Feelings P.2

Credit https://www.self-help-sexuality.com/

I slowly regained my senses but my body still reacted will a few spasms. Lorna was kneeling between my obscenely spread legs, she was now naked to the waist and the sight of her breasts made my mouth water.

“So you’re back you naughty raving slut, my word you do become dirty when on an orgasmic high….I like it.”

It was true, I was high, and I suddenly gathered myself and launched at my lover, gathering her into my arms and forcing her onto her back and inexpertly fumbling o unfasten her skirt and pull it down along her shapely legs…..

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Feelings P.1

Credit https://www.self-help-sexuality.com/

I work as a Family Ancestry collator in my County Archives and I was required to start getting all our paper documents scanned into computer, The work load was too much for one person so one of the upstairs office staff volunteered to work with me in our large storage area with was lined with shelf stacks of records of births marriages and deaths going back many many years.

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