Last Laugh Trans Girl

Credit Georgina

In high school i was always bullying for being a trans girl.

I was a tall thin guy when i came out and promptly became a tall thin girl.

All the jock boys and pretty much all the guys made fun of me.

I learned to live with it and eventually started to grow into my new body.

I started taking hormones my senior year of high school and even had a full srs my senior year of college.

I don’t mean to brag but i was able to be lucky enough to afford good surgeons lol.

I had been a woman for about 6 years when i received my 10 year reunion letter from high school.

At this point my name was changed and i was hardly recognizable to people who weren’t intimate in my life so i decided to go.

When i got there most of the guys pretended to remember me and would make up things that never happened but i had a plan and was looking for one guy in particular.

Sam, my bully.

He made my life hell and i wanted to get revenge.

Eventually after hearing countless of my half nerd friends hit on me i found him and zeroed in.

It didn’t take long for him to take control and very quickly i got invited to his hotel.

I of course accepted and got my first kiss of the night.

On the way back he made his way up my leg in the cab.

I shooed him back and when we finally got to his hotel he gave me another kiss and he swooped me up and carried me in the doors.

By the time we reached the elevator we were full on making out, i was standing on my on at this point.

We made our way out the elevator in into his room and the second the door shut he yelled i want that pussy!

I grinned and said yes of course daddy but let’s film it.

He agreed and pulled out a measly 5″ cock.

Mine was bigger lol.

He was like another man and I felt that cock head pop in and came in a matter of seconds.

I made him do it inside my pussy and cream pie me and he freaked out and that’s when i said its okay Sam.

I’m Greg the guy you bullied in high school, I got a sex change 6 years ago.

I just made you cum in seconds so now what.

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