A Hot Hookup

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I am a 40-something cd who gets off dressing up really slutty. I love wearing nylons or hose, heels, short skirts, bras, panties, wigs, make-up, and painted nails. I love to have my body shaved smooth because it makes me feel soft and fem. When I am all made up all I want to do is please a man. I suck dick, rim ass, swallow cum, and I love to bend over and take it deep in my tight ass.

I had been really needing some action so I got on the computer trying to find a guy to fulfill my needs. It took a while but I eventually set up a meeting at a hotel not far from home for the upcoming weekend. We swapped some pics and I was really impressed with his cock. I could hardly wait.

Friday arrived and I went to the hotel and started getting ready by taking a hot bubble bath and shaving my body. I then appllied my nails and painted both my fingers and toes a deep red. After that, I did my make-up really slutty and put on a short, dark wig. Next came the black bra and panty set I had recently bought, then my black stockings and black 4″ strappy heels. To finish it off I put on a short, tight black silky dress.

I still had about 45 minutes to wait and my cock was SO hard, I decided to relive the pressure by jacking off before he arrived. I was so worked up that I blew a huge load in my hand then eagaerly licked it clean. I really hoped this was going to be a hot night.

He called for the room number right on time. I gave to him then took one last look in the miiror. I felt that I looked good and hoped he would feel the same. The knock came at the door and I nervously opened it and let him in. The look in his eyes answered my question about my look. There was total lust in his eyes and I loved the way he was checking me out.

He was hot! He stood about 6’2″ with a nice build and brown hair. His arms were strong but not overly muscular and his face was clean shaven and he looked to be in his mid 30’s. I could see the bulge begin to grow in his tight jeans. It was definitely impressive. I couldn’t wait to get it out.

After I closed the door, he took me in his arms and kissed me hard. His tongue was in my mouth and I was getting a little dizzy with passion. It was then I noticed his hands squeezing my ass as he pulled me close enough that I could feel his hardening cock pressing against me. He paused from the kiss long enough to tell me that he really liked how I looked. After another deep kiss, I broke

the embrace and led him into the room. We sat on the bed and I told him that I thoght he was very attractive and that I could hardly wait to see him naked.

“Soon baby. Right now I want to see you model that sexy dress for me.” I stood up and slowly turned, letting him take in the view. As I came back around facing him, I saw the smile on his face letting me know he was pleased.

“I was wondering if you would mind if I take a picture of you? You really look sexy and I want to be able to look at you later.”

“No problem. Take as many as you want.”

Over the next few minutes, I posed for him as he took quite a few pictures. His erection was straining against his jeans and my mouh was watering at the thought of it being in my mouth. I was about to go crazy. I needed it and I needed it NOW. I had to make my move so I got on my knees in front of him and started rubbing his hard dick thru those tight fucking jeans.

“I need your cock in my mouth baby. You are making me nuts. Please take it out now.”

He smiled as he stood and slowly unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his knees. He wasn’t wearing any underwear so that beautiful cock stood straight out. It was gorgeous, about 8″, and about average thickness. He kicked off his shoes so I finished pulling his pants off. Then I was on it.

I took him in my hand and slowly slid my hand up and down his entire lenght. His dick was so warm and the skin so soft. A bit of pre-cum appeared on the head and I quickly licked it off, tasting his juice. I then licked up and down the shaft, wetting his dick from base to head. I also licked his balls, taking one, then the other in my mouth. He was moaning softly as I worshipped his manhood. I worked my way back to the head, opened my mouth, and began working it in. Slowly I took more and more till I had half of his hot dick, then I started sucking. Up and down, up and down, sucking and slobbering all over his meat. The wetter it got the more I took. I relaxed my throat and took more. I wanted it all.

He was moaning louder now, coaxing me on. He put his hands on my head and gently pushed down until I had taken every inch. I started to gag and he released his grip but I was intent on deep throating his dick. I took a breath and went back down, taking it all and pauseing.

“Holy shit! That feels good Jamie. Suck my dick!”

I went back to working up and down, taking all of his dick about every 3 or 4 motions.he tasted wonderful and I loved feeling him fucking my mouth. I hated taking it out, but to break for air every so often, at which time I would stroke him firmly. I kept this up for a good 15 minutes, hearing him take a picture everyy now and then. He eventually pulled me up off of him.

“Take you panties off and get on the bed on all fours.”

I did as I was told and heard the camera again. A few more pics and then he was pushing my dress up to my waist. The next thing I knew, he was licking my hot hole. His tongue was all over my ass, licking and flicking it on my entrance. I felt so good I couldn’ t help but let out a moan. I was in heaven and his tongue was giving me so much pleasure.

“Oh yes baby, eat me. Eat my ass good. Fuck it with that hot tongue.”

His tongue was inside me, darting in and out then all around. Then he was stroking my hard member, almost taking me over the edge. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me baby. I need you in me! Please fuck me with that hot cock.”

I felt the head pressing against me. More pics. I felt more pressure, then as his cock slowly slid in, I heard the camera clicking away. He kept pushing until he was buried to the hilt. I felt so full. I loved it. He held it there, letting me get used to his size, then started a slow and easy motion. He would puul back until he was almost out then push slowly all the way back in. My body was electric and soon I was moving to meet his gentle thrust. We had a good. rythm going and I was loving it.

“Oh god you feel so good in me. Fuck me baby! Oh fuck me deep. Give me every inch of that hard dick. Fuck that ass baby! Fuck it hard.”

He picked up the pace and started slamming it in a litttle harder. I cock jumped with every thrust. My whole body was tingleing so I pushed back against him every time he buried his dick in me.

“Shit! Fuck me baby! Fuck me like the slut I am. Use my ass motherfucker! Fuck me hard and deep.”

He started slamming his dick in me. Fucking me so hard that I moaned with every thrust. I could hear the sound of our bodies smacking together. He continued to fuck me with a vengance. Then it happened. He had pushed me to the edge of extacy.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum! Fuck me baby! OH YES, FUCK MY ASS! OH GOD! OH GOD, I’m CUMMMMINNNNG”

My cock started twitching and then it exploded. Cum shot out of my cock with spasm after spasm. I thought I was going to blackout. My ass tightened around his dick as he rammed me hard and fast. Then he sank it deep one more time and began filling me with his spunk. He gripped my hips tight and held me against him as his cock jumped and twitched with each spurt. As the orgasm subsided, he slowly loosened his grip but did not pull out until he started going limp. When he finally fall out, I felt his cum start to ooze out. We were both exhausted and fell on the bed holding each other. We rested for a while before round two. More to cum. Until then, XXXOOO.

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