My Golfing Girl Part 1

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This is a love story and is as much story as it is my memory of the
glorious and euphoric experience of having sex with a Trans Woman. If
you've not had the honour, it is a most wonderful experience. I commend you
to find someone special, as I have, and hang onto that wonderful woman.

If you'd like me to continue telling our story, please let me know at

It really is true.  If you're looking for love you'll never find it.  But
if you wait, the universe, Karma, or God's will (whichever is your
particular preference and/or belief), is going to put it in your path.

And that is how I came to meet Vanessa - or Ness as she prefers.

I've been wanting to tell this story for some time and I hope that I do it
- and Ness - some justice.

My name is Max (not my real name) and I am now 53. For the last three
years, since I met Ness, I have never been happier. Before meeting her, I
had been a widower for five years, after my wife of 12 years died in a car

Before I'd met my wife, I'd slept with probably less than 10 women and had
almost exclusively vanilla sex. I wouldn't have rated my performance as
particularly stellar.  I loved giving pleasure more than receiving. I loved
going down on women, loved massages and making sure that the woman I was
with had at least one orgasm before the point of intercourse. I didn't last
more than five or so minutes - which I'm told is pretty typical and about
right for most women, but definitely not what pornography portrays to us

I had also slept with three men. Two of the guys had come onto me. In those
encounters, I was almost exclusively a bottom - relishing giving myself
over to someone else. But the last guy I was with, I'd met at a hotel and
we'd come together in the sauna. I was the one that had made the first
move. We both made love to each other in my room. I found being versatile
liberating and it was always a memory that I could rely on to get me hard
and get off, when I would masturbate. It was the only time in my life that
I wasn't afraid that I wouldn't last long enough for my partner.

But being with guys wasn't really something that I'd wanted to continue
long term. Whether it was my age or my own prejudices that kept me from
continuing, I'm not sure. I did know that I never felt a desire to examine
that internal question.

When I lost my previous wife, I was a broken man. For six months I
basically didn't come out of the house, drank way too much and wallowed in
my misery. I put on weight, lost touch with friends and became a recluse -
all pretty standard stuff, given the circumstances. We'd never had kids -
as it turns out neither I nor my previous wife were sufficiently fertile -
so there was no one to drag me out of

 my slump.

After I eventually did emerge from my cave, I slowly got back into
participating in life. I threw myself back into work - it was at least
something that I could use to distract myself. The money was Ok, but my
wife's life insurance had paid the house off and left me with a fair bit
left over.

What I didn't expect was that I found a new appreciation for a game that I
had played a fair bit in my youth - golf. In no time it became the centre
of my thoughts and actions.  My handicap dropped pretty quickly and I
started to travel to play at good courses - domestically here in Australia
and overseas.

I went back to the gym and tried to whip my six foot body back into some
sort of reasonable shape - which took some time. I started to take much
better care of myself, dressed well, was well groomed - maximising the good
looks (at least so I'm told) I'd been lucky enough to be given in the DNA
lottery of life.

After I became a widower, I lost all interest in meeting or sleeping with
anyone. It was as though I had no libido. I didn't even
masturbate. Nothing!

It was a golf trip to Thailand three years ago that changed everything.

The trip was a 10 day guided group tour to play golf in Thailand.  There
were to be some down days and some shopping days (extra down days for me)
and seven rounds of golf - all booked at some of the very best courses in

I had intended to see about some "companions" on days off and at spots
where we were going to stay for more than a couple of days. I was thinking
that some form of female company might kickstart my libido. The "Girlfriend
Experience" as they call it in Thailand. As it turns out, none of that was
necessary, because Ness was one of the Australian ladies in the tour group.

We all met at Sydney Airport. It was August, so winter here. Not that any
city in Australia actually experiences a proper winter, like in the
Northern half of the Northern Hemisphere. Everyone was pretty rugged up
though and we were all briefly introduced to our guide. Standing around in
a big group, a few of us that were a little more extraverted - Ness
included - introduced ourselves around to the group as we all checked in
and made our way out through customs and security.

Out of the 25 of us, I met most people briefly before making my way to the
business lounge. Sorry but I just can't do economy any more, so I'd
upgraded. The majority of the group were from Sydney, with about 8 or so
from Melbourne and six - including me from our nation's capital, Canberra.

They came from all walks of life, but like all golfers (and if you aren't
one you probably won't get it) we all shared an intense love of the
game. About the first question anyone asked each other after their names
was what club do you belong to and what is your handicap?

We were all sizing each other up, because the tour company was organising
the tour to have a gross (raw score) and nett (taking your handicap off the
raw score) competitions. In the final three rounds, there was going to be a
handicap matchplay event for the top eight. Handicaps were not going to be
shared until the first round, so some people were being guarded about

I introduced myself to Ness as we were lining up to go through
security. She was easily the best looking woman I'd met so far. Due our
winter clothes, it was pretty hard to tell anything other than she was five
foot seven or so and slightly built. She was Caucasian looking with olive
skin and features that hinted at some Spanish or South American in her
lineage, making her age difficult to estimate, because her skin was
stunningly perfect. Her hair was a mid brown, shinny and about shoulder
blade length. She was wearing it out and the natural waves framed her face
perfectly, accentuating her olive skin.

I thought she might be 35, but I was never good at estimating a lady's age,
so always erred on the younger end of what I thought. But it was her green
eyes that were the thing that grabbed me the most.  They were kind, gentle
and inviting, with a hint of cheeky and a very large dose of intelligent.

She was quick to smile with perfect teeth and full lips. Her hand shake was
gentle, but firm and her skin impossibly soft to the touch. Telling me that
she was from Sydney and a member of the New South Wales Golf Club, I was
immediately impressed with her ease and confidence. Ness told me that she
was the Chief Operating Officer of a large medical distribution company and
I told her that I was a partner in a consulting firm.

We never asked each other what our handicaps were, instead naturally
chatting easily about a few things before going our separate ways as we
entered the duty free shopping area. I saw her briefly again as I was going
up an escalator to the business lounge. She had taken off her heavy jumper
and had on a pair of jeans and a turtle next sweater. The sweater showed
Ness' B, possibly C, cup breasts. Just as soon as I had noticed her chest,
she turned away from me.

Ness' arse was perfect! It had just the right curve in her hips and a small
peach shape.  She was clearly fit as there was no extra jiggle or deep fold
in the jeans as she walked. As she moved away, I was taken by the sway in
her hips, but also the calm pace and grace in the way she walked. Most
people walk bobbing up and down. But Ness' gate and vertical movement was
so smooth. It reminded me of the imagery you see of big cats stalking. I
remember thinking that she may well have done a good deal of martial arts,
adding weight to her confidence and ease.

Even though I remember all of that detail, at the time I really didn't
think about her any more until after we got to the hotel in Thailand. We'd
been gathered at the airport and put on two medium sized buses and she
wasn't on my bus.

We played two courses in Bangkok, including the amazing Royal Gems Golf
Course. It includes a front nine with copies of iconic holes like the
island green from the 17th at TPC Sawgrass. The back nine is a copy of the
back nine at the Master's Course, with palms instead of pines. The routine
was breakfast at seven, out to the course by 8:30. At the course, it was
change rooms and then straight out to the first tee.

Each day the ladies bus left about 15 minutes earlier than ours and they
were moving to the tee, by the time we arrived. We'd finish the round by
about 1PM, have a shower, change clothes and have lunch at the
clubhouse. By about 3PM we were back at the hotel and then we'd all have a
few drinks and head out for dinner at 7.  Home by 9:30 and then hit the

Get up the next day and repeat. My idea of heaven!

We had a couple of days off around Bangkok and I'm not sure why, but I just
wan't interested in hitting the red light district. I did go to one market
to get some gifts for friends for when I got home. Outside that, I
exercised and took walks or sat by the pool.

On Day 4 we went to Hua Hin, SW of Bangkok, to play two courses there -
Black Mountain (the European Tour's annual Thai course) and Banyan Golf

I wasn't interested in checking out the competition on offer from the wider
group - including the ladies - until we got to the final courses, which
were to be the Siam Old and Water Courses in Pattaya. The final round was
to be at a new course that no one had played as it had only just opened,
but was receiving great reviews. It is called Chee Chan.

Each day Ness and I sort of checked in prior to each round and caught up
either at lunch after the golf was finished, or just as the ladies left and
the men made their way to lunch. There were a couple of times that a group
of the ladies waited at the 18th green to see the men finish.  Each time, I
noticed that Ness was with them. We would catch each other sneaking stares
and acting a bit like teenagers, we were denying what was shaping up to be
an attraction to each other.

Each of the trip in Bangkok and Hua Hin, Ness wore pretty conservative
clothes, that only hinted at how good looking she actually was. Skirts that
were modest and looser t-shirts. But she was always the best dressed by

There was definitely something happening and I was liking it, but not
interested in rushing it. I could feel that Ness might be someone
significant for me into the future. The attraction was mutual, I'm sure and
I think we both wanted to just let it develop naturally.

As the order on the leaderboard developed over the first six rounds, I
noticed that Ness' name kept rising. I was running third at that point and
she was fifth after the last round in Hua Hin.

After Hua Hin, we were to move to Pattaya - a large catamaran trip of just
over two hours. The tour company offered the opportunity to either have the
morning off, do some shopping (neither of those for me thanks) or do a Thai
Cooking class for the morning.

It ended up that we both separately elected the cooking class. There turned
out to be about 10 of us. I have always loved eating Thai food, so the
thought that I might be able to cook some of it, was enticing.

The class started with a visit to a fresh food market at 7am. We all met at
the bus, where we learned what to look for when picking vegetables, seafood
and other ingredients. I was finding it fascinating and was totally
engrossed in the whole process. The smells and the tastes were
incredible. I asked myself why I'd never gotten interested in cooking.

When we were done at the market, we walked to a pretty average building and
immediately inside there was an industrial kitchen set up with about 10 or
so benches, with all the implements and cooking facilities we would need.

We were asked to pair up.  There were three couples, so naturally they
paired up. I was standing just behind Ness and suggested that we be
partners. She happily accepted.

For the next hour and a half, we were taught to make stir fry, Pad Thai and
another two dishes that I can't remember. Ness and I worked really well
together.  We shared tastes from the same spoon, joked about and generally
had a great time.  She was such good company.

After the cooking lesson finished, we made our way back to the hotel. As we
walked back together, I asked Ness if she'd like a coffee and she accepted.
We grabbed a great brew and casually walked around for the next hour.

We had been chatting and window gazing and lost track of time, almost
missing the short bus ride to the boat.

Shortly after the boat left, I found myself standing on the bow. I stood
there for about 20 min, taking stock of all that my life was, where it was
going, what was happening with my golf game and finally, what my knowing
Ness was shaping up to mean.

Standing with the breeze in my face was peaceful.  I was gently shocked out
of my Zen state when I noticed that Ness was standing out there with me -
just a foot or so away.  I looked over at her, not sure how long she'd been
there.  She was standing with her face up, eyes closed, the breeze causing
her hair to fly out behind her.

I studied her face and realised that I was enamoured with it. I looked
forward again, offering her the same solitude, peace and serenity that she
had given me.  I realised as I closed my eyes again, that it was the first
time since we'd arrived, that there was only one noise - the boat's engines
- not the cacophony of street and other noises, outside the golf courses
and caddies and players chatting.

I smiled to myself, embracing the happiness in my life.  I wasn't chasing
anything, instead doing my part - as best I could - and allowing my good
deeds to provide me with whatever rewards it saw fit to grace me with. I
love the idea of Karma and am constantly trying to put out good Karma,
trusting that it will be returned to me in kind.

From beside me, a smooth, calm and sweet voice said, "Penny for your

Pausing to decide whether I guard my response or tell the truth, I decided
that from that moment, I would only tell Ness the truth.

I opened my eyes and turning to face her, said, "I was just taking a few
moments to recap where I am, what I'm doing and where I'm going with my

Ness looked up at me and thoughtfully and in a slow cadence, asked "Was
your smile a passing grade?"

Chuckling a little, I nodded. "Yes my smile was a passing grade - getting
better I hope."  Looking forward again, I continued, "I lost my wife and
then my way a few years ago and after I came out of my slump, I resolved to
put out as much good Karma as I could. I'm getting there, but this trip has
been so good for me. There are so many good people here." Turning briefly
to look her in the eyes, I continued, "Especially you. I guess I'm just
loving life at the moment."

Ness had placed her hand on my forearm, causing me to turn my head to
her. "I'm so sorry that you lost your wife. What a terrible thing to

Smiling gently, I placed my hand over hers, replying, "Thanks Ness. It's
nice of you to say. It was a while ago now and I've been able to get
through it with the help of my family and some great friends."

I left my hand on hers, not making any moves to remove it. Ness didn't move
her hand either. Moving towards Ness, so that our sides were touching, I
turned forward again.

After a few minutes, I said, "I need a water and probably a seat for a
bit. Want to head inside?" I stepped back and as we turned to go inside,
Ness' hand ran down my arm towards my hand. I cupped my wrist to catch it
and we comfortably grasped hands, mine leading hers. It shocked me how it
was immediately comfortable holding Ness' hand.

I paid for a water and snack for us both and we sat in seats beside each
other. With about an hour and a half to go, we chatted for a bit, before
falling into a natural silence. After finishing her snack and both of us
having most of our water, Ness shuffled closer to me, putting her head on
my shoulder. She wrapped her arms around my left arm. I grabbed a small
travel pillow and softly saying, "Hey Ness," putting in on my shoulder as
she lifted her head.

Ness smiled sweetly and putting her head back down, was asleep in minutes.

One of the other players, the wife of one of the guys that I'd played most
of my rounds with, gently shook my unoccupied shoulder, as we arrived in
Pattaya. I looked at her, realising that I'd fallen asleep. "About time,"
she said, with a big grin on her face, before moving off. Her husband,
followed her, giving me me an approving nod, accompanied by a big smile as

If there's one thing I know about golfers, it's that we are all very happy
when things go well for someone else.

I realised that Ness has all but not moved, her arms still wrapped around
my left arm. I looked down, looking at my hand on her leg, just above the
knee. I didn't remember putting it there, but her skin was warm and very
soft. I gently patted her knee, softly saying her name.

Ness work with a bit of a start. "It's Ok. We're about to arrive in
Pattaya. We both had a nap."

"Oh goodness," Ness said, patting her face. "I'm sorry. I must look

I sat up slightly looking her face over and smiling said, "Nope. Still

"You're too sweet." Ness said bashfully, blushing a little. I thought it
just made her even more beautiful.

We got up, collected our bags and clubs and then caught the bus to the
hotel. Checking in, sharing our room numbers. It was about 5PM as we parted
making our way to our room. As we headed in separate directions, I
suggested meeting in the lobby at 6PM. We walked out of the hotel shortly
after. Tonight we would not be joining the others for dinner.

I had been to Pattaya once before and wanted to take Ness to my favourite
seafood restaurant on walking street. We were both in shorts, t-shirt and
sandals. As we walked onto the footpath (sidewalk for all of my US
friends), I reached out with my left hand for Ness'. She took it naturally
and we easily and comfortably held hands again as we walked out of the
hotel grounds.

We caught a took-took (a brightly painted small vehicle with bench seats in
the back), down beach road. We got off about 200m before the start of
walking street. I explained to Ness that I did that because there were some
good shops, but I wanted to make sure that she was aware that walking
street is the more obvious red light district and asked if she would be ok
walking down it.

Ness laughed saying, "What a fine gentlemen you are. This isn't my first
rodeo though, so I think I'll be ok."

We had a great dinner sitting out over the water with a view back along
beach road, with the lights and the street vendors and heaps of traffic,
all moving on one direction. We ate our fill, laughed and talked
non-stop. When we were done, I guided us back out of walking street, hand
in hand, onto the wide path on the side of the road closest to the beach.

