Boys will be girls 1

Credit: by Androgyne

In this chapter and in any future chapters any transgendered, transvestite,
or "Lady-boy" is referred to as "She".

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I always wanted to look like a girl. Now please note I never said I wanted
to BE a girl and I didn't and don't. I like my cock and balls far too
much. So I was around 9 going on 10 and puberty had hit me with unexpected
hard-ons and my big kick, about the time I learnt how to jerk myself off,
was to wear my sister's clothes when alone in the house. This applied
especially to my sister Marie who was away at university much of the year
so I could plunder her things without any chance of her knowing. Mostly I
loved wearing her silky sexy panties under my ordinary clothes and the
feeling of huge excitement had me hard most of the time and getting myself
off a lot.

Next I graduated to trying on complete outfits not just panties and as I
was a fairly tall boy for my age and Marie was/is petite they tended to fit
fine. The next stage was make-up. I'd seen Marie put on make-up plenty of
times and now, when my other sister Gail was making up her face, I'd watch
and ask her questions. At first it was either "what's wrong with you" or
"leave me alone" but pretty soon she realised I was genuinely
interested. So she explained and showed to me how different complexions
needed different cosmetics and got me to apply her make-up and even made me
up one day. She made me clean it off well before my mother or father came
home but I'm a quick study and caught on fast.

So by the time I was 12 or maybe 13 I could dress like a girl and put on
flawless make-up. One day I decided I'd take a chance and do a crazy thing
and go out pretending to be a girl. It was summertime so I put on panties
and one of Marie's tennis dresses after a little light make-up application,
Marie had masses of stuff she'd outgrown but wouldn't throw out, which was
great for me. So I also took Marie's tennis club membership card and made
my way to her "Richmond Tennis Club". Now handily entrance was by swiping
her card through a reader so nobody checked that I was in fact Marie
Carmine and not Leslie Carmine.

So I wandered around watching girls and boys and men and women practicing
or playing tennis matches and nobody had the slightest idea I was a boy and
not a girl. I did some ogling alright! By now I'd had sex and not just with
my left hand. I mean I'd only had sex with a few boys as 12 or 13 year old
girls aren't that keen to risk getting pregnant by a 12 or 13 year old
boy. So I ogled boys and girls and was glad my panties were sound enough to
restrain my

 swelling hard-on. And that was the first time I met "Willow"!
Her real name was/is Jamie Azaria which is handy, because like my name,
Jamie can be a boy or a girl's name just like Leslie/Lesley.

She was sitting on a padded bench, under a shade tree, watching two lithe
and agile pre-teen girls volley and serve. I liked the look of her and
greatly daring crossed over to sit next to her. Like me she was wearing a
short tennis dress and I thought her legs were superb. I opened the
conversation after nodding at the two girls on the court.

"Are they any good?"

She frowned and narrowed her eyes but replied friendly enough."

"I dunno as I'm no expert but yeah I think they're very good."

She was shorter than me, I'm tall, and where I'm milky pale she had a deep
olive skin with short silky dark hair. Also her voice was kinda husky and
that was a turn on too. So we talked and I guess I was trying to flirt with
her a tad and I was turned looking at her pretty face and curvy body when
something sort of clicked in my head. I leant so my lips were close to her
ear and whispered quite softly so nobody else would be able to hear.

"Well fuck me you're a boy!"

She barely turned a hair and gave me a small puzzled frown.

"How could you tell? Nobody else has even found out."

"It was a big, big; make your mind up decision time, so I "came out" in an
odd way.

"Because I'm a boy too!"

  She blinked and looked at me REALLY hard and then grinned.

"Well Jesus Christ so you are! What are the odds of this happening?"

So she told me her name was Jamie but for some reason she was called
Willow. Apparently as a baby Jamie cried a lot so the family first called
her "Weeping Willow" that then got shortened to just Willow. She was also
almost exactly the same age as me. Right off we were really comfortable
with each other and we were chatting and giggling enough for club members
to be shooting the odd dirty look at us. So I invited her back to our home;
and off we went holding hands and giggling some more. If we'd have looked
like two boys we'd have been getting "Fucking little queers holding hands"
but with two girls nobody said a word.

So when we arrived at my home Willow's jaw dropped as she stared at the

"You live HERE?"

"Yeah sure I do; why?"

"Because it's amazing and humongous that's why. How many of you live here?"

"Well when we're all home, one of my sisters is at university and the other
goes away to college soon, there's five of us and that's with me and my

"But twice that many could live here and things still wouldn't be crowded."

