Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.3

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“This is the 3rd part in a story about 2 very hot men “str8″ men or at least that’s what they thought there were until one asked the other if he could blow him. Connor looks like a cross between Zac Efron and Joe Jonas, and Alan looks like a cross between Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth. They are both very hot jocks who have been life long friends and now Alan thinks he’s gay and wants Connor to help him understand!”


I am again using boldface type to give you Alan’s thoughts in this story, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Well, at least this time we didn’t pass out!

It was like Alan was some kind of oral sex savant, he was literally fucking amazing, cum shot out of my cock so hard it almost hurt! My balls were slowly dropping back where they belong, from almost being totally up inside of me.

“Fuck Alan, fuck!”

“I know Connor, I’m just going to say it, I love sucking your cock, and apparently you love me sucking it, so maybe for right now we could just leave it like that…you know whenever you want some head, I’ll take care of it for you! Then I can have some time to deal with my thoughts about being gay!”

“Yeah Alan, I think that’s probably a good idea. You don’t want to come out to your family unless you are sure you’re gay, and as much as I hate to admit it, you are truly fucking amazing at giving head!”

“Connor, you know I shot my load again just from sucking your cock?”

“Yeah buddy, I felt it, I’m glad it turns you on so much, but you know that doesn’t mean that you’re gay. You could just be satisfying a curiosity or a fetish that you want to try, I’m not sure, but don’t put yourself down about it! Come here!”

I opened my arms wide and Alan crawled up and I hugged him tightly. He was almost crying again and said, “Connor thank you for not turning your back on me, not getting mad at me…”

“Alan, losing you as my best friend would be like losing an arm or some part of me, that isn’t going to happen. Things may change somewhat, but that’s how life works, very few things stay the same for a long time, but I will always be your numero uno, your best friend, your brother! There may be things that each of us does that the other doesn’t like, but that will never change my love for you, never!”

“Connor, I really do enjoy sucking your cock, it’s so amazing, it makes me feel great to make you feel so good, it makes me feel great to make you cum and give you that pleasure, and it makes me feel great to feel the power of your cock, and to kind of worship your body, next time I want

to do more of that too, you liked it when I licked your abs and sucked your nipples didn’t you?”

“Uhm, yeah buddy I did…but it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Con, ya think it might be a just a little embarrassing for me to want to suck your cock…I think we can be full balls to the walls honest here, there can’t be many secrets left!”

It was good to see Alan chuckle a bit about this. “You’re right Al…i can’t lie about loving having my nipples sucked and my taint licked…it’s fucking hot!”

“Wow, that’s cool Connor, I wasn’t sure about the taint thing, but I had one girl do it to me and it was hot as fuck!”

“Good deal, you can have at licking my taint any time you want, as long as I don’t smell too bad for you down there.”

“Well, there is something I learned today…”

“What’s that?”

“The less you smell like soap and the more you smell like a man, the better I like it!”

“Really, you don’t think it stinks?”

“Well Con, you may have studied psychology, but I studied biology, and there are all kinds of hormones and pheromones that cause all kinds of reactions to the other sex, and well I guess just sex partners. Hell, the Puritans made everyone start hiding their body scents because it made people want to have sex too much!”

“Wow Alan, I didn’t know that!

We talked until late in the evening as we usually did. I told Alan I’d stay over if he wanted, I’d just have to get up a little early to go home and change for classes and stuff. He promised he was feeling better now and also promised he wouldn’t talk about this or even hint at it until he had more time to deal with it.

We had a big ‘bro’ hug and I went home. I thought about what happened a bit and felt sorry for Alan for having to go through all of this and make a lot of decisions. I also felt sorry for him if he really wasn’t into girls anymore and about all the hot chicks and pussy he’d be missing out on. I wondered if he was bi since he’d hit so many girls over the years. Hell, he even had a better average for taking a girl out and bedding her the first or second time.

It was late enough that I was ready to call it a night, the parents were already in their quarters, so I didn’t bother them. I’d only been in bed about 5 minutes and I started thinking about how amazing it was for Alan to suck my cock, and how amazing he was at it, and yes I got boned in about a minute.

I threw back the covers and started stroking and in no time I was thinking about how hot the head Alan gave me had been! I wondered what Alan was thinking about, then in my mind, I saw the look Alan gave me when he looked up at me his eyes glazed over and such a look of lust in his eyes and on his face, and I shot my third load of the day with three big ribbons up my chest and one of them hitting my chin.

