Hung Straight Guys With Movie Star Good Looks P.6

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Regular typeface = Connor’s thoughts

Bold typeface = Alan thoughts

So after the episode where I had dried humped Connor’s hot, muscular and hairy butt, and then I shot my huge load all up into his crack, Connor made himself scarce for a couple of days. I didn’t bother him about it, as I was pretty sure that his little head would overrule whatever problems his big head was having with what we’d been up to the last few weeks. I felt the need to cut him some slack as I was figuring my way through being gay, and he wasn’t, he was just a willing participant for my new found lust.

I knew that Connor enjoyed the things I did to his butt a lot more than he probably would have preferred to, but I know he enjoyed them. I’m sure that must have messed with his head a bit, by the way, he moaned and carried on as I licked my load of cum from his hairy crack and butthole, I was sure he’d be back soon! I was right!

It was only three days after the event that featured Connor’s hot butt until he showed up again after classes and asked if I wanted to go for a run. Of course, I agreed and within about three minutes it was as if nothing had happened.

The run was great as usual and when we were finished we headed to my house as usual, then went downstairs to my man cave, as usual, we grabbed a couple of waters as usual, and what had recently become usual I asked Connor if he wanted some head, and as had also become usual he answered yes and started dropping his clothes.

Once he was naked I pushed him toward the couch as I was removing my clothes and I got down between his spread legs and just before slurping his sweaty and hairy balls into my mouth I said, “I hope what went on with your butt the last time didn’t freak you out!”

He waited a few seconds and said, “No, it didn’t really freak me out, but I don’t think I’m ‘really’ into having my butt played with that much.”

I grinned up at him with my mouth full of his balls and said, “Wow dude sure could have fooled me!” It was pretty muffled, but I knew, that he understood what I said.

Even Connor kind of chuckled at that! “Well my cocksucking friend, you are supposedly the one who wants to get fucked, so how did I end up ‘almost’ having ‘your’ big dick in ‘my’ butt?”

I let Connors balls drop from my mouth, then licked his cock from the base to the tip, then I smiled and said, “Well if I crossed a line or took advantage of

you I’d be happy to apologize,“ then I licked down his cock from the head to the base, “but please don’t hesitate to put me in the position of almost having a cock in ‘my’ butt, as it appeared pretty fucking amazing from where I was!”

“Alright asshole, I’ll admit, it felt damn amazing, I just kind of felt as if I was going down a path that I really didn’t want to go, you know?”

“Yeah buddy, I understand. I’m not saying we’re in the same place, but I definitely feel your anxiety about a different path!”

“Yeah, sorry Al…I guess I didn’t think this all the way through, I was only thinking about me, and I’ll admit it kind of scares me how much I liked what you did to my butt, not to mention my cock, it’s kind of scary buddy!”

Alan looked up at me kind of worried and said, “But what I’m doing to your cock is okay, right?”

“Oh hell buddy, I don’t know if I’ll ever stop wanting you to suck my cock, you are truly amazing, so let’s just concentrate on that for now, if that’s okay?”

Over the next few weeks I sucked Connor’s beautiful cock every day, sometimes more than once, we both enjoyed it, and it worked. Of course, over time I stopped doing my hands-free cum every time he shot a load into my mouth, but I did shoot a lot of times when I deep-throated him, and we kept working on that!

In no time everything with Alan and me was back to normal, and his sucking my cock every day had now become normal and we were both loving it. Everything would have been fine except I couldn’t get that dry humping scene with Alan out of my mind! He had licked my hole like a champ and then feeling his big cock sliding up and down my crack, but more than that rubbing right up on my hole felt fucking amazing! It was to the point where I was sure, had I not recently cum and already cum several times that day, I would have shot my load, it was that good, and that bothered me!

I was glad we were concentrating on Alan deep throating my cock, I enjoy every second of it. I mean the worst head Alan gave me was still 10 times better than the head any chick had ever given me, and when he took my cock into his throat that was euphoric, and another good thing about it is that would make Alan cum, so I didn’t have to worry about doing something to help get him off!