"Yeah we got lots of room here; come on!"

So I tap in the P.I.N. number that opens the gate to let us walk up the

"And nobody has noticed a pretty young girl coming out here and asked who
you are Red?"

Now "Red" is my nickname for two reasons. Firstly I have copper red hair
and secondly my family name, "Carmine", is a strong red pigment artists

"You see Willow this place stands alone in its own grounds and our closest
neighbours aren't really close. Now if any of them spotted me leaving today
they'd likely think I was my sister Marie going to her tennis club. I do
look a lot like her you know? So how do you go out as a girl without being

Willow gave me a wonderful grin.

"Carefully Red very carefully indeed!"

When we reached the front door I fished out from the ball pocket in this
tennis dress my swipe card and passed it through the reader and then tapped
in another P.I.N. number. There came a click and the front door opened to
us. Once in I shut it to lock us in and we stood there in the huge hallway.

"Your family must be loaded Red?"

"Well yeah we're not short of a few bob to be honest. How would you like
the grand tour?"

So I showed Willow the swimming pool at the back and the huge gardens and
then all around our palatial home ending in my own bedroom.


 That's how she said it when she saw how it was furnished and equipped. Me?
It never occurred to me that others might think the place was special.

"Why don't we get comfortable on my bed and talk?"

Now my bed wasn't just a double, which is four and a half feet, but six
feet wide and super comfortable. We were lying side by side nattering.

"So you don't want to BE a girl then Red you just want to look like one
which is exactly how I feel."

"Yeah look Willow I love my cock and balls but I also love looking like a
pretty girl."

"Me too so I really get it Red."

I reached out towards her, hesitated, and then touched lightly what felt
like a small breast bud.

"How do you get to have tits?"

She giggled like we'd been doing a lot since we met.

I'm wearing one of my sister's bras with a bit of padding."

Now I giggled.

"Me too! It's a sports bra with some foam rubber packed into it."

"You got great legs Red; nobody would ever think that you aren't a girl."

"You too Willow and I bet you got a great ass as well."

"Do you want to see it? Then take off my panties."

That was easier said than done because even when she lifted her hips up I
had a hard time getting them down over her hard cock. I had to pull the
waistband out a lot to get them off. Willow's cock was erect and looked
like it might be just a tad longer than mine though with the big upward
curve it had it was hard to tell without measuring. Her cock though was
surely no thicker than mine. Willow, like me, still had her foreskin.

Now when I got curious about boys and sex I did some research online to get
clued up on the technical side of things. So a cock or a dick was actually
your penis and your balls were your testicles and they manufacture sperm
which we call jizm, or cum, or sponk. A cum was rightly an orgasm and as
Willow's foreskin slid back a bit I could see we shared something. Like me
she didn't have a round knob-end like some boys but her helmet, like mine,
was sort of a long oval shape and almost purple. I also knew that knob or
helmet it was really a glans.

"Fuck that's a nice cock you got Willow!"

"I thought you wanted to see my ass?"

"I want to see both really!"

So she rolled over and she did have a great ass with a dimple in each


Willow rolled back over to face me.

"So when do I get to see your ass and cock Red?"

Now I had as hard a time getting my panties off as I had getting hers off
since my cock was up and hard like hers. So I lay on my back, lifted my
hips, and managed to wriggle out of them. Willow liked what she saw then.

"Oh wow that's a nice cock."

Like I say my cock may be just a tad shorter than hers though not by much
and it's easily as thick. Mine though hasn't a trace of a curve and it's
just straight and smooth. I obliged Willow with a roll over and she loved
my ass too. Right about then though I was hot for her and couldn't wait.

"Do you want to do it Willow?"

"Crap yeah so who goes first?"

"You can as you're the guest; so what do you want?"

"How are you with blow jobs?"

"I'm good, really, really good!

And I am now and was back then though it turned out Willow is perhaps a bit
better than I am at sucking cock though I'm still very good at it indeed!

So Willow's on her back and my head is right where it needs to be which is
right above her hard cock. I took it into my mouth and got down to the
serious job of pleasing her by NOT getting her off too fast. With my lips
tight on the barrel of her cock I bobbed my head smoothly and slowly at
first before gradually increasing my pace. At random moments I'd lick her
swollen helmet; or use my tongue tip to explore and tickle the folded back
pleat of her foreskin and the underside of her helmet. Then it was back
again to sucking and bobbing my head as I took her higher and nearer, held
her poised, and then, as she gasped and clutched my head and her belly
rippled, I took her over the top.