We kept talking for the four or so kilometres back to the hotel. We talked
about everything. I think we got through most of our lives. I found out
that Ness was actually 42 - seven years older than I had estimated - that
she had some Chilean blood (on her father's side) and that she, like me,
had come from a middle class family and had worked her ass off to get where
she was.

Clearly she was single - having had only one serious relationship in the
last 15 years - choosing to concentrate on her career.

As we got closer to the hotel, I remember consciously thinking that there
was nothing that caused me to have any doubt about her.

We were approaching the end of the beach and I didn't realise, but I'd
zoned out for a few seconds and I was jolted back by Ness gentle tugging on
my arm. "Where'd you go then?" She asked with a giggle.

Stopping, I laughed as well. I turned to Ness and said, "Sorry. I was just
thinking that I'm having a great trip and that I've been REALLY happy since
you came onto me on the boat."

A mock look of surprise came over Ness' face, with a huge smile taking over
almost immediately. "Me come onto you? What kind of lady do you think I
am?" Laughing now, she was poking me in the stomach and all of a sudden we
were having the worlds second biggest laugh. She tried tickling me, but I'm
not ticklish.

"I am impervious to your evil ways youngling!" I laughed and then reached
out and started ticking her.  Ness exploded in laughter and tried to squirm
away from me. I held on and slowly stopped ticking.

We were facing each other and as the laughter faded to, chuckles, then
smiles, we both got more serious and I felt a heat at my core. There was
only one thing to do. I reached out and took Ness in both hands, at the
hips. Drawing her to me, Ness placed both of her hands on my upper
arms. Without pausing, I continued to draw Ness toward me and bent
slightly, my intent unmistakable.

Ness didn't resist. In fact she did her own drawing of me closer at the
same time, making it clear to me that she wanted the same thing.

As out faces neared, our eyes closed and out lips came together. Her lips
were soft, yielding and warm. A brief kiss was first. Lips closed and only
light pressure. It has always been my experience that you can always tell
if your going to be a compatible kisser from the first touch of your
lips. And I knew that was going to be the case straight away.

That feeling of compatibility gave me confidence and the second kiss was
stronger and deeper and was accompanied by me pulling Ness closer. She
responded in kind. The kiss was longer and as it lengthened, I let go of
Ness' hips and brought both of my hands up and took either side of her face
in my hands.

Ness' arms came around my waist and we moved hard up against each other, as
we opened our lips. Automatically my tongue sought hers and we gently
moaned into each other's mouths. Ness responded in kind and we gripped each
other tighter, now fully engrossed in our passion for each other.

As our kiss continued, I became hard - no I mean HARD. Now I'm no John
Holmes.  I'm Mr Average. When hard, my cock is just over six inches, with
an average girth. Nothing special, just average. When erect though, it
stands well above 90 degrees - more like 60 degrees up.

After kissing for what seemed like eternity, but was probably not more than
a few minutes, I had my arms wrapped around Ness and her hands were pulling
my hips towards her. She, in turn, was grinding herself against me. We
collectively slowed and the passion subsided and we "came back to our

Our faces came apart and we stared into each other's eyes. "Wow," I
said. "Now that was a first kiss! You [kiss] have a great set of lips

Ness' response was closed eyes and a long, "Hmmmmmmm. [kiss] Ditto [kiss]."

As she came around and opened her eyes, I saw real passion for a few
seconds. Then something changed. Almost imperceptibly she stiffened and
ever so slightly withdrew. Sensing the start of apprehension, I
instinctively moved away started to turn towards the hotel. I didn't want
to let a passionate first kiss, turn sour. "Come on then," I said "let's
head back. It's getting late and I need some sleep."

I felt Ness relax again at the clear inference that I would call it a
night, not expecting anything further. She fell in beside me and we started
to walk away. I reached for her hand, but she rejected it, instead reaching
her arms around my waist, drawing herself up against me with some
pressure. My arm came up around her shoulder and we walked slowly towards
the hotel. As we walked I felt Ness' head turn and turned mine to follow
hers. She was looking down and towards me and it only took me a second or
two to realise what she was looking at.  As I looked straight down, I could
see my gradually softening cock, still causing a tent in the front of my

I reached down and adjusted my shorts to make the tent less obvious. It was
what she was looking at, because as I adjusted myself, she looked up, with
a big smile on her lips and considerable lust in her eyes. I laughter
saying, "Hey you can't just turn it off like that." Clicking the fingers of
my right hand.

We both laughed and I blushed as she put her hand on my stomach and said,
"I certainly hope not." As we continued to walk, I bent slightly and kissed
her beautiful full lips.

We walked into the hotel and she guided us to her room. As she searched for
her room key, I let her go and took half a step back. She brought it out of
her purse and as she did I said, "Ness, I have had a great time
tonight. Thank you. It's actually been years since I've had such a good
night. See you in the morning?"

"Of course Max," she replied. "I've had the best night too. Thank you
..... for everything!" She lent in and we kissed again. She drew herself
toward me and I to her. The passion built and her hands came to my face. As
our kiss broke, she ran her right thumb across my lips. Again I sensed some
reluctance or perhaps conflict, and reacting, stood up straight.

"I need to get some sleep, so I'm right for the matchplay
tomorrow. Breakfast?" I asked.

"That would be great Max!" She kissed me on the cheek and turned to open
her door.  As she stepped across the threshold, she turned her head back to
me and with a little giggle, said "Hey!" Ness had caught me staring at her
arse.  I just couldn't help it! It was like it was made just for me - it
was perfect! As my eyes raised and met hers, she asked "Seven O'clock?"

"Er. Yep" I eventually sputtered out. I turned and walked away as she
closed the door, heading back to my room for a cold shower and bed. I went
to sleep with a smile on my face and dreamt peaceful dreams, all with Ness
at the centre.

She was sitting at a table alone as I arrived at seven, the next
morning. Smiling at me as our eyes met. I grabbed some juice, coffee and a
bowl of cereal - pretty much my normal breakfast. "Did you sleep well?" I
asked as I approached the table.

As I was almost there, Ness reached out beside her and pulled a chair out,
patting the cushion, for me to sit there.  Smiling at her, I sat. "I slept
very peacefully ..... eventually." She replied with a smile on her face.

I had decided to let Ness set the pace and was very pleased when she leant
over towards me for a kiss. We kissed briefly, but with full, closed
lips. As we parted, we looked at each other and smiled. "Well let's hope
that you sleep that well every night." We gently laughed and turned to eat,
chatting as we went.

We were all ready for the bus when it arrived and everyone loaded their
clubs, with me loading both Ness's and mine. We got on the bus together and
held hands as we were transported to the course - Siam Old Course - for the
first individual competition, for those of us in the top eight. As we got
off the bus, we passed our clubs to the caddies and I gave her a quick peck
as we parted.

I was not playing against Ness today. I was up against the guy currently in
first place. As he and I were off last, I walked up to the first tee, where
Ness was playing the guy in eight. I wished her luck and saw her stripe a
drive down the middle on the first hole. I didn't see her again until I
approached the last green. I was one down and so could only hope to half
the hole and play the 18th again to decide the match.

Ness was standing at the back of the green, along with just about everyone
else in the tour group and my approach shot left me an 8m putt for
birdy. There was a great round of applause. The guy I was up against left
his approach shot about 3m left of the green, with the pin about 2m on from
his side. Long story short, I left my put about 10cm short (about 4 inches
for my American friends) and tapped in for par, and the guy I was against
chipped in for birdy, beating me "1 Up". It was a great match and one that
I was lucky to keep going to the final hole.  My opponent had a handicap of
2.3 and mine was currently 6.4, so I was happy with the result.

Lots of clapping and congratulations were given to us both. It was a bit of
a spectacle and a great finish to golf for the day. Waiting at the end to
congratulate me was Ness. She walked up and gave her commiserations. Her
hug washed away any disappointment and her soft kiss after I thanked her,
made me happy to be alive.

I asked how she'd gone and she said that she won "3 and 2". I congratulated
her and gave her a kiss, with a big squeeze. I lifted her off the ground,
saying that I was really happy and proud of her.

I grabbed a shower and joined everyone else for lunch, before we all caught
the bus back to the hotel. As we arrived, I suggested to Ness that we have
a swim and to meet some of the others at the pool bar for happy hour. She
agreed and we parted ways. I had a nap for an hour and then prepared my
golf gear for my game tomorrow.  I was looking forward to watching Ness
play up the last at the Siam Water Course.

We all met at the pool at 4:30, just as happy hour started. I grabbed a
scotch and coke for me and waited for Ness to arrive before getting her a
drink. I positioned myself on a seat at the bar so I could see her coming
well before she arrived. It was not wasted thought, because when she
appeared coming out of her poolside room, I almost fell off my stool.

She was gorgeous! She was wearing a pail yellow two piece bikini that had a
generous covering on the top and bottom, but really high sides that rode up
over her slender hips. The colour accentuated her Chilean influenced skin
tone. Ness walked to the edge of the pool, her hips swaying and slowly
walked into the pool. As I watched her, I took every square inch of her
body and committed it to memory.

From her hair, her eyes and face, her toned shoulders, down through her
breasts, waist, hips, the bikini, she was all woman. Ness' thighs were
perfect as well, with a small gap at the top, as her legs met her
crutch. Her legs were toned and not large, serving to compliment her
arse. She was all woman!

We had a couple of drinks during happy hour and during that time we really
acted like a couple that had been together for a long time. We'd talk to
each other, one or both of us touching each other, with an occasional
kiss. Next minute we'd be separated talking to someone else, or getting a
drink at the bar. It was so comfortable and natural.

At one stage, I looked across the group, which had to be at least 20
people, at Ness.  She was talking in a group of ladies. They were all
smiles. She said something and the whole group looked across at me, smiles
widening. I walked over and confidently announced to the group, "Whatever
this young lady just said, is clearly not true."

Laughing, one of the ladies that Ness had played golf with a coupe of
times, said, "Ness just told us that you've been a perfect gentlemen and
that we should be so lucky." They all looked squarely at me.

"In that case," I replied, "I withdraw my objection your honours and seek
mercy from the court." We all laughed and chatted for a few minutes.  The
group broke up naturally and Ness and I were left alone at one end of the
bar, the nearest other person about 5 or so meters away.

I sat on one of the stools under water, bring our faces to the same level,
reaching out for Ness and drawing her to me. "That was a nice thing to
say." I said as I gave her a soft slow kiss.

Returning the kiss, she replied, "it's only the truth." A more serious look
came over her face and she continued, "Thank you for last night. Not only
was it a great night, but I appreciate the way that you chivalrously ended
it. It's been a long time since I've even kissed someone else, so I might
need some time." She made to go on and I sensed that she wanted to tell me
something, but I wasn't going to push it.

I left some time before replying, saying, "Well you're welcome and I
understand where you're coming from. This is the first time anything like
this has happened to me since my wife died." I replied solemnly. Leaning in
closer to her, touching cheek to cheek, I lowered my voice, and continued,
"Ness. I tell you what. I'll never lie to you and I'll give you all the
space and time you need. I would never expect anything that you don't want
to give of your own free will. So take your time and whenever you look for
me, I'll be the one standing beside you, regardless of your pace. Fair?" I
finished, leaning back to look her closely in the eye.

There were big puddles at the bottom of her eyes and a tear fell from her
right eye. I reached up and wiping it away, I said, "Oh baby." I drew Ness
in for a full hug, swivelling us so that no one could see her tears. There
was a little whimper and then a sob, her arms coming around to hug me back.

I opened my legs and she moved between them. I buried my face in her neck,
hiding it in her hair, drawing her to me, hugging her more strongly. "It's
OK babe." I didn't want to give anything away to anyone else in the group,
so I wasn't rubbing her back, but I kissed her neck, soothing her.

After a couple of minutes, Ness lifted her head and we looked each other in
the eye. I wiped tears away from both cheeks, patiently waiting, not saying
anything - just waiting for her. She looked down, gathering her thoughts
and after a bit, looked up. She brought both hands up to my cheeks and
leaned in to give me a kiss. It was a kiss that was devoid of sexual
passion, but full to the brim of compassion and thanks. She smiled saying,
"You're such a sweet man, Max. Thank you." She leaned in for another kiss,
the same. "I've not had anyone say anything so nice to me before. I'm not
sure what to do with it either." She paused.

Straightening up and moving my hands to her hips, at the top of her bikini
bottoms, I smiled and trying to be upbeat, said, "Well, why don't you take
some time to let it sink in and then decide.  There's no rush in any of
this, as I said. So why don't we just enjoy the last three days, without
putting any label on it, and see where we end up."

Smiling and more upbeat herself now, Ness brightened and nodded, saying,
"Ok then." She leaned in for a kiss, this one decidedly different from the
last two, with some passion behind it. Her lips were slightly parted and it
turned into a deep and passionate kiss that reminded me of the night
before. Breaking the kiss she looked me in the eye and said, "It is too
early for me to say that I like you? That I feel very comfortable around
you? And that I feel like there's something really good that could develop
between us?"

I smiled widely and replied, "Oh. It absolutely is not too early for me to
hear it. It's exactly how I feel too. I've been wondering if it's weird or
prophetic?" We just smiled at each other, sharing the spoken feeling and
acknowledging its truth for us both.

But a cloud came over Ness and a worried expression across her face. I
reached up with one hand gently raising her chin. I wanted to put her mind
at rest. "Whatever it is that you have on your mind. Take your time. Just
enjoy yourself and come as you will. Remember ..... I'll be here waiting."
Ness nodded, acknowledging what I'd said and then she came back to me.

"Come on." I said. "Let's get back. Are you good?"

Ness stepped away, allowing me to stand.  She reached out for my hand and
said, "I'm good now." We rejoined the group.  Within minutes, several girls
whisked Ness away and I settled into a conversation with a couple of the
guys.  Keeping an eye on Ness, it looked like she was retelling the girls
what had happened.  A couple of them hugged her and one of them looked over
my way, giving me an approving look.

We went out to dinner with a largish group that night. We had a fantastic
Thai meal and heaps of laughs. A couple of the girls came up to me and gave
me approving hugs and said lots of really nice things...How lucky Ness was,
What a nice guy I was etc.  Ness wanted to get an ice cream on the way
home, so we got off the took-took earlier than the others and walked the
final kilometre or so. We were both yawning as we approached the hotel. It
had been an emotional afternoon, so our good night kiss was fairly brief.

I arrived at breakfast at the appointed time the next day and within 10
min, thought that I should go and check on Ness. I quickly finished my
breakfast and made my way to Ness' room. I had to bang on the door for a
minute or so, before I heard, "Shit!" Come from within. "It's just me, Max,
Ness. Are you OK?"

Ness came to the door and opened it, clearly having just woken up. She was
wearing a teddy that reached just below her crutch and I could vaguely make
out the outline of her breasts and nipples. I could also see that she had
on a pair of frilly panties, but couldn't make out the detail. Smiling
broadly, I said, "Your wake up call Madam."

"Oh no!" She said. "I've slept in. I'll never be ready on time!" Ness said
starting to panic.

"Don't worry babe." I said, "You have a shower and get yourself ready. I'll
grab my clubs and then some breakfast for you to take on the bus. You've
got plenty of time. You've got about 25 minutes."

Ness breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Ok then. Thanks Honey." She
turned back into her room and the door closed.  I paused for a minute
having realised what Ness had just called me. Smiling, I walked quickly to
my room and grabbed my clubs and headed for the lobby. Once there, I got
one of the guys to look after them, telling him briefly what was going on.

I headed for the breakfast bar and grabbed some healthy food - stuff I'd
seen Ness eating previously. I bundled it up, got a take-away coffee and
juice and headed for the lobby. As the first bus arrived, 15 minutes later,
so did Ness, breathing heavily having run from her room. "Oh. Thank you!"
She said downing the juice I handed to her in seconds, while I put our
clubs on the bus.