But something in my mind told me I was going to have to deal with that sooner or later. It wasn’t like in the beginning when he would just get to lick my cock and he would shoot, I wondered how responsible I was going to feel for Alan getting off when his deep throating my cock didn’t automatically trip his trigger.

I was glad Connor had calmed down about my ‘as he called it’ dry humping him. But I’m going to tell you, there was nothing dry about it at all. Since I had shot a huge load of cum all over his muscled butt I was licking it off. When I got into his crack I just went wild! There really wasn’t much cum in there, but I licked it for all I was worth.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who will just think this is totally gross, but Connor’s ass is one of the best asses I’ve ever seen! He has nice, full, round, muscular glutes, that have indentations on the sides, they are round from top to bottom, firm as hell, the cheeks are fuzzy and so tight I almost had to pry them apart to expose his hairy crack and hole!

Now if you think the cheeks sound hot you would have to see his crack. The cheeks are fuzzy, but the crack is hairy! It is all this beautiful, thick, shiny, curly man hair! There is just no other way to describe it. There is just a thick swatch of hair from the top to the bottom of his deep crack, which is somewhat pink, and the swath of hair gets thicker and more intense as it runs across his taint, and he is fur-covered to the back of his ball sack.

Then there is the stink, as many people call it, stink!

I don’t call it to stink, or odor, more like an aroma, a scent, yes a man scent! I’ve already given my opinion on manscent and the aromas of the male human body! All I can say to Mother Nature is “Great Job!” Seriously, the male body is loaded with so many hormones and pheromones it’s a wonder that people aren’t fucking in the streets! I couldn’t believe how great Connor’s crotch smelled the first time I sucked his cock, but now that my face has been in his ass, holy fuck! It makes me think that nature wants men to fuck each other up the ass or why would a man’s ass crack smell so fucking amazing.

Now don’t talk to me about bad smells or poop! That is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the amazing way that a man’s body increases in a lot of scents throughout the day!

So yes, now I’m obsessed with Connor’s round, hot, hairy, muscular man ass! I pretty much kept to just sucking and licking his cock and balls, and even avoided his taint as he had kind of freaked out about me sliding my cock up and down his crack, but we both knew he was mostly freaked out about how much he loved it!

There was no getting around it, Alan was giving me the most amazing sex I’ve ever had! Even if it was all oral, and even if it was with another guy, it was fucking amazing!

I kind of freaked out on how much I got off on Alan licking and then humping my butt, but it was fucking awesome! It gave me amazing feelings that I’d never had before and I wanted him to do it again, but it was awfully close to getting butt fucked, and it was “really” gay. I know, I know, I justified letting him suck my cock because it was so fucking great, and, I was not the one sucking cock, I was just laying back and letting someone do it to me…I know…I know, either it’s gay or it isn’t.

But now there was another issue, at least it was an issue for me, Alan hadn’t mentioned it. At first, Alan was so excited to have a cock in his mouth, every time he sucked me off, he’d shoot his load too! It was surprising at first, but also pretty hot! But, now that wasn’t happening every time, and I felt some kind of an obligation to see that Alan got off too, but how would that happen? I didn’t want to think about it, so I just kept moving forward letting Alan suck my cock anytime he offered!

The next few weeks were fine for us both us, I felt that we had gotten past Connor being upset about the butt play, so I stayed away from that area of his body and just concentrated on his cock and balls. I wasn’t sure if it was my new obsession with Connor’s butt or if sometimes I felt as if he was moving so that my tongue or my mouth would go toward at least his taint. Finally, after a hot session of sucking his cock Connor collapsed on the bed and it almost looked like he was posing. So as I passed him to go to the bathroom I smacked his firm ass and said, “You know this thing doesn’t get any worse looking, so if you ever decide you want it licked again, or something, just let me know!”

“Umpff!” was all he said.

When I returned from the bathroom he was still laying there, and I’m pretty sure his legs were spread just a bit wider, I pretended not to notice, but as I came closer he pushed his gorgeous, hairy, rounded, dimpled, muscle butt up a few inches higher, and said, “Well too bad we just came back from a run, because I’m sure it’s all sweaty and smelly…” “And just the way I like it!” I cut him off!

