Elizabeth and Ruby

Credit: https://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/she-male/elizabeth-and-ruby

~This story is a graphic sexual encounter between two transsexuals.  If
	     such content offends you, please do not proceed.~

       My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a 25 transsexual goth girl with long
black hair in a page cut, 5' 10", 145lbs, 36C-24-34 with firm breasts, long legs,
a cute rear, and a 7 1/2" cut cock in my panties.  I live in an area with
almost no goth culture, and friends are few and far between.  I've been single
for a long while, as my tastes are hard to satisfy and the people around me tend
to turn me off.  I'm attracted to femininity, as I find masculinity
disgusting.  My ideal girl has always been a beautiful goth transsexual like myself,
simply the best of both worlds, and the sheer beauty and sexiness of a goth
       I'd been single for a while, and for the most part spent most of my
time with my friend Ruby, a gorgeous goth girl I had met online.  She is 21,
5'3", about 120lbs, 34B-24-34 with perfect breasts, and a sexy ass.  Her hair is
black chin length in a page cut, and she always wears dark or black lipstick,
black eyeliner, and a bitchy disposition.  We went shopping, hung out
together, rented movies together, basic friend things.  I've always found her so
attractive, but never thought I had any chance with her...
       I hadn't heard from Ruby in over a week, so I gave her a call.  She
answered the phone but sounded no where near her usual sexy self.  It turns out
she had picked up a bad cold and was feeling miserable.  I knew she lived
alone, and didn't like the idea of her being sick with no one to take care of her.
 I decided to go see her, and see what I could do to make her feel better.
       I knocked on her door, and a moment later Ruby answered.  She looked
bad, and yet her sexiness still showed through her misery...it's a gift we goth
girls have.  She invited me in and she trudged back to her big comfy easy
chair.  She was dressed in a pair of baby blue flannel pajamas with little angels
all over them, and white fluffy slippers on her feet.  Her hair was a mess,
and she couldn't stop coughing.  She couldn't get anything done around her
place because of her illness, and was almost out of clean laundry.  After 5
minutes of seeing her like this, I told her I was kidnapping until she felt better.
She didn't like the idea, but after a few minutes hesitation begrudgingly
agreed and staggered around her apartment collecting things to bring along.
       After about 20 minutes of collecting her dirty laundry (including some
of the cutest pairs of panties I've ever seen) and a few