Ness was chewing on some of the breakfast that I'd got for her, while
everyone was loading on the first bus, when her eyes went wide, a look
clearly said that something was amiss. "What is it?" I asked Ness.

Through a mouthful of breakfast, Ness said, "My purse! It's in my room."

"Don't worry about that babe, I've got plenty of cash for the both of us."
I replied.

Ness shook her head and said, "No. I need it."

An idea immediately sprang into my head. "I can go and get it for you and
bring it on the second bus in 15 minutes. No hassle."

Ness thought about it for a second and agreeing, nodded. She retrieved her
room key and as she handed it to me said, "it's sitting on the bedside
table. Just the purse Hon."

I was very relaxed and said, "Don't worry babe. Just the purse on the
bedside table. Now, on the bus and I'll find you at the course. Slow down
and get your warm-up done as you normally do."

Ness smiled and as she turned to get on the bus, stopped me for a kiss and
said, "Thanks. You're a life saver!"  I turned and headed to Ness room as
her bus pulled away.

Arriving at the room, I entered. It was a bit of a mess and I had to step
over a couple of things to get to the bedside table on the side of the
queen size bed. I couldn't see anything on the table, so I looked on the
desk, bench and couch. Nothing. I looked again and still finding nothing, I
went to the left hand draw under the bedside table - nothing. Moving around
to the right hand side of the bed, I looked in the bedside table draw there
and saw Ness' purse.

As I retrieved it, I noticed a couple of medicine containers. I couldn't
help but be curious and looked at them both. The first one had Ness' name
on it and said it was Estradiol 10mg daily and the second Casodex 25mg
daily. Not thinking anything of it and becoming conscious of the time I
didn't have left, I closed the bedside table draw and headed out of the
room, making sure that it's door was closed as well. I just made it to the
bus and about 30 min later, got off, sorted my caddie and went to find
Ness, handing it to her a few minutes before she teed off.

Ness was very grateful and we shared a quick kiss, before she finalised her
prep. I watched her tee off, with another drive a long way down the middle
of the fairway. Wishing her luck, I went and changed my shoes. No prep for
me today.

Ness won her game on the 15th hole, 4 and 3. It was a resounding victory
for her and one that meant that she would be in the final in two days. With
a rest day tomorrow, I couldn't wait to see her win that as well. There was
a big group waiting on the 18th green and as we saw her walk down the
fairway, Ness' opponent pointed to Ness, indicating that she had
won. Everyone there broke out into applause and it kept going until she got
up to us.

After lunch we were got back on the bus and started for the hotel. Ness
told me excitedly about her match, including the highlights and a couple of
the mistakes she'd made. After talking for about 15 min, she stopped and
hugging into me, said, "I would have missed the start and been a wreck, had
it not been for you hon. Thank you for everything this morning."

I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. My lips were met with a pair of very
soft lips and I was in dream land. The kiss continued for a bit and as we
parted, I said, "Have I told you that I really like you calling me Hon?"
Ness smiled widely and cuddle in after giving me a kiss. We settled in for
the last 15 min or so of the trip back to the hotel.

As we got off the bus and everyone was grabbing their gear, the girls all
gathered together and shortly after, Ness came up to me and said, "The
girls want to have a girls dinner tonight. Would you mind if I joined
them. they want to go and get a foot massage now and then pretty much head
straight out."

I immediately replied with a firm and happy, "You absolutely have to go
babe. Have a great night. I'll have dinner with the lads." She beamed a
smile back at me. "Message me if you want to meet up later, otherwise, we
can meet for breakfast, before heading out to the Nong Nooch Tropical
Gardens. Oh, by the way, after we come back from there, I wanted to take
you somewhere else special."

Still beaming, Ness said, "That sounds wonderful. You have a good night
Hon." Kiss kiss and off she went, bouncing like a teenager.  I laughed and
as followed her as she disappeared, wishing I could get me some of that

We all had a great night.  The guys and the girls separately. I had had
quite a few when I got back to the hotel. A couple of the guys asked about
Ness and were very complementary of her, personally and her golf. I felt
quite lucky and said so. Of course there were one or two joking comments,
like "You're punching way about your weight mate (from one of the married
guys). Best looking girl here (from one of the single guys).

I didn't hear from Ness - which was probably best - and saw her next at
breakfast. "Nice to see you on time today, Ness." I joked, as she
approached the table. We talked about our nights, laughing and joking as we
went. The gardens were just brilliant and we had such a good time. If you
ever got to Pattaya, make it something that you do.  We got some great
photos of each other, some couple selfies and even a couple of great shots
as a couple taken by some helpful patrons.

After we got back just after 1PM, I had the concierge get a car and driver
that we could use for the rest of the day and we headed out to the special
place. I wanted to show Ness the Sanctuary Of Truth. It is a temple being
built of nothing but hard wood and has representations from all major

Ness was like a kid in a candy store and we wandered around for about two
hours, looking at the carvers and all of the work that was being done and
everything that was still to be done - probably about 10-15 years work yet.

With Ness being in the final the next day, we didn't have a late night. We
both went back to our rooms as we arrived, Ness was pretty tired and it
felt like she wanted some time alone. I wasn't fussed - well maybe a little
- but I slept well, with happy dreams with Ness as the main character.

Ness actually won the final match on the final day, making her the winner
of the event. I played one of my best ever rounds, way earlier than her
round. I love the Chee Chan Course - one of the best in Pattaya. By the
time Ness walked off the course - winning it 2 Up - she was shattered.

After an early dinner with everyone, we left the group to celebrate. Ness
wanted to have a quiet night, so went back to my room. It was about 9PM
when we walked in, with the intent of watching a movie on my iPad. I set
the iPad up on a nightstand and lying on my back, Ness snuggled in beside
me, with her head on my chest. Ness, who was still wearing a short-ish
skirt - mid thigh - and a loose and light top, snuggled in close, one arm
draped across my chest.

We didn't get more than five minutes into the movie, when I lifted my head
and kissed Ness' forehead. She looked up at me with a good deal of
expectation in her eyes and lifting her head up we kissed.

Ness reached up and within a few seconds, our mouths were open, tongues
entwined, desperately reaching for each other. We were wrapped in a blanket
of lust as we brought our bodies into full length contact.

We were both desperate for each other and as Ness brought her hand to my
hip and drew it to her, I put my right hand over her arm and around to her
back, pulling her to me. I could feel her breasts and we both groaned -
deeply and with a massive amount of lust.

Writhing against each other, I was running my hand up and down Ness'
side. I slowed and brought my hand up to her face, curling my arm up
against Ness' front. I slowly brought my hand down Ness' neck and to her
chest. As I slowly moved it toward her breast, Ness moaned and pushed her
chest forward and up towards my hand.

I reached down and cupped Ness' left breast and she moaned into my mouth. I
slowly sought her nipple, which I found erect and larger than I
expected. As I rubbed a finger nail across her nipple, through Ness' shirt
and bra, she moaned again, breaking our kiss and looking up.  I dove for
Ness' neck and began to kiss it and sucked on it.

In response Ness reached around and took a hand full of my right arse
cheek. I was rock hard and as she pulled me into herself, I ground my hard
cock against her upper thigh, eliciting a groan from me. Ness brought her
left thigh up over mine and out crouches touched. We were both moaning
loudly now.

I reached down and brought my hand up under Ness' loose shirt. Her skin was
so smooth and getting sweaty. She was writhing under my touch and my hand
went up her back, to her bra. Unclasping it, I moved my hand under the
strap and cup and took her left breast again in my hand - this time skin to
skin. Taking her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, I gently
applied pressure. Ness shuddered and let out a loud moan.

Ness moved her hand to my shirt and lifted it, taking my right nipple in
her left hand, eliciting the same sort of response from me. She went one
further and made to raise my shirt. I stopped my ministrations of Ness'
breast and nipple and lifted my right arm, allowing Ness to remove my
shirt. As We settled back down, Ness ran her hand over my chest and said,
"Just yummy." I laughed and we kissed again.

It was my turn and as I lifted her shirt, ness too lifted her arms and it
and her bra were gone in a couple of seconds. I pushed Ness onto her back
and bent down kissing her deeply, shifting my weight to be more on top of
her. I kissed my way down her neck to Ness' chest, holding her left breast
in my right hand, while kissing her left. Finding her nipple, which are
almost a centimetre in diameter and about the same tall.

Suckling on the nipple, gently at first, then gradually with more force,
Ness was holding my head and giving me some direction. Ness' hands went
down either side of my back and curling her fingers, she ran her nails up
my back. It was hard enough that it caused me to raise my head up and moan
loudly. She chuckled like the devil and did it again.

I looked down at her and took in who I was chest to chest with. "My God
you're beautiful! Do you now that?" She smiled and brought a hand up to
bring my head down to hers. We were kissing again, with less urgency, but
more meaning. I moved my hand to Ness' hip and drew raising it up to me
mine, which was at about 45 degrees to her.

I dropped my hand to take her arse cheek in it and gripping it, causing
Ness to moan and move closer to me. My rock hard cock was now firmly
against her pelvic bone and I lowered my hand and brought her left thigh up
to about 90 degrees, seeking lower contact for my cock. I shuffled a little
and brought my hand back up to Ness' arse cheek, this time under her
skirt. As it came up, I felt the frilly edge of her panties. I massaged her
thigh, putting my thumb on the front and my fingers down the side. I gave
it a squeeze and Ness' tongue shot into my mouth and her hand grabbed the
back of my head mashing our faces together.

I reached around her arse and kept moving my hand towards the rear and up
towards her crouch.

It was at that point that Ness stiffened up. She stopped what she was
doing, her tongue went back into her mouth and she pulled her head away
from me. I immediately realised that something was terribly wrong and
taking her lead, I took my hand out from under her skirt and moved my hips,
backing away from her.

I brought my head back and looked at Ness. She had started to cry and was
covering chest with her arms. I looked over her and saw her shirt. Reaching
over Ness, I picked up her shirt and dropped it over her shoulder and
across her arms and chest. I was distraught for Ness and ever so gently
reached around her, drawing her to me, letting her sobbing continue at it's
own pace. My first thoughts were that this was related to some sort of past

"Oh Ness, my baby. It's ok baby. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

She slowly stopped crying and within a few minutes was all but asleep. I
had to relieve myself, so I got up and covered Ness with a sheet, going to
the bathroom. When I came out, Ness was sitting up, facing away from
me. She had her bra on already and was putting her shirt over her head. I
waited until she'd finished and stood up.

As Ness turned slowly around, clearly knowing that I was there, I softly
asked, "Are you Ok? I'm really sorry Ness. I didn't mean that." Breathing
raggedly (as one does after crying), Ness walked up to me and hugged me
strongly.  Now I was confused.

"Oh Max, my honey," she said. "This has nothing to do with you, or anything
you did. This is all my problem." She looked up at me and gave me a
squeeze. She continued, "Please don't think that this is because of
anything you've done. You've been just lovely, and perfect, and everything
I could ever hope for."  She looked up again into my eyes, saying, "Please
forgive me, for acting this way. I can't talk about it here and now. I need
some more time. Can you give me that?"

My reply was heartfelt and immediate, "Oh, of course Ness.  Anything, just
like I said." I reached up with both hands and kissed her deeply. "Anything
you need."

She smiled and giving me another hug, said, "Please don't take this the
wrong way, but I need to go." I nodded and she raised herself onto her toes
to give me a kiss. Then she relaxed her grip and we came apart naturally. I
walked her to the door and she said good night and left.

I was pretty lost for words and as I closed the door, I started to wonder
what had happened. I replayed the events of the last 20 minutes in my head
and couldn't come up with a reason for Ness' behaviour, other than my
initial instinct - that touching her so intimately was linked to a past
trauma. All sorts of horrible possibilities ran through my head. I was
overcome with a feeling of compassion for Ness.

I decided to head to bed and as part of my nightly routine, I took the pill
I had been taking for a few years (let's face it, after you hit 45,
everyone is taking at least one tablet a day).  As I swallowed a thought
popped into my head. Could Ness' pills in the bedside table be related to a
medical condition or perhaps have something to do with behaviour - perhaps
they were to moderate or equalise any possible ups and downs.  What were
they again.

That's right, Estradiol 10mg daily and the second was Casodex 25mg daily. I
sat down at the desk in my room and opened Dr Google, doing a search for
both. What I found separately was strange

1.  Estradiol (estrogen) - increases estrogen, which enhances breasts, wide
hips and feminine fat distribution.

2. Casodex (antiandrogen) - blocks or suppresses residual testosterone that
is responsible for male deep voice, broad shoulders and masculine pattern
of hair, muscle and fat distribution.

An idea was forming in my head by this stage, so I did a search that asked
what both might be prescribed for. It came back with both being prescribed
for persons transitioning from male to female. I followed a link to the
mayo clinic in the US and started reading on the drugs, surmised that
stronger doses were provided early and that the ones that Ness had were
were either for teenagers, or for adults as a maintenance dosage. So it was
something that had happened a while ago, which made sense, given what Ness
had said of her relationship timeline.

Ness was Trans. I let that sink in for a minute. Getting up and getting a
drink, I pondered the thought. I had no idea that she was trans. But I
immediately knew that I wasn't bothered by it. But I also didn't know
anything about it.

For about the next four hours, I did lots of research on Trans women, the
community, the process, maintenance, relationships - just as much as my
mind would allow. I surmised as well that, Ness was pre-op, because if she
was taking Casodex (the medication that suppressed testosterone), then she
hadn't had orchiectomy, the procedure that removes the testicles and
therefore hadn't also had gender confirmation surgery - or bottom
surgery. That fact didn't worry me at all, because I'd had some experience
with guys before I got married and had enjoyed it.

At some point, I'd moved to the bed and that's where I found myself when my
alarm went off at 8AM. I opened my eyes, turned the alarm off and my first
real thought was of Ness and her crying the night before. I had a sudden
realisation about what I had discovered and the research I'd done last
night and to make sure it wasn't a dream, I checked my iPad. Yep, my
browser history told me that it wasn't a dream.

"OK Max." I said out loud. "What the fuck now?" I pondered that thought as
I got in the shower and went about my morning routine, eventually coming up
with my solution. "Well you aren't turned off by the thought, you've had
some experience with guys and their tackle - which you liked - and really,
Trans women have the best of both worlds on offer. Feminine charm, feminine
looks and wiles, with a little something extra. A really NICE, something
extra. So give yourself some time to process this and see where it takes
you both. And lets not forget that Ness is both a beautiful person, as well
as being stunning."

I replayed that complete thought over in my head and deciding that it was
the right course of action, I nodded to myself and continued getting ready,
including packing to go home. We'd be checking out in a couple of hours,
heading to the airport and then back home.

As I walked to breakfast, I became quite nervous about how Ness might react
to last night and had impending thoughts of doom about us and any possible
future. Regardless of what I eventually decided was right for me, I was
also very concerned about whether it would be right for Ness. I decided
that I needed to talk to her privately, to gauge how she was feeling. I
needed to let her know that I wanted to see her again, allowing our
geographic separation, to allow me to process my feelings. So, I decided to
drop by Ness' room.

After knocking, I got a, "Just a minute."

She opened the door and I said, "Sorry, just me." Smiling and trying to be
as cool as I could. "Breakfast?"

Ness smiled broadly. "Sure hon, but before we go, can we talk for a
minute?" She stepped aside and I nodded and walked in.

Ness was already packed, and ready to go, just like I was. She was wearing
a comfortable pair of long linen pants and a loose knit cotton shirt, with
what looked like a silk slip under it. She had on a perfume that I couldn't
recognise, but was immediately taken by. She bade me sit on the couch and
she sat on the coffee table in front of it.