“Really Alan, you really want to lick it all sweaty like that?”

“Hell yes, Con, I told you that, your sweat and man scent are amazing!”

“Well, I guess we can try it again, I really did like it, but it was pretty close to getting fucked, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to get fucked, so as long as you don’t go any farther than last time, let’s do it!”

“Con are you sure…it kind of freaked you out last time, and I don’t want things to get weird between us!”

“Al, you have done so many things to make me feel great, and you have just kept on giving me amazing head every day and more if I want it, I need to do things to help you get off and feel as amazing as you make me feel, so hell yeah buddy, let’s do this!”

Even I knew that wanting Alan to enjoy himself was an excuse to get the feelings and pleasure I got the last time Alan worked over my butt. I wanted it again, I just didn’t want to feel so gay about it, and letting on that it was for Alan’s pleasure kind of helped me get through it!

Wow, Connor admitted he wanted me to lick and play with his butt again, even though he said it was for my pleasure, I knew he wanted this, and what was hotter is that I also knew he was totally awake this time! He even gave permission to hump him again and rub my cock on his hole as he said, “just don’t go any farther than last time!”

I decided to be “very” sensual, “very” slow, and communicate the entire time of what Connor was feeling, and what he liked and what scared or freaked him out this time, so that maybe we could do it more often without his fears coming on so strong!

Here I was heading down the road again to Alan playing with my butt again, I wanted it, but there was that fear again!

“You know what Alan, let’s get buzzed a bit! I think I can relax into this a lot better if I get some buzz on, let’s chug a couple of beers and do a few bong rips!”

“Okay, you sure, I kind of felt like I’d taken advantage of you last time, so I thought you might want to be totally sober.”

“Ahh buddy, I know you didn’t take advantage of me, if I hadn’t been enjoying it, I would have told you to stop, it felt good Alan, too good, that’s why I got scared about it!”

“Okay Connor, you don’t have to twist my arm to get buzzed, you roll a joint and I’ll get the beers!”

I made myself cool my jets, I wanted this to be yet again the hottest thing Connor had ever done sexually! Did I want to fuck my best friend’s gorgeous, hairy, muscle butt? YES!

But I had to keep in mind that as far as he or I know, this man really is straight! Does he enjoy his butt being played with? YES!

So I wanted to make this a hot and sensual experience, I just didn’t want him to be shitfaced and/or drunk so that he could blame whatever happens on the buzz, and I didn’t want to take him so far that he would freak out, I wanted him to want this or some version of it again and again!

I know it sounds like I’m being selfish, but I also know that Connor ‘really’ enjoys butt play! So my plan was to give him amazing pleasure, but not too much so that he would definitely want more because it would be even hotter if he asked for more!

This was going to happen and I was excited to experience the butt play pleasure again, but I was a bit apprehensive that this might mean I’m at least somewhat gay. I LOVE pussy, and I LOVE tits and I like a lot of things about the fairer sex, but I had hardly tried to date since Alan started blowing me. I mean it is the perfect set up! We’re best buds, we know everything about each other, we agree on many things, we enjoy the same recreational sports together, we’ve taken a couple of trips together, hell since high school with him having the entire basement of his parent’s house we almost lived together. So it was great that we had all of this sexual pleasure together too. But what had started off as just a blowjob several months ago had escalated to a couple of blowjobs a day, and some other things thrown in.

Some other things had happened and some of those things had affected me! Alan hadn’t even mentioned the last dry humping session until I brought it up. Mostly it amounted to me loving the feeling of my best friend, who is somewhat of a Bradley Cooper/Chris Hemsley look-a-like, having his hairy muscled body and big hard cock rubbing against my body. What was more threatening than that was the fact that we had actually kissed, and if he had kept kissing and sucking on my neck, shoulder, and ear, I might have just let him fuck me! I guess that was part of why it was so scary because I knew that!

