A Surprising Night P.2

Credit https://www.self-help-sexuality.com/ Peter

I went to wipe her thick sticky spunk from my face but she stopped me!

”Leave it!” She firmly pushed my hands down. ”Makes you look like a real whore! ‘Hahaha’ kind of pretty but used!”

I was made to follow the down the dirt track, away from the road and further into the trees. A clearing opened out, well frequented by the look of it, and in the centre was a fallen dead tree, it’s thick trunk about three feet from the ground and covered with an old piece of carpet or rough blanket. The scudding clouds had disappeared and the pale moon lit the whole scene very well. I was hobbling, my jeans and underwear still around my ankles.

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A Suprising Night P.1

Credit https://www.self-help-sexuality.com/ Peter

When I was younger, I was a truck driver in the UK and as such had to spend quite a few nights away from the wife and the comforts of home, usually sleeping in the cab. It was reasonably comfortable and we were paid subsistence money so I didn’t really mind.

Only trouble was, service areas could be quite expensive for parking and the norm was to stop, wash and shower, eat then drive out to find a laybye where parking was free.

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