will,’ I promised. ‘This is going to be the night of our lives. See the way some of those men are looking at us. Let’s see if we can get somebody to buy us a drink.’

Eddie soon discovered that I had much more in mind than just a few drinks and a little harmless flirting. While he seemed uncomfortable with all the attention we were attracting, I reveled in my natural role of shameless tease, pouting suggestively, flashing my stocking tops and fluttering my eyelids at any available man that took my fancy. Before he quite knew what was happening, I had invited a pair of handsome young studs back to the apartment for ‘coffee’.

‘This is madness!’ he hissed, drawing me to one side, just as we were preparing to leave. ‘Those two obviously think we’re the genuine article. We can’t just take them home for a foursome.’

‘Don’t tell me you don’t want that six-foot-four blond ‘I retorted. ‘You’ve spent the last ten minutes with your tongue down his throat. I’m surprised he didn’t notice the bulge in your panties.’

‘It’s not that I don’t like him,’ he said. ‘There’s nothing I’d love more than to fuck with him. But if he finds out I’m a guy in a dress………’

‘Trust me, darling,’ I told him. ‘I’ve done this sort of thing many, many times and it’s never gone wrong yet.’

‘Are you girls ready to go?’

The voice was that of Jason, the older and somewhat less rugged of the pair, who had spent most of the last hour trying in vain to get his hand up my skirt, while I sat on his lap and familiarized him with my French kissing technique. I had never been a girl who believed in playing hard to get, but I wanted to save his ‘surprise’ for later.

‘Oh yes, we’re ready to go,’ I smiled.

By the time we reached the apartment, Eddie was even more nervous. After the way we had behaved in the club, our prospective partners were in no mood to waste much time on pleasant chitchat. In fact, it was obvious they could not wait to get down to business with the two hot blondes they had so effortlessly scored. Had Eddie not dragged me straight to the kitchen, I would not have kept them waiting a moment longer.

‘I can’t go through with this,’ he said. ‘It’s too dangerous. You’re going to have to get rid of them.’

‘After we invited them back!’ I protested. ‘That wouldn’t be very polite. Tell you what, you stay here for a few minutes and I’ll make everything alright.’

I kissed him on the cheek, then hurried back to my guests, who waited impatiently on the couch. Planting myself on Jason’s lap, I draped an arm around his neck and kissed him with a ferocity that took his breath away. As expected, his right hand once more began gliding up my silk stockinged thigh. I reached for it, but instead of pushing it away as I had done in the club, I guided it upwards, to the unmistakable swelling in my black lace panties. Startled, he disengaged his mouth from mine, though his hand remained in place beneath my skirt.

‘Is this real?’ he gasped.

‘As real as yours, darling,’ I replied, reaching for the bulge in his skin-tight jeans. ‘Though not nearly as big and beautiful, I’ll bet. Do you still want me?’

It was a silly question, as he was already tugging down the waistband of my panties.

‘Your friend,’ he panted. ‘Is she….., er, is he….?’

‘She is,’ I replied, just before terminating the conversation with another forceful kiss.

Eddie’s worries had all been in vain. The instant he returned to the lounge, his greatest concern was that he might not manage to get out of his dress, before the other man ripped it off in a frenzy of lust.

The full-blooded foursome that followed was a revelation for all concerned. Our guests had been hoping for a pair of cock hungry nymphomaniacs and neither Eddie nor I disappointed.

We took their cocks in both ends, in every possible manner and combination. The highlight of the orgy was when I was crouched on the bed, with Jason and Eddie’s cocks stuffed into opposite corners of my mouth and the other guy’s nine-inch boner fucking my ass.

We bid goodbye to our guests, late that morning, leaving them more satisfied than if they had spent the night with a couple of real bimbo sluts.

We might well have donned our high heels and short skirts and gone out again that night, had Carrie not returned forty-eight hours prematurely and found us in a decidedly compromising position. I was seated before my dressing table mirror, wearing only a tiny pink negligee and discussing the most memorable moments from our kinky foursome with Eddie, who was combing my long blond wig. All he was wearing were his high heels and purple satin Basque. His hard cock was gripped in my right fist.

Caught in the act, there was nothing to do but confess. To everything! When we had finished, it was Carrie’s turn to spring yet another surprise.

‘I suspected as much. That’s why I came back early. You’ve never been any good at keeping secrets from me, little sister. And as for you.’ She glared at Eddie. ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself. What a pair of sluts! Wait here.’

When she returned, a few moments later, both of us blushing transvestites were exactly as she had left us. The cane in her right fist provided ample warning that it was not just our faces that were about to be reddened.

‘Punishment time, girls,’ she announced. ‘You two are about to be very sorry you screwed with your Mistress.’

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