Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.2

Credit Funandbold

Between the beers, the bongs and the most fucking fantastic head I’d ever had in my life when my orgasm ended, I just laid back on the couch and fell asleep.

I roused again soon, and as I did I couldn’t believe what had just happened, and I couldn’t believe how I felt about it. Alan was just kind of sprawled on the floor and I looked at him and said, “Dude, are you okay?”

“Fuck Connor, fuck!”

“Alan, man are you okay?”

“Jesus Connor…”

“Alan, all I can say, is I hope that you want to do that again!”

Alan looked at me kind of deadpan, maybe a little shocked, and then his face contorted a little bit to the point where I thought he was going to cry, and then he burst out laughing!

So just like what almost always happens with us, I started laughing too! It was one of those times where you’d just about stop and then start up again and laugh just as hard as you had before and maybe harder, then start to get it under control and just a glance to the other person and you’d crack up again.

Finally, we got it under control and Alan said, “Fuck Connor, I think I’m gay!”

I know it probably wasn’t the right thing to say but it was out of my mouth before I really thought about it, “Well from where I’m sitting, that isn’t a totally bad thing!”

Alan could see some of the humor in that and said, “Way to go, buddy, always thinking with your little head!”

We both kind of chucked with that, and he followed it up with, “Not such a little head…” Then we both cracked up again!

After we settled down a little bit again, Alan said, “I need another shower, and so do you, you’ve been sitting there talking for 15 minutes, and you look like you just ran a marathon, only with your shorts around your ankles and your half-hard cock continuing to leak on my couch!”

“Well, at least you don’t look so bad…”

Alan looked down at his crotch and I could see a growing wet spot, “Holy fuck Alan did you bust in your underwear…holy fuck not even touching your cock!”

“Yeah dude, this doesn’t look good for me being straight, does it!”

I just kind of smiled at him, he said, “I’m going to hit the shower and wash some cum and shame off of me…”

Now he suddenly seemed really down. I guess all the laughing was a lot of relief of stress that had built up for however long he had been dealing with this. “Alan, it’s all going to be alright!”

“Yeah.” Was all he said, pretty deadpan.

I heard the shower start and realized that now that this was over, my best friend needed me more than ever. Again, I shook my head and realized that I needed to do something that I’d never thought about doing.

I stood up, kicked off my shoes, took off my socks,

and then peeled off everything else. I walked naked and still half-hard into the bathroom, Alan was in the shower and I stood and watched for a couple of seconds, he had his hands covering his face, and he wasn’t washing his face, I think he was crying.

So maybe not just any best friend would do this but, I just got in the shower with him. He jerked and said, “What the fuck Connor, what are you doing?”

“I’m showing my life long best friend that I love him and that whatever this is, gay/straight/bi changes nothing! I love you!”

With that, Alan hunched over and was now sobbing! I gave him a minute and then took hold of his shoulders and turned him around and pulled him into me as tightly as I could. He buried his head into my chest and sobbed. He was trying to say things, but he couldn’t get words out due to the overwhelming sobbing and the emotions he was going through.

“Let it all out buddy, you’ve had that all bottled up inside for a long time and I’m really sorry that I didn’t see it before now! Let it all out until you don’t feel like you have any more, and then when you’re ready we’ll talk about it. This changes nothing in the way I feel about you Alan, do you understand that?”

He did shake his head yes but continued to sob. We stood there with the warm water of the shower cascading over us for however long it took to totally run out the water heater. I reached over and turned off the water, reached out to grab a towel, and wrapped it around him. Then he took another towel and dried his hair. I walked him to his bed and pulled back the covers and helped him in, and covered him up. As I turned to walk away he said, “Are you leaving?”

“No buddy, I’m just going to get myself dried off and I’ll be back.”

I had to kind of chuckle to myself when I saw Alan take in my naked body and dangling cock, he’s still my horny buddy, but now I know he’s probably just horny for men, but there was also fear in his voice and on his face.

