The investigation P.2

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This is pure fiction and resemblance to any persons is coincidental. But if you fit the role feel free to fantasize.

Part 2

The next morning Carole woke showered and dressed in her stockings, suspender belt, lacy bra, with matching panties with her white lacy waist slip as the final item of her lingerie, then her flowing flowered dress. She applied her makeup and brushed her hair. She slipped on her 3 inch court shoes 👠. Picking up her handbag with the paper work she had to follow up on from the investigation. She left her flat and drove into town, parking in the multi story car park. She made her way to the shopping precinct. The lingerie shop she was looking for was just around the corner.

Entering the shop she was approached by the shop assistant.

“Can I help you Madam”? She asked.

“Um yes, can I talk to the owner or manageress please, sweetheart”? Carole inquired.

“Of course Madam, I go and get her, please feel free to browse or fine range of lingerie, we have the erotic styles near the back of the store” she replied and disappeared through a door at the back of the store.

Carole glanced around the store noticing some extremely skimpy lingerie that was definitely stimulating rather than functional, some of the bra and panty sets were labelled as edible.

The manageress appeared and approached Carole

“How can I be of assistance”? She asked.

“I have been informed that you are able to accommodate special girls with the utmost discretion” Carole answered.

“Oh yes we can, but you don’t mean you, surely”? she inquired.

“Yes, it’s for me. Is it a problem?” I replied.

“Absolutely not, let me just let my sales assistant know I am going to be busy, and get some items that might interest you” she said.

When she returned she had brought several different styles of prosthetic breasts and a couple of gaffes. One of which was just to hide everything the other had an added false vagina.

“Which do you recommend” I asked.

“Well I don’t need either of the gaffes as I’m a hermaphrodite, that’s a person born—”.

“Both sets of genitalia” I interrupted.

“Oh, not many people know of the term or condition”. She replied.

I tried the breast inserts in my bra, but was having difficulty getting either of the gaffes to fit snugly. The next I knew she was helping me with the false vagina model.

She got it into place, then she said,

“You need to feel the experience of being taken missionary to fully appreciate this model”

“Where can I get that right now” I replied.

“Right here, right now”. She said lift her dress and easing her panties off.

Her cock was rapidly hardening in front of me.

“Sit then lay back on the desk” she instructed.

She eased her cock into the vagina and started to move gradually speeding up, until we were totally lost in moment. She leant over me and our lips met, our tongues explored each other’s mouths, then she moaned and announced



“Me too” I gasped.

We both calmed down, gasping for breath as we separated.

“Wow that was awesome”, I gasped “I could feel every stroke you made as if you were actually inside me”. I continued.

“I’m glad you liked it”. Then a look of horror on her face.

“Oh no what have I done? I’m getting married in two months” she said ashamed.

“Don’t worry, you secret is safe with me, I will tell no body about our little session”. I replied.

“It’s a one off and I’ll take the gaffe I’m wearing and the tear drop breasts” I added. I still had them in my bra.

“Consider them a gift” she said somewhat relieved.

“No I’ll pay for them, the feel of the breasts is fabulous and the sensation wearing the vaginal gaffe is phenomenal” I stated.

“Well I will give you a 50% discount, and is final” she insisted.

I slipped my panties back on over my gaffe and stepped into my dress and waist slip.

Checking in the office mirror she repaired her make up.

“Thank you so much for helping me with this gaffe, we will probably never meet again, but it certainly was a pleasure for me and I’ll never ever forget you” I said.

“It was a pleasure for me too, as much as I shouldn’t have, and I’ll also remember you always and please come back, I’m sure we will have more products that would interest you”. she replied.

I left with a small bag that contained my own falsies, feeling very confident about my appearance. Returning to my car I drove to the offices of Carl and Carole investigators. I had something I needed to take care of.

On arrival I parked and strode purposefully into the office to be greeted by Chloe.

“Hello can I help you” Chloe asked.

“You certainly can” I answered.

“Mr Carl is not here at the moment but if I can take down details, he can be in touch”. Chloe said.

“Now there is two things that come to mind, take down and touch” I said.

“Excuse me”? Chloe queried.

“I’d like you to take down your very sexy panties and then let me touch you, then take down my panties and touch me, darling Chloe” I smiled as I instructed her.

“But” she started to say then, “How do you know my name”?

“I know all about you, I’m your employer, I’m currently in the Carole mode”. I answered.

“Oh Mr Carl” she exclaimed

“Ms Carole please” when dressed like this.

“We had better lock the door” Chloe said.

“Already done and I’ve put up the notice saying closed for lunch back in one hour. So we better get started” I told her.

Chloe stood and raising her mini skirt slipped panties off, and threw them on her desk. I raised my dress and removed my panties showing the vaginal gaffe. Chloe’s cock rapidly stood to attention and mine was trying to escape, but the gaffe kept it hidden from view. The next hour was spend in several sexual connections I did remove the gaffe and we sucked each other until we were both exhausted.

The company is now Carl, Carole and Chloe investigations. Chloe is not pursuing her total transformation as we are having so much fun together. Carole only appears for special investigations and my report to Mr Roberts was as he wanted. His fiancée told him about her sexual condition, which I couldn’t possibly have found out. (Fib) I occasionally visit her shop to buy gorgeous lingerie and the occasional toy for Chloe and I to share. Oh yes Chloe and I are engaged with a wedding planned next year. Who will wear the wedding dress? Chloe I suspect but we will have similar lingerie.

The end.

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