She took my hands in hers and I noticed that she was her relaxed, confident
self, saying, "I wanted to apologise for the way last night ended. It was
such a wonderful day and I really love your company. Please don't think bad
of me." Looking down, she continued, "I guess we all have our own baggage
and issues that we're dealing with." Ness looked up into my eyes and
smiling said, "Can you forgive me?"

I squeezed Ness' hands and smiling, said, "Please Ness. You don't have
anything to apologise for and therefore I don't need to forgive you for
anything. I meant what I said, when I said that I'll wait for you to come
at your own pace. I for one want to see you again - soon - and Canberra is
only about three hours drive away from Sydney. It's actually three hours
and 10 minutes by google maps from my place to your suburb." I said
chuckling. "So take whatever time you need and tell me if and when you want
to see me and under what circumstances. When you do that, I'll be there." I
said what I did with more confidence than I felt.

Ness bend down and kissed my hands. She looked me in the eyes and said,
"I'm glad you said that Max. I thought a lot about that last night and I
want to see lots more of you too. In fact, can you come up this weekend -
Friday afternoon?" I nodded and she continued, "I'd like to explain what's
going on and I'd feel so much better doing it at my place."

I brought Ness' two hands up to my face and kissed both of them in turn. I
looked up and said, "Of course babe. Home turf...absolutely. I'd love to
come up. I'll get there as soon as I can on Fri?"

Ness smiled a cheeky smile. "Perfect!" she said as she reached in for a

This was going to be a test for me. I felt I'd know whether I'd want to go
ahead, as a result of this kiss.  No pressure at all! But when our lips
met, it was like the end of last night never happened. It was a relatively
short kiss, but full of meaning. And I wanted a whole lot more!

We both stood and as we made our way out of the room, Ness sought my hand
in hers, which I was very grateful for. As we walked to breakfast, I turned
to her and said, "Have I told you how gorgeous you are, how great look and
that you smell better than the best thing I've ever smelt before?"

Ness beamed and said, "Aww, thanks hon. You hadn't said it, but don't ever
stop saying it."

We walked into our last breakfast in Thailand arm in arm. I would never
have thought that this would happen to me, not that I could ever feel this
was about someone again, let alone it being about a trans person, as well
that that fact didn't change any element of my attraction.

We cuddled and occasionally kissed on the bus to Bangkok airport. I brought
Ness into the Business Lounge as a guest and I was amazed that she had
never flown business class before. I tried to get her upgraded, but there
weren't any business class tickets left. I offered her my seat, but she
flatly refused.

After getting out in Sydney, I saw Ness to a taxi. We kissed deeply and
passionately before she left for her place and I to the domestic transfer
desk and a connection to Canberra.

I used the flight and the rest of that week, to really meditate on Ness and
I, what it might mean in almost all contexts for us to be in a
relationship, for that information to be made public or what it might mean
if she wanted it to be remain between us. I was hopeful that she would tell
me on Friday and that we could move forward.

We called each other daily and even did a fb messenger video call to show
each other through our apartments. Mine was more modern than Ness', but our
tastes were not that far apart. I kept the conversations light and
relaxed. I didn't want anything to get deep, until we were face to
face. Ness seemed very relaxed with that approach and we were both very
comfortable, even ending Tues and Thurs on a 10PM call to say good night.

When Friday came around, I couldn't wait to get away from work and on the
road to Sydney. It took a good deal of discipline for me not to double the
speed limit - it was certainly possible in the Audi S5. But I arrived at
Ness' small apartment building in a back street in Cremorne. It was a
really lovely Art Deco building probably built in the late 50's. I had hit
some traffic, so when I pressed her doorbell, it was all but dark and just
after 5:30PM.

I was dressed in a pair of cargo pants that I'd bought that week, a t-shirt
and light woollen jumper and slip on Italian shoes. I had my overnight bag
that had a coupe of extra change of clothes, with additional options in the
car - in case winging it meant doing something active or playing a round of
golf - which I wanted to take a little break from after playing so much the
two weeks prior.

I was really nervous! Both because I hoped that Ness and I would work out
and because I realised that I REALLY wanted it to. In the back of my mind,
there was also a doubt about my ability to perform well enough. To hell
with it I thought, don't let that crap get in your head. Just see how it
goes and above all else relax.

Imagine how much more nervous - or excited - I became when Ness opened the
door, bouncing on her toes in front of me, looking like a super model?  I
took all of the detail in, in a couple of seconds. OMG was all I could

Ness' hair was full and flowed evenly over the front and back of her
shoulders. Her makeup was light but very classy, her beautiful eyes
accentuated with very light eyeshadow and eye liner. Her full lips were
covered in a lovely deep pink lipstick that screamed kiss me. And she had
on simple diamond ear rings and a matching slim short neck chain with a
very classy three diamond setting.

She was wearing a stunning deep purple coloured dress that was body hugging
across the top and at the hips flared out to vertical ruffles that ended
mid thigh. The top was strapless and accentuated her lovely breasts, which
seemed larger somehow than the ones that I had seen and indeed felt
briefly, in Thailand, only a few days ago. Clearly Ness was not wearing a
bra. The form hugging materiel changed, not in colour though, to a shinny
satin or silk bottom. It was a fantastic look on her and bordered on after
five, but was definitely appropriate for intimate entertaining. Her thighs,
knees and indeed her feet were all uncovered.

In all, she was a vision of feminine beauty - anyone could clearly see that

As my eyes came back up, I realised that my mouth was open and closed it
embarrassed. When I got to her face again, her smile was something that the
angels themselves would have been heartened to see.

"HEY!" Ness squealed in excitement. She bounced forward and went straight
for a big hug - squeezing with all her might - arms around my neck and her
face up along side mine.

My hug in response was just as hard. I lifted her off the floor and held
her to me. "Hello baby girl!" Breathing in through my nose, I was overcome
by the same perfume that she was wearing the day we left Thailand. I held
her for a while and said, "Hmmmm you smell wonderful."

We both brought our heads back and, still holding her off her feet, we
kissed each other. Lightly at first, I pressed forward a little to let Ness
know that I had missed her. "It's good to see you babe." I said after we
broke the kiss. As I left her down, I continued, "It was almost too long
for me."

Ness, raising up on her toes, kissing me briefly, said, "And definitely too
long for me." Stepping back, she took my hand and drew me inside and closed
the front door. Taking us a couple of steps down the short hall into the
living room, she said, "Drop your bag there and wait a minute." She
disappeared for a about 30 seconds and when she came back she was holding
two glasses of white wine. "I hope Pino is OK?" After I said yes, she said,
"Let me show you around."

Taking me by the hand, we toured Ness' two bedroom apartment. It was quite
spacious and Ness had furnished it really well. The messenger video call we
did, just didn't do the place justice. Ness clearly had great taste. There
was a decent sized living room, a dinning space that was comfortably able
to house the six seat dinning table. Both bedrooms had beds, the second one
with a single bed (hopefully not, I thought). We joked and I was very
complimentary of her taste and style all the way around. She got more
cuddly as we went and it was very comforting and relaxing to receive that
sort of attention and affirmation of my hopes.

The master bed was a queen size, with a wrought iron bed head. The ensuite
and second bathroom's had been renovated and were modern and pretty
spacious. The ensuite had a large shower, one that could easily accommodate
two. It had a seat in one corner and two shower roses and tap sets. There
was a large claw bath in the second bathroom that could easily house two
(big smiles). She took me out onto the balcony that was huge - it was
probably eight or more meters by the same. Furnished with a lovely outdoor
set, it was currently covered by a retractable roof, making it usable all
year round.

We had all but finished the tour and Ness said, "One more room, which is
where tonight begins. The kitchen."  She led us into a brightly lit,
brilliantly designed and very well furnished kitchen. Reaching into the
fridge, Ness started to bring a few containers out of the fridge.  Once on
the bench, she turned to me and said, "I thought that we might cook the
same stir fry we did at the cooking lesson in Hua Hin. If you're hungry, we
could start now?"

"What a wonderful idea, babe." I smiled broadly. "I am very hungry as it
happens. Is all the prep done? Do you need me to do anything else?"

"Not at all hon." Ness replied. "We can just get started."

We both began by copying what we'd been taught to do in Thailand. Pretty
soon we fell into a natural team rhythm. We talked about our week and joked
around, sipping wine as we went.  It was all very relaxed and just felt
like I was where I was supposed to be - or perhaps had been for some
time. I remember at one point I thinking that it was something I had never
felt in previous relationships.

There were a few pecks on the lips, a bit of touching and a good number of
compliments. Within about 20 minutes it was about ready.  As I started to
serve, Ness refilled our wine glasses and set the table. I removed my
jumper and Ness suggested removing my shoes. I was plenty warm enough, so
did so gladly.

We sat down at a small breakfast table in the kitchen area. Ness had lit a
candle and we sat beside each other, as opposed to across. I held her seat
out, moving it in under her as she sat. I sat down and lifted my
glass. Turning to Ness, I said, "What shall we toast?"

Ness lifted her glass, smiling during her response, "What about, eye
opening holidays and the future?"

Smiling back, I gently clanged the glasses together, saying, "Perfect. To
eye opening holidays and the future."

We started eating. Clearly we had been paying attention during the lesson,
or perhaps it was Ness' prep. Either way, the meal was fantastic, tasting
just like it had been just made at a restaurant on the beach at Hua
Hin. And there was plenty of it - enough that neither of us wanted dessert.

We did the dishes and Nes refilled our glasses again, suggesting that we
move to the living room. She led the way and I couldn't help but follow the
way her hips and butt moved as she walked the short distance. As she
rounded the couch, Ness looked over her shoulder and caught me checking her
out. I blushed and smiled like a teenager that had been caught by a friends
mom as I looked at her arse.

Ness smiled and bade me sit next to her on her three seat couch. We made
some small talk. I thanked her for the dinner and again complimented her on
the apartment.

There was a short pause, where we just sipped our wine. Then Ness put her
glass on the coffee table. I followed suit. Looking down at the hands in
her lap, she mentally gathered herself and took a big deep breath.  Looking
up, she had confidence and determination in her eyes. Instinctively I knew
to keep my mouth shut.

Ness shuffled around slightly to face me. I followed suit. She put her
hands back in her lap and I pretty much mirrored her. Looking each other in
the eyes, she took another big breath.

"Max. I need to apologise firstly for the way the last night in Pattaya
ended. When you came and spoke to me in the morning, I said that I wanted
to explain to you why, when we got back here." I nodded briefly, letting
her know that I wanted her to take her time.

She continued, "I want to say that I never went to Thailand expecting to do
anything other than to play some good golf at some great courses, with some
nice people. I was looking forward to having a look around, as I hadn't
been there before. And I definitely wasn't expecting to meet anyone." She
paused and looked down briefly before going on. "But I did meet And it has opened my eyes and my heart to something that I
thought I had no chance and no right, to find."

Ness reached out and took both of my hands in hers. I held onto her
firmly. After another deep breath, Ness said, "From the moment that you
introduced yourself to me at the airport, I was impressed. You're a kind,
empathic, chivalrous, lovely man. So when you showed interest in me, I was
both shocked and unsettled. You've been so kind and patient with me and I
want to thank you for that. And you were especially kind to me on the last
night in Thailand."

"I know that you've been waiting for me to tell you why I stopped. I want
to say at the outset, that it was never about you, or anything that you
did. It was about something that I've not told you. In fact, it is
something that I've only told my family and about three people. It is a big
thing and I was initially concerned that it would ruin what I thought we
might be able to have, but the way that you are, now I'm just not sure."

Ness stopped.  Clearly she needed to gather a little more strength. I
waited until she was ready.

Looking up, she just said it. "Max, I and a transgender woman. I was born a
man and transitioned when I turned 17. I have lived as a woman since then."
Looking down as if there was some came in what she just said and was about
to say, Ness continued, "While I lost my virginity as a man before I
transitioned, I have not been to bed with anyone since I transitioned. I
have had a few dates and even told one guy, about five years ago, after
which he ran." Pausing again, she looked up, tears in her eyes and a look
of hope. "I knew I needed to tell you and I just hope that it doesn't ruin
anything. I really like you Max, but if you need some time to process this,
or if you want to end it now, then please just say so." After finishing,
she let out a breath that was long and deep, her shoulders relaxed and her
whole appearance relaxed. A huge weight had clearly been laid bear.

I waited for a bit, until she had relaxed a fair bit more, before I
replied. I lifted Ness' hands up and turning them over, I kissed each palm
in turn. Looking up, I smiled as broadly as I think I ever have. I looked
her straight in the eyes.

"Thank you for sharing that Ness. It was clearly something that was
weighing on you. I am honoured that you've told me. And I can understand
how you would think that it might change things for me." I paused for
effect. Squeezing her hands firmer, I continued, "I said to you that I will
always tell you the truth. I really like you too Vanessa. You are as warm,
fun, intelligent and inspiring as you are beautiful...and sexy...and
alluring. I can't help but be drawn to you. The fact that you are trans has
no bearing on the way that I feel about you. In fact I think it's
incredibly sexy."

Now it was time for my shocker. "I will be absolutely honest and tell you
that I found out that you are trans when we were in Thailand." Ness' eyes
went wide and she made to speak. I put a finger on her lips and said, "Let
me tell you how. It wasn't anything weird or anything you did. Remember the
morning of the last round of golf, when you slept in and forgot your purse?
You asked me to get it off the bedside table?" She nodded.

"Well, your purse was in your draw and I saw the HRT medication. It didn't
register what it was, until after your left my room that night and I was
searching for reasons why you'd suddenly stopped. I remembered what
medications they were. It took some time for me to put it together. So I've
known since about 2AM that night. At the same time, I knew that I needed to
give you enough time to tell me at your own pace."

The look of surprise hadn't left Ness' face. It took her a minute to
respond. "OK. Thanks for telling me. So you've known since after I left?
And you came to me the next morning and said those wonderful supportive and
kind things?"

I smiled and replied. "Yes. I had some doubts, until we kissed after our
chat the morning we left. I also knew that you needed the support and that
me living in Canberra would give me at least this week to sort through any
other doubts that I've had. I have meditated on it all this week and I'm
very happy with your news and who you are. In fact I haven't been able to
get past a real feeling of dread whenever I thought about backing away, or
you not wanting to see me. I will have some things to learn and discover,
no doubt. And I will make mistakes and say some things that might not be
the way they should be said, but you need to know that I am here for you."

I let go of Ness's hands and took her face in my hands. I drew us close
with as much determination and passion in my voice as I could, I said, "I
want you Ness! ALL of you! The fact that you are Trans is of no
consequence, because I was attracted to you well before i knew that. It was
the person that you are, inside and out, that I'm attracted to" I wiped
away the remnants of the tears.

Ness nodded and we came together in a gentle kiss that grew in passion and
intensity as we went. Ness' tongue came out and entered my mouth and I
groaned in pleasure. We came together, wrapping our arms around each other
- Ness' over my shoulders and mine around her waist.

I moved my hands to Ness' hips and made to lift her. She raised herself up
and made to put a leg over my hips, but I had other ideas. I moved her so
that she was sitting in my lap, legs across my thighs. She had her hands on
my face and we were trying to get inside each other' skin. My left arm was
wrapped around her back and my right hand was on her left hip. I raised my
right hand and brought our chest's together. I could feel her breasts up
against my chest.

We kissed like that for about five minutes, the passion building all the

I stopped kissing Ness and stated kissing her neck, with wet tongue and
lips. She was moaning almost constantly. I reached up with my right hand,
running up the side of her dress approaching her left breast. Drawing a
finger around it, I gently cupped the lower half. Ness reached for my shirt
and made to lift it over my head.

