Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.4

Credit Funandbold

Wow…this series is going a lot longer than I expected! I’m hoping you guys are enjoying it! I have a lot more to tell about the experimenting between these two straight guys!

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This is all fantasy and everyone involved is at least eighteen years old!

The boldface type is what Alan is thinking! The regular face type is mostly Connor’s thoughts.

Alan and Connor were both panting, sweating, and somewhat covered in Alan’s cum. Every time Alan gave Connor head it was better than the last time, and Connor was amazed the first time!

“Fuck Alan, you took the head of my cock into your throat, that felt fucking amazing!”

“Fuck buddy…it felt great to me too! I want to do that more and get really good at it!”

“I am more than up for you practicing that on me, it was so fucking hot!”

I wanted to push things just a little bit farther because I loved the domination part of this and I was pretty sure that Alan loved the taste of cum even if it was his own so I wanted to see what he would do. I put my foot up on the bed and was looking down at it, and said, “Hhmmm, I’m not sure what to do with all this cum that was shot on my foot and my calf…”

Alan looked up at me and smiled and said, “I know exactly what to do with it!” Then he leaned in and started licking his cum off my foot and started working his way up my calf. It was giving me some unknown type of thrill and I was mostly on autopilot when I reached down and gently put my hand on top of his head and guided his licking.

Wow, the crazed look on Connor’s face about the cum on his foot and leg weren’t because he was freaking out about having another dudes cum on him like I first thought, it was some kind of control issue, and when he thought he was being sly about saying he wasn’t sure what to do with it I knew what he wanted. Then when I leaned in to lick it, it was pretty hot because he had pretty much just given me access and permission to lick anywhere on his body I could find cum and that made me very happy.

As I leaned in to lick him and he put his hand on my head, it kind of sent a chill up my spine all the way from the base of my spine to where his hand made contact with my head, I kind of shivered.

Alan looked up at me with a lustful smile that made my cock surge again!

Fuck I don’t know what was making this so hot, but I was baiting Connor with a really lustful look in my eyes and then I spotted his big cock and it was growing

but it was only about half hard! “Connor, your cock isn’t all the way hard yet, if I was ever going to get a lot more of it in my throat right now would be the time!” I saw the look on Connor’s face and I knew this idea was a “go”!

I watched Connor take his hand off my head and wrap it around the base of his cock, I immediately stopped licking and started opening my mouth wide and aiming for his big cock that still had just a bit of cum drooling off the thick head.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, doing this shit with Alan was always so fucking hot! I guess with chicks it was a natural thing for me to take a dominant role, I realized that I did enjoy holding a girl’s head when she was giving me head, and that doggy style was my favorite position because I was usually holding a girl by her hips or her waist and guiding the action, now I wanted to do this with Alan.

As his face got close to my cock he licked a cum drool off the tip, then lashed his tongue around the head getting it wet and as he slowly opened wider and my cock was halfway in his mouth, I put a hand on each side of his head and guided him down the shaft of my hardening cock. My cock was filling in fast and I wanted to get it into Alan’s throat and I knew he wanted it in there too, so as I held his face tight between my hands he looked up at me as to give permission I looked at my cock and saw the shaft wasn’t wet and did the first thing that came to my mind…

I spit on my cock and into Alan’s mouth! Fuck I couldn’t believe I had done that, then I heard Alan groan and use his tongue to smear my spit on the shaft of my cock. Alan backed up with my cock only partially in his mouth, tilted his head more into an upward position, and with my cock still between his lips said, “Do it again!” and opened his mouth wider!

Fuck…what was up with this and the way I felt about everything that Connor did, in my mind I would only get to taste his spit if we ever actually kissed, but here it was and I WANTED him to spit in my mouth again!

Fuck…I just spit in Alan’s mouth and it was a huge turn on, then he asked me to do it again, that was so fucking hot, I wasn’t even all the way hard again, and I thought I was going to fucking shoot again! I backed out until just the head was in his mouth and made a motion to spit and he opened his mouth wider and I did my best to get more into his mouth than on my cock, and it was about fifty/fifty. I could tell he loved it, so I pulled my cock all the way out of his mouth, held his head in both of my hands and he opened his mouth and I bent over and just drooled a big wad of spit right onto his fucking tongue!