“Connor, I think I have an amazing idea that will help us both!”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I’m stumbling through deciding whether or not I’m gay right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Okay, so it has led us to some territory where we are continually analyzing what is gay and what isn’t right?”

“Well, yeah!”

“Okay, you’re the one who studied psychology, but what if…well what if, just for today, or a week, or for however long you/we want to, we take the labels off?”

“Alan, I don’t get it, what do you mean?”

“Well what if we just decided that for some period of time, we don’t analyze what’s gay and what isn’t, what if we just determined, what feels good and what doesn’t? I can see that working Connor, we can look at it as the experiment it is, and you can always say stop, and I will immediately stop!”

“So what if I wanted to dry hump you too, you’d be up with that?”

“Sure buddy, you know I would, I’ve already told you that!”

“Alan, you know that last time, you came really close to your cock slipping into my ass, right? I ‘really’ don’t want that to happen, but if it was the other way around you ‘would’ want it to happen, right?”

“Fuck yeah, buddy! I need to know some things, and finding out if I enjoy a cock in my butt is one of them!”

I was pretty agreeable to Alan’s suggestions. I was pretty agreeable to slipping my cock into his hot, blonde, hairy, muscle butt, although a few weeks ago, my answer to that would have been ‘no way’, but something in me really wanted the repeat of Alan rubbing his body and hard cock against me, even though calling it an experiment still made me feel gay, and heading down a path I didn’t think I wanted to go.

“But Alan, you have to promise me you will stop the second I tell you to if I don’t like you on top of me this time!”

“I promise Connor!”

“…and, you have to understand if we get to a point when I’m on top of you and need to stop, it’s not against you, it just means that I just can’t do it, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings, you can be good with that?”

Holy Fuck! Connor was not only agreeing to more of my humping him, he was laying out the guidelines for him possibly fucking me! It was sweet how he was making sure he didn’t hurt my feelings if it didn’t go well! I was certain he had never been so considerate of any girls that he banged!

“Connor, this is all an experiment, there can be no hard feelings, you are being so fucking amazing at helping me explore through this. Connor, I don’t know any other man on this planet who would be so understanding of this! Hell yes, I might be disappointed if something doesn’t work out well, but we won’t know until we try, and I certainly won’t hold it against you if you can’t or don’t want to do something!”

So now we had kind of a game plan. I think this is going to get even more amazing, as Conner wants to experience more, and figuring out to NOT call anything gay, sure takes a lot of pressure off of our explorations!

Wow, now that Alan had come up with the idea NOT to label anything as gay, it seemed to open up a lot more options. We are best friends, for years, we’ve done everything together for all of our lives, why not this, and we both knew it would fall under the rules of “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” I was really excited about more exploring now!

We both agreed that we needed a good strong buzz. We decided that we’d spend the night in and order pizza later, that way no one had to drive and we could get as buzzed as we wanted.

Conner seemed really excited and more relaxed about this than he had been since we started. I was rolling a big joint and he came over with 2 beers, and said, “Wait for the surprise!”

He turned around and walked away and dug in the freezer and pulled out a hidden bottom of Jim Beam! Holy shit, now I knew we were going to get buzzed!

I had hidden a 1.75 of Jim Beam at the bottom of Alan’s family freezer a few weeks ago. I had scored it from a buddy, and Alan and I both LOVED a couple of shots of icy cold J.B., this seemed like as good of an occasion as any to pull it out.

A few minutes later we were deep into installing our buzz with big tokes, beers, and ice-cold shots of Jim Beam. I was feeling warm all over and I could feel both of us relaxing. I had just traded Connor for the joint and handed him the bottle of Beam. After I took a rip and he took a shot, I looked at him and smiled, Connor smiled back and I knew things were relaxing a lot.

I couldn’t help it and I put my arm around my best buddy’s shoulders and pulled him to me and kissed his cheek as we occasionally did when we might get a bit sappy about our feelings for each other.

I took another shot and handed the bottle to Connor and said, “You know I love you like a brother, and I always will, but I do want you to know that I totally realize how lucky I am to have not only one of the hottest men I know, but my best fucking friend to experiment with, and Connor I want this to always make you happy, and give you all the pleasure I possibly can, because what you’re doing for me here is, well just fucking amazing, and I love you for it!”