I brought my lips off Ness's shoulder and looking at her, said, "Not yet
babe." She nodded slightly and started kissing me again. I took my right
hand and moved it under her legs laying across my lap and shuffling forward
a little, stood up, lifting her in my arms as I did. A little moan escaped
Ness' lips as she stopped kissing me, burying her head in my shoulder. I
walked with her to the master bedroom. I had thought about this a great
deal and I wanted this moment to seem to Ness like it was me carrying her
over the threshold on our wedding night. I wanted it to be very very
special for her.

I knelt on the bed and placed Ness gently down on her back. She looked over
her head and turned on a bedside lamp and pointed at the one on my side. I
turned it on. I came back to her and we melded against each other, my
slightly on top and Ness pretty much on her back.

Our kissing resumed in earnest. We were both now really eager. Our passion
built quickly and our hands were everywhere.  Ness pulled my shirt over my
head and was scratching my back with her nails, reaching down to take my
arse in her left hand. While she was grabbing me, my hands were on her
breasts. I could feel her hard nipples and was twisting them through the
pliable material of the dress.

I reached around Ness' back and took the zip, lowering it to the bottom. My
hands were back on the front of her dress and Ness was arching her back as
I lowered my lips kissing down her front, pulling the front of the dress
down as I got close. She took her breast in her hand as I approached and
fed it to me.

I was suckling on her nipple and gently biting it, Ness was all over me.
She brought her left leg over my hip, curling her foot behind my butt,
bringing me toward her, while she was thrusting her pelvis toward me. I
reached back and ran my hand from her ankle up her leg, gripping and
groping as I went.  Ness' head was back and she was writhing and moaning,
"Oh yes. O'h my God Max. Suck on my tit hon.....harder."

I was happy to comply and biting down on her hard bud nipple and then
moving to the left one, she continued to draw her nails on my skin.

As my hard cock was making contact with her crouch, I could feel Ness' hard
on as well. I continued to move my hand up the back of Ness' thigh to her
perfect arse.When I took a hold of her left arse cheek in my hand I gripped
it and drew her arse towards me. I groaned, saying, "Oh fuck yes babe. You
are so hot. Your arse is so fucking perfect."

"I want you Max! Oh my god I want you!"

Stopping, I got up on my knees and drew her up as well. Still kissing, I
shifted us to the edge of the bed. I sat and moved her to a standing
position in front of me. She brought her hands to my face and, lowering her
head continued to kiss with a fury and passion I had not felt before. I ran
my hands up the back of Ness' legs, under the dress and up to her naked
arse cheeks. I squeezed them both in my hands and slowly bringing them out
again, ran them up the back of the dress.

I took hold of the dress at Ness' hips and drew I'd down. The dress slid
over Ness' tits and without a hint of embarrassment, I moved my head to
suckle on one, then the other nipple.  She was running her hands through my
hair, moaning. I moved the dress lowed and felt the point where it went
over Ness' slender hips and started to fall easily.

As the top of the dress moved lower, I looked down.  It exposed the top of
Ness' panties. Ness stiffened and moved her hands down in front of her
crutch to hide it - clearly not confident.  I let go of the dress and
looking up at her, brought my hands to her forearms. "You are perfection to
me Ness. Please let me. I want all of you....ALL OF YOU!" I applied gentle
pressure to move her arms apart and as they did, I looked down.

For the first time I saw the covered source of all of Ness' intimacy
issues. And I was very pleasantly surprised.  Ness' cock was straining at
her panties and it wasn't big, but it certainly wasn't small. I estimated
it to be about five inches. But her panties were stunning.  The same colour
as the dress, they were thong panties, high on her hips with a one inch
satin lace trim across the top.

"Oh my god you're beautiful." Moving my hands to her hips and beyond, I
cupped her breasts and took each nipple between my fingers. I applied
gentle pressure. "Perfection."

Ness looked down at me and said, "Really?"

I laughed and said, "Oh baby, you are better than perfection to me. Just
look at yourself. What could be better - who in the world could be better?"
Ness smiled and ran her fingers through my hair. Smiling with lust in my
mind and heart, I said, "Turn around babe. I have to see your perfect
arse." Ness turned.

I gasped as I looked at Ness' arse.  It truely was perfect. A small peach,
with thong underwear providing a top frame and splitting each perfect
cheek. I ran my hands down her back and softly over each cheek. I kissed
the bottom of Ness' back and applying a little pressure, had her bend over
slightly. I gently kissed the middle of each cheek, eliciting a soft moan
from Ness.

I ran my hand down the side of her legs and when my hands started back up,
they were in between her legs. The skin was so soft and my light touch
caused Ness to shiver and for her knees to go a little weak. She almost
collapsed for ward and I caught her with one arm. Getting up off the bed I
moved to stabilise her. I went to turn Ness towards the bed, but instead
she stood and turned towards me.  We came together and kissed deeply,
tongues entwined.

Ness reached between us and put the palm of her hand up against my strained
pants. She applied pressure and tried to grip my cock through the material.
I groaned and almost collapsed as well.  She let me go and undid the button
and zipper.  My hands were cupping Ness's arse, as she reached inside my
pants, inside the waste band of my boxers and took my rock hard cock in her
right hand. My mouth came away from Ness' and I let out a loud, guttural
moan and I shuddered wildly.

Ness reply was, "Oh fuck yes." She gripped it lightly and ever so slowly
pumped it. "Oh fuck. It's so hard!" I was in fucking heaven! Ness moved her
other hand to push my pants down. They fell to the floor and we were both
standing in our nickers, in a puddle of clothes. I reached down, causing
Ness' hand to come away from my hot, hard cock.

I lifted Ness behind her arse and spreading her legs, she wrapped her
thighs around me. I stepped out of my pants and we left our outer skins
behind as I moved us to the bed again, placing her head on a pillow at the
centre of the bed.  Kissing again, our cocks were up against each other's
and as I lowered us onto the bed. We stayed that way, assuming the
missionary position.

I was grinding down on Ness' crutch and she was grinding up on mine. I
wanted to taste her and moved myself lower towards her tits, briefly
licking and suckling as I went. Moving to go lower. Ness' hand came to my
head and lifted it, looking me in the eyes with apprehension. I smiled up
at her saying, "It's all right my love......ALL of you!" I lowered my head
again and continued to go lower.

When I reached her panties, I spread Ness' legs further and kissed the
inside of her thighs up to her knees and back again. When I got back, I
brought a hand up and gently ran a finger over her panties. Ness moaned
deeply and shuddered wildly. I ran the palm of my hand over the front of
her panties, feeling her cock more firmly. Again she shuddered. I kissed
above and then across her panties. Mouthing and then lightly biting the
outline of her hard cock.

Reaching inside the top of the panties, I slowly pulled them down over
Ness' cock. I looked at her cock and it was just as beautiful as she
was. She was shaved all over and circumcised. Pulling it down further, I
gently ran my palm over it.  It twitched and Ness moaned in the back of her
throat. It was five inches and had an average girth. I bent forward and
kissed the underside of her cock, all the way to the base of the
circumcised head.

I got up a bit and pulled her panties down.  Ness brought her knees
together, so I could lower the panties all the way off. I held her knees up
against her chest for a couple of seconds. Looking down, her cock and balls
were between her thighs, so it looked like she was a girl with a vagina. I
looked a little lower and saw her anus.

Bringing myself back to the present, I lowered Ness' knees and as they came
down, I spread them wide. I lowered myself back to Ness' crutch. I looked
up and Nes was looking down at me with lust all over her face and
anticipation and hope in her eyes. "Are you Ok?" I asked, smiling.

"Oh my god yes." Ness panted.

I lowered my head and kept my eyes on her.  My tongue came out and I licked
Ness' cock from base to tip. As I got to the top, I took it in my right
hand and kissed the head. The look in her eyes was priceless. I had never
seen a face with so much pleasure clearly visible. Looking down I opened my
lips and took her cock in my mouth. "Arrrrhh, FUCK!" was Ness' response. I
gently sucked on her cock and started moving my head up and down, spreading
as much saliva all over it. My hands were up on her tits, twisting her
nipples, then down on her cock, pumping it when it wasn't in my mouth. I
bent Ness' cock up towards her and sucked on it, taking her balls into my

I had been at it for about five minutes, when I felt Ness's body start to
tense up.  She started to try to move away from me. I guessed she was
getting close, so I doubled and then redoubled my efforts.  I had all of
her cock in my mouth, with a small part of it starting down my throat, when
Ness cried out, "Oh fuck Max. I'm going to cum! Watch out!"

I came up, took a breath and then started pumping her cock with one hand
and quickly bobbing up and down, sucking as hard as I could. Ness' whole
body started to spasm and I felt her cum hit the back of my mouth. There
wasn't a lot (to be expected), but I made sure to taste it. I'd not minded
the taste of the cum when I'd been with guys, but I loved the taste of
Ness' cum. She had one hand on the back of my head and one on a nipple,
pulling hard on it, as I looked back up. Her eyes were closed and her face
contorted in pleasure.

I kept sucking on her cock as it softened. Ness' eyes fluttered open and
she looked down at me. As she did, I ran my tongue over the exposed head of
her cock. Anyone with a cock knows that just after you've cum, the tip of
your cock is about a million times more sensitive than normal. So sensitive
that, when I did that, it was an automatic reflex action for Ness' to pull
her thighs away.

I let her cock go, but kept my hands roaming and softly caressing her
thighs, her stomach and gradually I moved my body up to lay down beside
her.  her eyes had been closed for a bit and I saw the wet lines from a
couple of tears that had flowed down the side of her face.

I look Ness in my arms and drew her to me, bringing her head onto my chest.
She was near being asleep, so I let her rest and process what I had just

After a short while, her eyes opened and she reached up and kissed me. Her
tongue came out and snaked inside my mouth. She clearly wanted to taste
what I had, so I shared all I could.  Her hand came up to my chest and she
raised herself up a little bit above me.

I asked, "Was that Ok babe?"

Ness replied, "Oh my god was that amazing? It was sublime hon. Better than
I ever thought it would be."

 I was a little bit surprised and with a quizzical look asked, "Was that
your first head job?" After she nodded, I continued, "So you've never had
sex with a guy either?"

Shaking her head, Ness looked down and said, "Sorry, no. Apart from an
occasional toy, I never have."

I was shocked. I reached up and took her hands in my face and said, "Oh
baby. That's perfectly alright. It's lovely and sweet and ...... perfect."
I paused for a while to kiss her with as much compassion that I could
muster. "You know that we don't have to do anything else and I would never
ask you to until you are ready."

She looked at me with love in her eyes and said, "Oh no honey. You said ALL
of me was perfect? Well, I want ALL of you, so my life can become
perfect. I want you to make love to me. I've wanted to feel you inside me
since I met you. I've prepared and I want you to fuck" As she
had been saying that, she'd brought her hand to my crutch and onto my
quickly stiffening cock.

"My turn," Ness said as she got up on her knees. She threw a leg over me
and sat back down, her crutch on mine.

It didn't take any more convincing for me. We kissed again, hard and
urgent. Ness had reached inside my boxers and had a hold of my cock
again. This time she wasn't holding back and started pumping and grinding
on it at the same time.  She briefly suckled my nipples and gently bit
them. I was in heaven again and moaned. In no time she moved down and
pulled my boxers off and positioned her face over my crutch.

Ness said, "It's so hard and so big." I'd trimmed my pubic hair pretty
short, which I guess made it look a little harder, but I was still only
just over six inches. The fact that her hands were much smaller than mine,
made it look a fair bit bigger too. I loved the look.  Ness bent down and
kissed my cock head. Her tongue snaked out and licked at a droplet of
precum. She drew her tongue back into her mouth and after tasting it a bit,
a smile came over her face and she lowered her head back down and started
kissing and licking the full length of my ragingly hard cock.

It was sticking up straight and Ness moved to my side so she would take it
in her mouth. She started slowly, gradually increasing her pace. For a
first timer, I was really fucking impressed. My legs were splayed and I had
one hand on her head, and the other on Ness' breast. I wouldn't last long
at this rate.

Running my hand down Ness back, I bent around slightly, so I could reach
and grab a hand full of her arse. When I managed it, she moaned onto my
cock.  She was clearly right into giving me head. I reached a little
further and felt the cleft of her arse. I ran a finger a little way down
it. As I did Ness, moaning loudly, shifted her position onto her side,
facing me. I looked down and saw her spent cock and ran my hand down the
inside of one thigh and reached past her cock, seeking her anus.

I stopped Ness, feeling a massive surge of passion. I got up off my back
and got on top of her. I bent over and we kissed deeply. I kissed her again
and then slowly made my way down to her crutch again. I took Ness cock in
my mouth again and in less than a minute, it had stiffened a bit to be
about half hard. She was moaning loudly again.

I left her crutch and flattening myself on the bed started licking and
kissing her perineum. Lifting her legs, I raised them up to her chest,
giving me complete access to her arse.  I couldn't resist commenting, "Fuck
babe. You have the best arse I've ever seen." At that, I bent in and
started kissing and licking my was from her arse cheeks towards my ultimate
goal. Flicking my tongue across her anus, Ness yelled out, "Oh fuck. Kiss
it. Kiss my pussy Mark, Lick it baby!" I flattened my tongue and did as I
was told.

I was loving the taste and feel of Ness arse, when I felt her hand on my
shoulder. I looked over and in her hand was a tube of lube. I took it from
her and put it on the bed.

ness raised herself up and grabbing a pillow and a towel that I hadn't
noticed was sitting at the end of the bed. She placed both under her hips,
raising her hips up.

I continued to lap at Ness' anus and it slowly relaxed and then started to
open a little. I stuck my tongue into her anus, trying to get it
inside. She was writhing and grinding her arse towards my tongue. As I was
doing this, I took some lube and put some on my middle finger. I started to
rub it across Ness' anus and gently applying pressure against it. It slowly
penetrated her anus and Ness ground down on it.

Ness' anus relaxed and her arse quickly accommodated it. I started to
gently move my finer in and out and soon enough, added a second finger.
Ness was going off and looking up at me, said, "Max. Max." I looked up at
her and she continued, "I want you to fuck I want you to fuck
my pussy and take my cherry. I want you inside me. Fuck me please."

Who was I to deny my baby anything she wanted.

I put a good amount on my cock and smeared it around with my other hand,
with two fingers still inside her. I positioned myself up far enough to
allow me to fuck Ness. I removed my fingers and put my hand behind her knee
and grabbed my cock, pointing it at her anus.

Looking up, ness was looking at me with 100% lust on her face. "I want you
to look babe. What do you want to look at?"

She groaned as the tip of my cock touched her anus. I gently rubbed it up
and down and around.  She was desperate now, almost yelling, "Oh fuck me
please. Put your cock inside my pussy....please....please fuck me Max!"

I stopped moving my cock and positioned it firmly at her anus. I leant
forward and maintained a gently pressure, the tip slowly being allowed to
penetrate. All of a sudden, the head of my cock disappeared inside
Ness. She moaned and put a hand on my chest to stop me. I did, but still
maintained a little pressure. Over the next minute or so, Ness relaxed
enough to allow me to continue to penetrate her. When we got to the upper
sphincter, Ness said, "Oh stop...stop." I asked if she was Ok, knowing what
it was and she said, "Yeh babe. Just give me a minute."

I held myself there for another minute. Slowly the upper sphincter relaxed
and I was able to fully penetrate her. I looked down, as did Ness, to see
my pelvic bone up against her perineum.

I slowly withdrew and then gently thrusted forward again. I continued with
that for another minute or two. Looking at her face, Ness slowly relaxed
more and pleasure retuned to her face again. When I felt Ness raise her
hips up to meet my slow thrust forward, I started to increase the pace. As
I did that, I leant back a little. This had the effect of my very upright
erection rubbing hard against Ness' prostate. Ness started writhing in
pleasure and with one hand slowly stroking her now lubed cock, she was
moaning and grinding against me.