Connor was only gone about 15 minutes and I was in bed, and immediately thought about how fucking hot my buddy was. I’d always known it but put it aside, I just kind of compartmentalized him. Soon I was thinking about his big fat cock and his hot body, and I was pretty sure I was ready to get fucked and I definitely wanted Connor to be the one to get my butt first! I pulled up one of my favorite Zac Efron movies and scanned through it taking in all the shirtless scenes and blew my load thinking about much Connor looked like Zac and thinking about him fucking me before I drifted off to sleep!

Later I had a dream where Connor and I were out running when a storm came up and we were drenched as we ran to the beach house. We peeled off our clothes right outside the door. Then Connor grabbed my hand and drug me into the house, he flopped down on a bed and pulled me with him. The next thing I knew I was on my back, Connor was holding my ankles up, he had a big smile on his face and he said, “Alan, I’m going to fuck you!” Then I woke up.

I grabbed my cock and in less than five strokes I blasted in the sheets!

I woke up with a raging boner and plenty of time to stroke one out, have a shower and get to class on time, but I stopped myself. I was kind of embarrassed and ashamed, but I didn’t want to picture Alan sucking my cock while I stroked and I already knew I would if I stroked, so I got up, pulled on some shorts and went to the kitchen, thank God mom had made coffee.

I thought about Alan sucking my cock again on my way to class, but thankfully I ran into Cara outside of class, she gave me something else to think about, cute pert little tits and nice round butt in short/shorts. I made it through the next few classes effortlessly and ran into Alan after my last class. He asked if I was coming over like I do most days, but I made an excuse and told him I’d see him tomorrow.

I think Connor dodged me today. I felt a little bit bad about that, but I also felt like I had taken advantage of my best friend, getting him to let me suck his cock, might not have been a good idea. I figured he needed a bit of time away from me to figure out his feelings.

Damn, I wish I hadn’t told Alan I had plans, my cock is aching and I would love to have him suck me again. But I knew that was exactly why I avoided him, I couldn’t just get in the habit of having Alan suck me, and that seemed to be almost all I could think of right now!

I wish I could think about someone else as hot as Connor, but now that I’ve felt, seen, tasted, and experienced Connor in that way, I’m not sure I would be happy with someone else!

Over the next few days, Alan and I went for our runs and work out at the gym and a few things like that. I was on a mission to get Cara to go out with me again. We had dated a couple of times and then I kind of pissed her off at a party because of flirting with some other girls. But she finally agreed to go out with me again.

I didn’t want to tell Alan…well because…you know…

Connor was acting strange and pulling away from me, so finally I cornered him after a run. “Connor, you were the one who said that things wouldn’t change between us that nothing would change, so what’s up?”

“Sorry Alan, I’m kind of new to the difference in our relationship, I’ve been trying to get Cara to go out with me again and she finally agreed, and I didn’t want to make you feel bad that I was going to go out with her!”

“Dude, you’re a guy, you’re straight, you’re into chicks, you’re going to go out, you’re going to get laid…at least I hope because you get wound a little tight when you don’t. Go, have fun, fuck your brains out, and then come back and be my buddy again!”

“Dammit Alan, you’re right, I’m sorry, I’m the one being weird about this, not you! Nothing changes, I’ll get used to it I promise!”

Alan and Connor both kind of slipped back into their normal relationship, running, going to the gym, playing sports, and hanging out. Connor was seeing Cara but she was holding him at bay and too many times he left her without even much making out, but other times enough to almost give him blue balls.

Connor hadn’t been going over to Alan’s as much after activities together and Alan finally called him on it.

Alan, I’m sorry, I really am, I’ve been an asshole, and it’s NOT because you might be gay. It’s…well…dammit, you give amazing fucking head and it’s all I can think about to the point where on one hand I don’t really care if Cara ever puts out, but on the other hand, I feel like I need that conquest to solidify my hetero status or at least my masculinity! I’m sorry Alan, this is not your fault and you’re the one with the big issue here and I’m making it all about me!

“Connor calm down! We both did something that we never did before, and obviously we both enjoyed the hell out of it. But I know you, and I know you’re not going to score with Cara running around like some big horny dog after a bitch in heat…you’ve got to calm down and stop chasing her so hard or she’s just going to keep running from you! I know neither of us has been into beating off, but you just may need to just to take the edge off…or…”

“You’re right Alan, I’m acting crazy! I think I know what your “or” was going to be…”

“Yes, you do! You know I’d love to take care of your cock for you, then maybe you can calm down and actually be nice to Cara and she might want to spend some time with you!”

“Thanks, Alan, but you’re so good at it, I’m afraid I might not care about Cara if you keep doing this for me!”

“Well mister blue balls, I get that, but it gives you an out, and it helps me out by getting my rocks off when I blow you, and I get more practice!”