I grabbed another towel in the bathroom and dried my hair and the rest of my body and went back and raised the covers and climbed in with Alan. As I snuggled up to him he snuggled back with his back toward me. I wrapped my arms around him and said, “You’re all safe and sound, and I’m not leaving until you’re in a much better state of mind about this, okay?”

I felt Alan nod and also felt a tear or two drop onto my bicep where his head was resting. I had taken some psychology classes to fill out hours I needed and one of the things that had been stressed is how much suicide there has been among young men who figure out that they’re gay and they are not accepted well by family and friends, I never wanted to have to worry about that with my best friend!

We were both so exhausted from the amazing sexual experiment we did, and then Alan having to come to terms with the fact that he might be gay, and all of the emotional upheavals from that, we both nodded off again.

I woke a couple of hours later and realized it was getting late, it was now dusk. I also realized that I was naked in Alan’s bed, with a raging hard-on, and it was pressed tightly against his butt, and either one or both of us was sweating, or I was pre-cumming like a madman!

I started to pry myself away from Alan’s amazing muscle butt, and he reached back and pulled me closer. “Dude, I’m sorry, I think I was trying to fuck you in your sleep, I’m so sorry!”

“I’ve been awake for about 15 minutes, enjoying your body on autopilot! I think you would fuck pretty well even in your sleep.” Alan turned his head toward me and it was good to see him smile again!

I smiled at him and said, “Alan, I don’t know how this is all going to work out, but we’ll always be fine, nothing could come between us buddy, I mean nothing!”

He smiled and kind of pushed his back against my cock a bit. He said, “I’m not ready for it now, but maybe you’ll be my first back there too!”

“You fucker, don’t try to get me to commit something like that when I’m in a weakened state like this…”

“Well don’t worry, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet Connor, but I’m going to admit, giving you head was amazing, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, it was awesome!”

“Well on one hand that worries me because I’m not gay, and on the other hand it worries me because it was fucking awesome for me too! No chick has ever come close to anything that amazing, you may have ruined me…lol…that might be why straight guys freak out around gay guys so much because the straight guys are afraid gay guys will ruin them for getting head from a chick!”

“Connor, I know I’m really fucked up on this right now, but I REALLY enjoyed sucking your cock, and I now know that you REALLY enjoyed me sucking your cock, and I have first-hand information that tells me you are rigidly hard again, so would it be alright if I did it again?”

My first inclination was to rip the covers back and say, “Fuck yeah, get on it!” But my best buddy position made me do the right thing and say, “Alan that would be really great, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for you right now, you need to get your head around this a bit, don’t you think, and fuck I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you right now!”

“Wow dude, those psychology classes really fucked you up! I’m the one taking advantage of you, now give me that cock, it will take my mind off of all the mess of telling my parents and family what I’m going through right now!”

“Alan I’ll tell you two things I’m pretty sure about! 1. It’s too soon to tell anyone about this right now, you’re too fragile and new to this, and you need to know for certain that you’re gay! 2. Fuck yes, if you sucking my cock will make you feel better right now, it’s all yours, have at it, just try not to send me almost into a coma this time when I cum!”

We both got a chuckle out of that, and I whipped back the covers and rolled away from Alan and he clambered between my legs in a flash!

I grabbed pillows so I could lean against the headboard and watch Alan do his thing! Watching him suck my cock was almost as big of a turn-on as feeling what he did to me.

Like the first time, Alan pushed my legs apart wider and got down low and started in on my hairy ball sack. I was already hard with a wake-up boner and him giving my scrotum a tongue bath got me super hard. Then he licked where my thigh meets my torso and was driving my fucking crazy, a few chicks had tried that but didn’t obtain the results he did, it fucking took my breath away.

