Pan’s Servant Chapter 1

Credit: by Samathia

Kyle had met Simona at a mutual friend's birthday party. She was short and a
little thick, spoke with a slight lisp and was incredibly perky. Deep down she
was a nerd who liked board games and sex. At the party, they danced together to
the bumping house music, drank a lot of vodka, and eventually started making
out on the couch.

It was almost 3am when they left the party together. Simona was hungry and they
ended up going to an IHOP, ordering a huge stack of pancakes. They started
talking about sex and the people they had fucked.

"So have you ever tried guys?" Simona asked.

"No, I have no. I don't think I'd really like guys. I mean, maybe if they
looked like girls."

The two of them laughed, and Kyle followed by, "How about you? Have you had

"Of course! I've had several of each, and people in the middle as well."

"People in the middle?"

"Yes," Simona smiled slyly, "people in the middle."

Simona watched Kyle's eyes grow. She could tell he was aroused. The
conversation continued on about sex and Simona learned that Kyle enjoyed
shemale porn. He liked the look of women with big hard cocks.

They walked home together, to Kyle's home. He didn't live far from their
friend's party or the IHOP. Along the way way they kept talking about sex, and
both of them could tell the other was incredibly interested.

"You didn't have sex until you were 20?" Simon asked in shock.

"Yea? So! I was a shy kid. I wasn't good with girls," Kyle said.

"I find that hard to believe," Simona said while squeezing Kyle's hand.

"How old were you?"

"Um ... 12," Simona said.


"It--it wasn't like that. It was a friend of mine from school .. and her

Kyle's eyes grew, his hand gripped a little harder and Simona could tell this
excited him.

"Go on," Kyle said playfully.

"That's it pretty much. It was a friend of mine, and I was over a her house. We
were playing with her brother ... and they had this porn on a VHS tape he had
sneaked out of their parents' room. We started watching it and, and I was
curious about the boy's penises and so he took his out.

"One thing led to another and eventually we were all on the bed playing with
one another."

"Did he penetrate you? Like did you actually have sex?"

"He fucked me. Yes. He stuck his cock straight up in me. It hurt at first, but
it felt really good too. He had been fucking his sister too. I could tell
because she was looser. They took turns fucking both of us, and we made him cum
on our faces.

"It was fun. And we kept doing it, several more times. We even got him to fuck
both of us in the ass."

"So you like anal?" Kyle asked?

"Love it. It's amazing. I love giving it too," Simona bubbled.

"Like ... with a strap on?"

"Well .. that too"

Kyle looked confused as he looked at her, to which she said, "You'll find out
soon enough."

When they got back to Kyle's place, he put on some Futurama, but they barely

 any of it. They almost immediately started tearing each others clothing
off and kissing each other with deep lustful passion. Their drunken hands
gripped and pulled fiercely at each others skin and bodies. Simona had nice
thick thighs, that were curvy and smooth. She told Kyle he was being too gentle
with her breasts. She liked them pull hard, so he began to squeeze and pull

Kyle pulled her blue lace panties off and started licking Simona's pussy. She
moans while running her hands through Kyle's short blond hair. She was wet and
ready as Kyle started to probe her with his fingers. Between his tongue and
fingers, Simona's moans and wetness started to flow freely, and that's when
Kyle saw it.

He wasn't sure what he was seeing at first. He figured that he was really drunk
and this couldn't be real, but slowly a cock began to emerge from Simona's
pussy. He looked up to see her smile, before Simona told him sternly, "Now suck

Kyle began to suck on Simona's cock and she began to push his head down onto
her thick member. Kyle was really horny, and the shock began to wear as he
realized one of his fantasies was coming true. Simona's cock continued to grow
harder as Kyle sucked on it and let his saliva lube it generously. Before long
Simon's cock was erect. It was eight inches, a full inches longer than Kyle's,
and even wider than his in girth.

Kyle eventually led her to the bedroom in his small apartment, which was right
behind the couch and the living room. By now they were fully nude, their
clothing in a mess in front of the couch. Simona stroked the two of their hard
cocks together in her hands while kissing Kyle's chest and biting at his
nipples. Kyle, much taller than her, played with her hair and ears as she began
to stroke their cocks harder.

Eventually they collapsed onto the bed, still kissing and biting and played
hard with each other. Simona's cock was wet with spit and precum, and so Kyle
was the first one to get fucked. She turned Kyle to be under him and lined up
her cock, his own hard penis pointing straight up into the air. He was very
well hung, but just slightly less than Simona with her thickness.

Their eyes locked as the head of her penis made its way into Kyle's ass.

"You're not as tight as I expected," she said as Kyle let out a seemingly
agonizing moan. His eyes began to tear up slightly, yet they were still filled
with lust, desire and, most importantly, anticipation.

"I use toys. I have some pretty big ones," Kyle said to her.

"Any as big as me," Simona said as she slid into him deeper causing Kyle to
gasp and groan deeply.

Panting he replied, "N--no. None--as big as--oh God Simona!" he exclaimed as
Simona slid her cock over half way into his ass.

She pulled out slowly and pushed back in again, inching in a little deeper each
and every time. As she drove further in, her trusts began to get faster as
well. Kyle's groans of mixed pain and pleasure only turned her on more and Kyle
could feel her member getting even harder in his ass.

Before long they could both hear the slap of her balls and thighs against
Kyle's skin as she fucked him deep and hard. Her hands held up Kyle's legs
spread eagle, turning this tall and handsome man into her little sex boy bitch.

Lust filled both of their eyes as they fucked, with Kyle reaching down to
stroke his cock and keep it hard.

Simona slapped his hand away, "No, you don't get to do that. Not yet. First I
need you in me," she said as she pulled her cock out of him abruptly.

Kyle moaned, a little in relief, but more in a whimper of having her gone, like
a little boy who had his toy taken away.

Simona spat on his cock and blew him. Her mouth was moist and she took his
member deep into her mouth, gagging on it all the way at the back of her
throat. Kyle looked down in awe as Simona deep throated his entire member, and
could even lick his balls with the tip of her tongue as his entire cock was
deep in her mouth.

She pulled away suddenly, them moved forward, putting her massive weight
against Kyle's body. He could feel her lining up his cock and then lowering
herself onto it. He felt the tightness as Simona lowered herself onto his long
thin cock. Her ass was inviting and it only took three of four rises and falls
before his entire cock was buried down to the mast into her asshole.

She rode him and bucked against his body, squeezing his nipples and
occasionally slapping his face. Kyle squeezed her ass, holding on tightly as
she rode him. Eventually his hands made their way to her cock and began to
stroke. They matched in rhythm and Kyle stroked harder, feeling Simona's
massive cock in his hands.

Eventually it was too much and Kyle moans out in pleasure as he burst into
Simona's ass. She didn't slow as he continued to come. She could feel his own
hand grip tighter with each pule of his throbbing orgasm, and eventually her
cum was squirting over Kyle's chest. She continued to ride his cock and Kyle
didn't let up on Simona's, pulling and yanking as the two of them came and came
and came. They milked each other dry and eventually both were too sensitive,
pushing each other away and giggling.

Simona curled up into Kyle's arms and they were soon fast asleep. The next
morning they fucked a few more times, and Simona even let Kyle fuck her pussy
and cum inside of it. They showered and dressed and had brunch at a local
restaurant down the street. They served Bloody Marys which both of them
ordered, to deal with the throbbing hangovers they both had.