Connor smiled at me and said, “You know I love you too buddy, and don’t worry, I get LOTS of pleasure out of the things you do to me, as you know part of what makes me conflicted is that it’s almost too much pleasure. Alan, you give me the most incredible pleasure of my life!”

Connor looked at me and smiled and then he leaned in just a bit and kissed me on the cheek as I had done to him. I turned and looked at Connor and smiled, he smiled back but didn’t move away. I looked into his eyes for a few more seconds, and he said, “Experiment?” I didn’t respond and then he moved in and brushed his lips against mine.

That was amazing! He moved back a bit, but I didn’t and in a few seconds, he pecked my lips again, then smiled and said, “Okay, I guess that will get this experiment started!”

Wow, I was getting loosened up! Who wouldn’t be with the beer, the cannabis, and the Jim Beam, we were cruising toward an amazing buzz! We just didn’t know that by letting down some guards, we were also cruising to some amazing sex!

Alan said, “Hey, one more thing we haven’t done this in a while!” First we each took another shot of the ice-cold Jim Beam, then he turned the joint around and placed the lit end into his mouth, pursed his lips, and blew me one hell of a shotgun! He handed me the joint and I blew him a big cloud that he easily inhaled, but our lips were so close I went ahead and gave him another peck right on the lips!

I seemed to really relax into Alan’s idea about not labeling anything as gay. I was the one who studied psychology, and he was the one with the idea of labels. My mind immediately registered that if we stopped labeling what we were doing, there wasn’t a lot of concern. Alan and I knew each other well enough to be 100 percent certain that neither of us would ever talk about this experimenting to anyone else ever!

So, as long as I didn’t judge myself, we could try anything we wanted to try!

I guess Alan got my vibe because he leaned in again for another peck, but then he smiled and started moving down my body. Everything he touched felt as if it lit up, there was as strong sensitivity and I guessed it was because at least for now, I was somewhat relaxed.

Alan was grazing his nose and his facial hair against my pecs and my nipples and my nipples got as hard as they’ve ever been. Alan mumbled, “Connor, I love touching your hot body, I love every part of you, and every part of you is exceptional! I have had the pleasure of looking at your body for many years and watching you transform from a boy to a man, in some very good ways!”

“Well for a dude Alan, you’re damn hot too!”

Alan looked up at me and smiled and our faces started moving closer to each other, with both of us smiling. I had a tingling in my belly and in my balls that kept increasing in intensity the closer our faces were! I looked Alan right in the eyes and said, “No labels?” He looked back, started slowly shaking his head no, and said, “No labels ever!”

Before I knew it our lips were together, soon our chests where together and soon I was laying down on the couch with Alan on top of me, and our lips hadn’t separated. I didn’t feel any fear, just love, and lust, stronger than anything I’d ever felt!

Wow, the fact that my blonde, hairy, muscular body was laying on top of and almost grinding against Connor’s dark-haired, muscular body was one of the most amazing things that had happened in my life! I had laid on top of a woman like this, but now, with Connor, there was almost an electric current running through us, and I could only hope that the thick head of his rigid cock was feeling the pleasant energy running through it like it mine was.

Who knew, after all these years of being friends, almost brothers that our bodies being connected like this could cause such a flow of energy? I was astounded and more turned on than I’d been in my entire life. I knew I had to do something, and I slowly moved my lips against Connors, and he responded. Slowly I edged my tongue against his lips, and there was a slight hesitation and then they parted.

Holy fuck! What was this? This was almost exactly what I had been afraid of happening! I felt so warm and secure lying under Alan, and so fucking hot and turned on at the same time. I almost couldn’t believe that when his tongue touched my lips I allowed it to enter my mouth. I know we had kind of been here before, but last time it was all tied up with his hot body against mine and his cock rubbing my butt. I guess this was somewhat similar, but I was a totally willing participant and so fucking turned on!

“Alan, is this gay?”