He smiled and this time I kept my hands on both sides of his face and slowly moved my cock back into his mouth. I was surprised at how he kept his mouth wide open and the first real contact was the head of my cock against his throat opening and I just slowly kept moving forward until I felt his gag reflex again and stopped. I didn’t pull out I just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of his throat spasming around my cock!

I could not believe the look of wild lust in Connor’s eyes when he bent down and spit in my mouth, so fucking hot! Now he was holding a little more than the head of his cock in my throat while my throat spasmed around it, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could do it, but I was fucking loving it!

Just about the time, I thought I had to pull off, Connor spit on the shaft of his cock that wasn’t in my mouth, and I knew I had to have it and went after it with blind determination!

Fuck Alan overcame his gag reflex and slid most of my cock into his throat and I think it was all so he could get to the wad of spit that I’d just dropped on my cock shaft! That is sooo fucking hot!

I was looking down and couldn’t believe that Alan’s lips were almost against my thick dark bush and it looked so hot. I still had both hands on the side of his head and was going to try to push the rest of my cock into his throat and for the first time in my life and his make my entire cock disappear into someone’s hot wet mouth.

Then Alan’s gag reflex kicked in hard and he jerked his head back to get my cock out of his throat.

Fuck I was loving Connor’s big cock in my throat it was farther in than it had ever been, and we in there longer than ever before! I hated that I had to pull off, but I was afraid I’d puke! My cock was so hard it almost hurt!

When Alan pulled off of my cock, I knew he needed a break, he was so into this, there is no way he’d give up if he didn’t have too! So I turned a bit and put my foot up on the bed and this was kind of a new signal that he would lick my balls!

It only took a few seconds for Alan to regain his composure and I looked down and saw the drool and clear goo dripping off of his chin, I just pulled his head into my ball sack and he went at them like he was starved. After sucking both balls and swirling his tongue around and getting my sack all wet and gooey I felt his hot, wet tongue raking across my taint and again getting very close to my hairy butthole. That made my cock surge!

He moved forward and looked up at me as I slid three fingers into my mouth to get them wet, just before sliding them into his open mouth I spit into my palm and Alan kind of groaned when I did that! I slid the fingers in and out of Alan’s mouth to make sure they were wet and I told him to swallow. As soon as he did, I backed out about an inch and then just slowly slid all three fingers into his throat and held them there for several seconds.

Fuck, I looked up at Connor and could see the crazed lust in his eyes as he slowly throat fucked me with three and then four fingers. When he slipped them almost out and turned his hand palm side up and bent over and dripped a large wad of drool into the palm of his hand and let it run directly into my throat I almost shot again and he slowly followed his spit into my throat with all four fingers. He would hold them there for about 5 seconds then slide them out and for a couple of seconds, then slid them back in and hold them again.

I had no idea that something like this could be so fucking hot and now Connor’s cock was almost up against his tight hairy abs he was so turned on!.

Alan was about to drive me crazy with his moaning and just letting me throat fuck his mouth with my cock and now my fingers…but I decided it would make things hotter if I would tease Alan into taking my entire cock and I felt that would make us both very happy!

Holy crap, Connor’s throat fucking me like this was amazing, and he was obviously getting into the spit thing as much or more as I was! After sliding his hand in and out of my mouth and his four fingers in and out of my throat fairly slowly, he pulled them out and told me to close my mouth. Connor now had to pull his cock away from his body and aim it at me and he swiped precum all over my lips and then my cheeks. I couldn’t help licking my lips and finally, he said, “Open!”

Of course, I did as I was told and he started fucking my lips and mouth, getting his cock pretty wet, then he pulled out until just the tip was in my mouth, he leaned over and let just a tiny drop of spit leave his lips and drip onto the head of his cock just outside of my mouth and said, “Want some more?”