 other odds and ends,
we headed over to my place.  I put her in my bed, a queen size canopy bed
with wrought metal ends and black satin sheets, gave her some cough medicine, and
set about making her some chicken soup.  She drank the warm broth, then fell
asleep as the medicine took hold of her cold-weakened system.
       After a couple of days, Ruby was looking MUCH better, and sounding
much more like her normal self.  She and I slept in the same bed, and now that
her laundry had been washed, had switched from the flannel set to a ~very~ sexy
set of black satin pajamas.
       It was late night when I was awoke by a hand gently caressing me
through my satin panties.  I always sleep in lingerie, I simply love the feeling
and how I look in it.  Tonight I had chosen a black satin babydoll and matching
string bikini panties, and now I was being fondled through the flimsy material
of the bikini.  I slowly rolled over in bed to face Ruby, only to find her
still quite asleep.  I had kept my hands to myself throughout her visit, out of
respect for her and quite despite the fact that every part of me wished very
much to be with her.  Now I had this gorgeous girl practically giving me a hand
job in her sleep, making my girlcock poke out the top of my panties as her
hand slid up and down the shaft through the satin panties.  I tried to softly
wake her, but she only shifted her position in bed, the sheets now over only her
legs as she lay on her back, one arm above her head, the other stroking my
now quite hard girlcock.  Her pajama top was one button away from being
completely open, her breasts almost exposed, her nipples hard and poking through the
soft satin.  My eyes couldn't help but drink in the soft curves of her body,
down to her hips, where her shifting in bed had caused her pajama bottoms to
slide down.  That's when I got the shock of a lifetime.  There, just visible
through her lacey black bikini panties, laying against her flat belly, was a
beautiful, uncut cock.  I had never known that Ruby was a transsexual like myself,
and had her pajama bottoms not slid down I probably would never have
suspected.  I reached my hand over, and slowly caressed her through her lace panties.
I was in shock, I had fantasized about Ruby being a transsexual, but always
thought she was a real girl.
       Meanwhile Ruby, in the middle of an erotic fantasy of her own, now had
her hand in my panties, playfully caressing my silky smooth balls and
girlcock.  I knew I was taking advantage of her unfairly, but I couldn't resist as
she fondled me in her sleep.  I carefully pulled her pretty panties aside, her
uncut cock now free in the night air.  My mouth watered at the sight of
it...she was 6" hard, with a perfect upward banana curve, and even in her excited
state, more than half of the tip was still covered with foreskin.  Better still,
she was steadily leaking pre-cum out of the tip, a thin line of it glistening
in the pale light from the tip of her delicious girlcock to her belly.  I let
my fingers trace from the tip, down along the sensitive underside, to her own
balls, each one only about the size of a grape.  Like me, she kept herself
baby-smooth, and feeling her ballsac was like touching virgin silk.  She squirmed
in her sleep, a soft purr escaping her lips as dream world and reality
crossed.  Her eyes fluttered for a moment, then she slowly came to realize what she
had been doing...as well as what I now knew.  My hand froze on her girlcock,
as did hers on mine.  For a moment, neither of us said anything, or even moved,
for that matter...then, without a word, her hand stroked my girlcock again,
and she gave a sexy little smile.  I smiled at her, then leaned close to her
and kissed her lips softly.  Her free hand caressed my cheek as she pushed her
tongue into my mouth, both of us now lovingly stroking one another's cocks.
       After a minute or two (but what felt like forever), I broke our
embrace and kissed my way down her neck, between her perfect breasts, and down her
flat belly to the tip of her girlcock.  She moved her hand from my cock and
took place her hands on my shoulders, pushing me gently down to her own girlcock,
urging me to do what I had fantasized about for so long.  I looked into her
beautiful eyes, licking sensually from her balls up the base of her cock, the
wrapping my lips around the tip and closing my eyes as I slid it inch by
wonderful inch deep into my throat.  I savored the taste of her precum on my tongue
as the tip of her cock slip past my throat, my lips resting against the base
of her cock as it throbbed in my mouth.  She took my head in her hands as I
slowly bobbed on her delicious cock, slurping and sucking as I indulged fantasies
I never thought could happen.  After nearly 20 minutes of sucking her
gorgeous cock, I could feel her nearly ready to cum.  I let her cock slurp noisily
from my mouth, and kissed back up her body to her quivering lips.  I undid the
last button of her pajama top, and let the flimsy garment fall open, her
nipples hard and waiting for my attention.  I licked my way to one, circling my
tongue around it and flicking it playfully, then lightly biting it before moving
to the next.  My hands slid down her sides, coaxing her to lift her hips as I
slid her bottoms down her legs and threw it beside the bed on the floor.  She
in turn pulled my panties down, letting my own hard cock fall free, to press
against her very wet cock and slide together as I kissed her neck.  She
whispered in my ear, "Fuck me Elizabeth, I want you inside me"...I purred when I heard
those words, my cock twitching in anticipation of what was to come.  I
slipped her lace thong down her legs, then licked back down her body, past her cock
this time, and lifting her hips in my hands, ate her asspussy like it was a
cunt, lapping my tongue at her tight hole and pushing my tongue into her.  She
gasped at the intrusion, squirming in my hands as I licked her.  I gave one
last, slow, lick, then moved back up to kiss her again, more passionately than
before.  I broke away, then reached beside the bed for my strawberry skin
lotion.  I squirted a good amount onto her hand, and told her to make sure my
girlcock got a good coating of the sweet-smelling pink lotion.  Then, I squirted
another amount into my hand as she slathered my cock and applied it to her
asspussy, pushing a small amount inside her to make sure she was well lubed.  Then,
rolling onto my back, I pulled her on top of me, her pajama top barely on her
shoulders and her breasts fully exposed to me, and her still spit-soaked cock
rubbing against my pink-lubed own.  I held her hips and moved her over my
girlcock, then with her hands guiding me to her asspussy, slowly pulled her
beautiful body down onto my hard cock, inch by inch.  She gasped and her eyes went
wide with the intrusion, the shut in a mix of lust and obvious pain.  Then, she
sighed and purred in delight as the pain gave way to pure bliss as my cock
filled her asspussy and her heart shaped rear came to rest on my smooth balls.
She rested her hands next to my head as she steadied herself on my girlcock,
my hands moving her slowly up and down.  She closed her eyes and moved her hips
in concert with mine, matching my rhythm as her asspussy bounced on my cock.
She leaned in to kiss me as I thrust deep inside her, the lube on her own
cock making it rub delightfully between out bodies.  Ruby became more obscene
with each thrust, moaning and whispering to me, "fuck me, of Elizabeth fuck my
tight pussy, fill me with your cum, fuck I love feeling your cock inside me."  I
held her tight as she pushed her tongue into my mouth, and thrust deep one
last time before spurting load after load of my thick cum into her asspussy, her
biting my lip as she moaned with each squirt of the hot fluid into her body.

       She lay for a minute, our hearts racing, my cock ebbing within her
before sliding out of her well-fucked ass, a steady trickle of fresh cum running
out of her asspussy and down her balls to drip onto my own.  She kissed my
neck and leaned in close to my ear again, whispering "I've wanted that for so
long...wanted you for so long."  I told her I'd loved her since I first saw her,
and was entranced by her beauty and pure sexuality.  She replied "I love you,
too...would you like the same you just gave me," as I could feel her hard cock
twitching between us.  I told her "I'd fantasized about it for so long, how
could I say no?".  She got to her knees, her hands spreading my legs apart, and
reached between her legs to take some of the remaining lube and cum that was
now freely running from her asspussy and spread it on my own tight ass.  The,
taking her hard cock in her hand, pressed it against my asspussy until it
slipped inside in one swift plunge.  My back arched with the forceful intrusion,
Ruby leaning forward to bite my neck as her balls slapped against my ass.  She
drew her hips back and plunged into me again, each thrust bring a wave of pain
and absolute pleasure through my body.  After the 5th thrust, all I felt was
bliss as the girl of my dreams fucked my asspussy, her cock sliding in and out
of me and her balls lapping against me with each move of her hips.  I raked
my nails across her back, making her purr and quicken her pace.  She kissed my
neck and shoulder, our breasts pressed together and my still slippery cock
rubbing between our bodies, quickly building to another orgasm as her cock rubbed
my prostate with each thrust.  Again Ruby let loose a torrent of dirty talk,
"Does my baby like my cock in her pussy?  mmmmm, I'm gonna fill you with my
cum like you filled my pussy, you slut...take my cock in your ass, so tight and
warm...ohhh, I'm gonna cum!!"  With that last obscenity she shuddered and
slipped all the way into my asspussy, her balls pressed against me as she shot an
amazing amount of cum deep inside my ass, filling me with her warmth as her
cock pumped more and more into me.  Her cock pressing against my prostate made
my own cock erupt between us, coating both of our flat bellies with creamy cum,
and between our breasts.  She collapsed onto me, sighing softly as her cock
stayed inside me, both of our asses now leaking a steady stream of cum onto my
satin sheets.  Exhausted, she whispered "I love you" before falling asleep in
my arms atop me...