I could feel myself getting close, so I switched positions. I lifted Ness
at the small of her back into an upright position. I sat on my heals and
brought her vertical and wrapped my arms around her, when she was up
against me.

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Oh my god this is amazing ..... You're
amazing. I love having your cock in my pussy. So deep, I can feel it in my
soul." We kissed deeply and I raised her up a little and let her come back
down onto my cock - penetrating her as far as I could.

She got the idea quickly and started riding me, increasing the pace as we
went. We were both soaked in sweat and I had my hands on Ness' arse,
sliding them in to feel my cock move in and out as she rode me. I rubbed
all around her anus with both hands, causing her anus to spasm around my

I could feel myself getting close and I started to pull down on Ness
harder, looking for greater penetration. She was thrusting against me, her
now hard cock grinding against my abdomen. She wrapped me in her arms and
bringing her mouth to my ear, said through her grunting, "Cum in me
babe. Cum in my pussy. Make me a woman. Make me your woman. Cum for me and
fill me with your seed ... cum in me ... cum in me."

It was that encouragement and her orgasm, which triggered her anus to clamp
around my cock, that took me over the edge. I came like I never had
before. Spasm after spasm from me, was met by Ness holding me and bearing
down on me as much as she could. We were both grunting and desperate. I
felt the tail end of Ness' orgasm as well and felt her cum between us.

I was breathing heavily and we stayed like that for what had to be 10
minutes. I felt my cock slowly deflate and as it started to leave Ness'
arse, I laid down on my back, bringing her on top of me. I kept my hands
moving, occasionally rubbing around my cock and her anus. Every time I
touched her there, it would elicit a deep moan and a good strong shudder
from Ness.

As my cock finally plopped out of Ness' arse, I put my hand over her anus
and gently rubbed it, allowing a finger to slide in and out. I could feel
my cum as it lubricated my finger. After a minute or so, Ness' pussy
farted. She reacted with a, "Oh no." I rubbed it again and she
shuddered. Another couple came out and I kissed her neck, softly telling
her that it was Ok and that I loved it.

After another five minutes passed, ness raised her head and looked at
me. We both started to smile and gently kiss and caress each other. I was
the first to speak, "That was so amazing babe. I don't think I've every
felt that good before. You were amazing and your whole body is amazing. Are
you sore?"

Ness shook her head and cooing her reply, she said, "Oh baby. Thank
you!. Thank you for making me a real woman. I loved it, I loved what we did
and I love your cock - it is just perfect for me. I've never cum like that
before - no hands - just amazing. Can we do this forever?" As soon as she
said it, she realised she had and looked surprised, as if she'd done
something terrible.

I kissed her very passionately and then said, "Oh what a wonderful thing to
say. Yes. Yes please. We can do this till the end of time, if you'd
like. What took you so long to ask?" We both laughed out loud at that one
and she collapsed down against me again.

I pulled the side of the bed quilt over us and within a minute or so Ness
was asleep, lying on top of me with all of her weight on me. It was a great
feeling and within a minute of that, I too was asleep.

I woke up, what turned out to be about an hour later. There was a soft
moaning in my ear. I also felt pressure on my groin and as I became fully
awake, realised that I had a hard on and that Ness was grinding her crutch
against it. I ran my hand down Ness' back to her hips. Taking them strongly
in my hands, I started grinding upward. This elicited a deep moan from Ness
and she brought her head up to look at me.

Her face was so beautiful with her hair draped down either side, so that
the bedside lamp light lit it in the softest way. "Hey!" She said, through
another moan. She bit her bottom lip in pleasure and then lowered her head
and we kissed.

Our passion built to fever pitch in no time and spilled out in the form of
a desperate groping, almost mauling, of each other's bodies. I sat us up
and was then keenly aware of her hard on against mine. I was sucking on her
nipples when I looked up and said, "If it's too early, we don't have to
again."  Ness smiled in reply and reaching down between us, she took our
cocks in one hand, starting to stroke them together.

I looked at Ness with mouth agape and still smiling, she said, "Oh yes we
do baby." She reached down beside us and put some lube on her hand. Raising
herself up, she smeared in on her anus and moving her hips forward, then
onto my cock. Her tits were at face height and I took one of them in my
mouth and tried to suck all of it in. I moaned onto her tit, biting down on
it, as Ness lowered herself onto my rock hard cock.

She took a deep breath and the head popped in quicker this time. After 20
seconds or so, I felt her relax again and she slowly lowered herself all
the way - not needing to stop at the second sphincter. She slowly raised
herself up and then down again, starting with a fairly slow rhythm. But
this built pretty quickly to riding me about as fast as she could raise and
lower herself.

I stopped her, not wanting to cum too quickly, and standing up at the side
of the bed, turned around and put Ness down on her back on the bed. I put
my hands behind her knees and brought them up to her chest and looking
down, started to fuck Ness. After a few strokes, I took her cock in one
hand and began stroking it. Ness was writhing, panting and moaning, saying
things like, "Oh fuck. Oh my god. Fuck me Max!"

She reached down and taking her own cock in her hand started to pump if
furiously. She was clearly getting close. Her anus started to spasm and she
orgasmed and the orgasm lasted for a long time. I had stopped to give her
the time and space for the orgasm to subside. As her eyes fluttered open,
she smiled up at me and said, "Oh my god. That was sooooo good. Nothing

I bent down and kissed her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. And we
kissed softly and tenderly for a few minutes. I was still inside her and
still hard and after a nit longer, I felt Ness squeeze her anus and she
looked at my with some surprise. She broke the kiss and said, "You didn't
cum?" I shook my head and she drew me to her hard. She held me for s short
while and then releasing me, she gently pushed me rearward.

With her legs still in the air, I stood and looked down as my cock slowly
withdrew. As it came out, I went on my knees and, holding Ness' legs up,
watched as her anus slowly closed.

She sat up then, standing, took my hand and said, "Come with me." Leading
me to the bathroom she walked into the shower and started one of the
rainfall roses above us. We entered and cuddled straight away. She took up
a bar of soap and starter to wash my chest and then my back. With my back
to her got on her knees and washed my legs and when she got to my arse, she
giggled and said, "you have a great arse babe."

Moving my legs apart, she had me bend over a little and washed my crack and
anus. Gently rubbing it, eliciting a large moan from me. I almost collapsed
as I felt Ness' tongue on my anus. But it wasn't there long.  She span me
around and immediately started washing my upper thighs, followed by my
balls and my now VERY hard cock.

Rinsing it off, she took it in her hand and smiling, licked it from base to
tip. At the head, Ness' tongue snaked out and she licked and then her big
lips swirled around it. "Oh yes baby. Oh my god that's so good. Suck my
cock." I said sat down on the small seat. She spread my legs and kneeling
up, took my cock into her mouth. The heat was intense and she started to
bob her head and stroke my cock at the same time. I had my hand on the back
of her head as she went and before long I felt my orgasm coming.

Just before I came I moaned "Oh baby. I'm going to cum." Within a few
seconds, my orgasm arrived and cum started to spew from my cock. Moaning
loudly, Ness looked up and me and sucked for all she was worth.

When my orgasm had subsided and my cock started to go down, Ness let it
slip out of her mouth. She used one finger to wipe a small amount of my cum
from the corner of her mouth, she licked it off and before her tongue could
go back in her mouth, I bent down and kissed her deeply, seeking to share
the taste of my cum with her, by snaking my tongue into her mouth.

We were both moaning, when Ness stood and drew me up to her. We kissed and
cuddled some more in the shower. When we got out I dried her and she dried
me. Kissing and speaking soft compliments to each other as we went.

When we were done, we were both wrapped in towels. I looked at Ness and
said, "Bed?" She nodded. I kissed her on the forehead, dropped my towel and
then walked into the bedroom. I sleep naked, so as I straightened the bed,
taking the towel into the laundry. I got in on what I assumed was my side
of the bed - the left side as you look from the foot.

Ness had turned off the light in the bathroom and then walked into her
wardrobe. When she came out I was blown away. The light from the room was
behind her. She was wearing a stretch sating and lace chemise with hip
hugger panties. It was very complimentary of her figure. She could have
easily been mistaken to be 25. My mouth was agape for the second time
tonight. "My god woman, you are the picture of perfection!" I pulled back
the covers on her side of the bed and patting it, said, "Now come over here
and get in bed with me."

She turned off the light and walked over, getting in the bed. I'm not sure
I've ever seen a woman walk any more sexily than Ness did. I took her into
my arms and leaning up on one elbow, I looked down and said to her, "Would
you pinch me please." Taking running my fingers through her hair, I
continued, I Feel like the luckiest man in the world to be here with you
tonight and for us to share what we have. I'm not sure that there's ever
been a luckier man in all of human history."

Smiling up at me, Ness replied, "Thank you baby. I can't tell you how much
I feel the same. Thank you for coming tonight. I know that I have never
been happier that I am right now. I always hoped, but never really felt
like I was worthy of this kind of happiness. But what I'm feeling now is
all because of you Max."

We kissed softly and leisurely for a minute or so, bodies lying against
each other. Ness draped a leg over mine. Our contact and kiss was more
about being close to each other, than it was sexual. I laid down and Ness
turned toward me. I put an arm under her head and she laid her head on my
chest then, looking up one last time, whispering, "Good night my darling."

I lifted my head and kissed her lightly on the lips, whispering back, "Good
night my love."

We were both asleep within minutes.

When I woke, Ness was still fast asleep beside me. She was lying on her
side facing me, but her head was no longer on my shoulder. She was on her
own pillow, but close to me and her hand was resting on my bicep. She was a
vision of beauty, silently and deeply breathing through her nose. I
couldn't help but take in each and every detail.

After about 10 minutes, I gently lifted Ness' hand and slid silently out of

I quietly relieved myself and got a pair of shorts and a t-shirt out of my
bag. leaving the bedroom door ajar, I made my way to the kitchen and
scrounging around, started to make breakfast. While we were in Thailand,
Ness had stuck pretty much to the same breakfast. I got the coffee underway
first. As I sought and found her cereal, I noticed that, sitting beside it,
she had a brand new pack of the cereal I had always eaten while
away. Smiling, I noted that Ness was about as observant as I was. I poured
some juice and as I was adding yogurt and fruit, when I heard light
footsteps behind me.

The next thing I felt was was Ness' arms coming around me and her hugging
my back. "Good morning young lady," I joked turning around and hugging her
back. "Did you sleep well?" I bent down and gave her a light kiss on the

She was still wearing the chemise, but also now had on a dressing gown that
was for winter. It had a floral pattern on it and was a pale green with
lots of white lace in the pattern. It was very feminine and again very
complimentary of her figure. Her hair was brushed and she smelled fresh.

Smiling back at me, Ness replied, "Not sure I've slept better for about 10
years." She kissed me again.

"How's about some breakfast?" I asked and she nodded.

Ness moved away from me and as she let go, she said, "Yes please. I am
famished." She set the table as I finished preparing breakfast. I moved it
to the table and sat down after pouting coffee.

We both scoffed down our breakfast, pretty much in silence, happy to sit in
each other's company.  After finishing we cleared and washed up. As I was
putting the dishes away, Ness went into the bedroom and reappeared with a
men's dressing gown. Handing it to me, I said, "Oh thanks babe." Putting it
on and tying it, I bent my head down and sniffed the sleeve. It smelt brand
new (as I knew it would be when she presented it to me), but I looked at
her with a cheeky look on my face and said, "Is that Armani or Calvin
Klein? And who does it belong to."

Ness was shocked and laughing, started play hitting me and raising her
voice said, "How could you say that? That is brand new and you know it."
Laughing I wriggled away from her and ran out of the kitchen. Laughing she
chased me and I led her on a merry chase around the dining table and around
the flat, allowing her to catch me back in the kitchen.

We were both laughing hilariously and I wrapped her in my arms and squeezed
her, pinning her arms to her side. She stopped resisting and looking up at
me, she said, "Please let me go." I did straight away. She reached around
me and hugged me. We stood there for a few minutes, her hugging me and me
hugging her back with one arm and running my hand from the top of her head,
down to her back.

She looked up and asked for more coffee. I made us both another cup and
taking my hand she led me back to the couch in the living room. We cuddled
for a little bit, me with my back against one end of the couch and my legs
open and Ness sitting with her back to me, between my legs, sipping our
coffee. We started to chat. I told her that I thought it was sweet and it
made me feel both really nice, as well as giving me some idea of what she
thought about me and us, that she had bought my cereal and a dressing
gown. She hugged my arm and turning her head replied, "That's ok
sweetie. It felt a very natural thing for me to do."

Hugging her a little bit, I said, "Can I ask a serious question?"

She half turned and looking me in the face, replied, "Sure babe."

"Are you ok after last night? You're not too sore are you? I didn't hurt

Smiling at me, Ness reached over and took the side of my face in one of her
palms and replied, "Oh baby. I'm not sore and you didn't hurt me. I was a
little uncomfortable after our shower, but that had all gone when I woke up
before. I'm fine. It is so sweet of you to ask, but I'm perfect and you
were perfect last night."

That question and response, kicked off a conversation that lasted us a
couple of hours. We covered all sorts of topics, including a lot of the big

Ness told me about her life growing up, how she had gender dysphoria from
about 13 or 14. How her Mom was very supportive. She told me that after she
finally started her transition medication, she had seen pretty significant
changes over the first two years. She had had breast augmentation at 19,
but had decided after another year, that she didn't want to have gender
affirming surgery and still didn't. She had felt her dysphoria dissipate
and was comfortable with her body that way it was now.

We talked about her good and bad experiences and after I asked if it was
true that I was her first, she confirmed it. Ness said that there hadn't
been anyone that she wanted to share her Trans Virginity with. Despite
having incredible urges in the first couple of years of HRT, Ness explained
that she felt so strongly about giving it to someone really special. I had
almost cried and we had kissed for a while after she said that.

She asked me if I'd never been with a trans person before, saying that my
confidence last night spoke to having experience. I told her about the
three guys I'd been with before I got married. "Other than that," I said,
"it was all responding to you and to my feelings for you."

We even talked about the names of things that she might want me to use,
especially after she had used pussy to describe herself. She wasn't sure
about that.  She said that she hadn't really thought about it, using it on
instinct in the moment. She thought on that for a bit and asked if we could
see how it goes. I said of course I would.

We'd been talking for ages and I noticed that Ness was getting a little
quiet, sensing that we might need to do something to lighten things and
just be ourselves.

Standing up and taking Ness' hand, having her stand as well, I said, "I'm
getting a little hungry, can we go out to eat?"

"You're very perceptive, aren't you?" Ness said smiling and giving me a
kiss. "I know just the place." She said.

I led Ness into the bedroom and then the bathroom. "Why don't you take a
shower. I have a couple of calls I need to make." I did have one call to
make, but I really wanted Ness to have some time to get herself ready,
without her feeling like us being in the same room needed to end in
sex. We'd had such a deep and meaningful discussion, that I guessed we both
needed to have a little time apart to process what we'd discussed.

I made to walk away and she pulled me back. "Thank you." She said. I knew
that she knew what I was going. I kissed her and walked out, put on the
clothes I'd arrived in the day before and made my way out to the car. I
listened to the news and after about 20 minutes, made my work call. It was
pretty quick, so I waited another 10 minutes or so, before heading back

As I closed the front door, I heard the hair dryer. I walked into the
kitchen, made another coffee and waited till I heard the hair dryer stop. I
gave it another 5 min and then walked into the bedroom. "You ok in there
Ness? Mind if I come in?"

"Of course baby. Come on in." I walked in and Ness was sitting on a stool
at the dressing table portion of the well appointed bathroom. She was back
in her dressing gown. Her hair looked like it had been done by a
stylist. Her makeup was all but done and she was putting on some deep red

I knelt down beside her and said, "You look stunning baby. Taking one of
her hands in mine I kissed the back of it. Putting on a medicinal English
accent, "Mayeth I get my lady anything that she may so desire?"