Then he went back to my now sloppy ball sack and took each of my nuts into his mouth and paid close attention to them, rolling and sucking them, then he moved and slurped and captured them both. It was a new and amazing feeling to have both my balls in someone’s mouth at the same time and then he moved his tongue between them to separate them, and started rubbing his tongue forward and back while pressing my scrotum against the roof of his mouth, THAT felt fucking incredible.

Just about the time I was really getting into that, he clamped his mouth down tight and started slowly pulled both balls and my entire sack away from my body. The farther away from my body he pulled the better it felt, then he looked up at me with his eyes dancing and started humming. I threw my head back and moaned out loud, and he purposefully let one and then the other ball pop out of his mouth with a loud wet pop!

“Fuck Alan, fuck, that feels amazing!”

He slurped them back into his mouth and pulled them and let them pop out several more times, then he did the tongue lashing to the sensitive area where my thighs meet my torso, and I was squirming all over the bed. Finally, he slid his hand between my uber hard cock and my furry abs and pulled it out and started licking from the base to the head, but of course, the fucker wouldn’t lick my cock head, well at least not yet!

He was licking and savoring my precum like it was caviar or something, he mashed his tongue against the base of my cock and pushed hard against it as he licked upward slurping and sucking against the shaft and tube on the underside of my cock, it felt amazing and was forcing out more precum.

I couldn’t help it, it all felt so fucking amazing, I found myself watching Alan’s every move, and yes it didn’t hurt that one of the hottest guys I’d ever met was doing amazing things to my cock that no girl had ever thought of or tried.

Alan pulled off and smiled at me and said, “I only got to actually suck for a few seconds before you blew last time, I want to try to make it last longer this time so I get the hang of actually sucking, okay?”

“Fuck yeah buddy, you do it however you want, but you need to know you already have me close!”

“Okay Connor, well we’re going to calm this down a bit then.”

With that he started rubbing my thighs again, he let my cock go and started licking my hairy abs, even up and around my navel, who the fuck knew that could feel good?

He started making his way to my pecs, and I hadn’t thought about anything like that happening, but hell we had just slept for better than an hour, wrapped in each other’s bodies, and I’d woken up hard and almost dry humping him, so I just let Alan do his thing, everything had been amazing so far.

Alan made his way all the way up my abs and started in on my pecs, as he massaged one pec he moved his face over and first flicked with his tongue and then sucked my nipple. This was getting me hotter than hell, here was another thing that some chicks had done to me, but it never felt this fucking good! It was as if Alan knew what it felt like, and/or he was worshipping my body, I mean he was putting a lot of effort and enthusiasm into it, doing it as much because he enjoyed it almost or maybe more than I did.

After a while, I noticed that Alan’s big hard cock was against my leg. It wasn’t as if he was rubbing or humping me, it was just there and if he moved much, of course, it moved with him, but what he was doing to my chest was awesome! I decided not to let something like my best friend’s cock against my leg ruin the amazing things he was doing to my body.

He fucking had me panting again and wasn’t anywhere near my cock, but soon I felt him reverse direction and start getting closer to my cock again, but he licked his way back down my abs, driving me crazy as he went. Just as he got his tongue to the head of my cock, he licked the precum that had leaked out of me and then slid his tongue all the way back up to my pecs moved to one side and slurped a nipple, to the other side and slurped the other one, then plunged back down to the head of my cock again, fuck!

It all felt so fucking amazing, I almost couldn’t stand it, except as he moved I did feel his cock slide up and down my leg, but I made myself ignore it because, at that moment, Alan slid his wet lips over the throbbing head of my cock, lapped my slit with his hot wet tongue and applied some suction to just the head, and my vision almost blurred! Alan ran his tongue around the sensitive head, then slid off of it and drilled his tongue into my piss slit making me jump and shiver.

After a while of pleasure so intense it was almost torture, Alan slowly slid his wet lips over the head of my cock, slurped it slightly and then started descending down the shaft, fuck it felt amazing, it was as he knew exactly the speed, pressure and moisture that would feel perfect, my selfish mind then wondered how far down he’d be able to go.