Willow was moaning and bucking as she shot her load of hot creamy jizm into
my mouth and I savoured and swallowed every drop. When she stopped writhing
I pulled my lips free of her cock with a wet popping sound and kissed her

"You weren't kidding Red you're so good you're nearly as good as me."

I let that one pass by but later I found that Willow gives the best head of
anyone who's ever sucked my cock. At least Willow knew how much I needed to
get off and went right to the point.

"You need to cum now so what do you want because I'm good at everything."

Well after seeing that round dimpled ass I knew exactly what I wanted but
weirdly, hell I don't think I was quite 13 still, so I was entitled to be a
tad nervous with even this hot boy/girl I'd just met.

"Well you do have this lovely ass so maybe...!"

When I trailed off Willow grinned at me and it was the sexiest and
wickedest grin I'd ever seen.

"So you wanna fuck my lovely ass? Go for it Red baby!"

So I hopped off my bed and almost trotted into the en suite bathroom and as
I did Willow called after me.

"You've got a great ass too Red!"

It registered later that both us boy/girls looked convincing as girls
because we were already sort of equipped by nature to look girly. We both
had round girly asses, we both had long smooth girly type legs and thighs,
and we were both really pretty boys so we made really pretty faced girls
too. When I came back I was holding a bottle of baby oil. It's cheap but
the cost isn't important. What is important is that it's a great lube for
ass fucking; you can buy it anywhere, and I can buy a bottle at our local
pharmacy without the staff, who knows me and my family well, batting an
eye. I can buy the oil anywhere while I can't buy a container of say
"Liquid Silk "lube at all.

When I got back Willow had gotten naked and I soon followed suit. I slicked
up my cock from helmet to the base of my barrel and dribbled some onto
Willow's taut pucker.

Yeah I'd checked that out online too and a pucker is really a
sphincter. And when your cock gets inside you're in someone's colon which
is sort of ridged and like scaly which is why your helmet feels amazing
when you pump away in a boy or a girl's ass. So now I got Willow on her
hands and knees and eased my helmet up against her oily pucker. She was
tight! Beautifully tight! But she wanted me in there so she didn't tighten
up like some newbie boys do when they're about to be ass fucked. Under my
steady pressure she slowly opened up and my long straight cock followed my
helmet deep into her so smoothly.

I groaned out loud and gripped Willow's hips as I thrust hard, eased back,
and thrust again. My cock was sheathed tight in her colon and my bloated
and sensitive helmet was grinding on those firm ridges as I fucked her fast
and hard. Already the heat was building and boiling behind and then into my
taut ball sack as I panted with pleasure. Soon I could feel the pressure
and electric flares soaring up the barrel of my cock and I yelled out "Oh
Fuck" as I pumped out wads of jizm from my throbbing cock.

Drained I eased back out of her and as I did a single bead of sweat dripped
from the tip of my nose onto the back of her neck. I flopped onto my back
and lay looking up at the ceiling as my heartbeat slowed down. Willow
rolled over to face me and kissed me very expertly indeed. Right then I
realised that was the first time we'd kissed though we'd both got each
other off. So I kissed her back and I was and am also an awesome
kisser. She rested her head on my belly.

"Wow you are some kind of young stud Red. Maybe you should be nicknamed
"Stallion" instead?"

I stroked her silky dark hair.

"Nah I'll stick with Red thanks!"

"Cool and when I'm up and ready again can I fuck you from the front?"

"You can fuck me anyway you want to baby!"

So we talked a while and kissed a lot. One thing I recall us talking about
was girls over which Willow and I agreed. Yeah we'd love to fuck girls but
it would be hotter to fuck girls not as a boy but as a girl with a cock

 So when I got around to stroking Willow's cock she was hard and ready
again. She oiled up her curved cock and I made sure my pucker was well
slicked up. I was leant back on some pillows, my knees up and touching my
shoulders and with my heels resting on Willow's shoulders as she went into
my ass with that curved cock. She fucked like me. A slow easing of her cock
to stretch my pucker and a moan as she slid into my tight ass. She fucked
me deep and slow at first and each stroke of her cock left a flare of heat
as her helmet ground against the firm ridges in my colon.