Connor struggled with that for about ten seconds and looked at Alan and said, “Yes, you’re right, as usual, you’re the practical one, let’s do this my balls are aching!”

In less than ten minutes they had run the distance from where they stopped to talk and Alan’s home and literally ran down to the basement. They were peeling their clothes off as they went. Connor flopped on the bed and Alan stayed there standing and kind of embarrassed said, “Connor stand up, there’s something I want to try.”

“What’s that buddy?”

“Well over the years I’ve seen a lot of videos of guys sucking cock, and in a lot of them the guy getting head is standing and the guy giving head is on his knees…and that’s part of my fantasy to try that!”

“No problem bro!”

Connor jumped up off the bed and his big cock was almost hard in anticipation of what Alan was about to do to it. Alan loved watching his best friend’s cock bounce around knowing he was excited about his mouth, tongue, and lips.

By the time they got into position, Connor was almost fully hard and Alan had to somewhat pull Connors cock down toward his mouth. Instead of slathering Connors balls like he had done previous times Alan went right for his buddies cock, licking from the base to the head, then swirling his tongue around the fat head of Connor’s thick cock and received his first taste of Connor’s precious precum and realized how much he missed the taste!

Fuck Alan thought…this is all worth it just to see and touch Connor’s amazingly thick cock, but better than that is the taste!

Fuck Connor thought…this is so worth it, seeing my hot buddy on his knees looking up at me while he takes my throbbing cock into his hot, wet mouth, and knowing he loves it just makes it all the better.

Alan had licked every square millimeter of Connor’s cock to get it wet and slowly start sliding it into his mouth, deep throat was on Alan’s mind and the funny thing was it was also on Connor’s mind, so he was shocked when Alan smiled up at Connor and said,

“Buddy, I want to try to deep throat your big cock!”

Connor felt his big cock surge and another drop of precum squeeze out the slit, Alan tasted it and filed that information for further use. Alan slowly pulled down until the big cock was against the opening of his throat and used every bit of restraint to keep from ejecting Connor’s cock from his mouth, but he also noticed the increase of wetness in his mouth that pushing a cock against his throat had produced.

So Alan settled in to slowly sliding his mouth and wet lips up and down Connor’s big cock occasionally polishing the wide head with his tongue. He had placed both hands on the back of Connor’s hairy, muscular thighs and was slowly sliding them up and down.

After a while he had a thought and slid them up to Connor’s well-muscled and somewhat hairy butt and started pulling Connor into his mouth while he held his head still, hoping Connor would get the idea to slowly fuck his face.

Connor was loving this! He knew he was hot in a Zac Efron-ish way, and Alan is a damn good looking man in his Bradley Cooperish way, and it was hot to look down and see this hot studly man with Connor’s cock in his mouth. He also loved Alan’s hands on his ass! Connor worked his body hard and appreciated how many chicks loved his ass and loved when they played with his somewhat hairy cheeks, but really loved it when they drug a finger up and down his crack, and it would make him cum fast and hard!

Alan had stopped moving his head and was pulling Connor’s cock into his mouth and kind of pushing it back, and slowly he stopped moving onto Connor and Connor soon caught on and started sliding his cock in and out of Alan’s willing mouth, once in a while he would purposely push in just a little father to stimulate Alan’s gag reflex and stir up the juices in his mouth. He had only had a similar experience with one girl he went out with who loved to suck cock, now he was using it on his best friend!

Alan was in cocksucking heaven now! His super hot best friend was moving his big thick cock in and out of his mouth virtually fucking him but was respecting Alan’s gag reflex, basically just occasionally tickling it. After a while, Alan looked up at Connor and smiled and said, “Buddy, you want help train me to deep throat your cock?”

It wasn’t missed by Connor that Alan didn’t say deep throat “a” cock, he said, “your” cock, kind of as if Alan wanted to be trained to Connor’s cock. Connor wasn’t certain what all that meant, but he was sure it meant something!

“Sure buddy, but other than just jam it in your throat, I’m not sure how to do that!”

Connor was smiling as he kidded Alan.

Alan slipped off of Connor’s cock and said, “I watched a video about it, all you have to do is start slowly fingering my throat like you would a pussy or even a butthole!”

Connor’s eyebrows shot up and he said, “Really?”

“Yeah, you just have to do it slowly and pay attention to my gagging, you don’t want to make me puke! Just go finger in and out a few times, then try your cock, then two fingers a few times then try your cock, and work all the way up to four if you have to, partly getting my throat used to having something in it and partly to stretch it open slowly!”

“Fuck Alan, that just sounds fucking hot, yeah, let’s do it!”

Alan reminded Connor to just let him suck on his fingers and get them really wet and to move slowly, but when he started gagging too much to pull back.