Alan slowly slid his hot wet lips farther and farther down my shaft, and it felt amazing. Then as he reversed the position he added in some suction, and fuck that felt amazing. Then he reversed position again and slid back down. He started a steady motion and slowly I felt my balls start to tighten and climb their cords and he added in swiping his tongue around the head each time his lips came up to just cradle the ridge of my head.

This was again one of the few times that I’ve actually felt precum ooze out of my cock, not quite shooting but closer to the feeling of cum exiting my cock than ever before. Now Alan pulled off my cock, licked the shaft, teased the head, licked his lips, and slowly started the descent farther than he’d gone yet until there was a bit of a gag reflex. He handled it well and just backed off a bit, then pressed forward again, and I thought holy crap! This fucker is going for the deep throat on his second blow job!

Alan started slowly just going up and down my cock. He would pull back to the head, swirling his tongue around it, maybe quickly dip into my piss slit and then slowly go back down as far as he could without gagging, massage the tube on the underside of my cock with his tongue and go back to the head again. He did this over and over and varied the actions a bit each time. I could feel my balls pulling up again. Alan was cradling them with one hand so I knew he felt it and slipped his mouth off, and I wanted to scream, but I knew it would make this last longer if he stopped what he was doing…and I wanted this to last as long as possible.

Alan moved to the side of my cock and bush and licked that sensitive crevice at my thigh and again slowly moved up licking over each ab on his way to my chest and nipples again, and again I noticed his cock rubbing my leg…it was large, hard and now leaking!

Alan licked, kissed, and then somewhat abused my nipples, and as he slid down my body toward my cock he looked up at me and smiled and said, “I’m going to make you shoot pretty soon, so get ready!”

Alan didn’t so much as lick on the way down because he didn’t make a wet streak, well except for the one his huge cock was leaking on my leg, but I could feel his lips and his hot breath barely touch my hairy abs as he made his way to the head of my cock.

He continued that treatment and slipped down the shaft of my cock and nuzzled into my balls, and at the same time slowly raised my legs. I didn’t really even realize what was happening until his lips slipped past my balls and into the hairy area behind them. Again he didn’t lick as much as nuzzle and it felt amazing, it also felt amazing when his lips almost ran over my butthole, but he retreated and went back and slurped both of my aching balls into his hot wet mouth. He sloshed them around and pulled them both back and then let them pop out of his mouth with a loud plop.

His mouth traveled up the shaft of my cock to the head, swirled around it a couple of times, and then slowly made its way down as deep as he’d been so far.

Alan stayed at that point, but I noticed that the suction was becoming a bit stronger and the only thing moving was his tongue. It was kind of dancing on my shaft, and I mean the entire shaft, he was actually almost licking my balls at the same time, but not quite.

I couldn’t help it, I was kind of becoming frantic due to the intensity of his tongue action and my balls pulling up and things in my stomach kind of flip-flopping. I was watching Alan closely as I wanted to be totally aware of everything that was happening during my second world-class blowjob in just a few hours. Alan’s eyes were closed and when he looked up at me and winked a slow sexy wink, he moved his head forward on my cock about another inch. That put my cock slit right against his throat opening and even though I wasn’t actually in his throat he started making swallowing motions combined with tongue massage he was doing on the bottom of my shaft and I just grunted and blasted!

It was as if the cum was already in the tube on the underside of my cock, and he hit the trigger to make it jettison out, and as I didn’t feel it surrounding my cock I think I may have shot the first stream directly down his throat!

Alan backed off a tiny bit and I felt my cum blasting against the insides of his mouth and surrounding my pulsing cock! I felt Alan’s pulsing cock lurch and heard a deep low grunt as a stream of hot cum blasted up my thigh and actually, some of it landed on my balls!

I had big wads of sheets in my clenched fists, and even after my cock stopped blasting it wasn’t easy to relax as Alan was licking his own cum off of my ball sack!

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