Giggling, Ness turned to me and said, "Why good sir. I would have thou
partake of a shower, so your lady may be feed before she doth die of
starvation, like a peasant."

I bowed and said, "As my lady doth command." I got up and stripping off,
was about to get in the shower when Ness told me that I had quite the
ass. "Steady kiddo," I said. "Any more compliments and we'll not be going
out for another 10 minutes." This drew another giggle and I was happy to be
lightening the mood for her. I asked from the shower, "Will jeans be ok for
the place we're going to."

"Sure will baby. It's what I'll be wearing." Came her reply.

By the time I got out of the shower, Ness was gone. I had a shave and
walked into the bedroom, half expecting to see Ness still getting dressed,
but she wasn't there. I got dressed and when I walked into the lounge room,
Ness stood and said, "Let's go!"

She was stunning. Her jeans we light blue and hugged her hips and toned
thighs. She was wearing a mid brown sweater and was carrying a camel
coloured coat and a lovely dark brown scarf. It stopped me in by shoes.

I stuck out my hand and said, "Hi. We haven't met. My names is Lucky."

Ness should my hand responding, "Hi Lucky. I'm likewise."

We both chuckled. I led us out to my car and after closing her door behind
her, walked around and started it, saying, "Where to lovely lady?"

We drove a short distance to Balmoral Beach and had lunch at the Balmoral
Boathouse Restaurant. The weather was pretty miserable - overcast and about
15 degrees Celsius, so quite chilly. We ate, chatted and laughed for about
two hours. Ness suggested a walk along the waterfront and it was lovely to
be just together with her and no one else. We took our time, looking
through galleries and other shops. All of this left the heavy conversation
behind us, but better informed and far more deeply connected.

I hadn't felt that at ease and comfortable and confident and appreciated
for a long long time and it was very intoxicating.

As we went we were all hands, holding hands, touching arms, waists,
shoulders. We were kissing at almost every opportunity and I was looking
after Ness as we walked, making sure she was warm and covered up from the
breeze.We were just like most people are that have just gotten together.

We both bought some clothes, including a hat/beanie each, telling each
other what we liked - which can be fraught with danger. Luckily we both
passed - well Ness did anyway.  The longer we were out there, the hornier
we got.

By the time four o'clock came about we were almost desperate to get back to
the car and Ness' house. When we arrived, I was all over her - never in a
gross way, but one that was an external manifestation of the desire I had
for her.

I started tickled her as we went up the last flight of four stairs, She
collapsed, unable to continue, turning around and sitting. I kept up the
tickling and between great bouts of laughter, she said, "Hey! No fair." She
couldn't get anymore out because I had covered her mouth with mine as I
kissed her deeply. She responded in kind and before I knew it my hands were
inside her coat and hers had my very hard cock in a vice-like grip through
the zip in my jeans.

We were there for a few minutes, groping and moaning in equal measure, when
I lifted Ness up with my hands grabbing her by the arse cheeks. She wrapped
her legs around my waist and I brought her into full frontal contact. We
both moaned deeply as I brought my crutch in contact with hers. I walked us
the last of the stairs and she handed me her keys, as we continued to
kiss. I opened the door and closed it with my foot after we got inside.

I walked us down the hall and turned left into the bedroom. I let Ness down
and we almost tore the clothes off each other's bodies. We were down to our
underwear in no time. Ness had on a pair of white satin panties and a
matching teddy. Her nipples were sticking out like bullets and my cock was
making my normally baggy boxers, quite strained.

Ness grabbed the boxers and drawing them over my hips and down my legs,
broke our kiss and taking a hold of my cock in her hand, said, "Fuck me
right now. She turned and bending to open her bedside table, she opened the

My eyes were drawn to the tight white G-string gaff and I was on my knees
in an instant. Reaching out I took hold of the gaff at either hip and drew
I'd worn over Ness' arse. Bare now, I looked at her arse - it was
perfection. Ness moaned and almost collapsed, as I parted her arse cheeks
and dove straight into rimming her.

It only lasted a minute or so. Ness called out to me and stopping, she
produced a condom and a tube of lube.

"When I said fuck me baby, I meant I need your cock inside me now." She got
up on the bed and wriggled her arse at me, as I put the condom on. I put a
generous amount of lube on my cock and smeared some on her puckered anus. I
started rubbing her anus with my thumb and she almost yelled, "Cock. I need
your cock in me!"

I immediately stepped up, making contact with her anus, applying
pressure. Ness groaned and pushing back, I saw my cock slowly disappear
into her arse, again stopping briefly at the inner sphincter. Within a
minute I was drawing it out and then thrust is all in, in one stroke. We
both groaned together.

We both went after it. I was thrusting in deeply and Ness was moving
forward and back in time with me. When her arse and my pelvis came
together, there was a gentle slapping sound. I grabbed Ness at the hips and
became more aggressive. We were properly banging now. I flipped Ness over
and bending over to take her tits in hand and mouth, I started fucking her
missionary, with her feet wrapped around me.

This went on for a few minutes, my upward facing cock rubbing against Ness'
prostate. Before I noticed, Ness started spasming and her anus gripped me
like a vice. She had an orgasm, regardless that her cock was only very
slightly engorged.

I slowed but as she settled, I started again and before long said, "I'm
gonna cum baby!"

Ness pushed me out of her and back away from the bed. Getting on her knees,
she removed the condom, looking up at me and said, cum on my face. I put
some lube on my cock and started stroking it. Ness moved her face to just
beyond the end of my cock and looking up at me said, "Come on my face baby,
I want it all.  Give me your cum!"

Her hands were on my thighs and massaging my balls and then she reached
around and took hold of my arse. It didn't take me long and about to come,
I almost whispered, "Oh. Cumming!"

The first couple of spurts we pretty small and landed on her chin and her
left cheek. The next two were huge, one landing inside her open mouth and
the other on her closed right eyelid. Sensing that my orgasm was subsiding,
Ness brought her face forward and took my cock into her mouth. Sucking on
the end and licking the length and head with her tongue, I couldn't take it
any more and my knees gave out.

I ended up being face to face, with the sexiest person I'd ever met and/or
been with.

Ness' left eye opened and she brought her fingers up to her right eye,
scooping up the big glob of cum that was still there. She brought a couple
of finger tips of cum to her mouth, letting out a big sigh and Mmmm, she
sucked the cum off her fingers. When she raised her finger to scoop up the
cum on her chin and cheek, I stopped her.

I scooped it up with my left index finger and slowly put it in her
mouth. Her tongue slowly snaked out and around my finger, her lips closing
on it, sucking it gently. I was mesmerised and mouth agape, I let her suck
on it as long as she wanted to. When she released it, I replaced my finger
with my tongue, kissing her deeply.

We pressed ourselves against each other, kneeling for a little longer.

I looked into Ness' eyes and kissing her said, "That was probably the
sexiest thing I've ever done baby......but you are the sexiest thing I've
ever seen."

Getting up, I had Ness do the same and walked her into the shower. We took
our time. We washed each other slowly and deliberately. I wanted to commit
every square inch of Ness' body to memory. And she was doing something
similar. After 20 minutes or so, I got hard again.

As Ness slowly stroked my cock with a soaped up hand, I said, "You know, if
you want, you can fuck me, right?"

"Thanks baby." Was Ness' reply. "Yesterday, I took a Viagra, because the T
blockers normally keep my erections to a minimum. They have to be planned
and I've found that I can't get a proper erection unless I have help." She
paused for a bit, still slowly stroking me. Looking up, smiling she said,
"I could wear a strap on, if you want? I normally need some time to
prep. You know that's why I had you use a condom just now right - because I
didn't have any time to prepare myself?"

Smiling and kissing her I said, "I figured that's why you wanted the
condom. As far as you having me is concerned, I'm really only interested in
what gives you the most pleasure."

Ness chuckled and replied, "But is has to be about what we both might like
or get pleasure from. I love you fucking me - you're REALLY good by the way
- but it isn't all for your pleasure. Remember, I did cum just now."

I hugged her and sitting on the seat, turned Ness around and drew her to
me. She sat and bringing my hands to her breasts, I gently massaged them,
eliciting a low, slow moan. I spoke softly into her ear, saying, "How's
about we just take it as it comes and if the opportunity arises, then you
can have your wicked way with me." As I finished, I tweaked her nipples
between thumb and forefinger.

"Oh fuck!" Ness moaned. "Now that isn't fair." I chuckled into her ear. In
reply to my chuckle, Ness wriggled her arse, my hard cock slipping between
her arse cheeks. Both of us moaned as Ness bent forward a little and
continued to wiggle.

All of a sudden, Ness stood and walked out of the shower, without saying a
word. But less than a minute later, she walked back in. I thought she'd
needed a toilet break, but as she re-entered the shower, she had a naughty
smile on her face and one hand remained behind her back. As she stood on
front of me, she asked, "Did you mean what you said about me having my
wicked way with you?"

"Of course" I replied.

She dropped to her knees and reaching out with her free hand, took my cock
in hand.

"What do you have in mind my darling? And what's in your other hand."

A wicked smile came across Ness' face and as she brought her hand out from
behind her, she replied, "This." In her hand was a 5 or so inch vibrator
with a blunt tip and a pretty slim girth.  There were correlations running
lengthways all around the shaft of the vibrator.

"Oh!" I said.

Ness said, "Yes. Oh.....Are you Ok with this? I've used it on myself from
time to time."

In all of my quite vanilla sex, I'd never used one and never had one used
on me. But what the hell I thought. I trust this woman "Why not." I said
with more confidence that I felt.

"Excellent!" Was Ness' reply. No sooner had she said that, than she put her
lips on my cock and started giving me head.

There was a special vigour in the way she attached sucking my cock. She was
attacking it like her life depended on it. And frankly, I was fucking
loving it. She and I were both moaning. It was probably the best head I've
ever had. And in a shower with what I thought was probably the most
attractive woman - next to Elle McPherson in her early 30s - that I'd ever

I heard the vibrator before I felt it, but when Ness touched it to my
balls, It was like she had shocked them with 240 volts. It was heaven as
she moved it around both balls and across the base then up the bottom side
of my cock. She then went down, across my balls and she firmly held it
against my perineum. I was looking at all this happening and that doubled
my pleasure. I could have come then and there, but sensing this Ness

She had me shuffle my arse to the edge of the shower seat and raise my
knees, spreading them either side of my chest, so I still had a full view
of my cock and her mouth and the vibrator, on and around it. Ness had
pulled her head off my cock, continuing to stroke it slowly. She slowly
brought the vibrator to her mouth and started getting it really wet with
her saliva. I knew what was coming and I REALLY wanted it to happen.

Ness turned the vibrator off and diving in, she proceeded to rim me for a
minute or so. She felt me relax into it and start to wriggle my arse
towards her. She took the vibrator and gradually replaced her mouth with
it. I could feel it against my anus and relaxing into it, bore down a

Feeling the top of the vibrator slip in, I moaned - loudly. I loved the
feeling of it being in there. Ness slowly pressed forward and I could feel
her knuckles, as she inserted the full length. It wasn't huge or anything,
but it felt like I was full. A few slow strokes in and out and I was right
into it. Ness started turning the vibrator as it moved and the ribs added
another degree of pleasure. I'm sure everyone's anus is really sensitive,
but I thought I could feel each atom on each rib as it was turned.

When Ness turned it on to the lowest setting, I thought I'd cum on the
spot. She let me get used to it, all the time slowly stroking my cock and
telling me that she loved seeing me like this, that she loved doing this
and how sexy I looked.

At one stage, I thought I was really going to cum and sensing it, Ness
stopped moving the vibrator altogether. She let my pleasure subside
somewhat, before resuming.  When she did, I couldn't help but say, "Oh
baby. You are the best. I love what you're doing to me. Fuck me with it
baby. Fuck me so I can cum. I really need you to make me cum."

Obliging, Ness turned up the vibrator and started slowly thrusting it in
and out of me again. This time though, she tilted it inside me to rub
against my prostate. At the same time, she slowly increased the speed at
which she was stroking my cock with her hand. There was no mouth on my cock
now, only words of encouragement.

The vibration and ribs against my prostate worked their magic within a
couple of minutes. I felt my orgasm build in my toes and in the back of my
head and the wave of pleasure slowly built and started crashing towards my

I was moaning saying things like, "Oh fuck, this is too much! I'm going to
cum. Oh fuck me Ness, fuck my ass." She increased the speed of both hands
and just as my orgasm started, Ness held the vibrator against my prostate

I had never had a more intense orgasm in my life. Waves of pleasure crashed
over me and my whole body spasmed uncontrollably. I couldn't focus my eyes
and I think I lost consciousness there for a few seconds. I was almost
yelling out in pleasure, moans that must have made it to the surrounding

Ness lapped up the small amount of cum that had been delivered to my cock,
balls and her pumping hand.

As my orgasm subsided, Ness slowly withdrew the vibrator. My anus didn't
shut straight away and I felt the warm air enter and then heard it come out
slowly in a low grumbling and sloppy fart. This was another cause of a
rather loud moan.

I slowly slipped off the seat and Ness drew me into her open arms on the
floor. She moved so her back was against the wall and she cuddled me to
her, kissing all over my face, water running over my body, occasionally
causing me to shiver in small waves of residual pleasure.

When I had recovered enough, I looked up at her and said, "well that is
something that I think I could stand to do again. You are the most amazing
lover I have ever met baby. You had me on the edge for so long that when I
came I thought I'd turn inside out. You are amazing."

Smiling down and my she bent over and kissed me, replying, "I got a great
deal of pleasure from giving you that much pleasure baby. I'll happily help
you do that again. Might introduce some other toys next time. Not sure my
cock could do that - even enhanced as it would need to be."

I sat up and kissing Ness firmly, said, "You will definitely have to fuck
me, because it would be me taking all of your love, and I know that would
be 100% better than what you just did."

"Oh honey, you're lovely." Ness said as we hugged and kissed and stroked
each other.

After a few more minutes, I looked down at my hands and they looked like
dried prunes. "Time for me to get out, I think." Ness washed me and the
vibrator and we got out and got dressed.

When Ness came out of the dressing room, she had on a silk pyjamas. The top
was a rightish button up shirt and the bottoms were short shorts that were
tight, but showed no sign of Ness' cock. When she noticed my quizzical
look, she looked down and asked , "What? Is there something wrong."

My very apologetic reply was, "Oh no baby. There nothing wrong. Nothing at

"Then what?" She said

"Please don't be offended baby. But are you wearing a gaff under your PJs?"

"Oh. That." She chuckled. "I can see how you might wonder. Well...I just
love the way tucking and wearing a gaff makes me feel more like a woman. I
wear one almost all the time. Bit counterintuitive isn't it - especially
for someone that doesn't want to have bottom surgery?" She looked a little
forlorn as she said that.

I walked over to her and took her in my arms. I kissed her and held her
tight. I reassuringly said, "Oh my baby girl. I completely understand where
you're coming from and I think it make perfect sense. Besides, it is always
going to be your choice what you do. If it makes you feel more womanly,
then you keep doing it hear!?"

Ness hugged me back and thanked me.

It was at that point that my stomach grumbled - loudly. Realising I was
famished, I looked at my watch. Seeing that it was 7PM, we ordered some
sushi and settled in to watch a movie.

By the time 11PM rolled around, we were almost asleep on the couch, so we
went to bed. I slept the sleep of the dead - happy and contented.

We spooned all night.

When I woke the next morning, it was to the smell of a huge breakfast at
about 9AM. Sunday is the one day that I normally allow myself a sleep-in
and it is normally to about that time. Ness had gone all out. Juice, coffee
and a plate full of bacon and eggs and smashed avocado. All for two. It was
delicious. We ate it in bed and lounged around until about 11AM. We read
the newspaper, chatted over heaps of things, learning more about each other
and our interests. It was a very "couple" sort of thing to do.