Connor wasn’t familiar with things like domination and such, but he knew something about doing this to Alan was VERY hot and intriguing the way he would be controlling his very hot best friend.

Alan took somewhat of a submissive position removing his hands from Connor and kind of sitting on them, that seemed to give Connor permission or something, he really wasn’t sure, but he was having some feelings of taking control of his buddy.

Connor told Alan to open his mouth and then he slowly slid his index finger in and out a few times and for some reason enjoyed the feeling. Then he warned Alan that he was going to slide it into his throat and did so slowly and smoothly. It almost made Connor feel as if he could now just slide his cock in, but he knew that wasn’t so, so he continued sliding the same finger in and out for a while and didn’t miss the look of satisfaction on Alan’s upturned face.

After a while of them both apparently enjoying this new type of play Connor went to two fingers, and that was hotter still. He let Alan suck on his fingers for a few seconds to get them both good and wet…then he nodded at Alan and slowly slid them both into his throat.

Alan thought, holy fuck this is so hot, I wonder if it will be this hot if I ever get Connor to put his big cock in my butt, and he fingers me open! But he was brought back to reality when he saw Connor wrap his hand around his leaking cock with his left hand and slowly slide the two fingers of his right hand out of Alan’s mouth.

Connor thought, fuck this is hot as he slid his fingers out and slid his cock onto Alan’s tongue and tapped it to make the drop of precum stuck to Alan’s tongue and then when he pulled back they both watched the clear, sticky strand string away from Alan’s mouth.

Alan thought he might shoot, so he closed his eyes and Connor took that as the cue to slip his cock in. Connor was careful and slowly moved his fat cock in and out of Alan’s mouth allowing Alan to slobber on it and get it good and wet, then Connor nodded at Alan and slid the cock toward the opening of Alan’s throat.

Alan loved what Connor was doing and how he was doing it, he may not have ever had sex with a guy other than Alan but he definitely knew about oral sex, and he knew how thick his cock is. Alan gently bumped Alan’s throat opening and then eased back, he bumped it a little harder and eased back, Alan nodded at him and he pushed a little harder and a little farther and saw and felt Alan stifle a gag, so he just slid back and forth on Alan’s tongue a few times and then pushed again. He pushed a little more and Alan gagged a little more, but not much.

Alan was disappointed when Connor withdrew his cock but knew he was in for a treat when Connor only slid one single finger all the way into Alan’s throat, then back out again, and slowly slid in two and proceeded to slowly fuck Alan’s throat.

Connor saw Alan look at the drop of precum exiting his slit and Connor pulled out his fingers and wiped his cock on Alan’s tongue. As soon as he saw Alan enjoy the droplet, he slid in three fingers and wiggle them for Alan to get them wet, then he drew them back and slid two into Alan’s throat pulled them back and slid in three and waited for Alan’s reaction.

He gagged slightly but soon got it under control, and Connor started slowly sliding two and then three fingers, and then two and then three, and he could tell Alan was getting really turned on. Connor looked down and noticed the juices running out of Alan’s cock and reached down with two fingers and swiped the precum off of the head of Alan’s cock. He stood up with a big, broad smile and slid his fingers back into Alan’s mouth and Alan moaned.

With that as his signal, Connor started throat fucking Alan slowly with his three fingers and then pulled his fingers out, slid his cock in, and it actually popped into Alan’s throat.

Connor waited patiently as he watched Alan’s guys open wide and a tear run down his cheek. It was a couple of seconds before he felt Alan fighting the urge to gag, and he pulled back out. Alan took a couple of deep breaths and Connor slid two and then three fingers into Alan’s throat and pulled them out to be replaced by his cock.

First Connor took the opportunity to again smear his precum on Alan’s tongue and then slowly slid his fat cock head into Alan’s throat for a few seconds, this time not waiting for the gag to take place, he pulled out before it happened. Connor counted to five and then slid back into Alan’s throat again, he held for a few seconds and then stayed in Alan’s mouth but backed out of his throat.

Connor was all smiles when he said, “Is that good Al…you like it like that?”

Now Alan had more tears running down his face and a bit of drool out the side of his mouth, but he smiled and nodded yes, and Connor kept up teasing Alan’s throat.

Soon Connor made his way up to four fingers and was staying in Alan’s throat a bit longer and a bit deeper each time. They were both panting and without notice, Connor groaned and pushed just the head into Alan’s throat and shot at least three huge volleys of cum right into Alan’s throat and before the gagging started Connor pulled out and washed Alan’s tonsils like he had done the other times.

Alan moaned, grunted, and busted his load all over Connor’s legs!

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