Co-worker surprise P.2

Credit Kerris

I was totally confused and oddly a little angry for some reason, perhaps I was feeling deceived, but then Lexy broke my train of confusion by scooping me into her arms and holding me tight against her, her manly appendage swinging between my thighs and my Vag.

I tried to speak but the words would not come, my throat was dry and tight my breathing ragged and shallow. Lexy’s kisses melted me, so lightly did they land on my lips, then her tongue flickered and probed my mouth, I responded in spite of my confusion, I simply lost myself to the situation.

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Co-worker surprise P.1

Credit Kerris

I really loved my new job in the County Library, I worked with a girl name Alexandra, or Lexy as liked to be called, she was a bit older than me, attractive, nice figure, terrific rack and shapely legs topped off with a nice rounded booty, leading me to believe she had to be a real heart breaker with the guys.

We got on very well and worked together for about three years before I suddenly began to realise that I was strongly attracted to her in a strange way. I’m by no means inclined to being Lesbian or Bi-sexual but the raw fact was that there seemed to be some sort of magnetism or chemistry flowing between us.

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