She upped the pace a bit more and then a bit more till she was fucking me
fast and hard with her lashes lowered over her dark eyes. I could feel her
cum arriving as her body stiffened, shuddered, and then her hot cream
spurted into my glowing ass. She thrust on and on till there was nothing
left and she collapsed atop of me as we kissed wildly. Stretched out side
by side it took her a while to get her breath back enough for us to
speak. I was happy in the silence feeling my cock tingle and become rigid
even while Willow had been fucking me hard.

"Oh my god Red that was wonderful. Can we keep seeing each other?"

I'd never had boy/girl girlfriends only random boys I'd fucked, mainly at
my boarding school, so this idea excited me.

"Sure we can at least as long as I am not away at my boarding school."

She was happy with that and I was happier when she fondled my cock and told
me it was time I had her blow my cock and my mind. Like I say I give
amazingly good blow jobs and I'm honest enough to say Willow is just a
shade better at it than I am. She gives head like me in that she works you
slow and keeps taking you to a higher level to hold you there and then
higher again as you get closer and closer to a climax.

As the tip of her tongue, like a snake's, was dancing over my swollen
helmet I almost begged her to get me off. I didn't though and she didn't
either. She took me higher again till my cock was aching and then without
warning she got me off and I was yelling out "Oh fuck" and "Oh fucking
hell" again as I lost my mind to the hardest cum I think I'd ever
had. Willow didn't waste a drop of my jizm and gulped down the lot.

So when I could we talked again.

"You're right Willow I give great blow jobs but you're the boss!"

Soon she was glancing at her wristwatch and telling me she had to go
home. So she dressed after showering and I showered and dressed as the boy
Les. We swapped cell phone numbers and Email addresses and she gave me her
home address. It was on the "Stirling Green" estate which is nice enough
though of course not a patch on my amazing home. We both swore to keep in
touch and we did when we could and the sex stayed terrific.

Now as I got older I was sharing school, college, and learning the family
business. Our family business is business if you'll let me explain. My
parents have an uncanny knack for spotting small firms or companies that
are ready to take off and buying into them. So we'd ride the surge to make
plenty of profits. Sometimes we'd stay with them and sometimes we'd sell
out as trade peaked. We also, I seemed to have inherited the business gene
too, could spot failing businesses that shouldn't have been failing, buying
them up, and bringing them back to vibrant life again.

Now I'm a trust fund boy like you hear about. I get to draw a healthy
income without being able to touch the principle in the fund
itself. However I had plans for more than my fund could give me and even
the nominal salary my parents paid me as I studied the family trade. With
me having the family talent I took to making my own investments with the
aid of a family firm employee who I paid off to keep quiet with cash and
the occasional wild session in bed with me. Legally I was too young to deal
but I did in her name. Yeah I was fucking this employee named Carrie and
the sex was good though it had to be boy/woman sex not Les as a boy/girl

By now I was building up a LOT of cash reserves to carry out my big
ambition that I'd settled upon. I wanted to be, had to be, needed to become
a lady-boy like you see in Thailand a lot. I still didn't want to be a
girl/woman I wanted to keep my cock and balls but look like a stunning
babe. By now I was turned 16, I had the use of a family apartment in the
city centre, and though strictly speaking underage I was into the club
scene. So via the right club I dipped my toe into the way to become what I
wanted to be and assess any risks or snags. Money opens almost any doors
and today it had opened another one.

By greasing the palm of the right club owner I'd arranged a meeting that
the guy probably thought was just a sex hook up but he was completely wrong
about that. I turned up at the side door of the "Pink Parakeet" club around
10 AM with club-land deserted at that time of day. I rang the bell and the
big guy that opened the door had to be a doorman by night. His heavy build
and ponderous looks though were deceptive and he was surprisingly softly
well spoken. He also was aware of what had been arranged as soon as I told
him who I was.

"I'm Leslie Carmine and Mr Olav said I'd be expected?"

"Of course Mr Carmine please come in and follow me."

So after the door was locked again he led me in and upstairs at the back of
the club and into a small and comfortably furnished room.

"Ms Starr will be with you shortly Mr Carmine."

I wasn't quite 17 so becoming "Mr Carmine" outside of the family business
made me feel really good. So I sat on a two seater sofa that faced a three
seater sofa across a long low coffee table. Sure enough, a few minutes
after the big guy left "Sugar Starr" made her entrance. Now manners have
always been drilled into the Carmine family so I stood up to hold out my

"Pleased to meet you Ms Starr."

  Her hand in mine was small and cool and dry as we shook.