I had been pondering something and after a long while, just thought to
myself.  Hell Max, just ask the girl. I cleared my throat, which brought
Ness' head up from the paper.

Looking Ness in the eyes, I said, "Can I ask you something babe?"

"Sure." Was her response.  She put down the paper, seeing that I was pretty
serious. "Anything."

"I normally call my Mum around lunch time each Sunday. It's just our
routine. When I called her last Sunday, just after we got back from
Thailand, I told her I'd met someone." I paused before going on. "When I
told her, I said that I thought it might be pretty serious. She was really
happy for me. She said that five years was enough and that she was really
happy for me." I stopped and looked at Ness.

She had a little bit of a concerned look about her and she said, "Ok."

I was quick to reply, "Oh don't worry baby. I described you to her. I told
her how beautiful you were, what you did for work, how good a golfer you
are and how well we'd gotten along in Thailand and how much I thought I
liked you." Again I paused.

Ness had relaxed and was smiling now.  She lent in for a kiss and said, "Oh
thanks babe." Then she paused and asked, "So what was your question?"

Almost forgetting it, I was jolted back to the point, "Oh yeh. Sorry."
Pausing again, I looked at her straight in the eyes and said, "I'm pretty
sure that you're going to be stuck with me for a while, after this
weekend. But when I was describing you to my Mum, I didn't tell her that
you were trans. So my question is.....When the opportunity arises for me to
tell my Mum that you are trans, would you mind if I did tell her. I don't
want to keep her in the dark and frankly, I'm very happy to let everyone
know. But I need you to tell me who you are comfortable with me telling?"

There were those tears again. Ness flung herself into my arms, hugging me
and crying. I was pretty shocked and said, "Oh baby. Did I do something
wrong? I'm so sorry if I did."

Her reply was through tears. She looked up at me and said, "Oh you've done
nothing wrong. In fact it is the only thing that I had any doubts about. I
wasn't sure if you'd be comfortable, because there's just such a stigma
about men dating trans women. I would be very happy if you told your
Mum. As for anyone else, let's see how we get on."  She paused and then
continued, asking, "do you think she'll be Ok with it?

I smiled and replied, "I think she'll be fine with it. I have a sister
who's a lesbian and a niece that is non-binary. She's been really good with
them, so I doubt that she'll be any different with you being trans.  I'm
looking forward to telling her actually."

She looked at me lovingly and said, "Ok then. I have my own question for
you. Is it too early to say that you're a perfect man for me?"

Taking her face in my hands, I replied without thinking, saying, "Only if
it's too early for me to say that I love you?" Both our pairs of eyes went
wide as I realised what had just tumbled out of my mouth. "Errr. I wasn't
thinking when I said that."

"Did you mean it though?" Ness asked tentatively.

Taking a bit to reflect on what I had said, I nodded, just as
tentatively. "I believe that I do yes. There's never been someone that I am
more compatible with Ness and NEVER anyone else that I feel like I can
depend on and be dependable for. I can feel the basis of love for you and I
can't see that going away or waning. I'm feeling like this is something
that I can see going a long way and making me very very happy." Trying to
lighten things a little, I added, "You've ruined me for any other woman my

I felt Ness melt into me. She looked up and kissed me, softly saying,
"Please don't ever apologise for how you feel. I feel the same way my
love. You've been patient, compassionate, considerate and the perfect lover
that a girl like me could ever ask for. I think we've ruined each other for
others. You are perfect for me and that will never change."

We kissed. And we kissed. And we kissed. And we cuddled and cuddled.

As we became more passionate, Ness moved on top of me and she sat up. She
slowly took off her top. I reached up and took a breast in each hand. She
put her hands over mine and ground her crutch into my rock hard cock. She
stood up, with a foot either side of me and pulled off her pyjama bottoms
and the gaff off in one quick swoop.

As she stood above me, Ness' cock came out in front of her and started to
get erect - like it had on Friday night. I noticed as her balls dropped out
of their hiding places. I reached up and took her hardening cock in one
hand and massaged her balls in the other.

I moved Ness to turn around and then pulled her hips down towards me. She
got the idea straight away. As she came lower, her cock and balls came into
line with my face. I raised my head to take the tip and then all, of Ness'
cock into my mouth. I pulled her down to me and I tee-bagged myself.

At the same time. I felt Ness' hands on my cock and after moaning, felt her
take the tip of my cock into her mouth as well. She began bobbing her head
up and down and I felt one of her hands on my balls, massaged slowly but

I've always loved going down on women and men, but really loved doing
things like 69ing.

I reached around and started massaging Ness' arse cheeks, eliciting a few
moans. We'd been at our little 69 for a good five minutes, when I snaked a
finger to her anus. I got a good deal of saliva on it and massaged her anus
until it yielded. My finger slipped in to the first buckle. Ness' head came
up from my cock and I attacked her cock and balls with all the vigour I
could muster.

When I guided my finger to her prostate, it drover her quickly to and over
the edge. She came, with her rock hard cock spewing her cum into my mouth
and down my throat. Ness collapsed onto me, spent, breathing heavily and
moaning almost constantly. I left Ness' cock in my mouth, as it softened
and she got over her orgasm.

But it was only a a short reprieve. As soon as I let Ness' soft cock leave
my mouth, I moved her hips a little bit towards mine. Her anus came into
sight and in a low guttural voice, I said, "Oh yes baby. I'm going to eat
your sweet pussy" My tongue came out of my mouth and I licked from her
balls to her anus and started eating her out.

Ness responded by raising her upper body, giving me greater access to her
arse, with my mouth. I took the opportunity to spread my tongue attack to
both cheeks and her arse crack. She moaned deeply and said, "Oh yes baby,
eat my pussy and make me cum again. Oh my god that is so fucking good. Your
tongue is so fucking good." She ground her arse back towards me,
continuing, "Of fuck yeh baby. Eat my pussy. Make it wet, for your cock."

I pulled her to me harder and concentrated on her anus. It slowly yielded
to my tongue. I put the index finger of one hand in her arse and as it
yielded further, I inserted the other index finger. When I slowly pried
them apart, allowing me to insert my tongue further. This drove Ness almost
wild and she moaned more deeply and loudly than I had ever heard her moan

I kept this up for a couple of minutes and then lifting her hips off my
face, moved her towards my hip and my waiting rock hard cock. Ness didn't
mess around, getting the hint and moved herself down faster. Taking hold of
my cock, she raised her hips up and squatting above my crutch, lowered
herself down and guided my cock straight into her arse.

I was surprised and shocked, as Ness lowered herself half way down my cock,
before pausing and raising up again. She lowered herself straight away,
this time a little further. The third time her arse came into contact with
my pelvis, taking all of my cock. We both moaned in unison.

Ness sat down into a reverse cowgirl and started raising and lowering her
arse up and down my cock. The sight inspired me to grab her hips and help
her. Moaning, I said, "Oh fuck yes baby. Ride my cock. Your pussy looks so
fucking good. Take all of my cock." Ness rode me for a bit and then before
I knew what was going on, she'd spun around and was now facing me in the
cowgirl position.

As she road my cock, which was now rubbing firmly against her prostate,
Ness' head leaned back and she groaned. I moved my hands towards her crutch
and put a thumb on the inside of each of her thighs, rubbing and pressing
inwards. Ness shuddered and reached up taking her tits in her hands,
gripping her nipples hard and twisting them.

I started raising my hips up to fuck Ness handed and met her downward
movement, with an upward thrust. This had the effect of smashing her
prostate, as well as raising the tension in my crutch.

Ness' anus spasmed and then again and again, as she came. She had the
presence of mind to take my nipple in on hand and put her mouth on the
other, as she collapsed onto my chest. She twisted and bit my nipples hard
and I immediately felt my orgasm rising. Between gritted teeth, Ness said,
"Oh fuck my pussy baby. Cum in side me, I want to feel your jizz inside my

That was all the encouragement I needed. I took hold of Ness' hips handed,
keeping them still and increased the rate of my thrusting. I came within a
minute, thrusting up and staying up, as my cock emptied it cum, deep inside
Ness' arse. I held her hips hard down on my cock as it pulsed for what
seemed like eternity. Ness had continued to suckle on my nipples and they
quickly became too sensitive. I begged her to stop, but Ness kept going,
prolonging the incredible amount of pleasure I felt, all the way through
that orgasm.

We stayed together that way for what had to be ten minutes. We gently
caressed each other and payed all sorts of lovely compliments and said lots
and lots of lovely things. My faced cock slipped slowly out of Ness' arse,
but we stayed where we were.

As we continued to cuddle, I thought - It is true, I am in love. This
wasn't lust, or just a fad or fetish. Although those things were quite
evident, it was the fact that I needed to made her happy and needed her to
be happy - nothing was more important to me than that. I wanted to give
Ness anything she wanted and everything she needed and I didn't want
anything in return. I wanted to share everything with her, from the good to
those things that would make me vulnerable. I wanted to find out everything
about her and to know every one of her flaws - I couldn't wait to find them
and accept every single one of them.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Ness and hoped that she wanted
the same of me.

After a while, we got up and had a shower together. We were almost
constantly in contact, always softly touching and caressing each other. I
got dressed and went out to make more coffee. I was putting two cups on the
table as Ness walked into the kitchen.

She was stunning. Wearing tight jeans and a tight shirt, her hair and
makeup were perfect. My jaw dropped and I said, "My god woman. Is there any
setting where you don't look like a supermodel?"

She walked straight up to me and bending down kissed my forehead, replying,
"And you're the most handsome man, I've ever met. And too sweet to boot."

We moved into the living room and sitting on the couch, we watched some
news and flicked through a few channels, sitting with Ness having her back
against my chest, between my open legs.

It was about 11AM.

At about 11:30, my phone rang.  Seeing that it was my Mum, I answered and
said, "Hey Mum. Let me call you back in a second."  I hung up and Ness made
to get up. Stopping her I said, "Stay there babe, I'm going to call Mum on

She was a little shocked, replying, "Are you sure? I don't mind giving you
some space."

"I'm positive." I said. "I want to introduce you and the best way is for
her to see how beautiful you are." Ness fussed over her hair, as I called.

When my Mum answered, she was surprised. "Mum," I said, "This is Vanessa,
or Ness. She is the woman I told you I met on the golf trip to Thailand
last week."

My Mum's face lit up. Waving, she said, "Oh how lovely to meet you
Vanessa. Sorry Ness. Max, Ness is way better looking than you suggested."

Ness waved back, replying, "Hi Mrs Smith. It's lovely to meet you. Mark has
told me a bit. How is your Sunday going?"

Mum was still smiling when she said, "Lovely dear. I've been to mass and
have just put on some soup for lunch."

The conversation carried on for a few minutes about nothing in
particular. After a bit, Ness said, "Would you excuse me please Mrs Smith,
I just have to do something."

Mum replied, "Of course dear. It was lovely to meet you. And please call me
Melissa or Mel."

"Oh Ok. It was lovely to meet you to too Mel. Enjoy the rest of your
Sunday." Ness got up and walked towards the bedroom.

Ness was gone for a few minutes and I heard her in the kitchen. My
conversation with Mum was about what she'd done over the last few days and
what she had on this week. Ness came back in and standing at the other end
of the couch, motioned to me for her to sit. I nodded and she sat down. Mum
got quiet at one stage and I asked her why. She replied, "It's lovely to
see you happy my baby boy. I haven't seen you this happy for a very long
time. You are clearly taken by Ness and she's lovely. Are you happy love?"

I blushed and smiling broadly back at Mum, replied, "Thanks Mum. I can
always trust you to notice. I'm actually happier than I have been for a
many years and it's all down to Ness. She and I have melded so well and we
have so much in common. She is very easy to like and to be with." I paused.

Mum picked up on my pause straight away, saying, "But.....?"

Ness looked at me as I continued. "There is something very special about
Ness, Mum. Its something that I want to tell you straight away."

Mum stopped what she was doing, clearly understanding that what I had to
say was important to me. "Of course Max. What is it love?" she said.

 "Vanessa is a transgender woman Mum. She was bourn a boy, but transition
about 20 years ago. She is 100% woman Mum and it is something that I love
about her." I waited for Mum's reply and her reaction was exactly as I
thought it would be.

Mum smiled, saying, "Ok Max. Thanks for telling me. I think it's just
lovely that you've found a woman that you are so clearly happy with...and
perhaps smitten by?" Chuckling, she continued, "All I want is for you to
make each other happy. You deserve it and Ness deserves you, because you're
a wonderful man."

I had a couple of tears in my eyes when I replied. Clearing my throat, I
said, "Thanks Mum. I knew you'd be as great as you always are. When you
tell the others that I'm smitten with a woman that I met on a golf trip,
can we leave the transgender detail out for the moment. I'd like Ness to
make the decision about when and to whom that is revealed?"

"Of course Max." I'll just tell everyone that you have a gorgeous new
girlfriend, because she is stunning. You'd better bring your A game
baby. You'll need it to keep up I think."  We both laughed.

I looked over at Ness at the other end of the couch and she was crying. I
took one last look at Mum and said, "I'd better go Mum. Have a great week."
She said her goodbyes and I hung up.

I moved straight to Ness, hugging her to me, letting her cry all she
wanted. I soothed her and she hugged me tightly. "It's all right baby. I
meant every word of what I said and Mum reacted exactly as I thought she
would. As she said, she just wants us to make each other happy. And that's
all I want - to make you happy!"

It took another minute or two for Ness to raise her head up to talk. She
brought one hand up to my face and caressing it, she said, "Oh Max. You are
a wonderful, courageous man. Thanks you for telling you Mum. And thank you
for telling her the way you did. I think she's wonderful and now I see
where your wonderfull nature comes from. You do make me make
me very happy. And I hope to be able to do that for you as well."

I kissed Ness and brushing the remaining tears away and teasing her ruffled
hair back into place, I looked lovingly into her eyes and said, "Ness baby,
you've made me the happiest Man in the universe. I've never been
happier. That's what Mum meant when she said she hadn't seen my happier in
a long time. It's all because of you that I'm this happy."

We kissed and cuddled and kissed and cuddled for well over an hour, before
we agreed that lunch was overdue. Mum had the right idea, so we made some
vegetable soup together and while it was cooking, I went to the local baker
and bought a loaf of Ciabatta bread.

We ate and lounged around the house for a few hours, until I had to head
back to Canberra. Work was calling, although I was wondering how long I
would remain in Canberra. I could see myself moving to Sydney very soon.

Ness walked me out to my car. I loaded all of my things and we cuddled at
the back of the car. I lifted ness onto the boot of the car, hugging her
tightly. I kissed her more lovingly and tenderly than I have ever kissed
anyone. She had her legs wrapped around me and said, "Is it Ok to say that
I don't want you to go?"

I smiled replying, "If you hadn't, I would have been bitterly disappointed
baby. I'll say that it is literally the last thing that I want to do right
now." Pausing to kiss her again, I continued, "I have had the best weekend
of my life this weekend. Thank you for inviting me up here, for the courage
to open yourself to me....fully." Laughing I went on, "And thank you for
the best lovemaking of my life. I'm not sure I'm going to survive being
away from you and your gorgeous body even for a week. So I think you had
better plan to come down on Thursday night and I'll plan a long weekend for
us. Would that be Ok?"

Ness smiled and replied, "Oh yes please, you wonderful man. I can't wait to
be naked with you again and again and again. You took my virginity baby and
you can have me for as long as you want - in whatever way that you want. I
have never been more pleasured and felt more loved than I have this

The following weekend, I hosted the now love of my life. And a fine snow
bunny she makes. But that's perhaps part of the next story I do about Ness
and I.  Let me know if you'd like me to write it by emailing me at