I slurped what he had dribbled and eagerly said, “Fuck yes!”

Connor kept the tip of his fat cock in my lips and I could feel it straining to slap up against his tight hairy belly, and as he leaned back I saw and heard him working up a big wad of spit and he dropped it at the base of his cock right up near his bush!

I placed my hands on the sides of Alan’s face and told him to place his hands on my ass, and I slowly started fucking his mouth and soon his throat. I was sliding a little bit more than the head of my cock in and out of his now open throat and then I stopped, leaned back and dropped another huge wad of spit on top of the other one right at the base and said, “No leave your hands where they are and come to get that spit wad!”

I let go of his head and saw the lust and desire in his eyes. There was also something in his look that made me know he really wanted this to also please me and I stood there with my hands on my hips and watched Alan slowly descent his mouth down the shaft of my cock feeling more and more of my cock go into his throat!

Once he finally got it all in, he backed off an inch or so and then pressed his face tightly against my hard belly and ran his tongue against the hard tube on the bottom of my cock and actually poked it out to swipe at my hairy sack! Fuck!

Fuck I couldn’t believe that Connor was getting into this as much or more than I was, I was about to believe that he’d do almost anything to get his cock buried in my throat, and I was in the same boat, I’d do damn near anything to have his cock buried in my throat! I understood that there was a dominance issue here, it is something that I’d never really thought about, but it was turning me on all to fuck and back and I think it was turning Connor on a lot too!

I couldn’t believe that to get as much of his spit in my mouth as I could, I just forgot about my gag reflex and slid his cock all the way into my throat! The joy I had at slurping his spit off of his cock and feeling his soft thick bush against my nose, and then rubbing my tongue on the hard thick tube on the bottom of his cock I was just over the top!

Suddenly Connor grabbed my head again, made some really loud animalistic sounds and I felt his cock flexing and cum shooting into my gullet, way down deep. I didn’t want to pull off but there is no way I could have and that thought caused me to shoot all over both of us again!

I was blasting straight up into the air hitting my own chin!

When Alan pressed his nose against my bush and started licking my balls while massaging the tube on the bottom of my cock, I grabbed his head and held it for all I was worth! Because I felt my balls pull up like never before and soon was shooting rope after rope of cum down his throat while his throat muscles were massaging my cock!

At this point I had no control and really didn’t care if Alan threw up or what happened, I had to have that feeling. I didn’t want it to end so I started literally fucking his throat, just pulling the head out of his throat not his mouth, and then shoving it back in. I was pretty sure he was as into this as I was, but I had totally lost control.

When I felt his cum blasting my balls and my ass, I knew he was shooting his load again and it was hands-free because his hands were still on my ass!

I couldn’t believe that not only could I take Connor’s entire cock into my throat, but that he could actually fuck me with it! I was so into getting all of Connor’s spit off of his cock, that it was down my throat almost before I realized what had happened. As soon as it was in there, I just kept going until I had taken it all! For some reason, it seemed easier to hold it in my throat when it was in deep than it was when just the head was in.

I didn’t have time to process that because I realized that Connor was going to shoot any second, and although I love the taste of his cum, the thought that it would be shot directly down my throat and into my stomach, put me over the edge and I started firing off shots that were hitting me in the chin, splattering Connor’s balls and even his ass crack!

But when Connor started actually fucking my throat in long, slow deep thrusts I shot a second time, that’s why there was so much cum, and I could feel that it was squirting, I don’t know when I had ever shot that much in my entire life!

We were both sweating like pigs and the room smelled like hot cum, it was kind of overwhelming. We both just kind of crumpled up and I pushed Connor toward the bed as I slowly let his cock out of my mouth.

Connor kind of fell face down onto the bed and I said, “Wow, now I really have a lot of cum to lick off of you!”

“Yes you do stud, you shot a HUGE load!”

“Well let me get right at that!” I laid between his hairy muscular thighs and started licking toward his hairy muscular ass, and nothing could have made me happier at that moment!

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