She was a tiny Oriental girl; both short of inches and quite petite
although she had lovely breasts under her white satin blouse to complement
her slim and shapely legs. I'm not well versed enough to be able to tell if
she was Chinese, Japanese, maybe Vietnamese, or even a Thai.

I gestured to the sofa nearest to her.

"Please sit down and we can talk."

She settled on the sofa to cross one elegant leg over the other and smiled
at me.

"You can forget the "Starr" please Mr Carmine. I was christened Gerard and
used to be called Ged and now I'm officially Geraldine so Ged fits either
way. Now Harry Olav never exactly explained why you wanted to meet with me
but if you want to have sex then you'd better have cash on you."

She clearly had a local accent as if she'd been born here and not out
east. She looks over my midnight blue raw silk bespoke tailored suit, pale
blue "Sea Island" cotton shirt, and hand lasted moccasins.

"Mind you it looks like you can afford me easily!"

"Well I'd like to ask you some questions and I'll explain my reasons as I
go. Is that okay?"

"That's fine and Harry's paid me a cut of what he charged you for the intro
to me so I'm happy talking since I'm being paid to talk. Ask away Mr

First I tell her to call me Les and then I get down to the nitty gritty of
the matter.

"Okay Ged well my parents always told me it's not polite to ask a lady how
old she is but please tell me how old you are?"

"I'm 28 Les."

"Thank you and of course you're transgendered."

She shook her head at me saying that.

"No Les I'm not transgendered I consider myself a lady-boy like God knows
how many others like me. I never wanted to have a surgeon take away my cock
and balls and build me a false vagina."

I do like what I'm hearing so I press on.

"So how old were you when you began err... your transformation?"

"I guess about 17 maybe."

"And what exactly did it involve?"

"Well hormone and drug treatment and ending with having these breasts
implanted. I never needed facial surgery as I was always a pretty boy."

"I'm asking you see Ged because I want to go the same route.

 She put her head on one side and looked me over.

"Well you're a big boy Les but you've a very pretty face and I doubt you'd
need facial surgery either."

And now came the crucially important question.

"So do you function normally sexually?"

"Do you mean can I cum? Oh hell yeah."

 I hasten to explain to her.

"I researched this and apparently the early treatments left lady-boys
finding it very difficult to get an erection and orgasm. Also their penises
seemed very small. Are you saying it doesn't happen now?"

"Well not to me and not to other boys who went my route lately. The drug
and hormone regime is much improved and they use other drug therapy to
ensure you remain fully functional. It's a lot concerned with what you
pay. Like breast implants. I've seen lady-boys and woman who had cheap jobs
done and it looks like someone super glued tits onto them. They look
horribly false and hard. Mine are so real looking you'd never know."

I'm feeling major relief flooding through me as I'm ticking off the boxes
with everything she's telling me.

"Can I see and touch yours please?"

"Sure but go any further and like I said it'll cost you.

She unbuttoned her blouse tugged it out of the waistband of her skirt, and
shrugged out of it. Next she dropped the shoulder straps of her pale blue
bra and popped free the hooks to bare her nicely full breasts. Indeed they
looked totally genuine even when I got up and crossed over to her. Not even
any sign of the thin scars under them like you can spot on say porn stars
that have had implants. When I touched them they felt firm and totally
natural as did her small, rubbery, and sharp pointed nipples.

"They're amazing!"

"You get what you pay for Les. I paid a lot and got the best."

Now for the final hurdle and I'll be happy I'm thinking.

"I'd like to see your cock now please Ged."


So she stood up, unzipped her short pencil skirt, and slid out of it. Under
it she was wearing pale blue briefs that matched the bra she's shed
earlier. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties she wriggled
out of them. First off I could see that her cock wasn't one of those tiny
ones you sometimes see on a lady-boy. Her cock and balls were a lot darker
than her saffron skin and though flaccid her cock looked a normal average

Now you read about well hung guys. Did you know that the average size for
an erect male penis is about 5.5 to 6 inches? Did you know that if you own
an erect 7 inch penis only 15% of the male population are bigger than you
are? If you stand hard with 8 inches only 5% of guys are bigger than you
are. Oh yeah I know you get freakish porn star guys usually called called
"Big Jake" or "Max Power" or something who are well over endowed at 12 or
14 inches but they are in a tiny minority. Hard I'm a mid-thick 7 inches as
is Willow and we're both happy as we are.

"I want to see you get hard and cum Ged."

