Fantasy about to become reality


I have been corresponding with a shemale now for 3 months. We have
been exchanging emails that have grown in intimacy rapidly. This is a
fantasy that we have discussed with one another. I hope you enjoy
reading it as much as we will enjoy experiencing it when we finally

Ok honey...just lie back and relax...I will take good care of
you.Here is my fantasy...not my only one concerning you but here is
one of them at any rate. We meet at the airport...both nervous but
also excited...we kiss each other and exchange small talk...knowing
that we have become very close over the past few months...we know
that being together is what we want

We get into a taxi and head for the hotel we have booked...its great
to finally hold your hand. We get to the hotel and head to our room.
Upon entering, I do what I've dreamed about for months...kiss you
deeply and passionately. My body shudders at the kiss. We continue
kissing with our hands exploring each other. My mouth lowers to your
neck...I kiss your beautiful neck...slowly unbuttoning your
blouse...I cup your breasts in my hands...reaching around to undo
your bra...your nipples are hard and erect I slowly reach out with my
tongue and flick it over your nipple...taking it into my excited
mouth.... sucking it deeply into my mouth...then rubbing the other
between my fingers.

Are you excited yet? I think you might be. Lets find out. I lift up
your skirt to reveal your panties. I can see you are quite hard
already. I kiss the outside of your panties and can feel and hear you
gasp with excitement. Slowly I lower your panties to the floor
revealing your beautiful clit. Teasing you I reach out with the tip
of my tongue and flick it over the head of your clit. Circling it
around the head now.... then taking you inside my mouth. I suck your
clit deep inside my mouth...all the way into my throat. All the
months of excitement and anticipation have taken their toll on you
and it's not too long before I can hear you moan with pleasure as you
cum inside my mouth. I eagerly taste your sweet juices as your orgasm
jolts through your body.

I then gaze lovingly into your eyes and bring our mouths together for
a long hot kiss. I then lay down on the bed and let you unzip my
jeans. My hard cock is waiting for you baby and you take it into your
mouth eagerly. Following my quick orgasm, which is inevitable, we
lay, side my side on the bed...kissing each other and running our
hands over our bodies.

I can see your clit getting hard again and I rub it gently with my
hand. Slowly but surely it is as hard as a rock again and I am ready
for you. Sitting astride you I place the head of your clit against my
opening. I close my eyes as slowly you enter me. Little by little I
can feel you inside me. Gently at first I feel your clit penetrate
deeper inside me and then withdraw...and then your pace quickens....
ooooooohhhhhhhhh that feels so good...I've waited for so long to have
you make

 love to me. After a while my cock is aching to make love to
you and I can see you are ready as well. Reluctantly I slowly lift
myself off your clit and place my hard cock at the entrance of your
pussy. I can see your face flush with excitement as I enter you. We
have waited for so long to make love to each other and now we are. My
cock feels so good inside you. I push inside and out of you until we
are both close to orgasm. Taking my cock out of you I place it
teasingly in front of your mouth. You take me eagerly into your mouth
again while at the same time my hot lips engulf your hard clit as
well. Together we suck each other and together we cum at the same
time, our love juices flowing all over our lips and into our mouths.

Afterwards we lay side by side...completely satiated knowing that we
have many more experiences to come.