“No Connor, this is just an experiment, nothing gay is going to happen tonight, or ever, at least in the space of this basement, there are no labels! Are you enjoying this Connor?”

“Oh Alan, so much, too much, no not too much, so much!”

“Good Connor, then let’s continue, and remember you can do whatever you want, and you can stop whenever you want!”

Alan’s lips came back to mine, and I can honestly say, that I’ve never kissed anyone who was so fucking good at kissing, ever! His lips were lightly moving against mine and occasionally his tongue would slip passed my lips, it was all so beautiful I just wanted it to continue! I just let it happen. I wanted to feel his body, his form, his shape. I slowly raised my hands to his waist and slowly moved them up his lats, for the first time ever feeling his form, taking in the hot shape of his masculine, sculptured body!

Our bodies were moving against each other kind of in a rhythm, it was so nice, it felt perfect. He slowly moved down me, kissing my neck, which drove me crazy, then paying lots of attention to my pecs, then my hard-on nipples, he also licked each ab muscle individually, and it was so hot to know that someone who knew how difficult to develop and maintain abs it was so hot for him to almost be worshipping them!

Alan didn’t miss my belly button and by then my cock was just below it and I could feel it leaking. There wasn’t one cell in my body that wasn’t enjoying the smoking hot attention of the movie star good looking muscle stud!

I took a long slow deep breath and relaxed as Alan started making wet “x” marks up the shaft of my turgid cock to just below the head, and then in one wet swipe, he took his talented tongue back down the shaft to my balls.

Alan used his hands on me and I needed to touch him, but from this position, all I could do was basically cradle his head. As I exhaled again, I whispered, “No labels…”

Alan just nodded!

Connor was seemingly in some kind of blissful state and I was loving it. As much as I was enjoying what I was doing, feeling, smelling and tasting, I was loving putting Connor in this blissful state, and I had just started, this was just the warm-up, but I think Connor had relaxed so much into the “no labels” thought process, he was enjoying even more pleasure than he had ever allowed himself.

Alan was making me feel so fucking amazing, I was almost coming out of my “no labels” trance. I was just laying here realizing that even the best, most intense sex I’d had with any chick paled in comparison to what I was feeling right now, and we weren’t even really having sex.

I just took another breath, and whispered “No labels.” Alan pulled away from licking my balls and whispered back, “No labels buddy ever, just relax and enjoy, and see how much pleasure I can give you, I want that Connor, I really do enjoy giving you intense pleasure!”

“Well buddy, that may be why you’re so good at it, because I’ve never felt this good in my entire life!”

That made me really happy, and by now I had both of Connor’s hairy balls in my mouth massaging them with my tongue, and I ran my hands up over his abs, then his pecs, teased his nipples just a bit and he was moaning.

I was still reveling in the way that Alan was making me feel when he raised up slightly and drug his hairy muscled body up against mine. First I felt my cock and balls slide into the hairy valley between his big pecs, and then each hairy muscled abs as he kept moving up toward me more. When our faces were even he came in for a kiss and after our lips met, they soon parted for our tongues to test each other out. I was surprised when Alan kept moving up my body as I felt his hard cock press slightly against mine and then start moving slowly up my abs, as now his hairy chest drug slightly over my lips, and yes, I kissed his nipple as it went by.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I even thought that if Alan moved up far enough it might be interesting to feel his bush, cock, and balls drag across my lips too. But that wasn’t Alan’s plan, he rested himself on one arm and reached for the bottle of Jim Beam with his other hand. He told a big swig and handed it to me and I also took a big swig.

I handed the bottle back to Alan and he handed me the joint and then the lighter. In this position, I was staring right into Alan’s gorgeously sculpted but hairy abs, and it was definitely a sight to behold! His full bush and throbbing cock were close by too, but as soon as I lit the joint took a toke and handed it to him, he moved back down a bit. Soon he took his hit, turned the joint around, and blew me another huge shotgun! I returned the favor and that was the end of the joint!

Alan smiled down at me, rubbed his cock against mine, and said “No labels?” I smiled and said, “No labels.” He lowered his face to mine and there was an amazing kiss. He seemed to be able to read me very well, as he broke the kiss before it became uncomfortable for me and started working his way down to my still leaking cock again!