"Like I said Les if you want me to jerk off for you it'll cost you."

"No I want to get you off and when that's done I'd like a hand job off you

"If you've got the cash I've got the time and I'm willing. If I were you
though I'd get out of that lovely suit in case I splash it."

So before I got out of my suit I got out my wallet. I'd expected this so I
was carrying a fair bit of cash and not just cards. I began counting out
notes onto the coffee table pausing after a while and looking at her. Her
hand made a "go on" gesture so I laid down a bit more and then
stopped. This time she nodded so with her naked I got naked too save an
expensive suit. I moved onto the sofa to sit behind her to reach around for
her cock. I moved my fingers between her thighs to stroke from the cleft of
her ass to the back of her balls. That area of slightly rough and raised
skin is called the perineum and for me it's a most erotic zone.

I guess it is for her too because she shifts uneasily and makes a low sound
of muted pleasure. Now I'm cupping and caressing her taut ball sack before
moving on to her semi erect cock which I stroke with my fingertips. She now
makes a "Uuummm" noise as she begins to get quite hard as I position a
finger under her knob end and my thumb atop it. She is, as the Americans
say, "Not cut" or to be technical not circumcised. Sliding back her
foreskin frees a big round and red knob-end. Tightening my thumb and
forefinger I start on giving her a hand job and I'm very good at hand jobs;
at that I'm better than Willow!

Her cock's gone fully hard now as I pump away slowly and smoothly gradually
upping the pace. I've one arm around her and my hand is cupping a perfect
breast while I tweak a hard nipple.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, almost there!"

  I go at her full pace and she heaves up her hips and jeeze does she shoot
full power. He jizm splatters onto the wood laminate floor as I squeeze her
cock; pumping till she's spent.

I look down at the white creamy puddles on the floor.

"I'm impressed!"

"Like I said I'm fully functional. So are you ready now?"

Was I ever ready? My cock was rigid and throbbing as she took a hold of it
and went to work on me. Her small hand felt wonderful on my cock as my
temperature rose higher and higher in my cock. Clear precum was oozing from
the slit in my helmet and then I fired off wads of cum that equalled
hers. I shot like a hose until she'd drained me dry. She pulled on her
briefs and got me to hook up her bra and then tucked the cash into it. Once
her skirt and blouse were back on I'd finished getting dressed myself and
she used an intercom on the wall.

"Jerry? Yeah Mr Carmine is ready to leave now so you can show him out."

"Be right up!"

So soon Jerry was letting me out into the street and the next stage of
business came soon. I had an address and phone number for supposedly the
finest guy in the business for breast implants and sex change operations in
the form of Mr Avram Fine an Israeli surgeon practicing over here. Once
home in my flat I rang and spoke to his receptionist. I wanted an
appointment fast. She said there was a waiting list but to give her my
name. At Leslie Carmine she went quiet.

"Would you be a member of "That" Carmine family?"

When I told her I was a son and heir I had an appointment the next morning!
One more step along the road to being the lady-boy I wanted to be!

I'm sitting in front of the big mirror checking my make-up. I've used a
blue/green eye-shadow with white eye-liner and some blusher on my cheeks. I
picked a light red lip gloss and my nails are glossed the same shade. All
I've got on at present is an emerald green deep-line bra and matching
panties. Satisfied my make-up is perfect I open the dresser draw and bring
out a new pair of sheer black pantyhose still in their packet. I wriggle
into them and check that my seams are straight. Now for the new dress that
I fell in love with the first time I saw it.

It's a black sheath dress with tiny crystal beads that glitter and sparkle
with reflected light whenever it moves. I slide into it and adjust the thin
shoulder straps to show off my impressive cleavage to best advantage. The
skirt is tight and short enough that it barely covers my panties. Next I
step into my towering heels that add inches to my already considerable
stature. No need to see to my hair as it is cut so short it looks like red
plush on my head.

"How do I look Red?"

Willow has sashayed into the room looking as amazing as always. Her make-up
is stronger and darker than mine and her dark lashes are darker from
mascara. Like me she's donned sheer black pantyhose and her dress apes mine
but is electric blue and her heels are as extreme as mine. Her hair is dark
and silky and just worn to shoulder length.

"You look fabulous honey! How about me?

"Just two words baby; incredibly hot!"

 "Then let's head for the "Paradise Lounge" honey and knock them
dead. Silva's a guest of Bobby Brooks tonight and we're the main attraction
and entertainment. Come on honey I want fun tonight!"