electric shock

Credit: https://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/she-male/electric-shock

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I have been dressing for many years, and
it's only lately that I thought I'd share some of my experiences with
other cd's
I am NOT convincing; all the stories in Nifty seem to be by gorgeous
she-males who cannot be distinguished from the real thing.
Much as I would like to go out dressed and be taken for a gorgeous young
woman, I am definitely the wrong build....5' 7", bit on the plump side
(stocky, not fat, lol), i look like someone's mum out to do a bit of
cleaning or something.
However, if I just be myself, occasionally I get lucky, like
I am an electrician by trade, and am constantly called to peoples' houses
for on reason or another, sometimes for an hour or two, sometimes for
several days.
On this particular occasion, I called at the address on my job sheet,
only to meet this guy dashing out.
"Just in time," he said, when I identified myself. " Gotta dash, here's a
key, make yourself a brew etc, and lock up when you go!"
I stood there as he dashed off. shrugged my shoulders, and went into the
I worked all steadily all morning, and I had knocked off for a brew when
the phone rang.
I picked it up, ready to say thowner was out, and that I was working
there, when the guy on the other end identified himself
"Sorry about this morning,", he said . "I'm Charlie, the householder.
Everything alright? I'd left a list of what I want doing. Any questions?"
" No, everything is fine. I found the list, and I'm well on with it. I
estimate I'll be finished tomorrow, Friday, about 3pm. Is that ok? "
"Great," he said. "Leave me a note as to how much I owe you, and I'll
settle on Saturday morning, if you'd like to call back"
"No problem," I told him "I'm in town anyway, as I like to go for a pie
and a pint on Saturday, so I leave my car at home, so no drink-drive
problem. Will you be in yourself, or will your wife settle up ?"
"Wife ?" he said, and laughed. " I'm not married. I live alone. See you
Saturday "
He rang off, and I went back to work. I was puzzled, as I had come across
vatious items of female underwear as I moved about the house. Nothing
obvious, like piles of lingerie ready for washing; just a pair of nylons
hanging on the shower rail, some frilly panties almost hidden under the
bed, stuff like that.
I am not in the habit of snooping; I don't go rooting through peoples' 
private drawers and things. Privacy is everything when you go into
peoples'  homes, and I respect that.
Anyway I finished about 5.30pm, locked up as requested, and went home.
I returned the following day, used my key, and entered the house.
Charlie had left me a note on the hallway table, to say he was happy with
the work so far, and he would see me on Saturday "about noon", he said.
As I worked, I noticed the female stuff from the day before had gone, but

 Marshall Ward catalogue on the table was open at the lingerie pages 1 I
began to hope that maybe I was onto something, and began to look forward
to Saturday noon!
I finished the job mid-afternoon, cleaned up my mess, left and locked up.
I left the spare key on the hallway table, with my bill. I put it in a
perfumed envelope ( bought specially around the corner ), and wrote "To
Carlie, from Jim" The miss-spelling was deliberate , easily explained,
but as big a hint as he'd given me, I thought !
I rang Charlie's bell spot on 12.00noon, and he let me in.
"First things first" he said. " Let me settle up, then we can have a
drink and a chat about the work"
" Fine by me," I said, and sat down where Charlie indicated, on the sofa.
"Here's your money, and well worth it, " he said, and handed me a sheaf
of notes. "It's all there, with a bit extra for a good job," he said.
"Now how about a drink ? "
" Sure ", I said "How about a whisky and soda ?"
" Coming right up," he said. Whilst he was mixing the drinks, I did a
quick check of the money, noticed a very generous tip, and slid the cash
into my jacket pocket.
Charlie handed me my drink, and as he stretched his arm out towards me, I
detected the faint outline of a bra strap, under his loose silk shirt.
"Take you coat off, get comfortable," he said, and sat beside me on the
I took my jacket off, and as I did so, I made sure I strained my arms
back, so as to accentuate my nipples against my shirt.
I heard him gasp, and knew that he had noticed.
"We seem to have a mutual interest," he said huskily.
I looked at him, then down at his shirt front. I nodded, and licked my
lips. He took a deep breath, pushing his chest out against his shirt. His
bra showed clearly now, so I slid my arm around his shoulders, and drew
him to me. He opened his mouth, and I pressed my lips to his. I was
surprised, and delighted, to taste lipstick on his soft mouth. I hadn't
noticed , but he was wearing very subtle makeup.
I let my hand slide down his silken shirt, gently popping the buttons,
until I could slip my hand inside.
He had quite decent-sized breasts. I thought he was wearing breast-forms,
but no. Those lovely hands-ful were real!
As I stroked and caressed his  breasts ans forced my tongue down Carlie's
throat, his hand genly slid across the bulge in my trousers. He pulled my
zip down, and undid my belt. At the same time, I undid the cord on his
cargo-pants, and we dropped our trousers to the floor.
I heard Carlie gasp with delight when he saw what I was wearing under my
male clothing;
A black satin basque, with suspenders, blak lacy French-cut knickers,
lacetop nylons, and a slinky camisole top.
His outfit was all in lovely rose-pink, bra and panties, suspender belt
and a full slip. Even his nylons matched.
We sat with our arms around each other, kissing and stroking our fabulous
undies. When Carlie got up to freshen our drinks, I gasped with delight
when I saw his cock full-on for the first time. It was about 8" cut, with
magnificent hairy balls, bulging in his lovely lacy panties.
I was so turned on, that when he brought the drinks back, I fell to my
knees, and kissed his lovely weapon through the soft silk. He gasped as I
gently drew his panty leg aside, and slipped the warm knob into my mouth.
I ran a hand round to his backside, and slid a finger up the leg. As I
slid a finger into his hole, he pulled his silky pink slip bottom over my
head, so that I was completely encased in satin.
After I had sucked him for a while, we got into the 69 position, always
my favourite, as I love the feel of nylon-clad legs on my face, as I suck
a mouthful of hot cock.
We sucked each other to orgasm, holding the lovely cum in out mouths.
We kissed long and deep, mixing our hot spunk in our hot mouths, until we
swallowed eagerly.
Then we had a rest, talking and stroking until we were both hard again,
and we were ready to go on for the rest of the day, sucking, kissing and
fondling each others hot silk-clad bodies, then finally, we fucked each
others' pantie-clad arses.