Then I felt him licking in a stripe back up my body and brought his mouth to mine in an open mouth kiss, there was an interesting taste, fuck I think I had just gotten a taste of his and my precum mixed from his cock trailing up and down my body!

He smiled, then drug his hot lips back down my body and licked my cock and balls, and then started sucking my cock and slowly taking it deeper and deeper. I was moaning and carrying on and finally, he let up and said, “I don’t want you to get too close to cumming yet, so how about you turn over and show me that gorgeous, hairy, jock, muscle butt I’ve been craving a taste of for weeks!”

I’d kind of had butterflies in my stomach when we first started, but everything felt so good that they had more or less calmed down. I’d felt them when Alan and I were kissing, but that was excitement, not fear!

The butterflies took off again at the sound of Alan asking me to turn over for him, and now my heart was kind of pounding too.

Fuck, I loved sliding my hairy, muscled body and hard cock up and down Connors hairy, muscled body and hard cock, we had actually smeared precum up and down each other!

So that last kiss Connor may have gotten a taste of both of our precum leakage mixed, he smiled when I pulled away from the kiss and that pretty much told me he had tasted it and not minded!

Not only was it hot to watch Connor’s body in motion, but my senses were also so heightened from the alcohol and weed that it was like art in motion watching the muscles of Connor’s body working to move him into the position I had requested. Since he was so excited and being so cooperative I pushed it a bit farther and said, “Spread your legs dude!” He knew I wanted his ass, and he was pretty willingly giving it to me!

The thought was going through my mind, ‘did I actually want Alan to fuck me?’ I didn’t think so, but I did want that pleasure again, of first Alan’s mouth and tongue on my ass, but we both knew the best feelings had been from him rubbing his big hard cock in my crack and on my hole, hell almost in my hole! This was scary, but I was so excited I was complying easily! I was certain of one thing, except for maybe my first time with a girl, I hadn’t ever been this excited moving into a sex act as I was right now!

I looked in awe at Connor’s gorgeous butt, almost too long, finally I placed a hand on the back of each of Connor’s calves and took note of every muscle on my way to his thick thighs! It was so fucking hot I was almost drooling. I moved my face to the bottom of his right foot and licked the sole, he moaned! I licked up his calf tonguing the ridges of the muscles and then brushed my lips against the back of his knee.

I hoped I found the right place as I had found out a long time ago that this could be an amazingly hot erogenous zone and after first licking, I sucked the skin and tendons that made his joint work and he moaned again. I liked that I was turning him on so much and I hadn’t even done anything very sexual.

I slid my hands up to the bottom of his glutes and just admired the way that they seemed to explode from his thick thighs! It was so fucking hot looking as the thick hair on his thighs seemed to funnel into his tight butt crack, but his hard round cheeks were both sprinkled with lots of black fuzz!

Alan was doing things to me that no one had ever done before, he licked the bottom of my foot and it gave me the strangest reaction, it caught my breath and for a few seconds, I thought I might piss myself! Before I could totally recuperate from that he had slid his mouth and tongue up to the back of my knee, and not only kissed but licked and finally sucked on that joint. This was also a place that I had never seen as sensual, but fuck it was, and the fact that he was massaging my thighs right below my butt was now driving me crazy. I wanted him to touch my butt, it was wild realizing that, and I wondered if he knew how much I wanted it and was teasing me.

After a while he moved his hands back down to my knees and pushed my legs farther apart, and actually bent my left knee and moved it toward the floor and I felt the cool air in my crack, so I knew I was open. Just the thought that Alan could see into my butt crack was kind of a turn on! And then he said something that made it even better!

“Connor, you have one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen but your ass is stellar, your fuzzy muscle cheeks and hairy crack just make me drool and you have a really cute little pink hole!”

God why did that make me feel so good, hell I’d never even seen my butthole, or barely any other butthole, all the girls seemed to be pretty shy about that! With that, I felt Alan’s face against my muscled cheeks, and I shivered!

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